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Dachel Media Update: Autism & Seizures Up, Genes, Mom Vax Questions

Online newsDec 20, 2012, US News: Genes Linked to Autism Seem to Have Strong Tendency to Mutate

Dec 19, 2012, The Chicago Tribune: What to do if someone has a seizure

Dec 19, 2012, The Stir: I Vaccinated My Baby: Was It a Mistake?

US News

“Researchers who discovered that some supposedly random gene mutations are not quite so random after all say their findings offer clues to the causes of autism and other disorders.

“The international team of scientists sequenced the complete genomes of identical twins with autism and their parents and found that the DNA sequence in some regions of the human genome is quite unstable and can mutate 10 times more frequently than the rest of the genome.”

US News has to periodically promote the idea that autism is a genetic disorder. Nothing like blaming the parents. We haven’t advanced much from the days pointing to the refrigerator mom. Jonathan Sebat is a familiar name. He’s been working for years on genetic mutations and autism and using it to disprove a link to vaccines. I’m sure it’s why his work gets funded. I posted comments and all my links are live.

The Chicago Tribune

“’There is a link between seizures and autism, he said. About one-third of children with autism also suffer from epilepsy. "To the extent that autism is on the rise, seizures associated with autism are also on the rise,’ Hussain said.”

Two neurological disorders are “on the rise” and no one seems worried.  Personally I have children with both problems and I link it all to vaccines.  I posted a comment.

The Stir 

“We had friends with strong feelings on both sides of the fence. Many in the holistic community felt that most, if not all, vaccinations for children were not only archaic, but dangerous. I heard and read about how vaccines can damage children's immune systems, cause allergic reactions and have even been linked to conditions such as autism and MS. Scary stuff.”

It’s amazing that our children keep getting sicker and sicker while mainstream medicine remains clueless.  No only that—they really don’t care how many kids have diabetes, cancer, autism, learning problems, bowel disease, and allergies.  We have a generation of sick kids and officials continue on promoting their ever-expanding vaccine schedule, confident that more and more vaccines are never enough.



I was lied to for 17 years on this epilepsy business. So why in the H - E - double hockey sticks would anyone worry about seizures now?

1st lie - it is febrile seizures, he will out grow them, the percentages are on that side.

2nd lie - The family history probably indicates lot of febrile seizures - genetic.

3rd lie -Phenolbarbitol should be given to stop seizures and no mention of any side effects. Is not conveying information a lie too?
Well it didn't stop the seizures when they happened and it did have side effects even if they were not mentioned.

4th lie- When he gets a fever - give more tylenol, what dosage is mentioned on the box- you can triple it. Tylenol is harmless stuff- let us do the math to see how much more we can give him for you .

5th lie- the EEGs are all clear we will reduce the phenobarbitol, no more seizures : )- looks like you were in the percentage that out grows them.

6th lie: You are imagaining things are bad - so he is standing in the middle of the room looking lost -- no big deal we all do that from time to time. Oh, he is some times peeing in school -- well he is just having accidents - no indication of seizures. He seems confused on the time of day at times -- you need to see to it he gets to bed on time at night.

7th lie -- those myclonic jerks are tics from tourettes

8th lie- The MRI shows two white blurs on his brain, but don't worry that is because he moved while taking those MRI pictures, and are nothing.

9th lie: those grand mal seizures-- and confused consciousness -- we the big doctors did not see them, and so thus you have imagined he had them, and plus he is just doing it to get attention.

10th lie --Why do you want to go to a neurologist? We can do what ever a neurologist does. Plus those neurologisst over at the Universtiy are very snotty and mean to little kids.

11th lie; Okay; we will finally let you (crazy Mom) go to a neurologist. We have a ped neurologist who is our friend we can send him there. He is very good with little kids.
Well the ped neurologist was not very good with children - he said right in front of my son some demeaning things about being short statue and slow.

12th lie; More EEGs were taken for bout 15 minutes here in the office -- with strob lights even,and all was okay -that is the bottom line. -- Again if information is with held is it considered a lie? How about longer EEGs. EEGs done during sleep, EEGs given when sleep deprived.

13th lie- Those increasing myclonic jerks are probably tourettes and don't come back for just those myclonic jerks no matter how bad they get, don't come back for anything except for the grand mals. That is all we can do. You know he is 12, almost 13, and soon he will be wanting to drive and well do we want to mention seizures. We are getting into some things we don't want to get into.

14th lie-- You want to go to the Univeristy and not back to our friend neurologist? Okay - go on down and check out -- and we will get you an an appointment. The appointment ended up being right back to the same neurologist friend. Is manipulating someone a lie?

15th lie- You need to do better on the next grand mal than you did with the last grand mal seizure -- do not bother to call for help if there is a grand mal seizure. After all, it is no big deal. Don't bother go into the ER for a grand mal again it is no big deal. Just sit down beside him while he has a grand mal and time it-- if it goes over five minutes then you are allowed to be concerned. Of course he is not having grand mals he is just doing something to get your attention.

16th lie -- You went to the ER anyway? We told you not to worry about him having seizures -- Oh, you are worried that when he fell- he fell so hard that he broke his nose, almost broke his neck, and could have hit his head -- we just thought you were over reacting because he was having a benign grand mal seizure.. Well we have some glue- we can glue the skin back on his nose - there is nothing we can really do for a broken nose - you know.

17th lie- EEGs are showing up -- well hummm. We will give you a prescription of Depokote.
No-- you won't take it!!! We are the doctor! you are leaving!!! Well what are you going to do when he has a grand mal and falls heavily?
You want to research the seizure medicines?
I am here for that - to do that- that is what I went to school for??? Where are you going.


It is a total system failure.There is no money in healthy kids.Just like "no money"in breastfeeding they say (pHarma).
Profit hungry vaccine manufacturers destroying our children and they make money twice.
Once with the vaccines and many times after that by treating the illnesses they have created the first place.The more vaccines they have,the more difficult it is going to be to find out what the ingredients are doing and how the kids effected.Next they are going to make money on
auto-immune disorders and infertility.Well we know,it is always about the dirty money.


Jillba, as far as I'm concerned the neuros have really dropped the ball with respect to reporting on or questioning the incidence of seizures. We give hep b in grade 5 in Canada and I see more and more adolescents developing seizures. Is it ia coincidence? My friend with MS has seen several neuros and they don't seem to be a very open minded group, far from it even though it has now become clear that MS meds are not very helpful and other treatments are bringing some success.
With respect to the Stir article on vaccinating, I can appreciate when anyone researches the issue and makes a choice however each vaccine actually deserves to be really scrutinized as to risk/benefit and sadly, until recently there hasn't been objective search to help make up ones mind- a parent would need to really delve in to it- look at Cochrane analysis of flu shots, look at research now questioning timing of MMR under 15 months, read Shaw, Tomljenovitch's review on safety/ efficacy of Gardasil trials. If a parent thinks a simple Q & A with their doc/ ped is 'doing the research' they just won't be getting enough info. Then there's the whole issue of parents knowing if they have any history of auto-immune problems and factoring that into the equation. In other words if you were really researching them, there would be ones that you might pass on based on a good look at the research.


Although I am not a big fan of the Chicago Tribune, I wish I could read the whole article. My oldest son has ASD and seizures and I was wondering why the topic of not only the increase in ASD but also the increase in children having seizures. My local Children's hospital neuro ward has more than tripled in size and has more neuros there. This topic should be covered more especially since the mortality rate is higher in the ASD population that suffers from epilepsy as well. Autism is not a minor affliction in which we just need to accept ASD as it is. This is a serious medical disease.


2012 - 2,700 Autism studies and they did not find a thing....

....The winning research studies were chosen by Autism Speaks Scientific Advisory Committee, a team of 16 scientists and researchers. According to the online research database, more than 2,700 autism studies were conducted in 2012.

Instead of isolated breakthroughs, many of this year’s top advances represent broad progress in areas of autism science and involve multiple research teams at sites across the nation and the world, the group states in announcing the list.

They certainly can babble about not finding anything.

Autism Speaks plans to "walk in circles and carry balloons" next year... to fund more of the same.

Angus Files

Autism wasteland...

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