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Online newsNov 20, 2012, KCEN-TV Eddy, TX: Autism Definition Change Could Affect Millions


“Next spring the definition of Autism will officially change.

“That means a large number of people with forms of Autism may not qualify for a diagnosis.

“This will affect millions world wide including some in our own backyard….

“From housing to support groups, insurance that pays to assist people with Asperger's will be lost if the American Psychiatric Association dumps many classifications of Autism.

“And if the APA decides to follow through with the changes, parents fear their kids could go without.

"’There are many children on disability social security with Autism,’ said Julie Coy-Manier.”

Autism itself isn’t a crisis in this article and there no explanation given for why the APA is about to change the definition.  The young artist shown here tells us, “I consider my autism a gift.”  The change will cut out coverage and services and that’s the focus here.  There was no place for comments.

Two days ago I was at an IEP for an autistic student I work with and I talked to the school psychologist and the special ed teacher about the DSM 5. I asked what the changes would mean for kids who are high functioning. I was assured that they will keep their education diagnosis.

So as far as the school is concerned, a child will still be considered autistic but they won’t have a medical diagnosis any longer. Imagine the confusion.



How well does it go over when people say "I believe my schizophrenia is a gift"? "My bipolar disorder is such a blessing." And that is just the "mental disorders" that autism is grouped with. Even if a person doesn't believe that autism is a medical illness of the whole body, then it is still a MENTAL DISORDER.


You gotta love how those big media minions keeps pounding away at public confusion.

The following article titled " Better diagnosis, screening behind rise in autism" is a classic example of just how stupid they think we are (

Although the opening paragraph says:

".. Autism cases are on the rise again, largely due to wider screening and better diagnosis.."

The final three paragraphs say:

"The fact that autism rates continue to grow at an incredible rate makes it imperative that we find out why. But it should end the discussion about the causal role played by vaccines. The rate of growth is simply inconsistent with anything having to do with vaccination."

Genetics IS BELIEVED to play a role. Some parents and others HAVE BELIEVED childhood vaccines trigger autism, even though many studies HAVE NOT FOUND a connection

CDC researchers are looking at other possible factors, including illnesses that mothers had while they were pregnant with children who later were diagnosed as autistic. The researchers also are looking into medications that the pregnant women took and those given to their children took when they were young. The first results of that study are expected next year..."

Now.... if the point of this article was to assure the public that there IS NO epidemic, why does it contain the statement " The fact that autism rates continue to grow at an incredible rate makes it imperative that we find out why" ? Didn't they just.... tell us why????

And why even bother to dispel the notion that autism is being caused by vaccines? If your "science" is showing that better diagnosis is causing the rise in autism, then shouldn't that "science", in and of itself, be enough to rule all other proposed theories?

And why on earth would CDC researchers even bother studying other possible factors, like illnesses that mothers had while pregnant, or medications that they took and/or gave to their children when they were young?

What could possibly justify putting that much effort, into finding the causes of an epidemic of that isn't even happening???


I can understand that some of the milder aspergers will not be under the autism umbrella - But how are the ones the next step down with PDD-NOS and even in greater numbers according to the report in the IACC meeting no longer making the list??
Does anyone know that answer?

It took me 8 years and a school psych telling me as he reached the 8th grade that PDD-NOS was part of the autism unmbrella.

How about that - I kept thinking it even went to the autism meetings that were two or even three hours away -- but at the meetings when we were all introducing ourselves I had to say that I thought he was but he was not dignosed as having autism. Oh but he was, all I had to do was look at the kids that has been brought to these meeting to see.

We've come a long way baby.


Isn't this exactly what "BIG PHARMA" wants? It will reduce the numbers on the A.S.D.

Afterall, reduce the prevalence of Autism and the "spin" from "BIG PHARMA" will be; "....there are less children being diagnosed with Autism, therefore it cannot be the vaccines!

What next?

Elizabeth Gillespie

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