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Lord Leveson’s Inquiry: Trashing Ordinary People

Lord-Justice-LevesonThe UK’s Leveson Inquiry into media abuse reports on Thursday.

By John Stone

One of my memories of the UK’s Leveson Inquiry, the hearings of which could be viewed on the web, was of the good lord grumbling that people kept on trying to raise issues which had nothing to do with his remit. The inquiry, it will be recalled, was sparked the excesses particularly of Murdoch group newspapers, and involved horrific intrusions into the lives of ordinary people, and political cronyism. It is unclear why Leveson chose to ignore the plight of one set of ordinary families whose lives were invaded by a particular journalist, and who were in a legal battle to get compensation for children damaged by MMR vaccine, although it transpired that Leveson and his lead attorney, Robert Jay, had both taken part in MMR litigation hearings, the substance of which remain secret. Nor is it clear why he chose to hear the evidence of Fiona Fox, of Science Media Centre, which is funded by MMR vaccine manufacturers and has not been the victim of vile invasive journalism. You might think that that had nothing to do with his remit.

The events that led up to the hearing, the trashing of ordinary lives, the political cronyism that extended into the Prime Minister’s household, were the ostensible reasons for the inquiry, not the huge vested interest within industry and the state that would be damaged if the trashing of selected ordinary people was not allowed to continue. Before the inquiry did anyone here the cry of misery from GSK, Merck and Sanofi, Dr David Salisbury or the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)? Was this why it was convened?  And yet in the person of Fox and Tony Blair’s public relation’s guru, Alistair Campbell, they had their place at the table – God forbid anyone should be allowed to question the safety of their products, and woe-betide anyone who succeeds! Let nothing interfere in such instances with media lynch party. Tally ho!

I am at a loss that Lord Leveson should have chosen not to hear our concerns, and I hope and pray that he makes no recommendations about the future reporting of “scientific” issues – perhaps using the BBC’s fatuous Jones report (institutionalised bullying of the worst sort) as a precedent (here  and here ) – but I have almost given up hope.

John Stone is UK Editor of Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Here,here Lou..



"What on earth have they told him, and through what medium, about Dr. Wakefield ? - for him to seem almost angry."

A perfect conspiracy might be described as one where the players need no explicit instructions; most of the players can be convinced they are doing the "right" thing and there is no conspiracy; all the players have immense personal, professional and financial stakes in the Industry/conspiracy and all KNOW the consequences of the Industry/conspiracy being discovered/revealed to the great masses of the people being harmed by the Industry/conspiracy.

This is the way the cancer Industry/conspiracy has carried on since the day in 1924 when one of the finest scientists mankind has produced, Doctor Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer. Doctor Warburg was motivated to discover the cause of cancer because his mother died of cancer.

Autism has at least 80 years to go, should we be so foolish as to let it go on, until we reach the point where cancer is now. There have been 2.4 million scientific papers written on cancer and NO simple effective inexpensive cures have resulted from all this "scientific" work. There have been MANY simple effective inexpensive cures for cancer discovered, ALL crushed and outlawed by our "protectors" in the Medical-Political Industry/conspiracy.

It is long past the time where we the people do a little crushing of our own.

The Cancer Industry is ultimately a population control industry. I see no reason why the Vaccination Industry is not also a Population Control Industry.


Please don't give up the fight for justice John ordinary people in history have done amazing feats against what seemed incredible odds. Perhaps here in the UK we should be getting together and forming a pressure group. The more there are the harder to take us out. After all the relatives and parents of the Hillsborough disaster were ordinary people with quest for the truth and look at their achievement forcing a government to open the files again.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Leveson and Jay ensured justice did not happen for Britain's MMR injured kids,including our darling gifted son Harry, whom we lost aged 20 as the result of maladministration of psychotropic drugs without our knowledge or consent.RIP beloved Harry.

Now Leveson and Jay have been rewarded with their name in lights,again denying MMR injured children and their parents a voice at the Inquiry. This is a truly sickening spectacle of injustice and corruption. Rule Britannia.

When will the truth be recognized for which we fought so long and hard with other parents, and justice prevail?Yet another generation suffers evil and injustice at the hands of big pharma and the money-making machine, and their cronies in high places.

Oh what a lovely War!!!

Jennifer and Keith Horne-Roberts, in grief for our darling Harry.

Jim Thompson

Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Joan Campbell

Justice Leveson has known about the problem with the MMR vaccine since 2005 when I and 8 other families (MMR10)stood up before him in court for an oral hearing. "The Queen on the application of Harry Horne-Roberts versus Legal Services Commission".
As part of the UK MMR/MR Group litigation our legal aid had been taken away so we never in the end up got any justice for our children.

John Stone

Hi Cherry

Well, of course, BMJ is joined at the hip to Merck, and also sponsored by GSK.

The anger that you see is related to pure terror, and the ability of the ptb to pursue any registered doctor in the UK that steps out of line with the GMC star chamber. Many parents have witnessed this same reaction. That's what happens when practice gets based on state ideology rather than science or compassion. I think the centralisation of medicine in the UK is critical to this story. It couldn't have happened if AW had been practicing in the US in the first place, but of course he is just one of many doctors of integrity to be humiliated by the GMC.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

You have to ask who is behind Godlee and Wager. Why are they so much prepared to go out on a limb to attack anyone connected to Dr. Wakefield ?
I agree with John STone - I too wonder why this campaign against Dr. Wakefield is so vigorous. Im repeating myself here a bit, but I met a young gastroenterologist from UK, and I immediately asked him about Dr. Wakefield. His reply was almost angry, so I asked him if he had read Wakefield's book and he said something like he didnt want to and never would. I was quite taken aback at this and then asked, why did he think that Dr. Walker Smith took part in this , and to that his sincere reply was to say emphatically that "I just dont know!" In hindsight, my thought was , What on earth have they told him, and through what medium, about Dr. Wakefield ? - for him to seem almost angry.
I can also put together with this, a book on autism that I read some years back. It may have been written circa 2000. Someone had managed to get Dr. Brazelton to put his name on the book cover, stating that if there were only one book on autism one could purchase, this was the one. I found the book quite useless, unless you were an autism parent only interested in "getting services". The book puzzled me because the author did not seem to have any previous background in science or writing,nor any great enthusiasm about autism, but I did notice that buried in the short piece about the cause of autism was that old wierd statement about how the MMR used to have mercury in it and now it doesnt, but autism incidence has risen nevertheless. I later wondered if that book was written and published solely for the purpose of putting out that false information. So the question is- To whom was it so important to protect the MMR or to deceive the populace about the cause of autism ?

John Stone

Hi Isabella,

I hope we can publish the submission although it is possible to work out its content from posts already here.


It is so nice to hear from you - we have had so many wonderful chats. I hope this signifies that you are now well, or at least weller.



Hi John,

Another spectular example of your writing skills, which I have missed in the past year due to heart problems. (Can't read about all this corruption without my blood pressure skyrocking!!!)

Re: "I have almost given up hope"....That is how I have felt myself many times, however there IS a GOD and HE is a God of Justice, so as the Bible says, "You can be sure that the truth shall be made known"....eventually, this has to happen, but in the meantime we can't give up hope, or give up standing up for the truth and what is right.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." [Edmund Burke]

Isabella Thomas

John, You will never give up hope. You, Martin Hewitt, Bill Welsh to name but a few devote your lives fighting for justice for very sick children and you have made a lot of progress. I am praying hard that Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee and the BMJ will be challenged in the Texas courts.
Just out of interest is everything submitted to the Leveson enquiry which was rejected confidential now that they have finished? At the very least they should explain why they were rejected to the individuals concerned.


@ Bill Welsh,

If can recognise that these medical professionals have no faith, no integrity and no good men amongst them, then you must be a man of good faith, good integrity and a good man.

We need more professionals speaking up for our damaged children.

Our children's health should take precedence over someones wealth!

Elizabeth Gillespie
Mum to severely Autistic, non-verbal and vaccine injured 10 year old.

Angus Files

Yep! wrapped up in smugness,intrigue scheming, and deviousness shown over the years..God how i would so love to wipe that smirk from the smug lot that they think they are..


John Stone


I suppose it is question - given the queer set of beliefs of Fitzpatrick's Living Marxism group - whether they were always really being run by the British government. At any rate they came on board with Harris's Lib-Dem colleague Lord Taverne and his Sense About Science lobby group (again closely allied with Science Media Centre) in the early part of the last decade, and the rest is history. We've also see that Fiona Fox of LM and later SMC was hired by the Department of Business to head a committee to oversee the role of the media in science, and she had on her committee Martin Moore of Hacked Off and Paul Nuki who set Deer on Andrew Wakefield.

The fact is there is a Byzantine bureaucratic/political culture which accompanies the governnment-pharma-industrial complex, of which the ordinary citizen only occasionally catches glimpses.


Angus Files

After reading your article John I thought would we be bbetter off in Russia ,or China.and came accross this ..I wonder how far we are from communism in the UK which Deer ,Harris,Fitzpatrick et-al have all had links to the past

"While capitalism is a self regulated economic system, communism is a government run economy. In capitalism, the individual has full control over production and decides on the price structure. Contrary to this, it is the society or the government that determines the price structure in communism."

John Stone

Thank you Bill

I sometimes wonder given the hysteria of the rulings classes over MMR, the extraordinary professional risks that people have taken to defend its reputation, that there isn't even more behind this than a few heavy-handed, maladroit bureaucratic decisions taken two and half decades ago: something that goes well beyond wrong judgement.


Bill Welsh

As a co-signatory to the submission to the Levison Inquiry of which John speaks, to say I too feel betrayed would be an understatement. In fact I now wonder if 'democracy' itself is in real danger as a result of this episode?
Paralleling Jenny Allan's initiative I reported 12 of the UK's top doctors (most with a knighthood) to the General Medical Council (GMC) for their lack of compassion towards the children damaged by the MMR vaccine, and their lack of proper investigation of the facts behind this farrago. I had no real expectation of the GMC as it is part of the system and I was not disappointed when they dismissed my complaint, but what I was truly seeking, by delivering by registered post to the offices and homes of these senior medics was that perhaps one of them would genuinely consider the presented facts! That, apparently, did not happen either!
Is it possible that at the highest echelons of the medical profession there does not exist one man of faith, one person of integrity, one good man?
I despair, and I note John speaks of "almost giving up hope", but we must not and frankly cannot.

John Stone

Dear Elizabeth (Aussie Mum)

Yes, I have been appalled to see this totally profit driven push for vaccines in Australia and the fascistic attitude to dissenters. The media are controlled and manipulated whatever. In the UK we already have a virtual blackout on the criticism of vaccine safety, and anything surrounding it, but I am not keen to see this formalised in law (although perhaps it would be better because everyone would know that they are being systematically lied to by the state).

This is hideous authoritarian stuff which has everything to do with crass political ideology, and weak-minded politicians, and nothing at all do with science.



Thanks for the update John, I will be looking forward to your Thursday's report.

On another important note-In Australia today we have been inundated by the media pushing vaccines.

Check out these site -

Elizabeth Gillespie

Jenny Allan

Mail On Sunday Comment
"For 300 years the British people have fought - and died - to keep a free press. This week our Prime Minister must not betray them"

Long before the Leveson Inquiry was convened, I attempted to complain to the UK Press Complaints Commission about the outrageous British Medical Journal articles by Brian Deer, 'Secrets of the MMR scare',Jan/Feb 2011, accusing Dr Andrew Wakefield, amongst other ridiculous allegations, of 'fraudulently' altering the Lancet 12 childrens' medical records and setting up a Royal Free business for personal profit. The only fraudulent fabrications were Deer's. This slanderous rubbish was echoed like a 'Greek chorus' by BMJ Editor Fiona Godlee, and all so called 'respected' medical and government health mandarins. They got plenty of press and media coverage, including THAT Anderson Cooper CNN interview, following the first Deer article and the Godlee, Marcovitch and Smith accompanying BMJ Editorial. Just a few decades ago this would have resulted in Dr Wakefield being strung up and lynched by a baying mob fired up with bloodlust. Dr Wakefield was accused of 'murdering' children who died from measles because they were unvaccinated due to MMR vaccine concerns. (Dr Wakefield merely suggested a return to monovalent vaccines pending further safety studies on MMR vaccine) In the UK, only two child measles deaths post MMR vaccine. Both could not be vaccinated due to serious co-morbidities which could also have killed them.

Deer and the BMJ are presently 'going through hoops' in their attempts to prevent Dr Wakefield's libel litigation case from getting a proper judicial review in a Texas Court of Law. Professor Walker-Smith was completely exonerated of any ethical, clinical or research abuse earlier this year, by Lord Justice Mitting in the High Court, but true to form, the press coverage was minimal. Why let hard facts get in the way of a good assassination story?

I also complained to COPE, an autonomous UK organisation which is supposed to oversee publication ethics. The then chairman, Liz Wager, a close crony of Fiona Godlee, sent me a terse e-mail stating the BMJ editor could effectively publish whatever she liked, COPE did not 'want to know'. The PCC told me 'only' Dr Wakefield or his representatives could complain 'on his behalf', another so called press watchdog which 'did not want to know'.

Meanwhile, in the autumn of 2011 Godlee and Wager got together in a thinly veiled sub judice attempt to discredit ALL 13 of the 1998 Lancet Wakefield et al paper co authors, including Professor Walker-Smith. They were also attempting to have ALL published research papers with Dr Wakefield's name on them retracted. These two silly women were interviewed by the UK Government Science and Technology cross party group. Godlee made the mistake of admitting the content of the BMJ and other so called 'scientific/medical journals were financed by and strongly influenced in content by the pharmaceutical industries. After that, the Godlee and Wager campaign collapsed spectacularly, with UCL, UKRIO and the UK Government refusing to have anything to do with it!!

Judges in the UK are at the top of the justice tree and their verdicts can only be questioned, challenged or superseded by other judges of similar standing. Whatever he decides, Leveson has had to make a 'Judgement of Solomon'

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