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Mercury, Vaccines and Autism

Graphic-mercury-largeBy Tony Bateson

I believe mercury was the cause of my daughter's autism resulting from a DTP shot in January 1964.  Claire had a frightening response to the jab and our General Practitioner sent Claire to hospital where she stayed for a week.  It was obvious during this time that her condition was serious and although sent home after a week she was not the same child she had been before her shot.

My son twenty months earlier had experienced the very same reaction although not sent to hospital.

Our concerns that Claire had been damaged by the vaccination and her hospital stay were dismissed by doctor after doctor albeit one doctor suggested that it was possible that Claire had suffered a psychological trauma in hospital.

When Claire was six I complained to the Head Teacher at her special school that the school had very poor quality resources and needed to be improved.  She agreed and said if you can do something about this I would be delighted as I have tried for years.

After organising a parent group to raise the issue with the authorities I led the development of a new school.  Now one of the biggest of its type anywhere, Linden Bridge School, Worcester Park, Surrey, UK, during this process I met dozens of parents of autistic kids.

Later I led another group to develop an adult residential care centre in Gloucestershire, Stroud Court where my daughter now lives, opened in 1983. I met dozens more parents of autistic school leavers.

I had also been a Board Director and Vice Chairman of the National Autistic Society where I met hundreds of parents.  During these years I had struggled to see any common trait that would suggest a genetic or familial link that would suggest inherited characteristics were involved in autism.

Except for one thing.  I worked on the Board of the NAS for some years in quarterly meetings at its London HQ.  The Board was around thirty in number, about ten women and twenty men.  Looking at the men I had soon been struck by what I thought was an odd feature.  I found myself in company with about six men with similar features to myself.  Soft skinned, lightly bearded, unhairy.  In my teens, twenties and even thirties I had been acutely aware of my hairless physique and lightly bearded countenance.  Playing a lot of sport, being part of a military detachment of two hundred or so and then in a corporate body of the same size I had observed nothing like this where I would say less than one in ten men shared these characteristics.

Or even, except for another thing.  On the Board of the NAS there were also five or six men who were diametrically different.  They had hair everywhere, no doubt had to shave several times a day and their presence in similar numbers to their unhirsute fellows confused me no end. The other eight or ten in the middle group conformed to a fairly common, average or normal body of men.

In the years after I became alerted to the potential reality of vaccine damage, by Andrew Wakefield's report on his work published in the Mail on Sunday in 1996, I had learned of the use of mercury in vaccines.  I started to apply basic enquiry methods to every autism parent I knew or met.  I simply asked them whether their autistic child had been vaccinated or not.   Mostly I did this in meetings attended by commonly forty to fifty parents but including some meetings with two to three hundred parents attending.  With increasing disbelief I realised that there just did not seem to be any to be found.

I wrote to the Minister of Health asking , please advise me of the prevalence of autism in unvaccinated groups of children. Yvette Cooper, the Minister wrote back without answering the question but sending 66 pages of printed data.  I read every page and learned something extraordinary.  Whereas I had believed that almost all children were vaccinated and this might have really made it very difficult to find unvaccinated autistics as I had found, I learned that potentially ten to twelve percent of children were not vaccinated.  Even more, that figures were available going back to 1966.  A cursory look at these revealed that it was quite possible that double figure percentage numbers of children had not been vaccinated going back to that time.  WIth Britain's annual birth rate of 600,000 upwards this meant that 60,000 a year for forty years, 2.4 millions may not have had paediatric vaccines!

Astonishing then that I could not find even a handful of unvaccinated people who were autistic out of that vast pool.  Something fishy was going on here.  I had put up a web site, I wrote articles in the national and regional press, I spoke at meetings, I wrote to residential care centres and schools I broadcast on regional radio stations.  I visited Arlington, Virginia in November 2002 and aired my failure to a plenary session of the Vaccine Information Conference.

At that conference something extraordinary happened.  I sat in on Professor Boyd Haley's gruesome presentation of damage being caused to snail brains by a compound of mercury meeting elevated levels of testosterone and potentiating to a material many times more toxic than either mercury or testosterone alone.  The hair on the back of neck became prickly as my mind went back to the hirsute and unhirsute memories of the nineteen eighties and those men in the NAS Board of Directors.  Testosterone was involved in this business!

As soon as I returned from the USA I started looking into testosterone.  I found Professor Simon Baron-Cohen had observed that 'testosterone flowed through autism families like a river'.  But he didn't seem to know of Boyd Haley's work, I told him.  Then I learned of something else that might be important Simon Baron-Cohen's colleague John Thomas Manning, research professor, wrote about Fluctuating Asymmetry, a characteristic of all living organisms which in the simplest of terms says that the hormonal balance in organisms will experience significant fluctuation before settling into a stable mix.

That was it then.  Boyd Haley had said that mercury coming into contact with elevated testosterone would create the highly toxic chemical that would kill neurons. Myself and my colleagues on the Board of the NAS in our parental mode would have created conditions in our offspring that would need a hormonal balancing act to correct an oversupply or undersupply of testosterone in our children.  About this time I also read the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children commenced at Bristol University in 1991 and ongoing.  It brought out the amazing fact that the hormonal balance was still in turmoil even through infancy and into the early teens.  So there it was, the conditions that could offer up elevated testosterone and presumably other hormones to an incoming shot of mercury could be present at any of the key times for infant vaccines.

Then I read the work of a Canadian University that suggested that zebrafish, a common research animal, displayed all the signs seen in autistic children where mercury was suggested as being the cause of physical damage to the human eye.  My own daughter has poor central vision and watches TV through peripheral glances at the screen.

Then I read the Cumbria Study published in Pulse in November/Decembber 2002 (and since seemingly mislaid!).  It indicated that of 29,000 school age children those who were vaccinated were significantly more likely to contract several immune system conditions than those who were not vaccinated.  It covered asthma, psoriasis, eczema and allergies etc., but did not include autism.

Then an Oxford Professor of neuropharmacology told me that the biggest single anomaly in amniocintesis fluid from mothers of autistic children was elevated levels of testosterone.

So how did the UK Government end the use of Thiomersal (mercury compound) in the UK vaccine schedule?  The Government wrote to all General Practices and Medical Centres etc.,  that DPT vaccines containing Thiomersal were  to be withdrawn from use at 31st August 2004 and would be replaced by Thiomersal free vaccines for use from 1st September 2004 after which date no further use of Thiomersal vaccines would be permitted.  This letter went out dated 6th August 2004 along with press releases to the national media.  There were no accompanying statements to explain this change of policy.  Except that the Head of Immunisation in the UK announced 'that a safe vaccine had been made safer'.  Less than four weeks notice then on a vexing issue of public policy and no proper explanation either.

But in practice I know that the decision to withdraw this material was taken before April.  Uk representatives had attended a conference in the USA in February 2004 where Boyd Haley said 'there is a guy in the UK who says there are no unvaccinated autistic people in Britain'.  This was rebutted by a UK speaker who said 'there are too few unvaccinated people in the UK for this claim to hold water '.  Yes of course, only two millions!  In April I learned that one of the top UK Vaccine Advisors had informed a mother of a patient that Thiomersal was going to be ended.  Perhaps two hundred and seventy thousand children were vaccinated with Thiomersal containing vaccines between February and September 2004.  Does that mean two thousand autistic kids were diagnosed after receiving these vaccines. We should find out!  As it is, it has been impossible to find out what the prevalence of autism is in children born after the end of 2004 when the vaccines they received should have been free of  Thiomersal.

I believe Flu shots and potentially other vaccines still contain Thiomersal in the UK.  I wrote in 2010 to draw attention to this in the Oxford Times and someone from the same  Vaccine Advisory Centre responded to say 'they were entirely safe'.



My first blog did not go through.
My sister-in-law a mother of two identical twin boys with autism, and her other son has bipolar. Called today to say she has very low IgGs.

We almost lost her a few years back with constant pneumonia, and they finally gave her IVIGs to save her life then.

This morning she had larnagitis pretty badd.
Kids that have Kawasakis disease the treatment was asprin and then they found out that IVIGs helped them if given in time.

Pubmed says that Workers that have ingested inorganic mercury and after being treated - the mercury is no longer being excreted -- even after six months have passed their IgGs are still messed up, and remains so.


Also reading some blogs about people reporting having low IgGs they have lyme.

You know lyme is a pretty new disease 30 or so years old.
Do you think that it first came on the scene when they started injecting people with mercury and they could not fight off what they use to could fight off -- some tick borne disease from white tail deer?

I was wondering how the pioneers living rough handled it.


Besides my sister-in-law telling me her health problems, and the repair man telling me his.

Today also a very nice lady at our church telling me about her 34 year old daughter having rhuematoid arthritis, and how her other daughter is doing after having her stomach rubber banded.

The docs recommnend getting a flu shot for the girl with rhuematoid arthritist, if you are diabetic - get that flu shot.

Today at Rite aid they not only have the little signs out to get the flu shot there are the signs that say get the DTaP shot here.

I watched V for Vendetta last night -- I wonder where a person could get those mask at?


I am going to blog again.
As always though it seems that what ever mercury does to the body aluminium is right there too.

Aluminium also effects the IgGs.

And here is a study done in 1994 in Sweden


I cut and pasted it for anyone to read

I am quoting all the below:

Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 1994 May;5(2):118-23.

Immunoglobulin E and G responses to pertussis toxin after booster immunization in relation to atopy, local reactions and aluminium content of the vaccines.

Odelram H, Granström M, Hedenskog S, Duchén K, Björkstén B.


Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital, Linköping University, Sweden.


The role of aluminium for IgG and IgE responses to pertussis toxin (PT), as well as for side effects, was investigated in 49 children with known atopy status. Primary immunization had been given with an adsorbed monocomponent or an adsorbed two-component acellular pertussis vaccine. The children were then randomized to receive a booster immunization with either aluminium-adsorbed or non-adsorbed, whole cell, pertussis vaccine. Both vaccines induced good IgG responses with the adsorbed vaccine giving higher post-booster levels (p < 0.05). The adsorbed vaccine was, however, associated with more local side effects (p < 0.05) and tended to induce higher PT-IgE responses than the non-adsorbed vaccine. Furthermore, individuals who had received the two-component vaccine as primary immunization had higher PT-IgE responses after the booster, compared with individuals initially receiving the monocomponent vaccine (p = 0.041). No correlation between PT-IgE and PT-IgG levels was seen in any of the groups. Total serum IgE levels correlated to PT IgE levels, particularly in children with atopy (r = 0.950, p < 0.001). The addition of aluminium to the pertussis vaccine, was, thus, associated with a stronger IgG antibody response, but tended also to induce a stronger IgE antibody response. The correlation between total IgE and PT-IgE, which was most prominent in children with atopy, indicates that the role of immunization for the development of allergy merits further studies.

LinkOut - more resources

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Maurine Meleck, Yes, the cause of acne is probably related to mercury or testosterone or both. Years ago, there was a very interesting comment on AOA- on a discussion of acne- one person wrote that she had attended a lecture on acne and the speaker stated that the only food item that had been clearly linked to acne was fish ! There's the mercury. I also wonder how many acne cases are caused by dental work with mercury amalgams done for teenagers.


It is a noted fact that 5% of the population should never take Pharma meds or vaccines. These people are referred to by my DO as "Opposite people." They are the very reason why the inserts, on all meds, state that this drug can cause certain reactions including creating or exacerbating the very problem the med is designed for. Case in point in the past if I took an antihistimine for allegies, I broke out in hives. I developed Polio at 13, right after the 3rd dose of 4 doses of the oral Polio vaccine. Three of my children are damaged from vaccines, another is dead and the last has never had vaccines. I was born with Hip Displaysia, the result of genetics as well as an overload of Testosterone in the uterus, as I was developing. Never underestimate the power of hormones, heavy metals and elements. There is so much we don't know, but when an article like this comes along it is one of those major eye openers.


Thimerosal is also used as a preservative in ear antibiotics.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Despite my dislike of the word "puzzle", in regard to autism !, I think we are throwing out a few puzzle pieces here that are very interesting. Clearly, children who have higher testosterone will have more damage from mercury. It may also be possible that on top of this, mercury in endocrine tissue or pituitary tissue, may cause higher secretion of testosterone. Here is what happened to one person whom I know well: While staying in New York, she often ate seafood and during those years developed male pattern facial hair and developed a tremor of the hand. Then she moved to the west coast, and became a vegetarian. Both symptoms vanished over time.
I simply cant give much credence to the stories of unvaccinated kids having autism. You will notice that most of the people who claim this dont give any history of mercury exposure to prove their claim.
For example they dont tell you if they ate fish, had dental work done during pregnancy or had rhogamma injections for Rh negative condition. They dont tell you if they live next to a cement plant or a coal fired industry and eat products with high fructose corn syrup every day (mercury is often found in these). My suspicion is that if challenged to actually show us the autistic unvaccinated kids, the health machine would quickly pull out their "Confidentiality" card.
Another thing that we can never know is if someone else in the family took the child for vaccines secretly . My children grew up in India seeing a neighbour child with flaccid paralysis of one leg from "polio". The story was that the grandfather on the mothers side did not believe in vaccines and the child had not been vaccinated. Today , my guess would be that someone on the father's side took him for vaccines without telling the mother. In India,where I live, it is the father's side of the family that is dominant and makes most decisions . There was a mother in my school, who was vaccinated for polio for the first time at age 6 and developed polio at that time.

Just say no to flu shots

Mercury is a known endocrine disruptor which affects the body's production of hormones, including testosterone.

From an article about the effects of mercury on ibises (a species of wading bird):

"Methylmercury seems to cause these behavioural changes by affecting the endocrine system, which controls the release of hormones in the body. That effect alters levels of the sex hormones testosterone and oestradiol in male ibises, says Frederick.

A parallel study, which he says will be published soon, shows that there are significant differences in endocrine expression between exposed birds and controls. "Mercury is a known endocrine disruptor, but this is the first study of endocrine disruption in birds," adds Frederick."



Autism is likely not the only result of mercury laden injections and other exposures.

Once I began to understand some of what mercury does to complex living things, I started wondering just how many of society's troubles and changes need to be dusted for its fingerprints.





Donna K

Though not a "vaccine, " the immune globulin injected into pregnant women who are Rh(-) contains thimerosal. They usually get two doses.

There was a study that came out of the University of Missouri @ Columbia by Judith Miles that looked into the rates of autism among Rh(-) mothers. Needless to say, her study stats revealed no statistical correlation, but I believe Mark Blaxill? critiqued it and found her methodology to be incorrect and that there was indeed a strong correlation between mothers who had received anti-Rhogam injections and birthing children who were later diagnosed with an ASD.

15% of the population is Rh(-); 7-8% women are Rh(-). In the population that was studied, I think it was something like 60% of the children with an autism diagnosis had Rh(-) mothers.

Another hidden exposure I stumbled upon was a nasal spray steroid that contained thimerosal. Direct access to the brain this one. I don't know if this product still contains it, but over 10 years ago it was being dispensed and it was dispensed to my young son for his allergies. Needless to say, as soon as I saw the thimerosal listed on the container I never gave it to him again, but stored it away as evidence. Another mercury exposure that flies under the radar.


I ran into a girl on a Kawasaki diseae blog that said her child had never been vaccinated.

I asked her if she had been vaccinated.

I thought she would come back and say - well, of course my childhood shots.

Instead she came back and said she had received a Hep B vaccine in her teens, and passed out cold on the floor.

At 26 my daughter received her series of Hep B and she never passed out but a few weeks she became very stiff like when she was a little girl (had Kawasakis at 2 and she pased out with a DPT shot at 5). Legs were really painful.

She had high SED rates for over 3 years.

So how long is the immune system messed up after a vaccine?

John Stone

Hi Barry

Yes, I was trying to figure it out too.


There are several parents on mothering.com's message boards who have unvaxed kids with Autism. I think all/most of the mothers had a flu shot while pregnant, though.

I believe there are multiple causes to the symptoms classed as "autism". Vaccines are just one.


So these mothers who are are choosing not to vaccinate their children, also chose to get mercury containing flu shots while they were pregnant with these children????

That doesn't even make sense


Thiomersal/thimerosal is also recognised as a sensitisation agent and is neurotoxic [1] - sensitisation means it causes children and adults to become allergic - ie. to develop an allergic condition - when they did not have an allergy before.

So thiomersal distorts how the immune systems should work.

High IgE is common in children with autistic conditions and of course children with allergies - including the newest allergies - life threatening food allergies. The increase in these follows very closely from the 1980s and early 1990s expansion of the childhood vaccination programmes.

This can uniquely be very clearly demonstrated from highly accurate UK statistics collected for the purposes of UK socialised medicine.

It is of course instructive to bear in mind that mercury is toxic and neurotoxic in parts per billion. To be within the US EPA’s reference dose, for a dose of a droplet of methylmercury weighing around gramme an infant would have to weigh nearly 10,000 metric tonnes. Personally we have not seen many infants that heavy [or any].

[1] The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products – Medicines Evaluation Unit – Safety Working Party Assessment of the Toxicity of Thiomersal in Relation to Its Use in Medicinal Product SCPMP/SWP/I898/1998 – 8 September 1998


Angus Files

The NAS get a budget of £90million every year and I cannot find or ever met anyone who has received a penny for any actual beneficial help with diet, meds etc...

I have never supported the NAS and never shall just another nodding shop for the government/pharma..take the shut up money and to fu$k the kids...SHAME ON THEM ALL!!


John Stone

Very Angry Very Hairy Man

Quite instructive to see what Lorna Wing, Institute of Psychiatry psychiatrist, and founder member of the NAS was saying 8 years ago (less than a month before her colleague Richard Mills's pronouncement). It's the fudge of genetics + environmental factors, but the reality is that these people were happy to see the real environmental factors excluded by superficial and often corrupt epidemiology.


The reality is also that if infants are being poisoned it is twit headed to blame the genes because some are more susceptible than others, not least because the others may be damaged too but in less extreme ways. I think Wing made some useful contributions into defining the disorder, but I also think our children have been sold down the river by people who were prepared to knuckle down to 'raison d'état' in limiting their enquiry.

Very Angry Very Hairy Man

Tony , I am deeply suspicious of the NAS and believe them to be a body to manage us trouble makers over to the side so the mercury peddling can continue unabated .
They seem to me to be a compromised government organisation whose soul purpose is to protect vaccine reputation.
Whenever anything new comes up concerning vaccine safety they have statements prepared to put "dumbass public" minds at rest , in a flash , quick as you like.
The NAS website was a place I consulted prior to my childs vaccination , because I was against it , and my wife at that time believed the bare faced lies . The site was entirely devoid of any good info except you can trust us , we are the good guys , vaccines are safe .
I have challenged the NAS regularly and found them to be badly wanting over and over ,so much so indeed , I would never help the NAS in any way , never sposnsor anyone at the NAS , never give money to the NAS . The NAS acronym means to me "The National Acceptance Society" .
Their line used to be Autism is a lifelong genetic untreatable condition , and I've challenged that , and they've changed that (small victory). But for me , if we ever want to win this war , and lets face it , this is biological terrorism by the West against the people of the West , then we need to start with attacking the NAS .
Strong words I know , but I'm completely and entirely unrepentant . I have dealt with their chief scientific officer , and she puts up a big fight , until you send in the pictures of the vaccine damaged and then you get the radio silence (they have no answer.) But you can be sure they'll still be advising parents wrong (that vaccines are not the cause of autism), by the million , causing carnage and a holocaust .

Please let me know your experience .Please tell me I'm very wrong .

God bless Boyd Hayley and all the many others .


Hi Tony,
A long while ago when trying to work out why boys were so much more likely to be effected than girls by autism, I also discovered the fact that testosterone makes mercury more toxic.Apparently girls and boys do react differently to different toxins.
It seems though that the two vaccines most likely to cause regression (anecdotally) are DTP and MMR, both triple vaccines.The MMR does not contain mercury.But if you look at studies of what happened when they increased the MMR titers, and trialed high titre MMR vaccine, it caused more deaths than low titre MMR vaccine.
This makes me wonder if there is also something about adding several different vaccines into the same shot, regardless of mercury content, that might result in autism.

I also think that birth defects like agenesis of the corpus callosum,and genetic disorders like fragile x have caused some of the cases where children have non regressive autism.

We don't routinely test for fragile X syndrome (though in fact it is recommended that all boys who show developmental delay/signs of autism should be tested), but it does not seem to happen.
Benedetta; I am not sure, but I wonder if genetic damage causes mutations such as fragile X; maybe maternal and paternal vaccines, as well as other toxins and medications, might cause genetic damage to the baby before birth?

Some vaccines such as anthrax are known to cause birth defects in pregnant women, I assume through damaging the egg and causing mutations.There doen't seem to be any studies that show if sperm is also damaged following anthrax vaccination.
One study did show sperm of vaccinated men was still viable ( capable of making babies), but it did not look at whether the sperm had more mutations/damage or not.


Well now that Maria has said that. I do also know of one. My son's pscychologist that the state assigned is an older grandmother type. Her adopted daughter even went as far as to have her children at home and no vaccinations. One boy does have autism. The grandmother says there are health problems with all of them -- one has eye problems.

I caught the vaccines doing what they should not have been doing with my kids with in hours, and there is no way to convince me otherwise. Not once but many times because I did not know what a vaccine reaction looked like and the peds were good at covering up - maybe they did not know either.

So we should include in that question: Are there any kids with autism whose mother's have not received any vaccinations?

And I don't mean while they were pregnant but received one in their teens?

It maybe could be mercury. All the symptoms follows along the lines of some kind of heavy metals. They all seem to involve the metabolism.

But what scares me is that we may have taught our immune system to react in some unnatural, strange way and just like the European's immune system learned to fight measles - perhaps we have unknowingly taught our immune systems to react in ways we can not possibly predict. That has nothing to do with heavy metals???

I sure wish we knew.


"I stopped vaccines as our born healthy children were becoming very unhealthy."

We as a society had better make this observation and make it quickly IMO. How can a "medical profession" who deals with healthy kids and watches them become unhealthy as the needles are shoved in, fail to observe this.

Yes I know some individual deaths; many vaccine damaged children; a few thousand more cases of Alzheimer's, opps wrong analogy; are worth it for "herd immunity".

This thinking has gotten mankind in DEEP trouble for thousands of years. The peds KNOW it is NOT a few vaccine damaged kids; it is dozens and dozens in each of their INDIVIDUAL care. IMO any medical professional who believes the farcical myth (LIE) of "vaccination" induced herd immunity needs to be relieved of his/her credentials. Of course this cannot happen with a HHS more dishonest than they.

We are watching as "pertussis vaccination" is destroying our herd immunity to pertussis.

“I would like to begin by proposing that we use the terms vaccinated and unvaccinated instead of immunized and unimmunized, since the basis of the vaccination controversy is the belief of many parents that the vaccines do not produce a true immunity', but rather act in some other fashion--or, in my view, that they act immunosuppressively.” Doctor Richard Moskowitz, MD

"Vaccination" does NOT confer Herd Immunity


There are several parents on mothering.com's message boards who have unvaxed kids with Autism. I think all/most of the mothers had a flu shot while pregnant, though.

I believe there are multiple causes to the symptoms classed as "autism". Vaccines are just one.


I also wanted to say thanks for tireless efforts on this subject. Your observations are quite striking, and I'm sure they're making at least a few health officials.... nervous.

For what its worth, I wanted to pass along two observations:

1. When I read the words

" .... The Board was around thirty in number, about ten women and twenty men. Looking at the men I had soon been struck by what I thought was an odd feature. I found myself in company with about six men with similar features to myself. Soft skinned, lightly bearded, unhairy. In my teens, twenties and even thirties I had been acutely aware of my hairless physique and lightly bearded countenance....."

the hair on the back of neck became prickly, because you were describing me to a tee.

2. I have two sons, and although both were heavily vaccinated, only one them regressed into autism. Another key difference that might interest you, is that while my non-autisroic son is a gentle, very soft spoken little boy, his autistic brother has always been a strong, and much more rough and rugged little boy. Even before his regression into autism , my wife and had affectionately nick named him as "our little bull". And although I can't say for sure, I'd be willing to bet that higher levels of testosterone have contributed to that difference in my autistic son.


Interesting article. Our children all had varying reactions to vaccines. I stopped vaccines as our born healthy children were becoming very unhealthy. One of our children was discovered to have a vision problem, severe astigmatism, and short sighted. They said his eyes may improve slightly but that would be it. He wore glasses for a couple of years then we had him re tested and suddenly he had near perfect vision and they said unbelievably even to them, the chance was one in a million and his eyes had healed themselves.
I know it's a strange thing to say but I had noticed childrens eyelashes are now generally short. When I was a child
I noticed children generally had long eyelashes and they got shorter as people got older. I don't know if it is diet related or what has happened.

John Stone

Hi Tony

I wonder if you recall there was in fact a tremedous press furore in 2004 whe it came to light that the thiomersal containing DPT was to be withdrawn. Amongst other things Richard Mills of the National Autistic Society admitted for the first and last time that heavy metals were implicated in autism. Jane Feinman 'Heavy Metal Danger 13 August 2004' wrote in the London Times:

"Richard Mills, a research director at the National Autistic Centre, says that though there is clearly no single cause of autism, “no one can seriously suggest now that heavy metals are not implicated in some way”."


But then, of course, everyone was intimidated into silence, and the NAS is now little better than the public front of the Department of Health.



Oh. My. Goodness. Can't wait to hear what Brian Deer has to say about this.


I am delighted to see Tony you are still looking for unvaccinated people with Autism. I am interested in the study of the Professor of Neuropharmacy I presume he wasn't diagnosing Autism in utero so who wanted this looked at and why. Was this after Baron-Cohen's work on testosterone because on that subject although pulling a few old chestnuts out of the hat since he has not resurrected that one as far as I know. Surely if there are unvaccinated children with Autism they would have been used in a DOH campaign to reassure parents. They are very quick to produce parents who have been hospitalised with wild measles ,whooping cough etc to promote vaccines.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks for all your hard work. I have believed in this for a long time. First, we have a friend with a son with autism who is now 19 and his whole body is covered with massive amounts of hair. His mother said that their doctor stated it was the meds he was on-but I kept thinking it is the huge amount of testosterone in his body. There is nobody else in his family thatlooks like he does. In August, my grandson turned 15 and is well into puberty. Suddenly and almost overnight he developed a dreadful case of acne. Along with his DAN docs help, we have tried numerous meds, but nothing has helped. Since nobody else in the family had to deal with this in teens, I firmly believe it stems from his high levels of testosteerone and so now we are dealing with the testosterone levels. My grandson, born in 1997, had all the mercury vaccines until age 2.

Bob Moffitt

Tony .. god bless you for your decades of determined effort to provoke public health officials into researching the numbers of "unvaccinated" children with autism in the UK.

Unfortunately, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see .. which explains why public health officials in the US and UK remain obstinate in their resistance to conduct an independent scientific study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations .. to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH populations have suffered the same inexplicable, dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders/diseases .. including AUTISM.

Common sense dictates this study should have been done decades ago .. and .. whether fair or not .. the justified public perception it has not been done is because public health officials are terrified the results may prove vaccines are not as "safe" as public health officials would have us believe.

It is a sorry thing to watch when our two great countries .. the US and the UK .. join forces in an unholy alliance .. to deny this critical research.

Indeed, the last time I witnessed this type of collaboration between the US and the UK was their presentation of evidence .. satellite photos, reliable intelligence sources, etc .. that proved Saddam not only had weapons of mass destruction .. but .. BOTH counties knew exactly where those weapons were supposedly being stored.

Why should anyone believe them about the safety of vaccines when they have already squandered our trust by failing to find those damn missing Weapons of Mass Destruction?

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