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The Crumbling British Establishment, the Savile Affair, MMR and Criminal Negligence.

SavileBy John Stone

I was recently taken to task by the redoubtable drag artist, often thought to be the alter ego of Brian Deer, Becky Fisher for alluding to the Savile affair in the context of religious exemptions against vaccination. For those who have not heard the story, Jimmy Savile was a BBC disc jockey who became a national institution, raised millions for charity, received a knighthood and last year was accorded a public funeral which was perhaps the grandest since that of the Queen Mother. But all his public acts of goodness were really just a mask for sexually abusing vulnerable people of both sexes: children, the sick, the disabled, the institutionalised, even according to some accounts the dead, while he remained protected and possibly assisted for more than 50 years by the great and the powerful - with no one able to say a word against him. I was making a point about conscientious objection: that ultimately our religions do not call on us to accept everything the state throws at us. It is also a salutary reminder of how easily ordinary people can become the victims of the powerful, and are left without a voice.

But there is another parallel between the Savile affair and MMR. It was under the watch of Secretary of State for Health, Ken Clarke, that in 1988 Savile was given the keys and unlimited access to the criminal mental asylum, Broadmoor  (Clarke, who is still a government minister, and until very recently Justice Secretary). It was also under Clarke’s ministry that indemnities were signed by the National Health Service for GSK’s Pluserix MMR vaccine against advice from Canada that it was already causing harm.

This was not the only bad thing going on in the Department of Health at the time. For instance, there was the Camelford water incident in which the Department of Health has maintained for decades that the population were not injured by water heavily contaminated with aluminium sulphate. In 2005 a Mrs Elizabeth J Sigmund wrote to British Medical Journal:

“In late July 1988 I made contact with a senior toxicologist at the DoH, Dr G K Matthew. We spoke many times: he told me that he had attended committee meetings about the Lowermoor acid water incident and had urged the department to send an expert team to North Cornwall to gather samples of the water and other relevant data, and to make clinical assessments of the health of the people. His words to me were: “I am constantly being overruled”.

The strategy of official turning a blind eye to injury and pretending it hasn’t happened is all too familiar. In her classic account of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (which reports to the Department of Health) Lucija Tomljenovic wrote last year:

“Here I present the documentation which appears to show that the JCVI made continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates which they deemed were necessary for “herd immunity”, a concept which with regards to vaccination, and contrary to prevalent beliefs, does not rest on solid scientific evidence as will be explained. As a result of such vaccination policy promoted by the JCVI and the DH, many children have been vaccinated without their parents being disclosed the critical information about demonstrated risks of serious adverse reactions, one that the JCVI appeared to have been fully aware of. It would also appear that, by withholding this information, the JCVI/DH neglected the right of individuals to make an informed consent concerning vaccination. By doing so, the JCVI/DH may have violated not only International Guidelines for Medical Ethics (i.e., Helsinki Declaration and the International Code of Medical Ethics) [2] but also, their own Code of Practice.”

Meanwhile,  further evidence emerges of the unholy alliance between the British government and the Murdoch empire which employed Mr Deer. It turns out the Leveson Inquiry, which is due to report this month, and refused to hear parents complaints about Mr Deer’s activities, also failed to publish embarrassing correspondence between the Prime Minister, David Cameron and News International CEO Rebekah Brooks, including sexual innuendo. The question arises once again whether the Leveson Inquiry was appointed to investigate media abuse, or whether it was all along only there to cover up the things most sensitive to government.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.




"It beggars belief that you would hang your story on such a sickening, depraved career of wilful abuse."

What my dear Sir do you believe "vaccination" is?


Joy B
I had not thought of that at all!!!
But you are right!
No more family owned businesses because all are damaged and will now work for "The Man"!

Eugene Nicks


This case is entirely relevant because it illustrates the ease with which the UK government censors the media and keep stories such as Bryn Alyn supressed for 20 years .
70 graphic pictures were passed to the Police and they havent been seen since , one lord or another is heavily involved in all of this , and they have been lauding it around escaping prosecution for the last 2 decades ....

Its all about honesty and transparency and not the clear state censorship we are seeing to protect the Etonites , and the Oxbridge set (the Tory party), and you have to wonder about the freemasons - particularly because the Police have failed to act consecutively and in fact have colluded to cover up the crime.

Edwina seems to have had her hand in everything and is beginning to look decidedly offside .

And its exactly the same behaviour we are seeing in the Autism holocaust . The Mercury peddlars are thieves in the night in my opinion , with the near complete collusion of government , medicine , bad-science , media .


Hi J, got to disagree with you here.
In the case of Jimmy Savile, children had their lives damaged because those in power did not care enough to stop abuse.
The article is discussing permanent life long injury to young children caused by vaccines, where those in power do not care enough to stop these injuries.
Seems pretty much apples and apples to me.
Do you really think that an injury that may result in a child being non verbal for life is a trivial matter?

Just as history is having its say now regarding Jimmy Savile, it is likely that history won't be too kind to those who ignored the injuries being caused by vaccines, despite opportunities to do the right thing.

Becky go bye-bye

"J." is Brian Deer. It's so obvious. Who does he think he's fooling?

Love ya Becks!!

Joan Campbell

Thanks John
Greed, evil and corruption gets found out in the end.


Martin Hewitt,

We can only hope that the MMR scandal is revisited soon.

How long did it take before the Thalidomide victims were given an apology? 50 years!


Elizabeth Gillespie

angus files

J-you talk s-h-one-t ..the goverments have covered up and covered up ..until no more cover is available...




Thanks for the article and please keep us updated about the Leveson Inquiry and the outcome.

Elizabeth Gillespie


Thanks for a little more of the details into the subject.
Did the judges hide behind the church when they did this?

Martin Luther, in Germany turned againest the church when the church was trying to collect money to build a big something in Rome. They were raising it by saying the poor people could give them money and then they would be able to go to heaven.
Funny now, but dead serious back then.

Johannes Kepler didn't he have to spend a whole lot of money to somebody to keep his own mother for being tried as a witch? Was that some judge? hmmm probably -- but the church was blessing it -- I wonder if any of the cardinals and all got any money from the deal. Did Kepler finally have to get help from some church higher up? I think so and I wonder how much he had to pay.

When Jesus comes back there are going to be a lot of people wished they had behaved better.

Martin Hewitt

J likens John Stone's linking of the Savile and MMR affairs to "bandwagon jumping". The association is that in both cases children (or in the MMR case their parents) made claims that were systematically ignored and possibly with the collusion of government authorities who suppressed evidence of the truth. The N Wales Children Homes abuse public inquiry is to be re-opened, so hopefully more of the truth will come out. Claims of abused children, long since buried, against Savile, and so far unnamed other still alive, will also be resurrected and re-examined. But no one is talking about even starting an inquiry into the MMR affair. These children are silent and their parents' claims long dismissed.

The Savile case raises the issue of why vulnerable children go unheard. It is reasonable to suggest that MMR children are victims of unrecognised, unheard and unreported child abuse, when for a decade at least their case of vaccine damage was met with the repeated mantra that the MMR/vaccines-cause-autism thesis has been thoroughly discredited? But the thesis has been subject to only one line of scientific inquiry (that of Wakefield et al) and all other efforts to address the thesis have focused not on why our children are autistic but on discrediting Wakefield's work. This hardly amounts to a scientific inquiry into a legitimate question asked by thousands of parents (and their silent children) of why their children regressed into autism shortly following MMR. The refusal to address the children's claims, via their parents' voice, by means of proper research is equivalent to ignoring the claims of child victims of abuse.

Joy B

Benedetta what we are witnessing is a conversion of autonomy, it's systemically macro. And 100% about profit. When a business closes, its customers and employees go the the nearest Big Box store, and later wait for the "Grand Opening" in their town. They're turned into pure consumers, or at least this is the plan. Everything suffers for profit until we put a stop to it.

I think it will start to happen when people are too poor to pay for cable tv.


In France at any rate, the inquisition trials in the pre-enlightenment era were pretexts for self-enrichment by judges. A popular target were property-owning widows. Once convicted of witch-craft, the judges took possession of her property. A get rich quick scheme.

Robin Rowlands


The combination of - abuse and betrayal - can be all too devastating . . .

Robin and Brigitte


Thanks for this connection of just how corrupt an organization that is suppose to help mankind really is. Of course it is not just and only limited to the vaccines.
I suppose the only other analogy would be the church in the Spanish Inquisition, or the established church of Europe in the 1600s. Institution that were supposed to be the epitome of love, had such the trust of the people that it was allowed to do such horrible things .
It is scary that such corruption is so rampant, the attitude of such none caring about other human beings is on such a such a scale that I don't think it can be rooted. Not unti the public catches on. So far they have not caught on. I can see why it would be so hard to catch on for poisoning has always been a great way to get away with murder.
There is not one family in my community - good families that have not been touched by drug abuse. There is something bad wrong when you have good families, that have taught their children good values and they still turn to drugs.
Yesterday a well known, beloved man in the repair business came to my house to fix something. His father, and his grandfather has been in business in our community spanning 100 years now. They all three had good reputations.
He said his oldest son who had the intelligence to fix the stuff and run the business-- is into drugs. He said he had spent 26,000 dollars to send him down south for drug treatment. He then turned around and spent 29,000 to sent him out west for drug treatment. His other boy could answer the phones - he did not elaborate but something was wrong there too. I imagine he can't put his finger on it, either. He said he and his wife were 64 years old - he has custody of two of his grandchildren from his first son.
He said he saw no one to continue his business, once he closed the business and was not sure what his youngest son would do. .
What will our community do without hard working repair service people???
But more than that - my heart aches for this man and his family.
These drug rehabilitation places never try to address issues like mood disorders, depression, or bipolar - they only deal with behavior modification. This sort of reminds me of how it is for small children with autism. Never mind their guts are killing them, they have dark circle under their eyes as they are denied treatment for probably vasculitisis type illnesses - or even - even that they are having absentee seizures, but authorities have high praise, lots of money given toward programs of behavioral modifications.

See J; lots to think about, like corruption can come out in a thousand different problems - messing with the brain, immune and enodcrine system also can come out in a thousand different problems too.

John Stone

Another minister who was known to be involved with both the Savile decision and MMR was Edwina Currie, although I have never seen her name linked with Camelford. What the ministers were advised and by whom is, of course, an important question.

Jenny Allan

Totally disagree with 'J' and it seems the UK Government agrees the Jimmy Savile sexual and other abuse over several decades, is worthy of a 'root and branch' official Inquiry into how this one man was able to conduct this reign of horror over many decades. Sweeping the whole thing under the carpet would be a far bigger 'insult' to the victims of this abuse.

John Stone's point was that Jimmy Savile would NEVER have been able to do the things he did without collusion and sanction at the highest levels.

John Stone


I am talking about decision making at the Department of Health in 1988. What happened at Camelford and how a known to be dangerous vaccine - which was suddenly withdrawn by the manufacturers four years later - came to be purchased are very serious issues which reflect on the culture. The phrase "reckless disregard" comes to mind in all three cases. I can see no way these other issues are less serious than Savile. Camelford, indeed, was the subject of a public inquiry which was patently another cover up.


What pathetic bandwagon jumping. You should erase "Jimmy Savile" from this text if you want it to be taken seriously.

It beggars belief that you would hang your story on such a sickening, depraved career of wilful abuse.

Please delete it out of respect to the victims.

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