Hurricane Autism Has Made Landfall in America
Wakefield Battle Revs Up with Appeal, Facebook Page and More

WANTED BY THE FEDS: Poul Thorsen, Who Helped Pull Off CDC Vaccine Autism Heist

Poul thorsenPoul Thorsen is the man whose research is used by the AAP, media, public health establishment and pharma spokespeople like Dr. Paul Offit, and Bill Gates and Dr. Nancy Snyderman to "prove" that there is no connection between vaccines and autism.  He is a fugitive wanted by American authorities - see below.  We've been writing about him for years:

Read The Indictment of Poul Thorsen at Age of Autism We have a pdf of the indictment of Dr. Poul Thorsen the Danish researcher held in highest esteem for having "debunked" the autism vaccine connection (Poul Thorsen's Mutating Resume) many years ago. As Dr. Max Wiznitzer said about another doctor recently, "If you can't trust the researcher, you can't trust the research."

Poul Thorsen: Autism Speaks' Original Trailblazer  Poul Thorsen, indicted last week (HERE)  by US Attorneys for embezzling tax payers money via the Centers for Disease Control, also received $1 Million in funding through an Autism Speaks grant in 2008 (HERE). Now Autism Speaks is trying to hide their Thorsen affiliation. Why is that?

Poul Thorsen's Mutating Resume  In bits and pieces, in Danish and English, from three universities in two hemispheres and the CDC in Atlanta, a picture has begun forming in the past few days that is already startling in its outline: Paul Thorsen, one of the key scientists involved in CDC-backed studies exonerating vaccines as a cause of autism, is under investigation for collecting millions of dollars in bogus “grant” money, misrepresenting himself to his employers and the world and possibly forging the documents that enabled the scam.
Even more astonishing, it appears the CDC and several other major autism research centers have known about this for months and stayed publicly silent, even as the debate over autism and vaccines has reached several decisive moments -- and a new decision is expected any day from U.S. vaccine court. The CDC in particular would have a hard time claiming ignorance about the suspected crime -- at least three of the forged documents were in the agency’s name, and it helped uncover the fraud last year.

  • From approximately February 2004 until February 2010, Poul Thorsen executed a scheme to steal grant money awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC had awarded grant money to Denmark for research involving infant disabilities, autism, genetic disorders, and fetal alcohol syndrome. CDC awarded the grant to fund studies of the relationship between autism and the exposure to vaccines, the relationship between cerebral palsy and infection during pregnancy, and the relationship between developmental outcomes and fetal alcohol exposure.

  • Thorsen worked as a visiting scientist at CDC, Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, before the grant was awarded.

  • The initial grant was awarded to the Danish Medical Research Council. In approximately 2007, a second grant was awarded to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation. Both agencies are governmental agencies in Denmark. The research was done by the Aarhaus University and Odense University Hospital in Denmark.

  • Thorsen allegedly diverted over $1 million of the CDC grant money to his own personal bank account. Thorsen submitted fraudulent invoices on CDC letterhead to medical facilities assisting in the research for reimbursement of work allegedly covered by the grants. The invoices were addressed to Aarhaus University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The fact that the invoices were on CDC letterhead made it appear that CDC was requesting the money from Aarhaus University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital although the bank account listed on the invoices belonged to Thorsen.

  • In April 2011, Thorsen was indicted on 22 counts of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering.

  • According to bank account records, Thorsen purchased a home in Atlanta, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, an Audi automobile, and a Honda SUV with funds that he received from the CDC grants.

  • Thorsen is currently in Denmark and is awaiting extradition to the United States.

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    m. campbell

    Vaccines? Can you say Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis? Or how bout ADEM for short, it's must easier to say. Everyone is talking about autism, what about all the other neurological problems associated with vaccines? There's a host of them including Multiple Sclerosis triggered in care givers who come in contact with live cells shed via the soiled diapers of babies vaccinated with the live measles virus. I hate vaccines.... killers is what they are.


    Dr. Max Wiznitzer blew me off when I suggested a link between vaccines and my son's autism. We waited for an insane amount of time to see him just to get brushed off. He told us my son was NOT autistic and suggested meds. My son was later diagnosed autistic and Dr Wiznitzer wasted our precious time ruining any chance of early intervention.

    Christina Waldman

    Doesn't he look a lot like Paul Offit?

    Sallie O. Elkordy

    Do they know where Poul Thorsen is in Denmark? If he is on the FBI's most wanted list, I would presume they do not know where he is... OR finding him would open a larger can of worms than NOT finding him (due to all the heads that will roll if they do bring him to justice).

    If he is "at large", let us all change our photos to Thorsen's photo on Facebook from March 1st through April Fools Day (the start of Autism Awareness Month) in an effort to help the FBI find him. Will AGE OR AUTISM propose this to it's membership please?

    What a trial it will be: 12 Jurors and 12 million Autism Parents. They may have to hold the trial in a Stadium!

    Erik Nanstiel

    We will see more cases like this! Those who deny the vaccine link at all human cost value money and politics over people. They are inherently greedy and prone to corruption. I bet Julie Gerberding-bat has more than a few skeletons...


    More MSNBC BS.

    Thanks for the link to more NBC BS! There's so much BS from NBC Universal it's hard to see the BS through...well...the BS.

    It gets really hard when you throw in all the AS BS. Same difference, ya know?


    "Vaccines a shoddy piece of medical cowboy garbage , that have entirely discredited the whole of medicine and all doctors in my view."

    "Vaccines" are indeed deadly junk medicine.

    However the common themes of fatally flawed theory, junk science, contaminated research, institutional greed, a totally propagandized public and coverup of each and every aspect of the whole mess by "authority" can be found in MANY fields of Industrial Medicine.

    o Cancer Treatment
    o CVD Treatment
    o "High Cholesterol" Treatment
    o Diabetes Treatment
    o AIDS Treatment
    o Lyme Disease Treatment
    o Your Political Depopulation Disease goes here

    Jenny Hatch

    The truth ALWAYS comes out. Heads should roll, arrests should be made, the whole stinking, festering lor of them, including the tv docs like Snyderman, should be prosecuted for fraud.

    Jenny Hatch


    More MSNBC BS.

    Don't believe these 6 flu vaccine myths

    sorry for the long link...|utmccn=%28referral%29|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/l.php&__utmv=14933801.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc|cover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=150657718


    TODAY is full of total BS. This is a total white wash.

    Thorsen was a chess piece for the CDC anti-litigation bloc of Autism Research. They knowingly paid him. The report and the OIG investigation are a white wash carefully designed to avoid implicating....drum roll....the United States Federal Government.

    The CDC had been laundering anti-litigation funds to Thorsen. They even passed a Combating Autism Act to establish the Autism Speaks vaccine protection unit, which paid millions and millions of US tax dollars to buy the best anti-litigation research the CDC could buy.

    Ask the TODAY people why Poul Thorsen has a CDC.Gov domain on the end of his e-mails.

    Not troll AOA, but please visit here:





    The key fact is the government has to do something, but they are failing to protect the American people because it's the federal government full of drug company racketeers.

    For TODAY to erroneously attempt to paint Thorsen as just another guy is terrible. A miscarriage of journalistic propriety.

    It's clear the dollar figures don't add up. It has all the appearances that Thorsen is now being framed for lots and lots of Congressionally authorized money that the CDC has been laundering for them.

    It is absolutely impossible that the money laundered by the CDC was not officially unauthorized.

    Google map the CDC HQ in Atlanta and you can't help, but notice Emory University, one of the many places Thorsen worked, is right across the street.

    Sallie O. Elkordy

    by Sallie O. Elkordy

    Tonight was extraordinary. I opened the door and looked down the block to see a woman being dragged by a tiny witch with all the determination she could muster. She passed by twenty houses decorated for Halloween and then turned up my walkway and came straight to my door. I greeted them and said to the tiny witch, “I have stickers for you.” She took them and held them up to her mother and said, “SEE”. These were Vaccine Injury stickers. I gave the mother a flyer about vaccine injury and she told me that she was expecting it as I had given her one last year. This child gets my vote for effective communicator of 2012. She was only a tiny spot of a thing, but she knew good advice when she saw it!!!

    Many others came too from the year before just to talk to me. I hadn’t remembered all of them, although I did remember two of them (Nicole is pictured). I distributed 146 flyers and only found three on the ground on my block afterward. Parents rejoiced at times to receive them. What a difference a year makes.

    Why had they come to see me? Unfortunately, because of Vaccine Injury. I gave everyone who had problems my cellphone number and told the others they were welcome to my home if they required further information. Several said they would write “BAN VACCINES” on their ballot when they voted in November, but the overwhelming majority were relieved to know me. Some; however, wanted to “kick my ass” (that’s getting old) but fewer reacted that way this year, by far.

    I never wanted to be proven right, because to be proven right means one thing alone, Vaccine Injury.

    VIDEO covering these topics:
    1) October ~ International Vaccine Injury month; 2) Write “Ban Vaccines” on your ballot at the polls; 3) Gary Null seeks JUSTICE:

    To your health!, Sallie


    Deer oh Deer oh Deer .. hope you are reading this column Mr Deer .. nowhere to hide and when Pharmageddon dumps you then you are on your own.

    Quick sell that BMW!


    @la playa: I'm hoping to see the day when Offit, Deer, Mnookinheroin, etc go to jail.


    Once "Big Pharma" is through using you (for their own purpose), they will "hang you out to dry!"

    Elizabeth Gillespie

    Alison MacNeil

    Informal poll on facebook agrees with me, he looks an awful lot like Paul Offit, no?


    Thanks Sarah for the link.
    He actually just plain stoled, cashed and signed invoices.

    Jeannette Bishop

    I suppose they have to go through the motions. The CDC probably doesn't care what he did with the money, except that it had to look like they were funding legitimate research. The whole sickening irony is that he has done much less harm to children, maybe even provided some exposing benefit, using public money to buy motorcycles and all, than he did with the initial "autism" research his group performed.

    Autism Speaks, not part of the solution. Part of the problem.

    Autism Speaks had a lot to say about Thorsen:

    ....until he became a fugitive from justice who robbed the CDC and autism research of millions of dollars.

    And then Autism Speaks went dead silent on Thorsen.

    no vac

    The WHO (with Bill Gates) have declared 2010-2020 a "decade of vaccines". We should expect at least a dozen of new toxic vaccines being pushed on innocent babies, pregnant women and the rest of us. The only hope for humanity is to declare a global strike against vaccinations.



    DOJ indicted him for fraud last year and that was the last I heard. Here's USDOJ's press release on Thorsen's indictment.

    April 13, 2011


    What are the details on this?
    Who went after him?
    The CDC hired him to find the answers they wanted,and he did do just what he was hired to do. Was he too high in his price for the CDC?

    It would hard for me to imagine the CDC had a ceiling on the price they were willing to pay him!!!

    Besides (couldn't the CDC get money to pay him from the pharma?) Hmmm; I guess that would be a money laundering problem though, for the CDC.

    Still it looks like those at the top of the CDC would have had ways to keep this a secret? I mean considering what is at stake --the trust of the American people to get those vaccines! That is how they snowed Congress into all this mess.

    Or did the complaint come from the three universities he worked for? Did he not give them enough money and they felt shut out?

    Jenny Allan

    cmo says "If Thorsen wasn't so "freeking greedy" he would have been harder to catch..."

    LOVE IT!! For the un-initiated this was Brian Deer's introductory power point, at his recent 'prestigious' annual life sciences lecture to academics and undergraduates at Wisconsin University, La Crosse.

    The differences are that Deer, was referring to Dr Andrew Wakefield and the 'F' word wasn't quite 'freeking'!!
    (It's life sciences -but not as we know it!!)

    La Playa

    I hope to live to see the day that Thorsen goes to jail and Wakefield is vindicated.


    If Thorsen wasn't so "freeking greedy" he would have been harder to catch...

    The Autism epidemic is built on a 20 year old house of cards, held together by the pharma/media complex. The whole deck needs to go to prison.


    Geez, I wonder what happened to all that "big pharma protection" that Mr. Thorsen had enjoyed for so many years?

    I guess the big pharma puppet-masters have taken everything they need from this academic prostitute, and now it's time to put some distance between him and them

    .... ya gettin this Mr Deer?


    The Today Show did a story on Health care fraud last week and devoted a portion of the segment to Poul Thorsen.

    Eugene Nicks

    Correction (always rushing - sry):
    Thankyou so much Poul Thorsen , you did more to discredit the vaccine autism cover-up than any of us could have ever have asked of you .

    Not a word from Ben Goldigger on the subject anymore , and he included the Danish SSI vaccine safety study in his best
    seller "Bad Science" , dont ever buy the book and dont ever bother to read it , total load of cobblers . By the way Ben has 3 degrees - that seems to be the main message\theme of the book . Those degree's DONT count for very much now do they Ben ? when you put all your money on the wrong horse .

    Vaccines a shoddy piece of medical cowboy garbage , vaccines have entirely discredited the whole of medicine and all doctors in my view .

    Eugene Nicks

    Thankyou so much Poul Thorsen , you did more to discredit the vaccine autism cover-up than any of us could have ever have asked of you .

    Not a word from Ben Goldigger on the subject anymore , and he included the Danish SSI vaccine safety study in his best
    seller "Bad Science" , dont ever buy the book and dont bother to read it , total load of cobblers . By the way Ben has 3 degrees - seems to be the main message\theme of the book . Those degree's count for very much now do they Ben - when you put all your money on the wrong horse .

    Vaccines a shoddy piece of medical cowboy garbage , that have entirely discredited the whole of medicine and all doctors in my view .

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