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Dachel Media Update: Deny Autistic Guns, Lose Service

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Dec 26, 2012, Beaumount (TX) Enterprise: Some should not be able to use guns 

Dec 26, 2012, Silver City (NM) Sun-News: With autism's definition set to change, Asperger's patients could lose services

Beaumount Enterprise 

“The shooter in Connecticut last week was a young man with no apparent interests other than guns.

“He had some sort of syndrome, a mild form of autism.

“He should never have been given target practice to make him skillful in using guns. So his mother is mainly to blame.

“Perhaps children with autism or other brain disorders should never be taught to use guns.”

This is a strange commentary. While news sites have been trying hard recently to convince us that no one meant to imply that an Asperger’s (ASD) diagnosis is linked to mass murder, like in Newtown CT, but here we’re told that if someone is autistic, there’s a possibility they may commit violent acts and shouldn’t be allowed to use guns.

Whoever wrote this should understand that most of the time, children with autism are victims of violence, not perpetrators. On a regular basis news stories are out about autistic children being bullied by students and abused by teachers in our schools. The disorder that affects over one percent of our children and almost two percent of boys remains a complete mystery to health officials and mainstream medicine. Before we decide that autism equals violence, we should figure out the cause, the prevention, and the cure for this disorder.

Silver City (NM) Sun-News 

“Matthew's diagnosis will soon be dropped in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-5, the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic reference book, to be subsumed into the broader category of autism spectrum disorder.

“Although autism can range from highly functioning individuals like Matthew to those with severe speech and intellectual disabilities, in general individuals struggle with difficulties in communication, behavior and social interaction.

“Dropping the Asperger's diagnosis in the new DSM, due out this spring, has caused consternation for some families.

"’One of the biggest concerns is that some who are higher functioning will no longer meet the more stringent criteria and will therefore have difficulty getting services,’ says Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, an autism researcher at the University of California Los Angeles..

“The jury is still out in terms of how the change will play out in routine practice, she said: "We really need to see it in action."

“To ease fears that some individuals will no longer be eligible for services and insurance coverage, the APA task force recommends that people already diagnosed with an autism-related disorder, such as Asperger's, would be grandfathered in.”

They’re cutting off thousands of kids because they’re costing too much.  I posted comments.




Hi cia, well the interesting thing is that some interventionists (the docs who do the angioplasty which is one of the current treatments in the CCSVI realm) and patients are realizing that some patients are re-stenosing, even after having real progress (not placebo) with the angioplasty. Where Dr. Flanagan/Rosa come in is the 'why' and a lot of it has to do with NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) and brain structure- hydraulics and turgor. Since they don't know what causes NPH but have some theories, I believe it's interesting for all disciplines to read about. Check out Dr. Flanagan's site- he got tons of articles on the brain and different neurological problems. Good luck, I'm happy you saw my post. If anything it might be better to start with detox and wait till they have the angio thing figured out a little bit more- a new upright MRI is showing lots of promise to pinpoint blood flow obstructions and potential treatments.

cia parker

Thanks, Jen, my Italian ex-husband sent me an article about an Italian curing his wife of MS with the angioplasty. It would be worth a shot, although I'm hoping to detox the mercury with the Andy Cutler protocol, that I'm sure is the cause of my MS. The angioplasty would cost at least $10,000, and I have no medical insurance. Thanks for your interest!


Allie90- this whole gene thing has gone to a new level of crazy! And even if he did have mutations, how do they not rule out an environmental cause like mutagenic substances?


Cia- or just check

You will get something on the Facebook page if you type in that other stuff.


Cia Parker, I hope I have the right person in mind - I think you might have mentioned having MS recently. I have been helping a friend who has MS and who has had Angioplasty. Unfortunately she has re-stenosed, although the angioplasty procedure worked for a few months (definitely NOT just placebo effect). Anyways, I have just found a lot of really interesting info about new theories for MS, Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's.
A Dr. Damadian (developer of the MRI) has just developed an 'upright' MRI that can actually look at real time blood flow of cerebrospinal fluid lying down and sitting up. He postulates that cervical injuries can disrupt blood flow and cause injury to myelin sheath (very shortened version!) there is an amazing article on this called- " Positive News from Dr. Michael Flanagan about the Technology Available because of the Invention of Upright MRI"
This link may or may not work- in-new-zealand/positive-news-from-dr-Michael-flanagan-about-the-technology-available-because-of-invention-of-upright-mri
Anyways it is really interesting- Dr. Damadian and Fonar had to go head to head in a giant lawsuit against GE for trying to steal has idea and he was oddly left out of winning a Nobel prize for his work (one theory being that it could be because of his creationist views). Things are getting very exciting in MS research, probably threateningly so. Check it out and good luck, Jen


Oh forget about looking for toxic mercury, other toxic virsuses, anti depressants, anti psychotics in Adam, look for DNA killer gene! sigh.....

Maybe I missed it, but was there a Physican, Dentist, Counselor, or case manager, who had seen Adam in the last 3 yrs? Notes from his Mother on his behaviors or health, anything?

Carolyn Handel

One of my hopes had been that, if medical insurance truly had to pay the dollar costs of autism, the cost parents, school districts, and tax payers have borne for years, then it would be such a huge cost that they would decide to finally research both the actual cause of autism as well as how to reverse the effects.

Suddenly they might decide that the 'greater good' is to avoid vaccination for a subset of children. Suddenly they might figure out how to detect these children and protect them. Suddenly they might develop real nutritional interventions and offer testing, treat the gut issues proactively, and figure out safe, effective protocols for chelation and getting the metals and allergens out of vaccines. Suddenly they might decide that intervention dollars spent early are better than later.

If insurers truly had to pay all the costs to treat all the forms of autism, PDD, spectrum disorders, my dream was that this would lead to real studies about the cause, and a battle between two huge powers, insurance and phama, becasue money talks and autism is expensive and if there is a way to prevent it all of a sudden they might care. Saving our children's brains and our families lives and dreams does not motivate the vast majority of decision makers in pharma or insurance companies but saving hundreds of millions in treatment cost could.

So I was waiting and waiting, thinking that finally we would get a stop of most new cases of autism and a cure of the effects of the toxins that cause it, by the accident of competing greed.

And then they pulled the rug out from under us by simply getting rid of the diagnosis.

They (pharma and insurance) are motivated by money and we are motivated by love and hope. We will win, we just have to change our strategy somehow. But I feel so disheartened at times. I know that the truth will eventually out, but the cost until it does is so very very steep

ANd I end this with a plea. If you work at pharma, if you work for an insurance company, and you have the ability to be a whistleblower, to get video of them admitting that they know mercury causes harm, that they know but choose not to care, if you can get video of decision makers showing what they know, or other documents, please gather them and get them to the staff at age of autism. I know this must exist, and I believe that free speech and the truth can bring down this house of cards.
When a truth is too terrible, people simply can't accept it at first, they deny it, attack the truth tellers, run from it, defend the perpetrators. People want to believe that icons are innocent, and health care is one of the icons, just as church, scouts, and sports are . . . but treating anything as iconic --as beyond criticism --invites corruption and abuse, and provides perpetrators with a place to hide.
In 2012, the truth brought down Sandusky and coverups in the Boy Scouts. In 2013, may the lies, hubris, and greed that hold up pharma and the CDC and FDA be exposed and cause their house of cards to come tumbling down as well. This is my hope and wish. As we know this isn't just about autism, it is about the incredible lack of knowing, the incredible will to not see what is in front of them, the incredible ability to continue to rewrite the facts to fit the wished for reality, that is at the hallmark of these sexual abuse cases and is also at the root of this denial of an incredible damage to a generation of infants and children.

Yes, Sandusky's wife, every husband takes in unrelated young boys down to the basement for sleepovers. Yes, CDC and FDA, there were ALWAYS boys with autism at the rate of 1 in 20 (girls 1 in 80?) --kids with exploding diapers (now called toddler diarrhea) kids who couldn't talk--ever--kids who flap their hands repeatedly---kids writhing in pain on the floor of special classrooms being given m and m's to get them to pretend they are not in pain --- of COURSE that's normal, folks. You just didn't NOTICE it before. Just keep telling yourself the lies folks, it's easier than facing the reality and facing your complicity. At least, at first, its easier. Believe me, we parents know. We drank the koolaid too. We drank the koolaid too. The truth hurts. But it's there if you truly want to know it, and it will hit you like cold water splashed in your face and then be so obvious you won't undertsand how you missed the signs.
My wish for 2013:
To see on every paper the facts, to hear apologies from every news 'doctor' and newsperson for how they treated us parents, to see dollars flowing to help restore our kids and our families, to hear thanks to us for bearing the price of the 'greater good' with no greater good being achieved, and to hear thanks for us for telling the truth, bearing 'the looks' all to save future infants from enduring the pain our own children endured. Whistleblowers if you are out there, it's time to speak up

It's 2013--Question your Vaccine!

cia parker

There is no question that Adam Lanza was the killer, first killing his mother while she was still asleep, then driving to the school and killing twenty-six innocent people and then, when he heard the first responders, himself. He had his brother's ID in his pocket, trying to incriminate him, capable of at least enough reasoning to plan and carry out acts meant to hurt the most people possible in a very short time, six of the noblest of adults and twenty of the most beautiful, generous, loving children ever seen. From what those who knew him say, he clearly had Asperger's syndrome, and probably schizophrenia as well. People with autism or Asperger's syndrome are, by definition, developmentally delayed. I think it is beyond question that they should not be allowed access to guns. This is not insulting, it is like saying a child should not be allowed access to guns.

It is also true that most people with a developmental disability will never kill anyone, and of course they should not be regarded with fear unless there is concrete reason in the case of the individual involved to do so. Of course it is reprehensible for caregivers to abuse their charges, and they should be severely punished for doing so. But what if it turns out that the caregivers were also damaged by vaccines, and feel less compassion than mature, typical people would feel?

The whole tragedy goes back to brain damage done by vaccines. That should be what we all unite against, and not be sidetracked by defending those who demonstrate cruel or violent behavior no matter what its cause might be.


Do you see what happened in the media? We are being slandered here please protect us. Did you notice the way Lisa Long's story showed up at some of the sites Autism $peaks uses to spread propaganda or the way Peter was ready to go on TV to promote the hate speech at the Autism $peaks website?
I see a huge media campaign to create evidence against Adam when there really isn't much evidence. Apparently they just found bodies and without time for any testing they assumed Adam was and the killer and stated that he was Autistic.
Autism $peaks is slandering us.
Please can you do something to get this page removed?


Caregivers caught on tape punching, kicking and poking eye of severely autsitic man deny all charges blame mom for being a "high maintence mom" who demands high standard of care for her autistic son, as if that justifies caregivers abusing him

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