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Online newsDec 9, 2012, Albany Times Union: Identity crisis big fear--Some say plan to eliminate Asperger's as diagnosis will impact flow of aid to disorder

 Dec 10, 2012, Tufts Daily: Op-ed | Autism Speaks does not speak for autistic people

Dec 11, 2012, Many N.J. programs dedicated to autism .

Dec 11, 2012 Newsday: New autism definitions will leave too many out of services

Dec 11, 2012 Action 4 News Harlingen, Texas: Former Marine claims military vaccines gave him brain damage 

Dec 12, 2012 CTV Kitchener Ont. The complexities of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dec 13, 2012 Bennington (VT) Banner: Parents: Autism ed a concern

Albany Times Union

There are no guarantees about what the new DSM will mean. One autism parent is quoted here saying, ‘The bottom line it's really all about the money. It costs a lot of money, and budgets are getting strained. People are looking for reasons not to provide our kids services.’

I would like to see someone get a reaction from insurances companies about the DSM 5. Will kids who lose their autism, PDD-NOW, Asperger’s label still get coverage? To me, that’s the big question here.

Tufts Daily

A university student with autism doesn’t want Autism Speaks to be his voice.

It should be pointed out that there’s a real reason for the “myriad of programs serving students with autism,” namely the fact that New Jersey has the second highest autism rate in the U.S. One in every 49 kids in N.J. has autism, including one in every 29 boys. (They’re outdone only by Utah, with a rate of one in 47 children.


“The manual is used by clinicians to assign diagnoses -- and therefore affects the decisions of insurance companies about reimbursements to providers. Educators, too, often use the DSM-V to justify additional services.”

The disorder now affecting one in every 88 children, one in every 54 boys in the U.S. with no known cause, cure or prevention will undergo a name change that may leave lots of kids in the dark.

Action 4 News

“At 23, Justin's officer dreams were cut short as he was rushed to the hospital in Bethesda for symptoms he claims were caused by the vaccines administered.
“‘I have brain damage.’”
“Justin says he's been offered a settlement and has turned it down.”


Dr. James Bebko from York University believes [better diagnosing] accounts for two thirds of the increase. “There may be other variables, like environmental variables.”

 “Genetics is the latest factor to join the list of speculated causes of autism.”

Bebko: “The causes of autism aren’t really known. There’s a lot of work being done to try and identify some of those causes. It’s really one of those elusive situations.

It’s hard to believe that with an autism rate of one in 88, experts can be so unconcerned about this disaster and still be trying to blame bad genes.

Bennington Banner

“Concerns raised by parents about the learning environment and the education their autistic children receive in Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union did not appear to subside following a special two and a half hour meeting Monday to address the topic.

“The first half of the meeting was designed to inform parents as well as the school board and community of the programs in place at the different grade levels. After an hour and 20 minutes, during which time about half the parents left, those who stuck around grew restless.”

Incredibly there is no real concern here about WHY THESE CHILDREN LACK SERVICES. The autism rate isn’t even mentioned. Autism isn’t a crisis. From the other comment posted these demanding/dissatisfied parents are out of line.

Autism is overtaking us and we’re doing nothing to stop us.



Are the "experts" going to take away the diagnosis of the recent shooter in Conn.? What can we do...the children, now adult need help.

Angus Files


Angus Files

It`s not just about the money ,money ,it`s about the bling,the bling ..and pharma is blinging nicely.. shame on them!!

sad (explitive)


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