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Why Can't Johnny Poop? Or Stop Pooping? Pediatric Bowels are Broken.

Pecs poopManaging Editor's Note: Why Can't Johnny Poop? Those of us in the autism world already know about the epidemic of life altering constipation, skin burning diarrhea, gut pain induced behavior.  "Better diagnosis" -- that cop out answer to pediatrician induced disease -- strikes again.  Here's more Betty Boop oopsie doopsie eyelash batting golly gee willikers we just don't know reporting from The Star in Ontario, Canada. 

Inflammatory bowel disease is on the rise in Ontario, most notably in children.

The number of kids under 18 living with the chronic disease has increased by about 50 per cent, rising from 1,034 in 1995 to 1,621 in 2005, according to a report released Thursday by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

Unpublished statistics from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, a non-profit health-research group, show those figures have increased even more, jumping to 2,070 in 2009.
“I think it’s troubling and very concerning,” said Dr. Eric Benchimol, a pediatric gastroenterologist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, who contributed to the report, The Impact of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Canada. “It reflects what we see in clinics and hospitals. Answers need to be found. We need to know why.”

The rate of new cases in Ontario has been stable in preadolescents and adolescents, but in children under the age of 10 it has increased by 30 per cent, said Benchimol, also an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa. In other countries there have also been a sharp rise in pediatric cases, while the adult rates have levelled off.

“This is no longer a disease of adulthood. It used to be something we talked about happening to people in their 20s and 30s, but it’s becoming much more common in children, specifically in children under 10, which used to be unheard of.

“We need more research to figure out why it’s affecting (children) more and how we can treat them better, how to improve their outcomes and their quality of life. And we’re just at the infancy stage in conducting that kind of research in pediatric IBD.”

IBD — a group of inflammatory disorders that includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — causes sections of the gastrointestinal tract to become severely inflamed and ulcerated. Symptoms include chronic diarrhea, blood in the stool, abdominal pains and weight loss. In addition, children face long-term complications, such as problems with their physical growth and osteoporosis.

Researchers know that IBD, which is becoming more prevalent in the western world, is related to genetics and environment. But they still haven’t been able to pinpoint what triggers it. To date, no cures have been found.

In Canada, incidence rates have been on the rise since 2001. About 233,000 Canadians have IBD, up from 201,000 in 2008. About 5,900 of those with the disease are children.

Scientists are still trying to answer the question of why IBD is growing.

Part of the rise is due to physicians getting better at identifying the disease, but researchers believe the spike is also related to undetermined environmental factors and increased immigration of people from developing countries, said Benchimol. For instance, people from South Asia are at low risk in their native countries, but once they arrive in Canada they are at increased risk for developing IBD, compared with the general population.

According to the report, the economic costs for IBD in Canada are estimated at $2.8 billion for 2012, about $11,900 per person. Direct medical costs, such as medications, hospitalization, physician visits, total $1.2 billion and indirect costs, such as work absences and out-of-pocket expenses amount to $1.6 billion.



You are so right Benedetta, you are so right!

In response to; check the water, PA doesn't have any regulations on how a well is constructed either for homes. It is only now putting those in place. Apparently surface water is and has been able to contaminate the water because there is no lining, grouting to stop it from seeping into the well water. So that means, all the pesticides and preservatives and growth hormones that we add to the grass is getting into the drinking water. The safest thing to do is to go to where there is a natural spring that the community goes to, we are fortunate to have one, and know the owner is testing or has to be tested by the state to ensure the water is safe. We pay by donation only. When you pour a glass and compare it to tap water you are scared at what you see.

Oh, and when you invite your State rep for dinner, make sure you have the two glasses of water available and ask him which one he prefers and tell him he has a choice and when he picks the spring water, take it away and tell him he drinks what is offered by the State and charge him the cost of a bottle of spring water! Huh? That makes sense? About half as much as paying double for something that is essential to life, and still only truly triple filtered water! I'll pay $4.00 for 20 gal of TRUE spring water anyday! Thank you America for allowing such freedoms!!


The dog as at the vets in the first place because it was itching all over. Including it's tail, probably a yeast infection - resulting from a vaccine given the year before.

God can't be shaking his finger - he has bound to be shaking his head in disbelief at how stupid we are.


As soon as everyone VOTE TODAY, they should immediately bombard their newly elected officals with calls, e-mails, letters, that we are a formed union that wants a stronger, healthier society, environment to LIVE in! Come on, didn't we learn anything from the kids' movie, BUGS LIFE, where all the little ants stick together to build the bird to scare off the big grasshopper? (PHARMA)(HEALTH INS COs) Tell them that they need to stop promoting Tobacco as a big boost to our economy and re-introduce the Medicinal Marijuana plant that helps to heal, they can tax it as much as they want, but at least we know no one will perish from it! It will save our soil, it can be used for rope, clothing, paper. It won't strip the land like cotton does! Take Hollands' example! Tell them to build more Wind Farms, using natural sources to generate power, haven't we learned anything from our Amish sector? Tell them to stop cutting funding to our education. PA doesn't tax chew tobacco or cigars or even tax the Foreign drilling company in our state but they continue to cut funding to our special education programs and our Education programs overrall! We are going to be expected to pay double for health Insurance, pay once to our primary insurance and then to MA, so we are being penalized for having special needs children! It makes you think that America (PHARMA), (people in congress who run to spec. interest groups who fill their pockets) is trying to make the rich, strong? more powerful and do away with the weak? when they are the ones who created the situation? All Americans work hard, two, three jobs to live here and you want to treat us like that, harm the "so-called" "weaker ones" even further? It makes you want to spit! But we do have more dignity than that, bombard them, inundate them with the fact that we are more knowledgable than that and that we won't stand for it any longer! We have to build our members of State too,(reps) they are the weaker ones for buying into that crap, for allowing themselves to be brainwashed until it affects them firsthand, (you know that awful feeling of wait, what just happened?) And, (it's happening to my family? but they told me that if I followed them, everything would be alright for me/my family) they're probably all getting the clue now that something went terribly wrong! We need to keep letting them know, that oops! you made a mistake but we will still support you, now do the right thing, make a vaccine that doesn't harm but prevent, or educate us more, provide proper funding so we are all trained to be leaders, craftsman, contributing members of society that can be proud of themselves and their children can be proud of them too! You voted for these people now make them work for you! Make yourself be their special interest group! You know what's healthy to eat now, invite them for supper! See if they like Gluten-free, Lactose-free, yeast-free, $25.00lb grass-fed meat, camels milk shipped with that high shipping fee and tell them it won't cost them $2,500 a plate to hear you talk! Thank you!


You wouldn't pour acid on a flower! Essentially that's what man has done! Starting when Mom is pregnant, introducing vaccines when she is pregnant? Then first day of life? What about the day after Mom has the baby, she is told her records don't show any history of being vaccinated with MMR? When she is still groggy from having a tubal done they give her the shot and do not tell her to not breast feed! I got German measles 5 days later! My daughter was making progress until she got the MMR. She has Crohns, she has to get Remicade treatments for the rest of her life to manage it. When I received a Flu shot, I got Cancer! They want to say it's us, what we put into our bodies, they are counting on us continuing to purchase foods for convenience because we have to work so hard. The GMOs are compounding the problem. Yes, people in power are brainwashed by $$. Where is the heart of scientists? They know what formulas can't be intertwined with our delicate tissues! Not too long ago I posted a piece from Oliver Sacks book, Uncle Tungsten, if more people were aware of the reactions of the two metals mixing, they would be too frightened to present it as a preventative for some awful disease when it does more harm. It kills! If you want to say it is a well-thought of way at organized genocide, you could, there is proof with all the deaths after receiving one of these preventive measures! This formula, if it is not going to the extreme of death, corrodes our "pipes" just as you get rust on a metal pipe! Did they even question how it would mingle with the iron, calcium, oxygen already in our blood stream?

How come our capitolist country isn't trying to keep every member of our capitolist society as strong as they can be? If we are such a world leader, why are we trying to show other countries that we can lead in organized genocide? We were appalled with the stories of China that used to "get rid of" their female babies by throwing them over the cliff! Also, Kenya where the females would deliberately close their legs when giving birth because they knew there was a chance their child would suffer from HIV or die from AIDS? Weren't we sending our vaccines there to be "tested"? Why don't we want to be the country to be leaders in/of humanity? More people should be protesting the make-up of vaccines, Plants, trees, have you seen the latest article of a woman in Europe who healed herself of CROHNS DISEASE (IBD,Colitis) it's all the same people! She started eating tree bark 16 years? What of the ones who are healing themselves of Cancer through intravenous Vitamins C/D? We need to get more people BELIEVING that nature can and is the strong healer for our delicate bodies!


To Bennedetta,

Even God is shaking his head and finger at us on this one, for every plant that does bad, there is one that can fix it. He didn't tell scientists to mix mercury with aluminum and calcium and "let's wait and see how it affects our young" and to get paid first!


Instead of just trying to treat our youngster's, why not determine the cause first then prevent it?

Elizabeth Gillespie


"GMO, pesticides coating our food and also toxic drug ingredients imported from overseas- extremely poor quality control, if any, of drug ingredients made overseas."

When you think about all the ways our environment has been engineered to slow kill us it blows the mind. When is enough enough? The GMO threat ALONE has the potential to cut our lives perhaps in half. There are over 800 GMO "foods" under review for our supermarkets. They clearly intend to give us NO CHOICE but to eat GMO.

Spread the word people this is not some paranoid themed dark movie; this is our depopulation agenda life.


"Part of the rise is due to physicians getting better at identifying the disease"

Does it take some sort of skill to diagnose diarrhea or constipation? "Ok, lets see, no solid stools for the last six months... hmmmm? Looking, looking... wow, I'm stumped... ooooohhhh wait a sec. I heard about this from a colleague. Diarrhea... yes THAT'S IT. You know a few years ago we would have called this mental retardation..."


"Scientists are still trying to answer the question of why IBD [in children] is growing."

Well they should not be. CDC "scientists" are busy as bees covering up the obvious EXTREMELY STRONG association of IBD and "vaccination"

Check out figure 28


Meanwhile, mis and disinformation is promoted, and in a very systematic way by health authorities. Up is down, good is bad, toxins make you healthy, germs are bad for you therefore you should put them into your body, the self-preservation instinct is harmful, a 4 week followup for side effects means well-tested, viruses are contagious so get a vaccine and go back to work, caring RNs and lifesaving EMTs are selfish if not vaccinated. . .


GMO, pesticides coating our food and also toxic drug ingredients imported from overseas- extremely poor quality control, if any, of drug ingredients made overseas. We get 80% of our drug ingredients from drug manufacturers in India and China. Adulteration, chemical substitution, contamination and counterfeiting of overseas drug products is rampant- FDA has little control. The motive is money. With regard to vaccines the dose also makes the poison so the CDC immunization schedule is a big part of the problem. In short Americans are being slowly poisoned to death.


Hump! Our vet sure knows it was the MMR that caused his now teenage daughter's colitis.
Just recently his other daughter developed it too. So even the one child that he thought got by unscathed just needed some time after her vaccine for problems to show up!

The vet told this to my husband; as they both vaccinated (booster) our dog with rabies -- which I told my husband not to do.

Everyone around me are brain washed -that is all I can figure out??? My family and friend believe me, but there must be some kind of code word - like when they Hypnotized you - that once uttered - everyone submits their arms and buttocks for any and all vaccines???

So now the dog has cushings - a young dog limping around. I could whip both my husband and the vet. My daughter with in the past couple of back received of all things a DTaP shot and has missed a week's worth of work. She must be trying to go for disability????

Once again for new parents - May God keep them all in the palm of his hands. A radio show, interviewing a scientisit that tried to invent a vaccine for cholera, but it just ended up giving all his test subjects glutin intolerance/ celiacs.

Bye the way a lot of the elderly has problems of osculating between constipation (impacted even) to diarhea.

My elderly dears have or had this problem.

Oh, and Let us not forget the acid reflux in all this -- it seems like there is trouble from the time food enters the mouth till it exits.

Not only are there leaky guts -the cells unzipping in the gut and letting big molecules through to the blood stream causing the immune system to ignite,
but there may also be leaky walls in the cells of the the matrix of the mitochondria. Lipid that makes up the wall of the mitochondria have to be very tight to hold in the electons as protons are pumped out.
- and I may not be understanding this at all, but one thing I do understand is the a lasting effect of kids with Kawasakis is defects in the lipid metabolism. Kids with Kawasakis end up having problems with lipid metabolism. This causes chronic fatigue, muscle aches, and can lead to problems with the heart muscle and arhymia problems.

Jon Poling said Co Enzyme Q 10 after the damage was done was like trying to pour water on a burnt out building.
But I am rethinkng this. If the mitochondra walls are leaking the whole process is having to double down - and it probably will take more Co enzyme Q 10 to transfer more Acetyl Co and electrons.

Dr. Shoffner said that my husband had trouble on the Complexes I and III but mostly on the I -- that is where the co enzyme Q 10 does most of the work.

Dr. Shoffner also said that my husband's test showed he was low on Co enzyme Q 10.

And we have Dr. Wakefield saying that the kids he tested had high levels of B 12 in thier blood streams because they could not use B 12 in its present form.

Mess, mess, mess,

Hmmm,That stuff is expensive.
Maybe we should all get together, pool our money and learn to make our own and set up a factory to make Co enzyme Q 10 -- for our own use -- like a co-op?

Jeff C

Why are kid's bowels messed up? Same reason adult's bowels are messed up: a dysfunctional immune system and opportunistic bacterial overgrowth. Both of these are seen in virtually every bowel disorder, be it Crohn's, IBS, or celiac. Google "IPEX syndrome", it's an extremely rare genetic disease where the body is unable to turn off immune system attack against itself. A hallmark feature is bowel destruction, its symptom are often the first sign of the disease. For reasons I don't fully understand, the bowel is extremely susceptible to autoimmune disease.

Couple sustained adjuvant-amplified immune activation with indiscriminate oral antibiotic use and you have a recipe for disaster. It has led to childhood bowel disorders, resulting food allergies, and development delays brought on by subsequent malnutrition. It is truly iatrogenic epidemic.

Carter's Daddy

We have been discussing fecal transplant with our DAN. It's pretty expensive but Carter's mommy is the ultimate mother warrior and we're game. A lot of the logistics need to be ironed out.

While Racheal brought up the gut brain connection, I'll throw in this 2 cents: what a travesty the medical establishment effectively denies there is such a thing! thanks to them and Brian Deer, no one is looking at any kids' guts! That's another travesty!

Which leads me to:
Brian Deer's mother gave birth to Brian Deer. Major crime against humanity. Bordering on genocide.


For what it's worth, I know they added chicken pox vaccine to the mix somewhere in the mid to late /90's.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Are doctors just discovering this? Since these statistics aren't like autism rates based on kids in schools with an autism diagnosis, I can only imagine the actual numbers may be much higher.

I’m interested in knowing how many of these kids also have autism. How many of them were just fine until they suddenly developed chronic bowel disease around 18 months?

Pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Eric Benchimol: “Answers need to be found. We need to know why.” It’s hard to imagine a U.S. doctor saying that about anything our kids are experiencing. Here we’re used to mainstream medicine denying everything that’s happening to our children.

In 2009, PEDIATRICS told us about a Mayo Clinic study that showed that autistic kids didn’t have more bowel disease. Any bowel problems were attributed to “food selectivity.”


Yet, as I wrote about, there were in fact other independent studies that did show a link.

No one wants to get within a mile of GI problems and autism because it leads to Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s work showing a link to the MMR vaccine.

Anne Dachel, Media

Just Say No to GMO Foods

How about genetically modified foods as a culprit?

If eating the flesh of GMO corn explodes the stomachs of insects, what is it doing to the digestive tract of human beings? Leaky gut? Chronic diarrhea? How about the fact that the corn produces its own pesticide, what's that doing to gut flora? Aren't gut flora basically microscopic insects and thus wouldn't GMO foods be killing off gut flora in unprecedented ways.

80-90% of corn, soy and canola grown in the USA is GMO now and the grocery shelves are filled with GMO foods. Most people in the USA consume their body weight's worth of GMO foods each year and shockingly, they don't even know it.

The Right to Know what's in our food is on the ballot TOMORROW in the state of California. Proposition 37 is the GMO labeling initiative. Citizens of Russia, China and 60 other countries have a right to know if their food is GMO, but citizens in the USA are uninformed and unaware of the GMO issues.

We deserve the same rights as Russians and Chinese citizens. Please support Proposition 37, and if you don't live in California but know someone who does, please urge them to vote yes on Prop 37.

As California goes, so goes the nation and ALL Americans should be able to easily identify which groceries are GMO so they can avoid them, stop unintentionally killing off their own gut flora and suffer fewer digestive illnesses.


Maybe we need a clinical study on fecal transplants in children with autism who present with severe IBD. Sound gross but if it works I'm all for it.


"Why Can't Johnny Poop? Or Stop Pooping?" may have something to do with neurotransmitter dysregulation in the digestive tract. Neurotransmitter imbalances between the brain and the gut may be a contributing factor in the rise of cases of childhood IBS. 95% of the serotonin in the human body is found in the digestive tract and is considered to play an important role in the communication between the brain and the gut. High levels of serotonin in the gut leads to diarrhea, while low levels of serotonin can cause constipation. I wonder if repeat vaccinations are responsible for causing neurotransmitter dysreglation in the digestive tract of vulnerable children.

check the water

Go and Read:

Essentially, we are drinking a witches brew of everything you can possibly think of every time you take a drink of water.

The EPA does not regulate the pharmaceuticals that are in the water at all. What goes into the body goes into the toilet. The water treatment only kills bacteria and such. It has no clue how to get the prozac or birth control hormones, or cancer medications, etc. out of the water.

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