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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vax v Unvax Brings Deja Vu All Over Again

Keep Calm Write OnBy Dan Olmsted

Back in the summer of 2005, I asked then-CDC Director (now Merck vaccine prexy) Julie Gerberding the following 19-word question (or 20 words, if you count U and S as two words, but I don't, especially because in their abbreviated form they run together without a space between them).

Dan Olmsted: Has the government ever looked at the autism rate in an unvaccinated U.S. population, and if not, why not?

Julie Gerberding: In this country, we have very high levels of vaccination as you probably know, and I think this year we have record immunization levels among all of our children, so to (select an unvaccinated group) that on a population basis would be representative to look at incidence in that population compared to the other population would be something that could be done.

But as we’re learning, just trying to look at autism in a community the size of Atlanta, it’s very, very difficult to get an effective numerator and denominator to get a reliable diagnosis.

I think those kind of studies could be done and should be done. You’d have to adjust for the strong genetic component that also distinguishes, for example, people in Amish communities who may elect not to be immunized (and) also have genetic connectivity that would make them different from populations that are in other sectors of the United States. So drawing some conclusions from them would be very difficult.

I think with reference to the timing of all of this, good science does take time, and it’s part of one of the messages I feel like I’ve learned from the feedback that we’ve gotten from parents groups this summer (in) struggling with developing a more robust and a faster research agenda, is let’s speed this up. Let’s look for the early studies that could give us at least some hypotheses to test and evaluate and get information flowing through the research pipeline as quickly as we can.

So we are committed to doing that, and as I mentioned, in terms of just measuring the frequency of autism in the population some pretty big steps have been taken. We’re careful not to jump ahead of our data, but we think we will be able to provide more accurate information in the next year or so than we’ve been able to do up to this point. And I know that is our responsibility.

We’ve also benefited from some increased investments in these areas that have allowed us to do this, and so we thank Congress and we thank the administration for supporting those investments, not just at CDC but also at NIH and FDA.


On Thursday, Rep. Bill Posey asked a pretty nearly identical question, again to a CDC representative, Dr. Coleen Boyle.
Rep. Posey: I wonder if the CDC has conducted or facilitated a study comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children yet. Have you done that?
Dr. Boyle: We have actually done a number of studies looking at the relationship between thimerosal, vaccines and autism and other developmental disabilities. There have been since, actually over the last decade, there have been numerous studies looking at the relationships between vaccines and aspects ...
Posey: That the CDC conducted.
Boyle: Some of them were conducted by the CDC others were conducted by ...
Posey: How many would you say, would you estimate?
Boyle: I would actually have to check with the specific numbers but I know there were two, one was our study looking at various neurodevolpmental disorders,  and the second one that focused specifically on autism and those were fairly recently --
Posey: Would you see that Miles gets the copies of those please?
Boyle: Of course.
Posey: Do you believe additional study would provide useful data in assessing the safety of childhood vaccines?
Boyle: The IOM has evaluated this issue back in 2004 and again most recently in 2011, and you know their conclusion, and again it was not just looking at the work that was done at the CDC, but was a total body of evidence, was suggesting that vaccines and their components did not increase the risk for autism.
Posey: My time is very limited here. Clearly, definitely, unequivocally you have studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated?
Boyle: We have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated ... [Boyle attempts to continue talking but Posey cuts her off.]
Posey: OK, never mind, stop there. That was the meaning of my question. You've wasted two minutes of my time.
My comment: Two minutes, five years, two decades. What's the difference? Just a few hundred thousands kids with autism.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism. 




Attention Chiropractors,Naturopath and Doctors - all who have NOT immunized their children:
A new,trusted,transparent website needs to be created where all the unvaccinated children can meet.Then we can find out how many of those kids have autism or auto-immune disorders.
We need independent Researchers,independent Universities,
independent Testing facilities and government funding to stop the damage caused by big pHarma.All vaccines needs to be reviewed,all the ingredients need to be examined and tested.All vaccines need to be tested for heavy metals and contaminants,before it is too late.


While vaccines and the process of vaccinations must change, I can't help but feel Posey's position is to protect the coal industry knowing pharmaceutical companies are protected under Homeland Security 2001. There is a resolution in the House to limit coal industry bashing.


To Linda,
I do question the formula quite a bit, and I think its highly unfair that women who cannot breast feed really have no other option, literally you are expected to give the standard formulas or it would be considered child abuse. I wish I had known it was such a toxin back then, I was always so careful with everything else, so I thought.


To Benedetta,
My health is good, no problems at all. I am not vaccinated at all, neither was my mother, she knew even back in the 70s when I was born that vaccines were not a good idea. I am a healthy vegetarian who was in my early 30s when I had my daughter, and my husband was in his 30s too. I tried to avoid toxins while pregnant and once she was born, but its so hard in this world.

Jeannette Bishop

In my limited experience, most of the few I know who don't vaccinate or vaccinate less have been educated by family experience, and I still see some immune injury, probably inherited vaccine injury in some of these children, though I'm fairly convinced it is nothing like what these children would have to deal with if they had been vaccinated. I think if anything there is a bias in unvaccinated populations that would actually work in the favor of those wanting to cover-up vaccine risks, and the fact that they still have not done such a fundamental study suggests volumes to me about how much risk is involved in pollution exposure via injection compared to other sources.


Where you vaccinated?
How is your heatlh?
Even minor problems that you might consider no big deal?

I think it is esculating generation on top of generation of vaccinations.

I also suspect that they will find that the further away from a vaccine event - years and birth will make a difference.

I also suspect that they will find that an expected mother - that has been vaccinated in the past - has to be very lucky - or very careful not to inflame her immunes system at all. That means all foods that are anti-inflammatory as well as not vaccinating or very lucky in not catching anything - now that her immune system has been primed by vaccines react with inflammation -- to --- catch on fire.

Posted by: Benedetta |

Elaine Hickey

Thank you AoA for all of the great work that you do. While this forum is Autism specific - and I am passionate about this cause since I am the mother of a 19y/o daughter who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder - we must also remember the rise in all the other childhood disorders like asthma, severe food allergies, juvenile diabetes, etc. Oh, and what about our seniors and Alzheimer's? Glad that was mentioned in the hearings also. We are harming vast numbers of our citizens with neurological and autoimmune disorders at what expense?? America needs to make all of its citizens healthy again!!!


@ Rebecca: Unfortunately, if chiropractic families were used in a study, they'd claim the favorable results were skewed by 'other factors'....you know, like unmedicated births, breastfeeding and nutritional diets. In any event, they'd NEVER admit this group makes sensible decisions regarding vaccines.

Rebecca Claire

They don't need to rely on the Amish for a vsx vx unvaxxed population. Chiropractors don't vaccinate their kids at a rate of about 65%.

Problem solved, no genetic link and there are lots of chiropractors in the US.

Paul S

I just donot understand why Julie Gerberding, the Snake, has not been brpught up on charges for misdirecting the CDC Autism Studies!


Robyn, you mention formula as a possible factor in your child's autism. Research has shown that human milk fed children have a significantly lower incidence of neurological disorders and learning disabilities. The gut flora of naturally vs. artificially fed infants are different (at least this used to be the case - I am not up on the gut flora established by the newer formulas). It isn't easy to come up with an acceptable substitute for human milk and infant formulas aren't studied for very long before being put on the market. I have known infant formula studies lasting only 6 months, not nearly long enough to determine long term effects on growth and development. In my opinion, infant formula could definitely be a factor. As far as I know, no one is keeping track of how kids develop and do in life after being fed different formulas. I also don't think most people realize that the infant formula industry is a multi billion dollar a year branch of Pharma.


Re: "I think those kind of studies could be done and should be done. You’d have to adjust for the strong genetic component that also distinguishes, for example, people in Amish communities who may elect not to be immunized (and) also have genetic connectivity that would make them different from populations that are in other sectors of the United States. So drawing some conclusions from them would be very difficult."

It would be SO VERY DIFFICULT to draw conclusions from the Amish community, the largest unvaccinated group? Now really WHY would that be? Could it possibly be that the outcome will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that vaccines cause autism?

The House Oversight Committee needs to hear the testimony of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein since his clinic now has a 40 year history of treating unvaccinated Amish.

No Vaccines No Autism

http://homefirst.com/ "We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines," said Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Homefirst's medical director who founded the practice in 1973. Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated. [Homefirst Clinic serves the Amish Community who are primarily NOT vaccinated, and who also prefer in-home births]


I don't agree with the vaccine schedule, the vaccines are full of toxins, so I did not have my daughter vaccinated. She is in the minority I guess, because she has regressive autism. I think she got toxins from our town, which refines uranium and smelts steel, toxic baby products, formula and possibly antibiotics I was given at the birth which threw off her gut flora and immune system. I may never know exactly, though I'm so glad we didn't vaccinate and make it any worse. I am all for studies being done, information is so important. I'm just wondering, with all the pollution in the world, ultimately how is anyone going to prove where toxins came from? I have a feeling they may find a lot of unvaccinated kids being sick too unfortunately, once you start digging you realize there are toxins lurking everywhere.


"Boyle: We have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated."

[An honest response as in our dreams] As you well know Congressman such an OBVIOUS investigation is SURE to lead us places the CDC is not ALLOWED to go. Certainly you KNOW we have all agreed "vaccination" is a required mechanism to reach the UN Agenda 21 depopulation goals.

no vac

I agree, The Inspector General should investigate the vaccine crimes against American people committed for profits of pharma mafia by probably a few decision making bureaucrats from HHS. These people should end on electric chairs.


Autism Speaks' posts a vague write up but explains maybe why they are cozying up w/CDC. Looks like the translational science stuff (isn't that an Insel/psych interest - science backed approaches to further psych meds?) needed some outside support?


Autism Society, staying the course in a woefully short mention of the hearing, says take from it what you will. But highlights in their second article in depth concerns about the fiscal cliff.

Joy B

God bless the Amish, because if there is ever a real study it will include them, and it's bound to have a heaping helping of bribery on the side. They'll need extra help to resist the dark forces during the time, that's for SURE. There are MANY amish families with vacced children who attend school now, not to mention the "ex-amish" in their different states of estrangement from the traditional life. For the right price I'm sure the truth could be manipulated to a harmful degree.

And if a study does get done (by the Serious People) will it again be with only a SMALL number of participants, as with their other "headline making" studies(older Icelandic fathers, etc). How many Amish or other traditional unvaccers and their relatives could be bought off? Maybe I'm too pessimistic.


When Congress explains to those in charge of the responsible government agencies that Congress will be conducting a probe and that any individuals found to have been a part of policy making where the public was put at risk and/or harmed, or who have made statements that have deliberately mislead the public, and who have buried, altered, or for the purpose of keeping society in the dark have not moved forward with needed research while children and families suffered, will be criminally prosecuted, the terror will end.


I do get why they can't declare this a national emergency even though it clearly is. The CDC would have immediate access to insurance records. We would instantly know what causes autism.

Carter's Daddy

Speaking of Simpsonwood, it creeps me that people are led to think RFK Jr.s article about Simpsonwood is fallacious because Rolling Stone temporarily lost it in some sort of server changeover, then Salon interpreted that to be a retraction, so retracted it themselves, and the world sees it as a retracted article. The Wiki on RFK Jr even says the article has "factual errors" and just outright says Rolling Stone retracted it. Not so, from what I have seen. But no matter, Pharma and it's machine use this for ammno nonetheless. They just love having the public think it was retracted.


It would have been nice if a Congressman would have asked Dr. Boyle to explain the content of the CDC Simpsonwood meeting in June of 2000.

The meeting was secret and illegal, and the CDC was ready to release the findings in writing... before the 52 in attendance decided to hire those like Dr. Thorsen of Denmark to produce material to disprove what they had clearly found.

Anne McElroy Dachel

From the tone of the questions legislators asked it was clear they're tired of the rhetoric about earlier detection and better diagnosing. Other than that, officials are helpless when it comes to autism. It's like watching a building on fire and being proud that you noticed it. There is, I’m sure, some interdepartmental memo that's been issued that no health official will, under any circumstance, ever refer to AUTISM AS A CRISIS. "Problem," and "concern" are the usual words of choice to be used with autism. This is necessary of course because the agency that gets billions of dollars to run health care in the U.S. would be expected to do more about a crisis than watch it happen.

Anne Dachel, Media


I am all for cleaning up those smoke stacks. I know they spend millions on scrubbers they put in smoke stacks and they change them often. They put the cinders in holding ponds to keep the ash from becoming air borne and there are several things they do with it after that.

They hae have the Clean Air Act, EPA regulations, EPA monitoring them -- they just meet this year.

I am all for it - I would vote for it -- I would write my Congressman to encourage him to support such actions.

I am all for cracking down on the release of not the mercury but Carbon dioxide - the same stuff we breath out, and they are finding it very expensive and the technology is not there to pump CO2 under the ground.

What I am againest is carbon trading. I see more of my money to keep my family warm being given to companies that produce -- produce --- nothing???

Does that make sense to you?

It does when you look at who owns or have investments in those companies.

Does it look like that would reduce carbon dioxide?
It would make my heating bills go through the roof and I promise you I will then have to turn to building a fire.

How much pollution will be emmitted if everyone had a pot bellied stove.

no vac

If the study vac-unvac is going to be conducted in the US, it may be wise to collect the experimental cohorts from several states. In some states (e.g. Washington, Oregon, Vermont) vaccination rates are relatively low, hence it will be easier to find unvac populations over there.

Bob Moffitt

Ottsochnaut: Great idea to personally call offices .. will do so on Monday. I am also going to write each representative a letter commending them on the specific questions they asked.

Here are my own observsations I believe worth noting:

Rep. Darell Issa (R): Today we're having a hearing that spans the ideological left and the ideological right, we're drawing attention to something that has no political affiliation, no partisan allegience.

(This hearing did have a bi-partisan flavor to it .. unlike the prior hearings conducted by Rep. Burton .. when Rep. Waxman was the ranking member. If I remember correctly, Rep. Waxman seemed very protective of the vaccine industry and the public health officials appearing before Burton's committee? Am I wrong?)

Rep. Denis Kucinich (D): Recalled the provison that .. 10 years ago .. was "snuck into a huge Homeland Security bill" that provided liability protection to vaccine manufacturers .. stating when you have Eli Lily and others contributing millions of dollars to effect the outcome of elections .. you have special interest groups who would resist any deeper research on it because it would affect their bottom line"

Ranking member Elijah Cummings(D): "In talking to the folks behind you, there seems to be a frustration .. I wish you could see the folks behind you .. they're shaking their heads in frustration .. there is something wrong with this picture, when you've got this combination of shots, you go from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 88. It seems to me that someone should say "Wait a minute, let's put the breaks on this. At least let's try to figure out if I'm giving a baby 9 shots in a single day, how much impact its having? It just seems logical. I mean if they gave me 9 shots, I don't know what the affects may be?

At the conclusion of his remarks .. Rep. Cummings once again remarked "I wish you could see the people behind you, there are grown men and women crying...."

(Those grown men and women ought not have to spend another day having the CDC and IACC turn their backs to them)

Rep. Dan Burton (R): In addition to his usual compelling remarks on this subject .. called for a re-examination of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

(I would also recommend re-examination of the extremely passive .. voluntary .. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) .. which is widely preceived as receiving less than 10% adverse reaction reports)

Rep. Paul Gospar (R): Spoke about the "dietary aspects involved" .. citing the coordination of studies as horribly poor. There should be more focus on the family, they're telling you what's wrong, we should be listening to them.

Rep. Patrick Meehan (R): I can tell you that I don't know of another issue that has affected more of my constituents .. has created a greater degree of frustration than this particular issue .. asked .. Have you ever seen anything in which there has been such a dramatic progression in incidents and diagnosis in a six year period?

Dissatisfied with the CDC answer, Rep. Meehan persisted: "I guess what I'm saying is, and, these are your words not mine, as we've seen this remarkable acceleration just in the diagnosis .. in your words ..this is a public health concern. Would you explain to me why this is not a public health crisis? Why this is not an issue that is on the front burner of the CDC everyday?

Again, dissatisfied with the usual tired response .. asked: Who's in charge of this. Who wakes up in the morning and says this is my priority? I am going to drive this train to make sure something happens today? It seems to me the efforts so far appear to be "willy-nilly".

Ans: Dr. Thomas Insell and others ... with the added admonition if Congress thinks the IACC is lacking, it is up to Congress to make that change. (AMEN TO THAT!!!!)

Rep. John Tierny (D): Dr. Boyle mentioned that since 2000, thimerosal was removed from all the vaccines except from the multi-dose vial vaccines. Asked why .. just as a matter of precaution to eliminate this whole issue, it is not removed from them as well?

Rep. Chris Smith (R): As Chairman of Africa's Global Rights Committee .. stated they never saw a prevalent spike like they've seen on autism .. as they've seen in the last 15 years. The WHO agrees there are probably tens of millions of cases of autism in Africa. Also asked their "thoughts" on glut flora as a contributing factor as we know immunity is found in the intestines .. there has been a nexus between the two.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D): The jump between 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 88 is a "huge,huge, huge jump" and asked Dr. Boyle "why". Are you looking at vaccinations? Why do you have to cram 6 or 9 vaccines at one time when the verbal evidence seems so strong, from so many people .. that they had a healthy child until they got vaccinated?

Rep: Vern Buchanan (R): Why is it that we give children twice the number of vaccines than France does, three times the number of Finland? Our kids are getting twice the shots than anyone else .. have they looked at the impact.

All in all, this hearing showed promise that better days may be coming .. at least I desperately hope so.

Unfortunately, it was hard not to notice the distinct difference between wall to wall coverage the media gave MLB "steroid" abusers .. and .. the seemingly lack of ANY coverage of this critical hearing on the autism crisis.

no vac

The Congress hearing was great, but the real action must follow. I believe, we should send thousands of letters to pres. Obama requesting firing of Sebelius, who is ignorant big pharma agent, and replacing her with a proven child health advocate, e.g. Robert Kennedy Jr. We should also demand a change of NIH director, to a person, who will take war on autism and other vaccine-induced injuries as her principal initiative. Dr. Bernardine Healey was presiding over Women's Health Study, which has proven that hormone replacement therapies are toxic and cause more harm than good to women. A similar action is now needed to examine all vaccines and insane US vaccination schedules and their links to unprecedented crippling of US population.


It is outrageous that the CDC has not found out what the difference is environmentally between those populations with high numbers of autistic children and those populations with low to no autism.
We already know that there is virtually no autism in the Amish community when you compare to the general vaccinated public around the world. We have heard of those who were forced to get vaccinated to go to school and then became autistic. Those adopted into the community that have lived near mercury smoke stacks prior and no doubt were vaccinated or their parents were vaccinated. Speaking of smoke stacks, no doubt that higher cases of autism near highways is because of smoke stacks. What is it about their genes? I know there are genetic diseases like fragile X in Amish communities. What were the environmental exposures of the families with genetic disorders? Were other generations vaccinated and what are their health outcomes? What are the health outcomes of Amish that have started going to public schools and began vaccinating? The reason we vaccinate is because we are afraid polio will come back and that we will have epidemics of vaccine preventable diseases. How have the Amish survived without immunization? What kind of epidemics have they had? Is pertusis, and measles etc... also making a comeback in their community? What about the environmental changes in the Somali autistic population? Is the CDC looking into these kinds of inquiries? No, decades after the alarms are sounded the CDC is still trying to count.
Kucinich pinpoints the problem w/ why nothing has been done in the last 10 years about the mercury problem despite their awareness. He states that pharmaceutical companies contribute millions to elections and that 10 years ago a proposal was snuck into the Homeland Security Bill shielding manufacturers of thimerisol from lawsuits. No one was made aware of this proposal before the vote and no one knows who is responsible for introducing the proposal.
I agree w/ Mr. Kucinich. Sometimes I can't help but feel like we have a bunch of roboughts representing us.
I liked what Mr. Burton ended saying. He looked out at the real people representing sick children and said it falls on our shoulders to make the change. We needed to get to other parents and keep banging the drum and urged us to show them video of this committee hearing.
Personally I do believe this will turn around, but I think it will be our children and grandchildren that will make the difference. This is why the strong push for forced vaccination scares me.

Mary R.

I called the only congressman from Massachusetts who was on the Autism Hearing panel. I called the local office, not Washington DC, which makes me think that others are doing the same. So Ottsochnaut, I think the offices were indeed being called. And I think it is going to continue.


Heart disease;
My son at three monhts of age was given his first DPT shot, ran a very hot temperature for several hours.

Less than a week later, he still was not feeling well so I took him to the ped. A heart murmur was detected. A soft X ray showed a left venticula of the heart swollen making the heart (doctor's description) boot shaped.

They sent us to the big Univerisity -- taking another week.
The main heart doctor listened to the heart murmur and said it will always be there but it will never cause a moment of problems.

Fast forward 20 years -- no doctor has heard it since and seem perplex when I say he has a heart murmur????

I was told that he was born that way.

I finally was able to get his medical records after 15 years.

He had 6 examinations from his birth up to his three months vaccine.
by four different doctors.
It states in the medical record - no heart murmur detected.

It was not only just assumed he did not have one - and not listed -- it was actually checked for and written down.

I think this is one more big area we have to really worry about too.

What are the chances that some day Congress will just hold a hearing on vaccine injuries - period?

Raymond Gallup

AS OF DECEMBER IN 2002 - 2010

Year All Recipients

2002 45,684
2003 53,358
2004 63,031
2005 73,126
2006 84,240
2007 95,587
2008 111,727
2009 129.713
2010 145,162

Figures for years 2011 and 2012 will be out in January 2013 when I inquire at the Social Security Administration in Maryland.

Number of children with autism age 6-21 in US Schools Since DSM IV (1994 to present)

Year Students

1994 22,780
1995 28,813
1996 34,082
1997 42,487
1998 53,561
1999 65,391
2000 78,717
2001 97,847
2002 118,603
2003 140,920
2004 166,302
2005 193,481
2006 224,415
2007 258,095
2008 294,302
2009 335,199
2010 369,664
2011 406,957


This Congressional hearing was hard enough to get about autism - and took a lot of hard driving people to get the word vaccine questioned in regards to autism.

And we still have a Congressman that wants to twist that around - ignoring, although not completely the vaccines, he still would love to concentrate on coal/carbon trading.

There were several clueless Congressmen in the room like Yarmuth that would love to give CDC more money - if only they had it. Perhaps I need to listen to him again and see what his point was, not really sure.

But there are other health problems besides autism that vaccines are causing. The study of delaying vaccines - reduced asthma, DPT/DTaP is linked to diabeties.

Kathy Blanco son had heart problems. Jett Travolta may have fell in the shower, we don't know - it could have been the heart since Kawasakis is the leading cause of heart problems in the young. On the community board today it had a story about a young 19 year old that had a cyst close to his heart and almost killed him. My daughter has a lot of trouble with cyst under her skin down in her muscles -- is that the same kind -- a cyst that fluids decide to collect. This 19 year old thought he had indigestion.

The article also said the heart dissease is on the rise in young people -- and it suggested it was because of weight issues.

The 19 year old boy by the way is a whip thin lad.

It is a darn shame that Congress did not hold a meeting on not autism, but about vaccines.

I think that is what I will dream, and hope to see in my life time.


Rep. Bill Posey and Rep. Vern Buchanan are my heroes. It was like listening to Dave Weldon in stereo!

Perplexed by CDC's Inaction in USA

Three cheers for Rep. Bill Posey for asking the key question and not accepting the standard response which is the runaround non-answer!!


They can't speed up research in which they're gorged with funding producing no or erroneous results. In determining the scope of the epidemic, they have to be careful not to 'jump ahead of their data'. But they have no problem fast tracking a new drug and jumping ahead of that data. When it comes to vaccines, they collect most of the data after the vaccines are given to the public - post administration surveillance, which even the government admits is flawed from gross under reporting. And Gerberding said that the Amish should be studied but they are so different from other populations that drawing conclusions from them would be difficult? Sounds like she is posturing - laying the groundwork to discount what she knows would be found.

Maurine Meleck

The criteria for both women being hired was the ability to "talk double talk." They are masters at it.


Dear AoA Friends:

This was a great week. The CDC and NIH faced a very hostile barrage of questions from the skeptical Committee. Rep Maloney as well focused on the vax/unvax question. Remember when Rep Bachman was ridiculed for calling out the HPV shot? Now the national media is painted into the corner of labeling the entire committee as wingnuts, or, finally, acknowledging that questioning vaccine safety is a civic duty of our citizens, govt and press. The media, so far, has ignored the story, we can change that.

When I called Rep Posey's office yesterday morning at about 10:30am, the staffer I spoke with said I was the first call the office had that day regarding the Federal Response to Increasing Rates of Autism hearings. That is disappointing. He should have had a hundred calls, a thousand, his switchboard should have been jammed all day. Our community must take action right now to keep the heat on CDC and NIH, and encourage the committee to get even more aggressive in their questions. Large volumes of calls will force media coverage, among other benefits.

After my call, Rep Posey's website was updated so that on the opening page there was a clip from C-Span of him drilling down on the prevaricating, sweating, inarticulate Boyle human (her first word after every question was "so"- did you notice?)

The same story when I called Meehan, Maloney, Cummins, Issa, and Burton. I was the first or second call on the hearings. The staffers were happy to spend some on the phone with me when I explained I was calling to thank them for their attention on this issue.

Turn your positive energy into positive action. Seize this moment. Call the members of the committee and thank them for their attention to the issue. Every call is important. If you think Posey did great job, please, pick up the phone and let him know! The more they hear from us, the more likely another, even better hearing, will take place.

Thanks to AoA, Canary Party, EBCALA, Refusers, Safeminds, and every other vaccine safety group and individual who helped make those hearings happen. Autism Speaks- nice try. Where do you get your money from? Katie, I thank you for your efforts, not in love with Geraldine Dawson, and why was the Boyle prevaricator citing Autism Speaks so much?



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