Landmark Autism Hearing: "The Troops Have Landed on Normandy Beach"
Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Vax v Unvax Brings Deja Vu All Over Again

Dachel Media Update: Seclusion Rooms, Pollution and Vaccines

Nov 29, 2012, ABC News: Death at School: Parents Protest Dangerous Discipline for Autistic, Disabled Kids

Nov 29, 2012, US News: Brain Scans Show Differences in Adults With Autism

Nov 28, 2012, FOX Seattle: Are ‘isolation rooms’ in some school districts going too far?

Nov 26, 2012, LA Times, Autism and early exposure to traffic pollution linked

Nov 26, 2012, NJ News: Pro-vaccine parents need to speak up, for community's sake: Opinion

ABC News

“‘What do they do when the child begins to hurt themselves or when they attack another child?’ he asked. ‘Do they just stand there and watch? They don't. They intervene.’”

Notice the specific reference to autism in the title of this story.  These methods which can only be described as torture came into use as autism became on epidemic among our children.

This is what happens when we allow experimentation on the developing brains of children. Schools are left to deal with emotionally disturbed children. Nothing is said here about the soaring number of developmentally disabled children.

Have schools always had to handcuff kids, stuff them in bags, duct tape them, use stun guns? I missed that class decades ago when I was in education classes. Actually, back then, there was no need to learn the martial arts in order to teach.

US News

“‘There's really strong evidence now that the immune system appears to be playing a role in autism, but we just don't know what that role is,’ said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer of Autism Speaks, who was not involved in either study. ‘There is such an urgent need for more research to understand the causes and more effective treatment for autism. Autism has really become a public health crisis, and we need to respond to this by greatly increasing the amount of research conducted so we can help families find answers.’”

There is only one purpose for this research and for this article---to create the illusion that there are lots of autistic adults out there.

FOX Seattle

“As the director of the Washington Autism Alliance, Arzu Forough hears a lot of bad stories about special needs students being mistreated in school….
“But Forough said the room is a lot different from the padded room being used at Mint Valley Elementary School in Longview. A concerned parent posted photos of the room after her son told her he saw teachers putting special needs students in the booth for simple things like crying and tapping on their desks.”
Reporter: “One elementary school we found in Olympia came under fire last year when a boy there was allegedly put in a room like this and forgotten about for hours.”

LA Times

The latest news linking air pollution to autism has been published by major news sites all over the country.  The media is happy to have something significant to say about autism even though they have to admit the findings don’t show pollution causes autism.  With the congressional autism hearing scheduled for Thurs, I expected there’d be a study coming to make it look like they’re finding out something.
I posted a comment.

NJ News

This disingenuous op ed piece only presents half truths and lies about vaccine safety.  Slamming Jenny McCarthy and  Louise


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