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Thank Jim Kirk of Chicago Sun Times for Hiring Best Selling Author Jenny McCarthy

Jim kirkLast week Every Child By Two asked the Chicago Sun Times newspaper to remove Jenny McCarthy's parenting column because of her pro-vaccine-safety stance.    JB Handley wrote about ECBT yesterday, you can read his post Every Child By Two: A Frozen Caveman Pharma Front Group. We invite you to email Mr. Jim Kirk (feel free to use the letter below) to thank hm for hiring Ms. McCarthy and show your support for his newspaper.


Jim Kirk
Editor-in-Chief, Chicago Sun Times

Dear Mr. Kirk

I am writing in regard to “Every Child By Two’s” campaign asking “parent advocates” to write to you and request that actress/author Jenny McCarthy not be allowed to have a column in your newspaper. 

Every Child By Two (ECBT) is primarily funded by vaccine makers whose products have fallen under criticism for inadequate safety by Ms. McCarthy.  In 2010 (the most recent year for which funding information is available), Wyeth vaccines provided  $307,000 to ECBT and Sanofi Vaccines provided ECBT with $245,171.  Furthermore, ECBT’s board members include Dr. Paul Offit – vaccine industry spokesman and co-inventor of the Rotavirus vaccine that has been estimated to have earned him in excess of $10 million.

These funding sources were not disclosed in ECBT’s letter urging the media’s censorship of Ms. McCarthy.  Instead, ECBT presents itself as an unbiased public service organization.

ECBT’s states on its home page:

“11,000 children are born every day. We must vaccinate all of them on time.”

This statement is an example of ECBT’s disregard of the established medical fact that all individuals are not tolerant of all pharmaceutical products. The federal government has compensated families over $2 billion for vaccine injuries and deaths, and thousands of Americans have reported serious adverse affects to VAERS (the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

In her letter, ECBT’s Amy Pisani misleads readers by attributing whooping cough outbreaks to unvaccinated children; however, the director for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC stated in July “We know there are places around the country where there are large numbers of people who aren't vaccinated.  However, we don't think those exemptors are driving this current wave."  Her letter contained other errors of fact.

If Ms. McCarthy and others whose children have experienced serious vaccine reactions are silenced in the media, then the pubic interest is not being served. Thank you for inviting Ms. McCarthy to write for your newspaper.  If the $34 billion vaccine industry has nothing to hide, then what’s written about its products will not threaten industry revenues.




Is she still allowed to make fun of medical journals that want to know about tamiflu side effects and safety but not vaccine side effects and safety? Godlee & BMJ on tamiflu:

Carter's Daddy

I emailed Mr Kirk using my own language. Don't worry it was not colourful.

Gina Puluse

I love the column by Jenny McCarthy :0) She is a keeper.

Gina Puluse

Jake Crosby

Don't thank him too much:

"Jenny McCarthy has signed on to share her special brand of humor with fans through her Splash column and daily blog. As our readers know, Jenny's contributions are lifestyle focused and light-hearted. The vision for the column is not medical advice, therefore medical topics, like vaccination, are not within the scope of the column and will not be addressed." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-raeburn/chicago-suntimes-says-new_b_2038226.html

Some facts about Paul Raeburn, the "journalist" who intimidated the newspaper into giving this reply:

He gave the opening remarks at the 9th Annual Merck Awards Program in 2003, while Merck's Vioxx drug was killing people by the tens of thousands:

Jenny Allan

Sorry-I initially put this on the wrong thread. Other non US residents might like to write too.

Jim Kirk
Editor-in-Chief, Chicago Sun Times

Dear Mr. Kirk

I am writing in regard to “Every Child By Two’s” campaign asking “parent advocates” to write to you and request that actress/author Jenny McCarthy not be allowed to have a column in your newspaper.

I am from the UK, so am not a potential customer of the Chicago Sun Times, but in the UK too, it is very difficult to persuade newspaper editors, most of whom, rely on advertising from the pharmaceutical/chemical industries to survive, to publish any autism news or research which might damage that relationship. Instead we get a steady stream of articles, which in many cases are nothing more than damaging corporate sponsored propaganda.

I was pleased to see that Dr James Perrin, new president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, now calls autism an epidemic and the AAP is now endorsing new research into autism dietary and other interventions, and acknowledging the existence of a gut-autism link in many of these children.

I would just like to commend you for publishing a column by author and autism parent Jenny McCarthy, in your newspaper. Ms McCarthy is such a beautiful lady and talented writer, and I am sure her column will be a huge success in the US. I am only sorry that I will be unable to purchase this newspaper, but I am confident everyone in the US autism community will support this initiative. Hopefully, thanks to your bravery, other newspapers will follow, hopefully in the UK too.

PLEASE do not be bullied into abandoning this initiative, by pharma sponsored campaigns to stop Ms McCarthy’s column.

Best wishes

Jennifer Allan

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