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Best of AofA: Worth a Shot

Risk dice Managing Editor's Note:  The East Coast AofA team took a drubbing from Hurricane Sandy.  We are all safe and sound (and hope you are too) - but we gave Cathy the week off to tend to her family. Enjoy this post from last Fall. 

By Cathy Jameson

I was filling a prescription for my typical son last week while hoping to stockpile some supplements that are known to ward off pesky coughs and colds lurking in our future.  I was at a new place called The Wellness Pharmacy.  Several people had recommended it, and I liked the sound of it.  I was hoping they might offer some options to holistic or natural intervention like vitamins, supplements and organic products instead of ineffective over-the-counter syrups and flavored goo.  I was eager to go inside to check things out, so I made a point to fill my son’s script there.

The store wasn’t a Big Box corner drug store, but a smaller Mom and Pop type of operation.  I held out a little bit of hope thinking I might hit a jackpot of health and some of that wellness being advertised on the front door.  Who knows?  Maybe I would discover someone inside with a bit of knowledge about biomed to further guide me on this exhausting journey to heal my older vaccine injured son. 

To my dismay, the owner should have dropped the word wellness from his sign.  Instead, he would Flu shot halloween be better off naming the store *THE* Flu Shot Pharmacy because that’s the main product being advertised.  Every counter, every shelf and every display screamed FLU SHOT.  Even the stereo speaker system blared a flu shot commercial!  I couldn’t escape the drivel repeating over and over again that “…NOW is the time to get your flu shot.  DON’T be caught off guard.  Isn’t it worth a shot?”

Worth a shot.  It’s a simple expression.  Yet, in the case of a vaccine it’s a terrible jest, a cruel joke.  My health is not worth a shot.  Shot meaning having a small chance of success.  My health is worth a lot more than that.  If I was to make that big of a medical decision, it wouldn’t be administered by an individual who knows nothing about my health beyond what medications he dispenses is frightful.  The casual relationship I have with a pharmacist pales in comparison to the one I share with my personal health care provider. 

Is injecting the vaccine in my body worth a shot?  One that has 3 strains of the flu?  No thanks.  From the CDC website, the World Health Organization recommended these three flu vaccines viruses for this year:

an A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)–like virus, an A/Perth/16/2009 (H3N2)–like virus, and a B/Brisbane/60/2008–like virus.  (HERE) If I were to get the flu shot, choosing only one potentially toxic formula at a time makes more sense.  Multiple-dose vaccines like the one available this year are risky.  Why?  What if I was one of the unlucky ones who had an adverse reaction?  Well, when you choose to inject a multiple-dose vaccine you may never discover which part of the vaccine caused the problem.  In situations like this, less is more.  Another thing to consider is what if a reaction like a seizure happened at the Big Box drug store in the middle of the toothpaste aisle?  Would anyone know that I just got the vaccine, and please call 911?  I would think better a place, like a medical clinic would be a more ideal location to conduct medical business. 

Flu shot victims or, flu shot advertisers? (Photo credit: Gabby DeVilbiss)

Wait!  The flu season hasn’t even started yet and already the posters are plastered everywhere you look.  Why are we seeing signs this early?  Summer only officially ended this week, but several stores across my county had their signs up for at least a month already!  We used to usher in seasonal, traditional fall lore with apple picking and pumpkin pie baking.  Now, the adverts bypass all of that and go straight to doom and gloom.  I’m sure one of the tactics for shoving the GET YER SHOT NOW is to be prepared for any outbreaks the upcoming months may bring, but it bugs me to see no less than 20 shiny signs lined up haphazardly across the entrance way of a chain drug store.  Grocery stores are now in on the action and are full of the flu shot clutter as well.  One or two should suffice, but 20?  It’s not just unsightly; it’s overkill.  

The grocery and drug stores should probably wait a few weeks to try to convince us that the flu shot really is worth a shot anyway.  Reports will surely begin to circulate like they do every year-- that this year’s flu shot wasn’t completely effective.  I remember a few years back reading a story haphazardly written very late in the flu season saying “…Whoopsie, the flu vax didn’t really do what we hoped it would.  Catch ya next year!”  Too bad that type of news isn’t circulated and posted wherever the flu shot is being advertised pre-flu shot season.  Thankfully, more groups can see through the murky messages and instead share helpful and more balanced information. posted an article last week that dispels some of the chronic myths we hear annually to include that always exaggerated 36,000 deaths per year rate. Hopefully more consumers will recognize these myths and will be able to make more informed medical decisions.

What’s really worth a shot?  How about a return to a mindset of taking charge of our own health every season?  Cramming a vaccine in during the last two months of the year just doesn’t make sense.  Instead of being pressured to get in line to roll up a sleeve followed by the reward of a colorful band-aid, we should be encouraged to practice preventative health measures year round.  That can be done by taking care of our bodies by eating right, getting enough rest, washing our hands and avoiding people who are sick. 

Other natural measures can help, too but are far less advertised in the media.  Those people vested in pushing the flu shot won’t benefit from revealing these simple and much more cost effective steps.  There is no financial gain for them.  But, believe it or not, natural health remedies can work.  Even though I cringed when I saw how The Wellness Pharmacy vomited its flu shot propaganda all over the store, I have to give the owner props for the few supplement and vitamin products I did see:  probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and anti-virals.  I only wish the five senior citizens who lined up in the same few minutes I was in the store could have been more aware of the natural approach of warding off sicknesses.  Those people went straight to the counter to sign up for their dose of “wellness” in the form of a shiny needle. 

The advertising for the upcoming flu season is just getting started.  We will soon be bombarded by many media outlets stating the flu is a terrible, terrible thing.  Yes, it is terrible.  Yes, it is an annoyance.  Yes, it can be very hard to live with for up to a week.  Yes, it’s dangerous for the immunosuppressed individuals.  But, remember this.  This flu season will again be a big money maker for pharmaceutical companies who profit from the less informed.  My guess is that we’ll see more and more groceries stores and pharmacies offering flu shots.  The volume of people who enter those businesses compared to a doctor’s office must be astronomical.  It will be hard to avoid the mumbo jumbo splayed all over those shopping center doors and windows, but don’t be fooled by the Big Box drug stores or the small-town pharmacies like I ran into.  They are surely walking hand-in-hand with the vaccine industry.  Those companies can stick it.  To me, the flu shot just isn’t worth it.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



John Stone,

Just get them either way.


John Stone

Hi Visitor,

I think the problem is not that it has never happened - the Masonic handshake for example - but how do you confirm it. On the other hand we already know why a lot of people work together on their projects and mostly who they are. I think it is a dangerous sport and may distract from matters of real substance.

I have given a great deal of attention in these columns to the misbehaviour and often hidden networks of interest in the British establishment, but I am not sure I would make the position much clearer if I started to claim they were sending each other subliminal messages. I am not keen to go there unless I am offered very compelling evidence.


John Stone,

I don't assume to grasp the end of all of the symbols and embeedded images and symbols I have found and studied are finally communicating, but it has to be related to Hermetic Gematria. If those who are using and likely advocating the philosophy behind it are good intentioned then it may be that they are sharing in the sealed system to allow them to covertly identify and communicate with those in the know.

Regardless of how they might feel being that they feel it is good and will benefit the society, I don't appreciate the the element of manipulation intrinsic to the apporach in a world that should be open and sharing in the decisions of the power structures in markets and governments. it appears that intelligence agencies may share in these communications though how interconnected the political and financial are emeshed is still something I have not discovered. It appears this site has a degree of usage of thie sytem and it is not appealing to me. I did feel I was being warned off a couple of months ago, but I think that I will pursue what I wish and unless I am braking the law of endangering others eveyone shold be free to say and study what they wish. I also tend to think that those in science fields may be taken with this and is part of their community including Bill Gates and ironically he is a major vaccine promoter. Wether those I refer to actually think of this in estorically mystical valus or merely a very efficient and useful secular one is also unkwon to me, though it appears that many within Catholicism enjoin, so some may indeed find it spiritual as well.

Yet, since I don't understand enough I will leave open the possibility that I might appreciate it more if further study changes my opinion.

I welcome any thoughts you might have.
Oh, and I am not a troll.


John Stone


Thanks - I always feel that the stuff we know for certain, and can document is damning enough about our governments and the various global and commercial interests for which they frequently act as proxy without moving into the speculative zone of cryptic public messages. Anyhow, Don McLean's song comes from 30 years ago and belongs to a different world.





I don't know what I posted about Dante and you linked might be. But as for Don McLean and my imagination I suppose I will take your word for it. My hunches are not leading to anything concrete.

Thank you for responding, most don't seem to be interested in these things and I can't get feedback. If you follow this up and find anything please post it here.


"Flu and herd immunity: Getting the shot is as important for the community as for you."

Oh if I hear this TOTAL rubbish one more time I am going to perish!

There is one simple FACT about "flu" that demolishes all basis for "flu vaccination".

86% of the time during "flu season" when you come down with "flu symptoms" it is NOT from the influenza A or B virus but from some other of the 200 or so virus inhabiting your body.

The "flu vaccine" only sometimes, in theory, "protects" against influenza A and B viruses. Thus even in theory the "flu vaccine" cannot "protect" you from 86% of flu episodes.

Done, done for all time; the end.

The "flu shot" is being administered for some OTHER reason than "protecting" us from "flu". About 70% of the "flu shots" given in the USA contain 25 mcgs of the second most toxic substance on the face to this good earth. Mercury is autism and Alzheimer's (adult onset autism) inducing. Is the "flu shot" being given to induce autism? You tell me.

Eugene Nicks

Love that picture so much , how can I get a bigger copy ?

Very amusing indeed , love it .

Actually maybe I shouldnt be laughing .

John Stone

PS Here is the McCulloch 'Dante Inferno' illustration without the 'US Bank' logo:

John Stone

Hi Visitor

I am afraid your imagination is running away with you. Lots of people like to make surreal or fantastic images with innocent intent, or perhaps sometimes satirical. At any rate the McCulloch image bears a copyright of 2000. The author of Selbydale blog to which it is appended seems to have super-imposed the logo 'US Bank' over the illustration of Dante's Hell and from other items in the blog is humorously annoyed about his bank loans.

Jerusalem has been a human settlement and cultural flashpoint for three thousand years: it has many tombs and many people choose to get buried there. The mention of rooms is surely to Jesus saying that in his father's house there are many rooms. I think he is saying, having read a transcription of the lyrics, that Christian, Muslim and Jew can live there in there in mutual toleration.

"The markets and the alleys, the temples and the tombs,
A place for all believers, it has so many rooms"

So surely the finest sentiments.



To For Visitor:

Why would they use cryptic messages? I would ask at if this is part of a leager program it serves other purposes as well. Also, you may consider that the people behind such a proposed program don't think like you or me. Given I don't know you that is an open question as to how any one person thinks. If not part of a larger program why are they doing it at all. Thye problem in seeing this pattern of behavior is that it does not seem sensible until you see enough of the connectedness of their system. This includes names of cities and things as seemingly random as Interstate and road numbers not to emntion the long thread woven throughout history. I do not think we are dealing with isolated occurences in periods of time as in our last 2o years, but things that have associations in history and are coordinated. Yes, the question of bad behavior can be seen inn other terms and itis less forboding to consider that it is a limited rogue event, but then you are simply playing small ball on their terms. I think it naive to believe these people are defined by saying mercury did all this and they made a mistake and are simply worried it will come out. I have learned to respect the brillance of what they are doing, but utterly detest it at the same time.

The link I gave to the Flu/Herd Immunity pice in my last po0st did not show up, so I will post it again. I assume you have not been to see the image in the piece and maybe you will feel differently after seeing it and asking your question of why cryptic methods in that light. As, I said, if their is nothing more than marketing and single issue persuasion going on it is of much less concern, but after a good deal of research I don't think that is the3 case at all.

I saw some of the Alabamba/LSU game Saturday and at one point that put up their "theatere box to show commercial ads inset in the box. Just before they put the ad theatre box up they were showing a broad view of the fans and I froze the frame as it tansitioned in to the ads and their were very large human like figures superimposed over the fans across the middle of the screen. This fugures would not have been seen in normal speed and some of the creatures I alluded to in the past post were present. After that an ad ran for "US' Bank. Their catch is "All of US serving you." If their are people in control of the worlds operation then you could consider this a hiddedn tribute to these people with the idea of All of the USA serving you.

In this hypothetical scenario psychological conditioning may be be seen as simply strategy and/or sociopathic, but may also consist of the allure of power this projects and imparts to any who know of this and work with the general system at some degree of knowledge of the real goal and since I am speaking hypothetically and cannot "prove this I offer the pieces of unusual evidence that fit the idea. Cryptic messages can be dismissed as easily as you are proposing and in that light the irony is found.

I can't lay this out in this forum, but here is a link, but if thier is such a system looking futher into the "cryptic" parts might give firther understanding of what might be being planned.

I mentioned US Bank. If that is a part then you might expect US Bank to further be a medium for messages and if their goals mean bad things for those not in their system{and many that are but not in the high class} then you might
expect messages or images linked to suffering in the hidded world of media. I may have found one, I don't know for sure of course. Keeping in mind the importance of numbers, numbers,letters and words in this cryptic system this image is not pleasant. If you know of the dentals, or letters DNT, of Ancient Egyptian origin you might be inclined to think Dante's Inferno is a purging and if the US is Jerusalem to the powers I post the words of the Don McClean song Jerusalem are ominous. His whole album "legendary Songs of Don McClean can be interpreted as ominous if you know occult themes. I have not done anything to this image and could not for anyone who sees it at the link below as I have no control of the link contents or image. Also, on the chance I am on to something I don't know if exposure can change any possible plans, but if it does finding the intent might thwart the occurence so it would be hard to know if the found cryptic plan was really a plan. If this means soemthing real it speaks of a very awful event. and as early as Spring of next year. The image apparently is by McCulloch if that is truly speaking of the maker of the pic. But, you could think "cull" cryptically.

Jerusalem has many rooms and tombs foe belivers. You can Live{lie} in peace

John Stone

I have had a real flu 3 times in my adult life - and have been really pole-axed by it. It was fairly clear from the oblique Department of Health announcements that the last occasion (December 2008) that the type going around was not vaccine strain. It involved violent shivering and it was a struggle to even stand up for several days. But obviously the evidence both for mortality and for vaccine effectiveness have been greatly hyped.

There was an excellent post on CHS over the weekend:

Carter's Daddy

They make such a fuss about flu. They make you think it's this devastating disease that you must protect yourself and your kids from at all costs. Frighteneng parents into paying that price which can for some be very high. Scare tactics are contrary to the competition act here, but you can interpret that act any whay you like if you control the media. And when exactly is flu season? I see ads for shots all year round. I have several friends who beleive they are damaged by flu shots. One with MS and one with a neurological issue that took away her ability to think straight and caused her to stop working. Yet I still get people at work that believe the propoganda. One guy said he couldn't live with himself if he left this daughter vulnerable to the flu(the overhyped H1N1 at the time). I just shook my head. What do you even say to these guys? I couldn't live with myself if I let my daughter get pumped with that sewage.
In any case I would have asked that pharmacist why he had that WELLNESS word in the name. I would relish in the resulting conversation. I wouldn't be effective at making my point, because I'm lousy with words and I never remember important facts and data, but I would feel good about having let him know where I stood.

For Visitor

1) So much of what is happening is explicable by other means often discussed here.

2) Why, in this electronic age would people need to send each other cryptic messages in public?



For me it's simple:

- Drug companies make enormous profits from people who are sick
- Drug companies make zero profit form people with strong immune systems, who rarely if ever get sick
- Vaccines have never prevented disease. That is one of the biggest lies that has ever been told, and it was invented as a means of getting people to line up for injections of these immune disabling poisons

This is primarily about sick, perverted greed. I don't usually delve in other nefarious possibilities like population control, because i think the priority right now has to be the protection of future generations.

But would I be surprised to learn that these sociopaths are also obsessed with population control?? Not at all, these monsters have poisoned generations of children for profit. I think their depravity knows no bounds.


I have posted here for a few years at AoA and have till now focused mainly on science and trying to understand the maze of the biology and danage that bring about organic brain issues. In the last few months I have followed up some other things that started to seem possibly more related to why and how elements that contibute or cause to Autism to posssibly be covered up and if at some level their intoduction into the population is intentional and aimed at harming at least some of society. I entered my study and later these pages at AoA being as skeptical as anyone I saw posting that any damage was being covered up or allowed, let alone done on pupose by some. I have noticed discussions on population control, HAARP, and malicious vaccine damge coverup and/or knowingly desiring to cause health problems to increase others wealth. I was a hold out on all of these notions and finding some to be very imbalanced in their suspicions.

The things that have garnered more research are in a lot of media and have beeen for a long time. I won't attempt to go into the length or evidence at the moment except to say that if thier is a concentrated effort to cause harm or coverup damage propoganda would be a natural tool. We can accept that if their is propoganda it would be found in articles and even possibly skewed science studies and many here have asserted this idea and offered their "proof". Many here as well have labeled certain media press and doctors "schills" for pharma. Theoretically n effort this large would require a complcity beyond a few and an ability to influence a number of facets of government and public sector powers. If you look closely at media like images and many movies you can find a ton of embedded images messages and symbols placed in complex fashion. It appeas that the images are often orthographic and possibly cubes an/or using oragamic features that would likely provide a clear message in code and scenes for those able to fully unpack them. They may also be related to the design of a rose from above and/or the features of the mounth of an Anocnda or other snake in structure. I have manipulated one such image from a news release on vaccines and speaking tf "her immunity" enough to find the word immunity deeply and bodly contained within, but now on the surface. I imagine the word herd is in it as well. I have a leaning about what this may mean, but I am introducing this avenue for others to check into as it may tie to a much broader form of public "conditioning. I realize this may be as benign as identification for the image, but I really doubt it as the images and symbols are usually the same and tie into know occult material in every specimentn I have studied. Even if it is subliminal marketing it concerns me and if it represents a identification and/or message for those "in the know" it is more disturbing. Some of the images observed in these images are generally the same as those used in corporate logos and on product boxes. Their use is becoming ubiquitos as even football game overlays for onlay pssesion indicators are being morphed into the same forms.

If their are levels of awarenes as to their meaning and use it can explain why some entertainers are at lower levels and are inticed anto their use and therby being used from a higher level for other puposes while the lessers only are being cued to gain fans and a persona. Other entertainers are likely more involved and aware. Their are huge amounts of money, geopolics, and control existant to relate such structures to and many have done so for many, many years. I t may be that the vaccine/mercury/chemical facet is one fairly important part and posseion of theses powers theoretically. Many in our culture seem to be enamored with the occult and the promotion of these symbols and messages attendant in the persona/themes of performance and attitude have apparently gained traction in the fans mimicking and emracing the hand symbols of their idols while not realizing the other effects of persuasion this may have on them. In a word they are seduced. The alle seeing eye is one such image/symbol denoted by the eye itself and the triangle that is amde by hand. Either evryone is getting a harmless kick out of using thee ostensibly quasi religous{actually purely religous} symbols or their is something much worse afoot. That is up to each to determine, but you have to research it to know. It seems that the truly uninitated think they are in on it because they realize these are ubiquitous secret symbols and they feel good about being one "in the Know' when they are actually being manipulated. If you follow marketing and study ads and comercials you can see that sex motifs are built in in ways that the rational mind does not notice, but they are not targeting your rational mind. The masonic compass symbols is the template for this appraosh and it has it's roots further back as many of you probably know. I just want to know what is being thorwn at me and if their is a deeper conncetion and one with vaccines too.

Here is the link to the report on vaccines and herd immunity. You would do well to download and enlarge the picture and using a magnifying glass is very helpful. At times imagins you are looking at it as a 3d image and try to mentally change the perspective you are viwing it fomr and physically changing the viewing perspective helps at times. See the carnages and occult worhsip and sacrifice noit to mention nudity and certain sexual acts along with some enthroned beings? The suggestive elements and other meanings of the cospicuous image show the three needles and the attkers accross the moat seem to convey the idea that the concern of germs acutally bring the "individual tho the vaccine kingom. Look closely under and in the catapult image as a whole and see if you find more to this pic and "Eye Castle".

I know Bill Gates is concerned about conspiracy talk, and maybe their is a reason for that. Even if they "mean well, and there is truth to these conncetions" they have no right to do this beyond the awareness of the public and we shoulkd be appalled if there are covert agendas playing out well meaning and especially if not well meaning.

Flu and herd immunity: Getting the shot is as important for the community as for you

I submmited another brief post earlier to this thread, but it did not show and I suspect it may ahve been rejected as to conspiracy minded. The Image in the article linked above is whay I posted earlier in concetion to the Dice amge in the opening of the main posters subission. The dice numers carry occult menaning as well, but am not saying that the submitter of the main post ahd any clue to the ideas I am relating.

Aussie Dad

"Hopefully more consumers will recognize these myths and will be able to make more informed medical decisions."

Please Cathy - we are NOT consumers, we are people. Other than that I totally agree with all you said.


"Well, when you choose to inject a multiple-dose vaccine you may never discover which part of the vaccine caused the problem."

Oh yes this is how the game is being played. Obfuscation in as many ways as is possible. Discovering what is causing the problem is not a good thing if you are hiding in the dark counting disease, money and death.

The Amish notoriously did not get autism. Well we cannot have that can we? How about if HHS sets up some "clinics" in Amish country and the Amish are pressured to "get protected". Soon the Amish will have autism, perhaps not as much but hey any is better than none, just like everyone else. Problem solved.

When people at last wise up that "vaccines" are harming them WAY more than the illusory "benefits" they purportedly receive; why just make "exemptions" harder to get; deny ALL exemptions and at last "vaccinate" at the point of a gun. Problem solved.

Or is it?

Now we learn our "most transparent president ever" has refused to release reams of documents under the FOIA that show the CDC et la have KNOWN that "vaccines" do not work and do MUCH more damage than good. These withheld documents show HHS has known for at least 30 years the whole "vaccination" scam was a DEADLY FRAUD and hid this from the American Public. Hundreds of people and organizations are involved in this massive cover up of a monstrous crime that American Mothers will NEVER forgive.

First our puppet said the health documents were "secret", when that did not fly he said the documents "do not exist". There it rests. The liars, the monstrous lie and we the people with our increasingly FORCED "vaccinations", our autistic and dead kids and NO functioning "government" to "protect" us.

Please help spread this far and wide.



You're exactly right. I've had lots of bad colds, and illnesses with symptoms that could easily have been mistaken for what people think is the flu.

But not one of them was serious enough to require a doctors visits, or any form of testing that allow me to say for certain that I've had "the flu".

And my guess, is that this is the case for the majority of people who are so convinced that they've had "the flu".


Also- I think it's noteworthy that they (healthcare people) say, "oh you would've got Guillaume-Barre with a bad flu probably anyways - in response to when you get it after a vaccine. Well I can assure you that my family members -parents, brothers, kids, have had flu and NO ONE has ever had Guillaume -Barre except my grandmother who had a flu shot.


Ya, I had the luck to be in a school lately for severely disabled kids and it was "flu shot day." I wanted to ask the health nurses (I didn't) if they actually check how many kids have incidents of side-effects (as someone whose family member had G-B after a flu shot) AND how many of these kids actually don't get the flu after this precious shot. Oh silly me. It's all just presumed to be safe and effective. They don't even care.
Hubby saw a poster awhile back asking for participants for a focus group to ask if flu shots should be given in the school. Funnily enough the person doing the research (at U. Of Calgary) was keen to have me and initially put me into a group and then when she saw that neither myself nor my kids had ever had a flu shot, I was suddenly "not in the right group- I could be in a later group." That never happened. She made up some excuse about wanting to hear from "people of all walks of life." It's this kind of lack of integrity that makes them look even worse, extremely biased as to what they want to hear- but by all means let's try and have the appearance of having consulted people on the matter. What a pile of bull. Sorry I'm ranting...
I had a bad flu in 09 (pneumonia) but I got over it and haven't been sick since.


I believe the H1N1 flu virus is still being grown on "monkey kidney cells" (as per their patent) along with whatever other viruses the poor little monkey may have.

Always check your FU vaccine for any stray monkey viruses.

They seem to be giving more vaccines away "free" this year than ever before, tied in with gift cards and free trips to wherever...

Some might be going from store to store to store to "cash in" on these endless glorious promotions...


We are also been put under pressure from the DOH to get our flu shot. Apparently the uptake dropped considerably in the risk groups enough for BBC news to make a fairly big story out of it yesterday. The mantra remains much the same ,the usual suspects told us in no uncertain terms how much of a risk we are running by avoiding the shot. Which according to one of the experts if you get the shot you don't get flu what a promise. Not only do they want to give whooping cough vaccine to the pregnant but the flu shot as well. Perhaps they have a stockpile that s going out of date "sorry me being cynical".

cia parker

Really? You've never had the flu yourself or known anyone who had it? I've had it maybe five times in my life that I remember since 1987, and most of the people I know have had it at least several times. It causes a high fever (but I had H1N1 nearly three years ago, and, as in about half the cases, I had no fever), often chills alternating with the fever, often muscle aches, often a severe headache, sore throat, severe cough, vomiting is usually a hallmark, and you feel so ill you can easily imagine dying.

But, on the positive side, having the flu educates your immune system and gives you partial immunity to future flus, mutate as they will (they usually include at least an H1 or an N3 or whatever from a previous strain). Vaccines don't give this to you, and certainly don't give you permanent immunity to the one strain. And the natural flu doesn't cause the side effects of the flu vaccine, like paralysis, Alzheimer's, and death (well, a few people die of the flu, more from its possible complications like pneumonia, but still nothing like the numbers they publicize).

Another positive. I had the flu a year and a half ago, but had to go to an old friend's funeral ninety miles away the following day. I felt absolutely awful, 104 degree fever, but I had to go to his funeral. I knew that under normal circumstances, it would be better to just ride it out with hot tea and herbal and vitamin remedies (echinacea, vitamin C, zinc lozenges, Sambucol), but since it was so important to be functional the next day, I blitzed the flu with homeopathy: oscillococcinum, bryonia (see Randall Neustaedter's The Flu Guide for indications), and an elixir designed for that year's flu. I don't recommend the blitz technique, but I was desperate, taking my temperature every hour, and taking another dose when it remained high. By three in the morning the fever was down to normal, less than twelve hours after the symptoms had started. I had a mild cough next day, but no fever then or subsequently, and was able to go to Mahlon's funeral to say good-bye to him. I would say homeopathy is the wave of the future, when we will see a massive turning-away from pharmaceutical drugs, safe and effective for nearly every ailment imaginable, if you or a professional can figure out the correct remedy for your symptoms.


I'm not sure I even know what the flu is. I don't think I have ever known anyone who had it, and this is from way back before flu vaccines became common. People say they have the flu if they feel lousy for a day, but that's not flu is it?

Watching a mother flip out because her dark-complected child was going to be out in the sun in a northern latitude for two hours--in the fall--without sunscreen on her face made me think about how propagandized we are. The chemicals in sunscreens haven't been tested in any meaningful way, but people slavishly spread them all over their skin and even breathe them in without a thought.

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