Mercury, Vaccines and Autism
Georgia Mountains YMCA Dismisses Boy with Autism from After School Program

Dachel Media Update: 11/8

Online newsNov 7, 2012, Huffington: 5 Facts Autism Families Want President Obama to Know

Nov 7, 2012, YNN Syracuse N.Y.: Airport personnel get different kind of training

Huffington  Hannah Brown wrote to President Obama about autism.  I posted my “facts” that Obama should know about.

Mr. President,

I want you to know the following five facts about autism:

1. Autism is an epidemic.

One in every 88 children with autism isn’t the result of better diagnosing. We have some of the sickest children on the planet with epidemic rates of autism, diabetes, learning problems, severe allergies, and asthma—to name only a few.

2. We need a simple comparison study of never-vaccinated/fully vaccinated children.

The claim of a link between vaccines and autism is the most heated controversy in medicine. Evidence is overwhelming that an ever-expanding vaccination schedule is behind the exponential increase in autism. Those who deny any link don’t have this science to back their claim.

  1. The concomitant health problems that come with autism, including bowel disease,

seizures, and sleep disorders are largely ignored by mainstream medicine.

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects the entire child. All their health issues have to be recognized.

4. Autistic children can be recovered.

There are bio-medical treatments that can greatly improve the health of children with autism, including diet, supplements, chelation, hyperbarics and more. There are stories of tremendous improvement and even a loss of symptoms with these treatments. Sadly, these interventions are largely ignored by mainstream medicine.

5. A generation of autistic children is aging into adulthood with no place to go.

A tsumani is approaching. Autism needs to be addressed as a national health care emergency. America will be paying millions for each child. The total cost is mind-numbing.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism


About two dozen employees at the regional airport in Chemung County sat through training. But it wasn't the usual security or driving training. It was on autism.

"We see thousands of people here and anything is possible. It's highly likely that we're encountering that and we're not even aware of it," said Terry Wheet, Senior Operations Officer at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport.

Let’s face it, everyone is going to have to learn to deal with autism even if you don’t have someone close to you with autism because affected individuals are everywhere.

Recent stories I’ve found confirm that the United States has accepted autism as a normal part of childhood---no questions asked.

One was about a 24 hour “autism channel” on Cable, another was about “Sensitive Santas” for ASD kids at Christmas, and one article defended the restraint of autistic children in public schools. Everyone dealing with children in some manner will need this training.


I wonder if anyone asked why we’re always talking about CHILDREN when the subject is autism. The YNN short story cites children three times.


veronica Hippensteel

I want him to know in the state of maryland ABA therapy is not covered by insurance. My son needs intense aba therapy as he has severe autism and it cost 1700.00 a month.

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