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Dachel Media Update: WaPo Pharma Drug Ties and Grief But Never Vaccine Injury

Online newsDec 26, 2012, Washington Post: Antidepressants to treat grief? Psychiatry panelists with ties to drug industry say yes 

Washington Post: Psychiatry panelists with ties to drug industry say yes 

Washington Post reporter Peter Whoriskey did an impressive job looking into the ties between the American Psychiatric Association and the drug industry and how they might influence their new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

“In what some prominent critics have called a bonanza for the drug companies, the American Psychiatric Association this month voted to drop the old warning against diagnosing depression in the bereaved, opening the way for more of them to be diagnosed with major depression — and thus, treated with antidepressants. 

“The change in the handbook, which could have significant financial implications for the $10 billion U.S. antidepressant market, was developed in large part by people affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry, an examination of financial disclosures shows.

He recently wrote this piece of investigative journalism, Drug Companies' Influence Over Research Grows.

Whoriskey doesn’t accept that everything is on the up and up and that those overseeing medical products for Americans have the best interests of the public as their primary focus.  He’s looked into the overriding influence and control of the drug industry everywhere in medicine.  So where is Whoriskey and lots of other journalists when the subject is vaccines and autism?  Why don’t reporters EVER want to delve into the non-stop mantra, “studies show no link”?  Why aren’t they suspicious about endless the conflict of interest waivers of our public health officials and how much industry money they receive?   How come the independent studies linking vaccines to serious side effects never make it into news reports? 

I guess crusading journalism has its limitations.  The Washington Post has long closed its eyes to industry ties and public health denials when the headline involves vaccines and their side effects.



LOL, that Alex Jones pro-gun man that appeared on Piers Morgan tonight seemed like a real nut bar. I did think it was funny, however, that he mentioned that drugs are usually involved in many of the mass killings in the US. He did press on about pharma products like SSRI's and how his (Piers') show's pharma sponsors might not like him mentioning that!

Dyanne Bresler

The failure of the media to report on abuses of the people in this country by Big Pharma,
the FDA, NAMI and the APA is a national shame. If I were a conspiracist, I would easily
believe that the Chinese communists are rubbing their hands with glee that their enemy
is now composed of dull, lifeless, drugged individuals whose brains are shrinking from
"prescribed medication."


Grief is a process whereby we heal a wound of the soul. Take the primary caregiver away from an infant & they will grieve, it's been documented, are we to dope them?
It's a natural, necessary healing process. Some people get stuck & need help, sure it happens.
But when do we decide to intervene? Who decides? Is the APA going to draw a line in the sand? 6 months? a year?

Flip that coin. There is a proposal to classify "happiness" as a psychological disorder. It is "statistically abnormal" after all...

I've been happy for years. Wonder what they'll do to me if they find out?

angus files

If it aint broken break until it is,,which is what they have done with Journos speaking against BIG BUSINESS ...shame on them!!

Jake Crosby


Bill Gates' trustee Warren Buffett sits on the newspaper's board of directors, and from 2004 to 2010, Gates' wife did, too.


The state and pharma-controlled media are permitted to question individual drugs, but never vaccines. Why? Is is because they are the keystone of the entire false paradigm of western pharmaceutical based medicine? If vaccines are exposed as a farce, the entire edifice collapses.

The basic fallacy of the modern medical system is that our bodies are so badly designed as to require constant monitoring, drugging and surgical intervention to survive.

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