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Online newsNov 8, 2012, MSNBC: ‘Far From the Tree’: Thriving with exceptional children  

Nov 8, 2012, Medicalxpress.com: Autism Speaks announces the release of new genetic data for researchers 


Coping and finding peace with the deeds, behaviors and syndromes of your kids

In “Far From the Tree,” Andrew Solomon examines a broad spectrum of families coping with children in exceptional circumstances and how they’ve not only dealt with their respective obstacles, but gained insight, solace and stronger senses of identity in the process.”

All the while I watched the video I keep remembering how my son descended into autism and how sick he was.  Doctors had no answers for us. We spent so much time at the emergency room when he was little, I just expected him to be sick every couple of weeks.  I have nothing against ACCEPTANCE of human conditions that are not the result of AN INJURY.   Lumping an epidemic of sick children into his argument hardly makes the case.  THIS WAS NOT BEYOND OUR CONTROL.


This worthless waste will go down in history as blatant child neglect/abuse.  The use of the words “exciting research” in the face of so much suffering shows a complete lack of compassion for a generation of sick children.  Blaming autism on older parents and low birth weight is more of the cover-up and they know it.

Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, is proud to announce the release of biological and clinical data from 383 new families participating in Autism Speaks Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE) to researchers. AGRE is a resource for scientists that is comprised of clinical and biological data from families who have two or more children on the autism spectrum. These 383 families are part of a larger pool of 653 individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) bringing the total data available on people with an ASD to 3348. The family data also includes family members without an ASD bringing the total to 9335 individuals, which reflects an over 24 percent increase.

Thus far, the data collected and made available by AGRE has resulted in 205 significant research publications. One example of the exciting research being done with AGRE data is a study published in 2011 that found that pregnancy and the birth environment may affect development of autism in twins. The ground breaking study suggested that environmental influences, which could include parental age, low birth weight, multiple births, and maternal infections during pregnancy, may greatly increase risk for ASD. The findings support the notion that both genetic and shared environmental factors significantly increase risk for ASD: an estimated 38 percent of risk being associated with genetic heritability and 58 percent with the environment that twins share during pregnancy and perhaps early infancy. The study also found that the relative contributions of shared genes and shared environment are similar for males and females.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Those who have created the disaster of autism, are not satisfied with making thousands of children sick and making life very tough for many parents and siblings. To cover up their evil creation, they move on to other types of wrongdoing. By spreading the idea that being an older parent or having multiple births ensures that older couples are afraid to have children. One person whom I know is in that category. She married somewhat late to a handicapped man and they desperately would like to have children, but they fear having an autistic child. Im 65 years old and when I had children, the experience was, on the whole, easy, fun and natural. Today, it seems like more of a steeplechase with many horses falling at the obstacles. Before long those of my age will be gone and doctors will be free to make things as unnatural as possible and do lots and lots of interventions. How do you say "Let the Parents Beware" in Latin?

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