Dr. David Gorski Admits Thimerosal Might Cause Autism
Age of Autism Turns Five As Autism Epidemic Continues to Grow

Dachel Media Update: 11/14

Online newsNov 14, 2012, The Marietta (OH) Times: New Autism Evidence

Nov 13, 2012, The Toronto Star: Mallick: Autistic children born eternally distant from parents, says Andrew Solomon’s new book

Nov 11, 2012, Harlingen, Texas ValleyCentral.com: Where do children with autism go after they "age out" of school or graduate?

The Marietta Times

Now if you go to Google News and look for “autism, vaccines,” which many parents do, you get all the stories about how the flu vaccine may prevent autism.

The Marietta Times calls this evidence.

“Evidence”? Evidence of what? This is a suggestion, a possible association, but it’s being sold to the public as causal. Even CDC officials are downplaying the results of this. It’s a study designed to scare parents and sell vaccines. It’ll die without follow-up only to be resurrected annually during the “Get Your Flu Shot” campaign. And it muddies the water for those worried that vaccine cause autism. I can hear trusting and uninformed parents out there, “Hey, look here. Now they’re saying vaccines prevent autism.”


What this article says is that there’s a problem because there’s nothing for ASD kids when they age out of school.  There is no concern about why this situation exists, just a call for services.  More blind acceptance of a disaster happening all around us.

“There are some services in the valley for those with disabilities who are too old to be in school, however, most are geared towards the elderly in the form of adult day care centers.”  

The Toronto Star

This surreal article by reporter Heather Mallick focuses on the dreary new book by Andrew Solomon that tells parents if their children have problems that set them apart, that’s just the roll of the dice. 

I used to think that there would come a point when the numbers got to be so stunning and the evidence was so massive and the cost so threatening that officials would have to get serious about autism. They’d have to admit that our economy and our future is in peril because of so many disabled Americans. I don’t think that anymore. I firmly believe that NO ONE WILL EVER ADMIT ANY OF THE TRUTH ABOUT AUTSM. I think honestly dealing with autism threatens the future of our country. It certainly scares a lot of health officials and medical experts would’ve denied everything for years. The only thing they can do is to DO NOTHING and sacrifice a million of our children. Who would want to go down in history as the CDC official who exposed the truth about autism? Every lie will be tried before anyone will admit anything.

This attitude from officials is why we have stories like this about autism. Mallick, gives us her spin on autism. She isn’t really concerned and certainly not alarmed. These children are a curiosity for her. She talks about children with autism like they’re aliens, different from ourselves, yet an interesting species to observe.

Mallick: “Is there more autism now, or is it just being diagnosed more accurately and frequently? We’ll never know.”

There’s nothing we can do to stop kids from being autistic, as Mallick says, they’re born “eternally distant.”

Mallick: “How do children learn to live with what makes them different from other humans?”

She predicts that we’ll just get used to seeing children with autistic behavior.

Mallick: “‘Ah, a touch of autism,’ you’d say casually.”

She knows autism is hard, but that’s just the way it is.

Mallick: “I just like children and want to do right by them. I watch families caring for children with autism and feel awe. Having a child with autism is exhausting, expensive, humiliating, often marriage-destroying, and has no reward in sight.

“Love is its own reward, and many times that may seem painfully insufficient.”


Trina Aurin

I have nothing to type - it is SO unbelieveable..........

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