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Dachel Media Update: DSM, Beating, Time Crazy Insult

Online newsDec 3, 2012, TIME: Redefining Crazy: Changes to the Bible of Psychiatric Disorders

Dec 3, 2012, KCOY12 Santa Maria, CA:  Father Speaks Out After Missing Autistic Girl Found Severely Beaten

Dec 3, 2012, Huffington:  (Frances Allen) DSM-5 Is a Guide Not a Bible: Simply Ignore Its Ten Worst Changes

Dec 3, 2012, FORBES: Look Out For An Increase In Autism


I cannot imagine a greater insult to parents than to read how TIME senior reporter John Cloud trivializes human suffering, especially the devastating epidemic of autism.  I posted a comment.  People are letting TIME know they’ve sunk to a new low.


This is a parent’s worst nightmare: a severely disabled 16 girl with autism is beaten and raped.  The autism generation is such a vulnerable population and I can’t imagine what the future holds when so many don’t have the safety and protection of their parents.


Allen Frances is a psychiatrist and someone who was responsible for the DSM IV which gave us Asperger’s back in 1994. He also doesn’t believe there are really more kids with ASD, so all the autism is nothing really to worry about--we just started recognizing more kinds of autism.
Frances is very upset over the DSM 5 approval this past Saturday because he feels that kids will lose services.  Autism and the DSM is big news right now but no one knows for sure what’s going to happen when it’s put into practice.


“It’s a long running theme of mine, here and in other places, that the results you get do rather depend upon what you measure and how you measure it. And I feel confident in stating that in the years to come we’re going to see an increase in diagnoses of autism.”

The new DSM won’t exclude large numbers---the numbers will dramatically increase by adding Asperger’s. More proof---it’s just diagnostic changes. Making the epidemic go away by simply overwhelming us with numbers. I bet we’ll find ourselves on a par with South Korea. Worldwide expanded spectrum and better diagnosing. So what Bob Wright and Mark Blaxill talked about in Washington---THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC---will be no cause for concern.


Birgit Calhoun

Autism Spectrum Disdorder (that includes Aspergers) is still a psychiatric disorder. Something needs to be done about that. As long as it remains in the category of mental illness, it will never be thought of being caused by vaccines or dental amalgam or mercury in fish. There is such a huge chasm between the disciplines that it is nearly impossible to bring those three forces together. Dentists generally refuse to call silver fillings mercury. Psychiatrist on the whole do not see that mercury poisoning might be something to be concerned about, and medical doctors have, at least in my experience, washed their hands of anything having to do with toxins. It was once explained to me that physicians don't want to learn toxicology or pathology because these disciplines have to do with making the patient worse, not better, or analyse the dead. It is time that the doctoring professions take a serious step towards looking at their history of having done harm, and that that harm was caused by mercury. The history of mercury is especially sordid.


Just read on Medpage:

Court: Off-Label Drug Marketing Is 'Free Speech'
By John Fauber, Reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MedPage Today
Published: December 04, 2012

A decision by a federal appeals court this week could have a dramatic impact on the marketing of prescription drugs in America, potentially affecting patient care and everything from TV advertising to future government prosecutions which, in the past, had yielded billions of dollars in settlements, doctors and attorneys said Tuesday.

"This risks taking us back to an era when people could promote snake oil without restrictions – a situation I would hate to see," said Richard Deyo, MD, a professor of family medicine at Oregon Health and Science University.

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