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Top 10 List For Congress Post Autism Hearing

PoseyManaging Editor's Note: Thank you to Laura Hayes who shared this email and list with us at Age of Autism - sent  to Congressman Bill Posey and his Chief of Staff & Legislative Assistant in Florida after the hearings.  Contact your own Congressperson HERE.

Hi Stuart and Christen,

Thank you for your time on the phone this past Friday.  It is my sincere hope that the Hearing on Autism that was held on 11-29-12 will not be a one-shot deal.  As promised, attached is my Top 10 List with suggestions for how Congress needs to proceed in the wake of the Autism Hearing. You will see that a vax-unvax study is not on my list of Top 10.  As I explained to Christen after you had to leave the call on Friday, Stuart,  such a study would not solve anything in the here and now.  It would not stop the holocaust against our nation's children.  It would not help those who have already suffered vaccine injury.  It would not return liability to its rightful owners.  That is the study that needed to be done BEFORE beginning this multi-decade-long experiment on the infants, toddlers, and children of the United States of America...a study that should have been done on animal test subjects versus human test subjects.

Other aspects of our nation's vaccine program should have needed no studies, as common sense and ethics should have dictated that known neurotoxins should NEVER have been included in vaccines. 

It is past time that our legislators recognize the dire circumstances our children face in America today:  toxic and unsafe vaccines, pesticides everywhere, GMO-foods, flame retardants, hundreds if not thousands of untested chemicals in use, fluoridated water, dental amalgams still being used, the list goes on.  This horrific list, despite the fact that we have a number of multi-billion-dollar agencies in our country charged with protecting our health.  I, as a tax-paying American citizen, am appalled by what is approved and allowed by these agencies.

It's time to stop the madness, and it needs to begin with the immediate abolishment of vaccine mandates.  If vaccines were truly safe and effective, as they are purported to be, no mandates would be needed...people would not have to be forced to be injected with them.  If they were effective, the people choosing to get them would have no worries as to whether or not anyone else was vaccinated or not, as they would be protected.  If they were safe, we would not have people who have immediate and/or delayed adverse reactions, including death, after receiving vaccines.  Clearly, vaccines are neither safe nor effective, and therefore, it is beyond unethical, immoral, and illegal that they be mandated.  It is time to stop the medical tyranny and medical fascism that have taken a strong hold in our country.

I hope that Congressman Posey will read this list, share it with his fellow Members of Congress, and begin to act on it immediately.  Our country's leaders have been complacent for far too long concerning the ill health of our children, including the Autism Epidemic.

Laura Hayes

Top 10 List for How Congress Needs to Proceed Following Its Hearing On Autism
on 11-29-12

1. Pass an Act of Congress banning vaccine mandates nationwide, an Act which
would override any state mandate laws.
2. Immediate ban of all mercury and aluminum in vaccines, including in the
manufacture of vaccines.
3. Immediate recall of all mercury and aluminum-containing vaccines.
4. Immediate retraction of the CDC’s recommendation for the Hep B series for
infants, toddlers, and children.
5. Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.
6. Immediate investigation of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
7. Criminal charges need to be brought
8. All Members of Congress need to be educated
9. Use the monies in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program’s fund
10.Bring Paul Thorsen back to the U.S. to face charges for fraud

1. Pass an Act of Congress banning vaccine mandates nationwide, an Act which
would override any state mandate laws. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional,
violating both the First Amendment and parental rights, they violate international
codes of ethics, and they violate fundamental human rights. Rationale:
No other
medicine, medical treatment, or medical procedure is mandated. Vaccines, like any
medicine, carry risks, including death. Vaccines have not been proven safe, and as
a matter of fact, there is mounting evidence that they are a causal factor, if not the
causal factor, in many childhood disorders and diseases, including: autism, seizure
disorder, insulin-dependent diabetes, asthma, ADHD, food allergies, life-threatening
peanut allergies, cancer, Guillain Barre Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, attention and
learning problems, speech and language delays, SIDS, the list goes on and is
potentially endless as we don’t know all the many ways these unstudied medicines
are adversely impacting the neurological and immunological systems of those to
whom they are administered, most especially children. There exists in our country a
very erroneous philosophy that assumes that all vaccines are safe and effective, for
all people, at all times, in various combinations, without exception. To what other
medicine do we ascribe such ridiculous logic? The deceptive vaccine propaganda
machine has no match, as to date, there is no evidence that vaccines are either
safe or effective for any given individual. Our nation’s vaccine program is
experimental and it carries grave, sometimes deadly, risks. It is immoral to mandate
vaccines, and we should follow the example of other developed countries, like
Canada, and reinstate medical freedom in our country.

2. Immediate ban of all mercury and aluminum in vaccines, including in the
manufacture of vaccines. Immediate ban of mercury in the Rhogam shot
given to pregnant women. Rationale: It is a known fact that both of these metals
are severely neurotoxic, and even more so when given together, which often
happens when vaccines are administered. There is absolutely no safe level of either
of these metals for humans, and there is absolutely no reason why they should be
present in any medicine, especially those that are injected into the bloodstreams and
tissues of infants, children, and pregnant reason whatsoever. If these
metals were given to a baby in a bottle, the person giving the bottle would be
arrested, but somehow, it is acceptable for doctors to inject these neurotoxic metals
directly into the bloodstreams and tissues of infants, children, and pregnant women.
Ironically, infants and children would have a much better chance of surviving such a
toxic assault if it occurred via a bottle, as their respiratory and digestive tracts would
have a better chance of clearing the toxins than their bloodstream and tissues.
Furthermore, to date, researchers do not know when the blood-brain barrier closes
(and in fact, it never fully closes, as there are a number of openings that always
remain open). The Research Director at UC Davis’ MIND Institute told me that
although they don’t know the exact timing yet, the blood-brain barrier might not close
until age 2 or after. The potential for catastrophic brain damage from vaccines can
not be underestimated.

3. Immediate recall of all mercury and aluminum-containing vaccines. Immediate
recall of all mercury-containing Rhogam shots. Rationale: It is completely
unacceptable to “use up what’s already out there on the shelves” when we know that
infants and children, pregnant women and fetuses, and people of all ages, will be
harmed by these neurotoxic medicines. There is no excuse that can be given to
justify using up a toxic supply of any medicine. That would be analagous to saying
that it’s acceptable to leave E-Coli-tainted beef on the market to be used up, or to
leave faulty tires that explode while driving on the market to be used up.

4. Immediate retraction of the CDC’s recommendation for the Hep B series for
infants, toddlers, and children. Rationale: There is absolutely no justification for
giving this vaccine to this population, none whatsoever. In the very rare event that
the mother has active Hepatitis B, she should be given the full facts about the risks
and benefits of the Hep B vaccine for her child, and she should then be allowed to
choose, without coercion, whether or not she wants her child to have it. If the
Members of Congress can be educated to understand just how unnecessary and
dangerous this one vaccine is, not to mention that it has not been proven effective,
they might then be better able to question ALL of the CDC’s recommended vaccines.
Our nation’s routine childhood vaccine schedule has become about wealth, not
health, and that is a crime of the utmost magnitude.

5. Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Rationale: This one Act
of Congress is responsible for the autism epidemic, not to mention other childhood
epidemics that we are now facing as a nation. No other industry is afforded the
liability protection that the pharmaceutical and medical industries are afforded by this
Act. This Act completely indemnified vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies
and doctors who administer vaccines for any and all harm caused by vaccine
products. As a result, our nation’s vaccine schedule tripled in a very short time, with
no testing of it, and with virtually zero oversight. Presently, the combination of this
Act, vaccine mandates, and the nationwide attack on vaccine exemptions means
that vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies have millions upon millions of
captive customers, zero threat of being held accountable or liable for any of their
vaccine products, and therefore, no incentive to make safe products. To make
matters worse, this Act does not require doctors to report any and all suspected
adverse reactions to vaccines. Our Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, part
of the 1986 Act, is a voluntary one; doctors are not required to report. Thus, there is
no accurate or official tracking of the true numbers of adverse reactions to vaccines.
There is absolutely no way the CDC, FDA, NIH, or HHS can claim that our nation’s
vaccine system is safe or effective, or that they have any real or accurate data or
knowledge about the actual impact of our nation’s vaccine program on our
population. The 1986 Act has had tragic consequences for more than 2 generations
of children, and it needs to be repealed immediately, before millions more children
are harmed and killed.

6. Immediate investigation of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
needs to occur, with an emphasis on the entire Omnibus Autism Proceeding.
Rationale: Decisions were made based on flawed industry and government-funded
studies, which were conducted and manipulated to cover-up the evidence of what
had happened to hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of children via the
government-approved and government-recommended vaccine program. Changed
testimony by one of the government’s own expert witnesses (Dr. Zimmerman) was
purposefully ignored so as to keep hidden what has been done to U.S. children via
the government-approved and government-recommended vaccine program. There
needs to be justice and compensation for the horrific damage done to vaccineinjured

7. Criminal charges need to be brought against those who knew that vaccines
were causing autism and other childhood disorders and diseases, but who
then chose to manipulate data, cover up evidence, lie about it, refuse to
investigate it, continue to approve and recommend vaccines, etc. Rationale:
Evidence exists that data manipulation, lying, and cover-ups have occurred. Crimes
against humanity have been committed. They can not go unpunished. Justice must
be served in its most severe form against those who perpetrated these crimes and
against those who perpetuated the autism epidemic, not to mention other vaccine

8. All Members of Congress need to be educated about our nation’s unproven
and dangerous vaccine program, not just a small handful of them. Members
of Congress also need to bear witness to what vaccine injury looks like to gain
a better understanding and appreciation of the holocaust that has been carried
out against our nation’s children in the name of “the greater good.” Rationale:
Vaccine-induced injury, permanent disability, chronic illness, and death are urgent
problems facing our nation, both in terms of human costs, and in terms of financial
costs. To date, Congress does not have even a basic understanding of this dire
circumstance, and our nation is suffering greatly as a result. I, and others, could
recommend numerous speakers to speak before the Members of Congress, and
there would be many families willing to bring their vaccine-injured children to stand
before Congress to bear witness to the crimes that have been committed against

9. Use the monies in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program’s fund to help
families bear the enormous costs of raising and caring for the vaccine-injured.
Make the process to be compensated straightforward and easy, with the goal
being to fully distribute the fund within a one-year timeframe, as the money
belongs to those who have paid into the fund and been injured. Rationale: The
money in that fund belongs to those who have been injured by vaccines. To date,
the majority of it has been hoarded away, hidden, possibly funneled elsewhere, and
denied to those who have suffered vaccine injury and death. With the repealing of
the 1986 Act, the VICP can be eliminated, the fund distributed, and proper liability
can return to vaccine-producing companies and vaccine-administering doctors. In
the event that there is any money left in the fund after one year, the remaining
money can be used to train doctors to properly treat the vaccine injured, as to date,
there are very few doctors trained to do this.

10.Bring Paul Thorsen back to the U.S. to face charges for fraud, to investigate
his manipulation of data, and to investigate who paid him to come up with
results that would deny a link between vaccines and autism. Rationale: The
autism community is waiting for this criminal to be brought to justice. The autism
community would like his accomplices brought to justice, too.

Laura Hayes is the mom of 3 precious and wonderful children, ages 20, 18, and 16.  Her middle child suffered catastrophic brain injury from his "routine" childhood vaccinations and was later diagnosed with what medical doctors like to call "autism."  She has run an intensive ABA program for him for nearly 17 yrs., is an active member of the Sacramento-based FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment), and is passionate and vocal about educating others regarding the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines.  She is an avid reader of The Age of Autism, and is extremely thankful for this group of fellow warriors!


Liz Birts Army

Laura , I also love the sentiment , love the letter .
But bringing criminal charges needs to be number 1 , and I have the perfect venue for the "nazi vaccine" trials
....Simpson Wood !!

Also I understand for simplistic reasons (ie so our elected leaders understand ) you only mention mercury and aluminium but most people on here know even if the mercury doesnt get you , then the carcinogens will , and my personal favourite the sterilising agent polysorbate80 (sounds like an ice cream substitute doesnt it ?)

I know alot of you on here will have listened to the Maurice Hilleman recordings previously but you need to listen to it every 6 months to truly understand the magnitude of what is being said . What is dear Maurice talking about , vaccines being linked to cancers , leukemias , Aids , tumours ....what is he talking about when he says foreign species virus contamination occurred ?

Carolyn M

Barry, I like your list but I would add some points:

1. In Virginia, the autism insurance mandate covers ABA when provided or supervised by a BCBA "who shall be licensed by the Board of Medicine." The last I heard, they were still arguing over requirements for licenses.

2.When training teachers/paraprofessionals in ABA, take measures to ensure that it is good quality ABA. Bad ABA is worse than no ABA at all. I speak from experience: two different schools that my daughter attended were doing drills 25 times in a row (regardless of whether she independently answered correctly the first time) with minimal positive reinforcement. The second school caused her to regress, and it took quite some time to undo the damage. Since one school was public and one was private, someone is instructing teachers to do drills in this manner.

3. Also teachers at all levels (elementary, middle, and high school) should be trained in good quality behavioral therapy. Not only elementary special education students can benefit; middle and high school special ed classes should not be (essentially) "daycare" - these children can still learn.


"The second most toxic element on planet earth is routinely used in American Medical "treatments."

Oh this is just the beginning.

How about the MOST toxic element on planet earth is contained in the warheads the USA and other militaries are firing at "terrorists" their wives and children in NUMEROUS countries TODAY. Once fired the plutonium forms micro-droplets which can float in the air to be inhaled by all in range including the US troops. Once inhaled the plutonium starts to kill cells, likely for life, however shortened it may be. Once the plutonium settles into the dust it will be stirred up into the air by the slightest disturbance.

We can think of this process as an area "vaccination".


RE: "It is not safe to test mercury on humans"

They have already tested mercury on millions of humans and the end result is facing us with the autism epidemic, ADHD epidemic, Alzheimers epidemic, and neurological and learning disorders all at epidemic proportions.... in THIS COUNTRY, the one with the highest vaccine schedule by far.

There have been previous points in history where mercury proved it's deadly neurotoxicity, all the way back 200 years ago, when the term "Mad Hatter" was coined due to the beaver top hat industry using mercury in the manufacturing process. It was recognized way back then for God's sake, and subsequently mercury's use in hatmaking was banned. But NO it is OK to inject mercury and aluminum and many other toxins directly into vulnerable infants and children. THAT is OK???!!!

Even people who are trained to understand how dangerous mercury is do not realize that the flu shots still contain mercury or that this toxic waste is 250,000% of the EPA safety standard. I called our state's department of Natural Resources to find out how to dispose of a mercury thermometer, which is mounted on a 70 year old wood frame. My ex-boyfriend had 5 years to get this out of my house, and he never did so it went bye bye today to an environmental recycling facility. In speaking with two very knowledgable people who dispose of mercury, neither one had a clue about the vaccines, both were SHOCKED when I told them the basics. And neither one of them had an answer for me when I asked them both: "How can mercury possibly be considered safe to inject into any human being?" They both agreed that it absolutely was NOT safe, but had no idea that mercury is still used in vaccines. Somehow the public has to become educated about this on a massive scale or the vaccine industry is going to continue to inject this into people. (But at least these two guys won't be getting any more flu shots.)

One piece of good news on the home front came from the mercury disposal director for the Dept. of Natural Resources, who informed me that after Jan. 1st, a new law takes effect, which bans the export of mercury from the U.S., thus greatly reducing the capacity to recycle it by shipping it off to places such as gold mines in Africa, whereby the mercury is not actually "disposed of", but instead just moved to another location on Planet Earth.

Banning Mercury worldwide is really the only hope that will remove it from vaccines and other toxic medical uses. Because that is where mercury is primarily dispensed, through vaccines, drugs and dental fillings. The second most toxic element on planet earth is routinely used in American Medical "treatments". How anyone can classify systematic mercury poisoning as "health care" is beyond me to comprehend.


While there is much to be said for dealing with the vaccine issues, much more must be legislated to deal with this public health emergency. Here's a partial list:

1. Health Insurance. Although many states have passed autism insurance legislation in recent years, coverage is uneven. In VA for example, the law only covers those up to six years of age. Those who’ve already gone broke to keep their kids out of the hospital are going further into debt. Neither fair nor smart. Even if only 20% of these children ever recover sufficiently to become independent adults, that’s still a good buy. Standard insurance for these kids ought to include visits to specialized doctors and the supplements, special diets, and therapies they prescribe, not just the drugs prescribed by conventional doctors. Of course, not all children on the spectrum are responsive to all therapies. Yet many are helped one or more of the following: behavioral, social/relationship development, play, speech, occupational, hyperbaric, sensory integration and neurofeedback therapy. Few children with autism have recovered with drugs, but that’s what insurance will pay for, if it's called something other than autism.

2. Teachers trained in behavioral therapy. Schools simply do not have enough trained teachers for these children. The rich are the only ones able to afford the few private therapists who know what to do. To relieve the scarcity of qualified personnel, the federal Department of Education should be subsidizing a good chunk of the training of special education teachers in the cognitive and behavioral therapies that work for children with autism. The Department through the states might also provide financial incentives to districts that hire such qualified individuals. In our local district with over 800 students on the spectrum, fewer than a dozen special ed teachers have such skills. At the state level, an additional way to reduce the skills gap is to upgrade the status of paraprofessionals who have demonstrated over time their success with these students. Some paraprofessionals are far better instructors of children with autism than the degreed special ed teachers who supervise them. Why not upgrade them to professional status if they can do the work?

3. More time on task. Federal and state governments might also subsidize longer school days and school years for children with autism and related neurological disorders. The National Academy of Sciences says these children frequently need 30-40 hours a week of direct 1:1 behavioral therapy. The entire school week of only 30 hours (six hours a day for 5 days) cannot accommodate this intensive instruction. Of course, if the schools don’t hire and contract with qualified people, a longer day is useless.

4. Separate diagnosis and prescription from delivery. Why not contract with specialized centers that win competitive bids to diagnose autism and related disabilities and to prescribe their special education services. Right now schools do it all - diagnose, prescribe and fill educational prescriptions, an inherent conflict of interest. Their priority seems to be saving money or (illegally) redirecting special ed. funds to other perceived needs.

Jake Crosby

It was disappointing that vaccines were mentioned only twice by the panelists during the testimonies and once again by the panel during cross-examination by the congressional committee. The second time it was mentioned during the testimonies was by one of the autistic "self-advocates" after denying that autism was a health crisis but rather a "services crisis" while trying to extend his speaking time beyond the amount he was given and concluded by saying he was upset vaccines were still being talked about. All this combined with Ari Ne'eman's testimony where he cited the UK epidemic denialist "study" that used false autism criteria to argue autism prevalence is the same in "adults" as young as 16 leads me to believe that what started off as a strong hearing ended on an unfortunately weak note.

billie joe

Regarding the vaccine pharma lobbyists... I think there is a day coming when that will be a bottom of the barrel job. They have no respect. Our congress people are looking at them as either stupid or evil. aaaaaaaaaahahahahahah! It took awhile, but it is time they run from their jobs before they are arrested.


God Bless you Sylvia:
Okay, I will try again too.


Thanks Benedetta! Yes, I agree it is a long-shot getting people to shake off long-held misconceptions about vaccines. But The Virus and the Vaccine was really powerful for me - it chronicled just what the government does when there is a problem found with a vaccine; the cover it up. I want to try to get that book in his hands.


Thanks for your response re my comment about animal research. I didn't mean to be harsh. I understand your good intentions, and your letter is excellent.
I just hate to see innocent animals killed in studies trying to prove (over and over and over again, ad nauseam) what we already know (that mercury is poison), while vaccine damning results are ignored by policy makers anyway.


And Sylvia;
I read that book too.
But it cannot break that shell that surrounds the trust in the FDA, NIH, CDC - even the EPA that got caught changing temperature numbers -- the trust still continues that there must be global warming.
The human race as a whole have lost their minds. We trust like never before in all those with authority!


Mitch McConnell.
Minority leader - been there for a very long time and should hold a lot of clout.

Birgit Calhoun

This business of having to test whether mercury is toxic to a living creature has bothered me for a while now. I do believe in testing and I believe in having proof that a toxic substance is indeed toxic. This whole thing is a catch-22 kind of thing. Everyone knows mercury is toxic. But it is too toxic to test on humans. It is apparently much more toxic than all the new drugs that are going through the stage-1, -2, -3 trials. So why in the world should there be any testing done on a substance that is considered too toxic to test on real live subjects. There are so many examples of mercury toxicity that anyone knows it is at least as toxic as the worst new pharmaceutical invention. And that notion doesn't tell the powers that be that it is too toxic to inject?

Either Thimerosal should go through regular drug testing which has already been deemed unethical or else it should be a banned substance.

I have come to the conclusion that the only reason why testing is not being done is that it would expose pharmaceutical companies to lawsuits. The INH and CDC are quite happy with the status quo. It would take a Herculean effort to get these agencies, and that includes the FDA, to admit that injected mercury is indeed toxic.


Laura, great list but I would put #5 in the first spot for the following reason:
As you correctly point out what created this whole disaster is the 1986 law that gave vaccine manufacturers complete protection from liability.
The UK is a good example of a country with no vaccine mandates but similar protections for drug makers, and their autism rates are just as high too. Instead of mandates they suppress the evidence and go after anyone who questions vaccines.
The only way out of this is to abolish the VICP and restore the liability for manufacturers.


Who is your Senator? I will happily send him a copy of The Virus and the Vaccine by Bookchin and Schumacher
He should know the history of the Polio vaccine.

And Laura: I am proud to have you as my friend. Your letter is articulate and powerful. Just like everything you touch.


It would be nice to call about 100 pediactric nurses before the committee and have them state what they have seen and how they vaccinated their own children.

RE: The question is, is it really about public health or private profit?

....The private sector wants the public sector to provide the R & D funds and then they take over when the profit starts.

K Mueller

Finally someone else addressing "including the manufacturing". Metals need to be removed not only as a preservatives or adjuvants but as part of the manufacturing process as well.

If they can make sterile rooms for computer manufacturing they can do a better job at sterile rooms for vaccine manufacturing.

The question is, is it really about public health or private profit?


Yes Laura!


It is too soon for all of this. Just because we had the third Congressional hearing on this -- they have been spread out over the last 30 years, don't mean much to a lot of people.

So, there is not enough kids with autism, yet.
There is not enough diabeties, yet.
There is not enough of the other auto immune disorders like mythenis gravis, ASL, Dementia, alzieheimers, depression, drug addiction that begins from untreated mental health problems, yet!
We have not reached that point in the United States were at least 47 percent of the people are saying hey look at all of those sick people, yet!

The letter from my Senator that I received yesterday went like this:

Thank you for contacting me regarding vaccine safety. I appreciate you taking the time to make me aware of your concern about this important issue and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

( It first paragraph begins just like the other five plus letters that I have received from this Senator over the last 25 years-- all filed away under "I wasted my time").

As you know, the FDA is responsible for oversight of the many products we use each day, as well as our nation's food supply and safety of our medical drugs. In recent years, advances in biomedical research and a growing knowledge of immune system have contributed to the discovery of new medicines. Given the vital role many medications play in our health care delivery system, it is critical that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensure that the drugs and devices it approves are safe and effective for use by the public.

( This is the same old line I have received before too. He says I should talk to the FDA. Then why am I given a list of titles at his website - to choose from, and one of them being health? )

Like many Americans, I understand the importance of vaccinations. Over the past 50 years, immunization programs have greatly reduced the prevalence and severity of the number of devastating childhood illnesses such as polio, German measles, small pox and whooping cough. As someone who suffered from polio as a child, I want to assure you that I have a first-hand appreciation for these programs and want to make sure that safe, effective vaccines are available to all Kentuckians.

( This third paragraph is new. This senator, he finally mentions his polio - which I knew he had, and I am sorry for it. I know that the after effects of polio are lifelong. Just like the vaccine caused a brain injuries, and other autoimmune diseases are also life long lasting with: leg aches, stomach aches, sinus problems and on and on -- I dreamed last night that my son was maybe getting a job --or had one--- I am not sure, but in my dream I was scared for him. The employers were making fun of him and he was hurt, and I was mad; but worse of all helpless. I dreamed the state psychologist was finally called in to help, but it turned out to be just -- well it gets confusing as dreams often do -- we went joy riding in a boat, and it turned into a very long confusing dream as we visited my acquaintances on the edge of a lake- most that had lost their kids to drug addiction).

Please rest assured that vaccination safety is of continuing importance and one that I will monitor closely with your concerns foremost in mind. Should you have further questions about a specific vaccine, you may wish to contact the DFA at 1-888-463-6332.

(In other words; we got this vaccine safety thing covered. I have more important things to do - and after all we do have a whole entire federal agency that is designed to do this job. Here is the number, now go bother them. This paragraph is a repeat of other paragraphs in the older letters.)

Again, thank you for contacting me about this important matter. If you would like to receive periodic updates about issues such as this, please sign up in my eNewsletter at http:///

(well I won't embarrass him by putting his name here -- of course the sad part about it is he probably thinks there is nothing to be embarrassed about.)

Mercury Dad

Again, NO ONE on the hearing panel (outside of Mr. Wright of Autism Speaks) even used the words vaccine or thimerosal in their oral testimony.

The speakers who should have testified at the Nov. 29, 2012 hearing were co-opted by an aggressive campaign by another advocacy organization in our community that told the Oversight Committee Staff that their speaker (Mr. Blaxill) would represent all of us. This wrong-headed strategy led to an extremely unbalanced panel where the link between vaccines and autism was not represented, period. Since this backfired so horribly, it is now clear - There needs to be a multiplicity of voices speaking directly to the Oversight committee. No one organization can claim that they somehow represent all of us.

The real heroes of the hearing were the Congressional Representatives themselves (especially Rep. Burton and Posey). The panelists should be deeply ashamed and owe all of us an apology.

Laura Hayes


Excellent point about the animals. Like you, I am not for them suffering. I am not sure how any medicine can be tested without some living creature suffering from adverse effects that will no doubt happen to at least some, if not many, during the testing phase, and after, for that matter. I don't have any solutions. The point I wanted to make, though, was that if some type of testing is going to be needed to be done on living beings before medicines are approved for and given to humans, I guess I would rather have animals tested than humans first. No good answer, unfortunately. Thank you for making this point.


Good point, Media Scholar,
Maybe the drug company lobbyists have enjoyed exclusive access for long enough. Maybe we should send lobbyists to Washington. There are enough of us that we could work one hour shifts and not have our turn come up again for many years.

Laura - I take exception with one point. I do not believe that we have the right to inflict the pain and suffering of vaccine poisoning on any animal, no matter how small, in proposed safety testing before administration to humans. They suffer too. Just as our children have a right to the lives given them, so do all creatures. Other than that, great letter.

Not an MD

Media Scholar, if we are not meeting directly with our representatives and actively engaging them on these issues (and on any other issues of concern to us) , then, sadly, "we the people" are to blame for our situation, not Pharma. As you have stated, and it is true, this industry is very engaged in the outcome; it affects their bottom line. They want to make every single dollar possible, even if that means stripping all of us of our right to say, "No thank you." We are at the point that if multitudes of us are not speaking to our representatives, in person, and writing to them making demands of them, we can expect more and more vaccine mandates. The vaccine industry wants a captive, guaranteed market of every single person on Earth from cradle to grave. So far, I would say they are achieving extraordinarily impressive results, especially considering that they have no liability for the vaccines they produce. Consider the PREPA and the MSEHPA. Pharma is on a roll.

Mercury Dad

This is just super! I wish every Member of Congress had a copy of this list. Curiously, during oral testimony prior to the question and answer period, the only person that even mentioned vaccines was Bob Wright of Autism Speaks (who merely stated that his daughter believed that vaccines led to her son's autism). NO ONE else even used the words vaccines or thimerosal in their oral testimony. From this standpoint, the hearing was an abysmal failure.

Not an MD

Laura, you might be my new BFF, and I don't even know you! What a breathtaking letter you have written. I think we should all alter the first paragraph, to personalize it, and send it to our legislators. One tiny correction that I can see (but not insignificant, by any means) would be that there is, indeed, one additional industry (that I know of) that has complete immunity to liability regardless of how catastrophic the result of their operations - the nuclear power industry. Scary, isn't it? A nuclear power plant can fail, or overheat, go into melt down, and cause the instantaneous death of millions of people in the immediate vicinity, and it won't cost that industry a single dime.

But, back to the amazing top ten you have written. I'd be happy with just number one. I want to be the steward of own my own body, and I want my children to be the stewards of theirs, too. You would think that would be a given in any democracy. I would also want number nine. Those who are suffering so incredibly deserve and need to be compensated at the very, very least.

Media Scholar

I'm sure the drug company lobbyists continuously monitoring this platform will greatly appreciate the itemized list which will certainly aid them in their day to day mingling with our elected representatives.

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