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Dr. David Gorski Admits Thimerosal Might Cause Autism

Dachel Media Update: 11/13

Online newsNov 12, 2012, NBC News: Flu, fever linked with autism in pregnancy study

Nov 11, 2012, Toronto Star: How Canada is starting to tackle the autism crisis

Nov 11, 2012, La Crosse (WI) Tribune: Alex Garza: Vaccines make us all healthier

Nov 9, 2012, FOX 13 Salt Lake City: ‘Autistic AWARE’ businesses work to help families with autistic kids

Nov 9, 2012, CBS Miami: Surveillance Video Shows School Bus Attendant Choking Autistic Student

Nov 9. 2012, The Toronto Star: The Autism Project

NBC News

The news of this Danish study came out around midnight last night and it was instantly out on a number of major news sites.  Although nothing was really conclusive in the study, an association was found between mothers who had the flu while pregnant and their child later developing autism.  From the stories that are out now, this study is being used to promote the flu shot for all pregnant women as a way to avoid a fever and putting a child at risk for autism.. 

Dr. Nancy Snyderman on the TODAY SHOW had this to say about the study: “Women who had influenza…those women had a two times increased risk of having a child diagnosed with autism before the age of three.”

Should pregnant women get a flu shot?

Snyderman: “Yes, yes, yes!”

Toronto Star

This is more insanity, this time from our neighbor to the north, but the very same attitude is typical in this country as well. Jim Munson is a Member of Parliament. He knows how bad autism can be. He decided 10 years ago to learn more autism.
So, what did he learn? The increase is real and autism costs a lot. It’s going to cost even more in the future if we don’t help kids improve today. He’s worked for therapy and awareness.
“Five years ago, in the same year Pay Now or Pay Later issued its call for a national strategy, the estimated rate of Canadian children being diagnosed with autism was one in 150. Today, it’s one in 88 — and will continue to rise.”

La Crosse Tribune

“The fears some hold to be true about vaccines are completely and utterly false. Scientific data and research rejects a link between vaccines and disorders such as autism. Vaccines do not cause illnesses. However, not being vaccinated leads to widespread epidemics and outbreaks of disease.”

We all remember UW-La Crosse giving Brian Deer the red carpet on Oct 4th and 5th. The Tribune gave space here for a pro-vax letter to the editor. Garza should wake up to the fact that if fears were “completely and utterly false” this controversy would have died a natural death long ago.  I posted a number of comments.

FOX 13

“Utah has the highest rate of children diagnosed with autism in the US. The Centers for Disease Control says one in 47 children is diagnosed with the disorder.

“The Autism AWARE – Autism is Welcomes, Accepted and Respected Every day – program, established by the Autism Council of Utah, is trying to ease the hassles of everyday outings for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders.”

This is more proof that America is determined to accommodate autism—no questions asked. The news anchor casually announced that one in every 47 children in Utah has autism. He doesn’t tell us why. He doesn’t mention adults as the whole story is about children with autism.

I was going to leave a comment but I don’t’ think anyone would care. No one wants to hear about the reality of autism. The media especially wants to pretend that despite an epidemic of autistic children no one can reasonably explain, everything is still fine. There’s nothing to worry about.

I can see a day very soon where stores, libraries, motels, restaurants and more will proudly display the autism puzzle piece because employees are trained about autism. We’ll have to do this. We have no choice. If we’re not going to stop the epidemic, children with autism is the new norm. “Learn the signs.”

CBS Miami

“The Broward Sheriff’s Office has released surveillance video that they claim shows a Broward school bus attendant abusing a child with autism.

“Darryl Leon Blue, 48, was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse following the incident last month, a Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said Thursday.

“The boy’s mother, Bertis Paulino, said her son told her the school bus attendant, whom he referred to as Mr. Man, choked him and that’s when she decided to press charges against him.”

As a society, we’ve gotten used to having an epidemic of autism everywhere. Will we become conditioned to stories about abuse of children who happen to have autism too?

The Toronto Star

This story is proof of just how people are willing to go and how much they’re willing to spend to cover up the mass poisoning of a generation of children with an out-of-control vaccine schedule.  These people are out to blame parents for their bad genes that caused their children to be autistic. 

This is Autism Speaks’s BIG PROJECT…and more of the cover up. They only allow 400 characters per comment so I’m having to chop up my responses.

I could post one short one--- This is a massive fraud designed to cover up the mass poisoning of a generation of children with an out-of-control vaccine schedule.


Listen to Stephen Scherer, Director, Sick Kids Centre for Applied Genomics

“That’s the beauty of genetics. ….. The genome is finite. It doesn’t really change. ….”

“We believe that genetics is probably the major factor involved in autism. We suspect that up to 90 percent of autistic cases have a genetic contribution. ….We initiated this project to sequence the genes of 10,000 individuals with autism…It’s very exciting.”

“….What will happen, probably five years out, …When you have your child in the hospital, you’ll probably that child’s genome sequence on a USB key or chip or whatever before the child leaves the hospital. That’s how fast the technology is moving. I’ll bet my bottom dollar we’ll be there in five years.”

And if they can map the genome of a newborn, couldn’t they also teach a pregnant woman that she had the genetic markers for autism?  How willing will parents be to assume this burden. 



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