Brian Hooker's Testimony From Congressional Autism Hearing
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Dachel Media Update: Disability Rights, Autism Blood Test, School Policy

Dec 5, 2012, ABC News:  Which Congressman Is Blocking Bill That Would Protect Kids with Autism? 

Dec 5, 2012, Boston Globe: Boston Children's Hospital researchers take step toward blood test for autism

Dec 5. 2012 Bangor Daily News: Parents alarmed by proposed Brunswick school policy limiting their access to classrooms 

ABC News    The video is chilling.  Listen to the children describe what passes for discipline in schools today.  Every special needs parent needs to be aware and Congress needs to realize that students are not what they were 20 years ago.  I wonder if anyone at ABC News is concerned about the specific mention of protecting children who have autism.  (Notice the video shows five boys and one girl.)

Boston Globe

“Boston Children’s Hospital researchers have developed a prototype blood test for autism, and preliminary results published Wednesday suggest it could one day be used to help diagnose the disorder when children are very young and respond best to treatment.”

More guesses about autism---the disorder overwhelming our children that is a complete mystery to the medical community.  Even the experts aren’t buying the notion that this a real breakthrough.  It seems the real purpose of the research is to keep alive the idea that autism is a genetic disorder kids are born with.

Bangor Daily News 

“Changes could be coming to a school department procedure that has alarmed some parents who believe it unnecessarily limits access to their children’s classrooms.

“The new procedure, which was enacted Nov. 13, limits parents to one classroom observation per month for each child with a time limit of 60 minutes. Parents will also have to be accompanied by a staff member during each observation.”

This is truly a scary proposal in light of steady stream of news reports out there about special needs children being abused on our schools.  I posted a comment with examples.



They are trying to mislead the doctors and the parents.
Why cant they check for aluminum,mercury or inflammatory markers? Yes, the cover-up continues.


D. Scrivner!!!!! I bet that it is! I bet anything it is -- good call!!!

And as you probably know -- the docs will shake their heads sorrowfully and send them home with out a clue- in which the parents on ther own will look it up and see that they should be taking CO Q 10, L carnitine, don't take depokote - for seizures, avoid MSGs, and do the low carb diet.

D. Scrivner

Is this the test for the MTHFR? The article doesn't specify the name of the test.


If it's a blood test for vaccine overload and toxicity that might be worth something!!!!


The blood test is a gene test that test for a bunch of genes.

I love how lanuage changes when it suits.

It is not that they are testing for genes -----
but for genes that have been turned on.

Yes, genes we all have - but genes that have been turned on

Hmmm like elevated inflammation markers?
Higher SED rates? More T Cells, increased B Cells, less IgGs????

Katie Wright

This may be the dumbest idea of all time

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