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Can't Get to DC Autism Hearings? Send a Message Online.

We are hereWant to attend the Federal Response to Autism Hearing on November 29th but can't?

We know that many of you are writing letters and calling your Representatives and sending thank you faxes to Representative Burton and kicking yourselves that you won't be able to attend the hearing in person.  You know you'll be there in spirit and you deserve to be counted.  

That's why we've created another simple way for you to get yourself heard.  Click here to tell us your name, where you live, and a very, very short version of why you can't go.  

We will compile this list and it will become part of the public record. 

Here's a sample:

"My name is Jane Doe and I live in Any Town, VA.  I cannot attend the hearing because I will be taking my child to speech therapy that afternoon."

"My name is John Smith and I live in Any Town, MD.  I cannot attend the hearing because my child will bolt in public places."

"My name is Jane Doe and I live in Any Town, PA.  I cannot attend the hearing because I work two jobs to pay for autism and cannot take the afternoon off."

"My name is John Smith and I live in Any Town, NC.  I cannot attend the hearing because my child has seizures and I must be home to administer the meds."

Now imagine page after page of these messages.  Short, simple, and powerful.  One after the other.  Part of the public record.  A different kind of head count.

Leave your message for Congress here: http://www.safeminds.org/government-affairs/2012-congressional-hearing-form.php



Thanks for your help in making this a meaningful event!


Jenny Susa

My name is Jenny Susa and I cannot attend the hearing because I have nobody who can take careof my child's extensive needs. Please consider on behalf of every parent who can't be present how much our children need therapy and the right care in order to have the best possible future. We all want our children to grow into adults who can happily take care of themselves.



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