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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Trillions and Trillions of Mercury Atoms

Keep Calm Write OnBy Dan Olmsted

Last week I offered a rough estimate of what I believe is responsible for the autism epidemic -- vaccines mostly; other environmental (outside) factors also playing a role in causation, and mercury as an element in both vaccines and the environment, providing a powerful clue to the nature of the disorder: Man-made rather than genetic.
Today I wanted to say a little more about mercury. Metals can be incredibly damaging to human health, whether lead in gasoline or arsenic in Victorian wallpaper and medical potions -- or, as Mark Blaxill and I showed in our book, mercury in everything from syphilis medicine to teething powders to, yes, vaccinations.
We don't need any more studies to demonstrate the neurotoxic properties of these substances. Whole schools are evacuated when mercury -- the relatively less harmful elemental kind, not the organic nightmare that remains in flu shots -- spills out of a test tube. An epic battle was fought to get lead out of gasoline, leading to an increase in the IQ of children -- and a decrease in inner-city delinquency by kids especially exposed to lead paint and gas.
Of all the insanely catastrophic vaccination policies being pursued by our so-called public health authorities -- Hep B on the day of birth; live-virus M, M, and R in the same shot at 12 months, with the chickenpox shot tossed in for good measure -- the worst of all has to be the continued use of thimerosal in flu shots, many of which go to pregnant women and infants.
Had there never been a debate over mercury and autism, this would still be inexcusable, given what we know about the toxicity of organic mercury, namely ethyl mercury, the kind in vaccines. Keeping mercury in any shots became criminal after the FDA recognized the amount in the shots routinely given in 1999. Phasing them out, rather than pulling them off the shelves, was unconscionable. But using fishy language and logic to keep mercury in flu shots -- and extending those shots to all pregnant women and infants -- implies a degree of reckless disregard that would bring a long prison term if it involved anything but -- well, anything but the health of pregnant women and infants.
Recently one of our readers, an expert chemist and outspoken critic of mercury in vaccines, posted a comment that I want to call attention to. The first part will be familiar to most of you, but the last part astonishes me every time I read it.
"A study has been done involving thimerosal-preserved vaccines given to infant monkeys to determine the resultant mercury levels. The whole body exposure of the infant monkeys at 80 micrograms of mercury per kilogram body weight from thimerosal-preserved vaccine resulted in an average of 16 parts per billion inorganic mercury levels in the brain tissue. The half life was over 120 days. See Burbacher et al (2005), figure 7, page 1019.
"Now look at a six-month old human (baby girl) in regard to the exposure from a thimerosal-preserved flu vaccine [in two doses four weeks apart]. First the average weight for a 6 month old baby girl is 16 pounds (7.26 kilograms). See CDC Growth Charts, (2000) page 20.
"Next 25 micrograms of mercury from ... thimerosal-preserved flu vaccine given to a six month old baby girl weighing 7.26 kilograms gives a whole body exposure of 3.44 micrograms per kilogram. So then by extrapolation, as a result of that mercury-preserved flu shot the brain tissue in the child could have 0.69 parts per billion inorganic mercury levels in the brain tissue with a half life of over 120 days.
"That is 2 trillion mercury atoms per gram of the developing brain in that child. No scientist can say that this is a safe level. The insanity of giving children and pregnant women thimerosal preserved flu shots must stop!"
Yet it continues, and as we know, proliferates every day at pharmacies, big box stores and groceries, where check-out people wear T-shirts telling shoppers to get their flu shots. We've heard that not all flu shots contain mercury, and that the percentage is diminishing. But that is no good.
Mercury needs to go. One reason it won't is that if U.S. health authorities ban it -- as they did exactly the same kind of mercury in pesticides in the 1970s -- other nations, and the World Health Organization, will feel obliged to follow. (Co-Med and SafeMinds and others have been pushing the UN to do the same with its mercury treaty, only to run up against the same kind of sophistry.)
The WHO representative at the Simpsonwood Conference in 2000 famously said -- in the face of evidence, already watered-down but still damning, that mercury was triggering an upsurge in autism -- that he needed thimerosal to vaccinate 100 million kids a year. One hundred million by however many trillions -- it boggles the mind.
And that's the moral multiplier: by tolerating mercury in flu shots (and for that matter, any other vaccine) in the U.S., were exporting a nightmarish scenario worldwide. People who talk about thimerosal as a "gentle bacteriostat" or mock the Mercury Moms who first pointed to it are headed to the dustbin of history. I can't wait.
And I can't think of any more clear-cut evidence of the moral black hole our public health authorities have fallen into. Carl Sagan used to look into deep space and see billions and billions of stars. I look at the future of our world and see trillions and trillions of mercury atoms.
Let's not worry about exactly what percentage of autism (etc.) mercury causes -- it's a lot, that's for sure. Let's make it the Number One priority of the vaccine safety and autism movements.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Jim Thompson

The debate of whether Thimerosal is safe is over. It ended thirteen years ago. It is not safe!

The Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers agreed in 1999 that Thimerosal should be removed from vaccines as soon as possible.

And yet the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines has been “in a period of transition” for thirteen years. Children and pregnant women still get flu shots with mercury equivalent to a half cup of D009 mercury hazardous waste.

It took eight years from the time President Kennedy announced his goal to put a man on the moon until Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed there. The United States FDA and CDC have failed their mission.

Please write your US House Representatives and US Senators and demand that Thimerosal be taken out of flu vaccines. Our future generations depend on it!

Jim Thompson

corrections to fix web links:

2006--“The U.S. vaccine supply for infants and pregnant women is in a period of transition; the availability of thimerosal-reduced or thimerosal-free vaccine intended for these groups is being expanded by manufacturers …” ACIP

2010--“The U.S. vaccine supply for infants and pregnant women is in a period of transition as manufacturers expand the availability of thimerosal-reduced or thimerosal-free vaccine to reduce the cumulative exposure of infants to mercury.” ACIP


Come on FDA! Get your chins up and get in the fight. Mercury is out of everything else, but biologics. We already know there are enough non-politically appointed "lifers" in FDA to pull the trigger on a total ban of Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Just do it! America's got your back!


Unfortunately, the FDA is big pharma. And if Thimerosal is ever removed for vaccines, it will have happened IN SPITE of the FDA's best efforts ... NOT as a result of them.

There are a lot of things that can be said about the medical community's reprehensible reluctance to remove mercury from vaccines. But there are three things in particular that scream criminal to me:

1. Over 40 years ago, Eli Lilly's own studies showed that thimerosal was "toxic to tissue cells" in concentrations 100 times weaker than the concentrations found in typical vaccines

2. Almost 40 years ago, it was well documented that Thimerosal was a poor antimicrobial

3. Over 30 years ago, there were studies which showed that the inhalation or ingestion of organic or inorganic mercurials produced auto-immune diseases.

Hmmm, the drug companies know that Thimerosal is toxic, they know it's a piss poor antimicrobial ..... AND they know that it has an uncanny ability to produce auto-immune diseases.

Anyone still wondering why the drug companies who make mercury laced vaccines, the same who make BILLIONS selling treatments for auto-immune diseases...... are so reluctant to make mercury free vaccines????

John Fryer


Yes, until the sad death of Professor Karen Wetterhahn, the whole world accepted the GRAS rating for mercury (Generally Regarded As Safe). Another HUGE, HUGE, HUGE lie but this is what our regulators, bless them told the world for decades.

The whole world did use mercury like there was no tomorrow and often true as for Michael Jackson?

Should help people realise that IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE in the face of danger, IGNORANCE for its own sake is a very valued, cherished and fatal trait in many humans.

Knowledge comes at a high price eg for Karen or persistant work against the establishment:

a biological mechanism for how low levels of mercury may contribute to ASD pathogenesis.

No one wants to know this?

IGNORANCE is indeed highly valued even by regulators and governments.

Media Scholar

Even if they get rid of the mercury which they say is a perservative - but we all have guessed correctly that it is an adjuvant
Huh, they're lacing placebos with Thimerosal. The bright spark that invented that idea obviously knew a true placebo consisting of salt water ONLY would mean something.

Poisoning the placebo to achieve balance in negative neurological outcomes that arise in our children is all part of the game plan. Clearly, it is known that adverse neurological outcomes, if any, are a direct result of the ethyl-mercury dosing.

Check the placebo content here:

Check this and note the upped level of mercury per shot:

Check this out and wonder if avoiding detection of negative neurological outcomes by avoiding infants and toddlers in one study will results in some zealot tossing results into the general pond later to wrongly suggest ethyl-mercury vaccines are proven safe?

It goes on and on and on and on and on......

Come on FDA! Get your chins up and get in the fight. Mercury is out of everything else, but biologics. We already know there are enough non-politically appointed "lifers" in FDA to pull the trigger on a total ban of Thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Just do it! America's got your back!

John Fryer

I believe something like 99 per cent of USA babies get the vaccines recommended, indicating that most people are unaware of the LIES from government and regulators.

Strangely in all this the industry is probably the most responsible. How often is it the industry themselves that put their house in order. Almost always.

Rarely do regulators or government interfere. They take lobbying money by the tens of millions but for the people they represent they prosecute those that arent victims of Big pHARMa.

Apart from TERATOGENIC, MUTAGENIC and CARCINOGENIC mercury compounds which does contain some methylmercury moities there is the ALUMINIUM issue, the OIL issue and the REPEAT vaccine issues.

Vaccines do work or did work but today they often present part of the reason for the declining health in USA children on all fronts.

Autism, childhood cancers, sudden death, epilepsy, diabetes, false accusations of harm from parents and carers but never admissions of problems from abandoned vaccines or vaccines where impurities, mercury, oil et al have been removed.

And the new problem is GMO vaccines (more than ten years now) adding to the uncertainty of safety alongside aspartame in many medical products.

And if the child survives all his vaccines then their is now a GMO diet where again research proves harm from at least one GMO food, the one being tested properly. (Seralini NK603 maize).

My own answer is to avoid doctors like the plague and buy food as far as possible not from tins or packets.

Aspartame in more than 6 000 food items and GMO produced and again found to cause cancer in HUMANS and bizarrely in a group of medical personnel at rates exceeding 1 per cent. I find this frightening when you think of 19th century medicine and most doctors NEVER meeting one single case of cancer. (Shernhammer aspartame study on nurses for a long period).

The Precautionary Principle does not exist as it costs Big pHARMa too much money.

Jim Thompson

Dan, ten years ago a group of experts convened for a Mercury Neurotoxicity Workshop and issued a report that states that “There is no evidence that there is a threshold for the dose-response functions in the available data.”

And here we are ten years later and there is still no known threshold of neurotoxic injury from mercury. But wait, it gets worse.

Thirteen years ago it was agreed that thimerosal-containing vaccines would be removed “as soon as possible.”

But it still is in flu shots and recommended as “safe” for children and pregnant women!

1999--“…the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers agree that thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible.”

2001--“Influenza vaccine distributed in the United States [still] contains thimerosal...”

2003 "For the 2003--04 influenza season, a limited number of individually packaged doses of preservative-free influenza vaccine will be available..."

2006--“The U.S. vaccine supply for infants and pregnant women is in a period of transition; the availability of thimerosal-reduced or thimerosal-free vaccine intended for these groups is being expanded by manufacturers …” ACIP

2010--“The U.S. vaccine supply for infants and pregnant women is in a period of transition as manufacturers expand the availability of thimerosal-reduced or thimerosal-free vaccine to reduce the cumulative exposure of infants to mercury.” ACIP

2012-- “The U.S. vaccine supply for infants and pregnant women is in a period of transition as manufacturers expand the availability of thimerosal-reduced or thimerosal-free vaccine to reduce the cumulative exposure of infants to mercury.”

Dan, it is a crime against humanity that the removal of this heavy metal from vaccinations for children and pregnant women has "been in a period of transition" for thirteen years!


"Why in the world did it ever occur to "scientists" to inject it [mercury] in large quantities into every living human, dog, and cat?"

Oh scientists had little to do with it.

Thimerosal was invented by a Rockefeller researcher. I'll spare you my theories on WHY it was invented. I will say that once the Rockefellers discovered how ESSENTIAL the sun was for good health we started to learn how BAD the sun was for us.

Some of the initial testing on Thimerosal indicated much risk but as is the fashion now these negative results were ignored and not followed up. When your name is Rockefeller you get your products into production and thus the "need" for Thimerosal in medicine was found to be great.

By the time the FDA came into being Thimerosal was an old medical hand and the FDA grandfathered it in GRAS. The FDA has never tested Thimerosal for safety and we can safely assume NEVER will as they certainly KNOW it is NOT safe.


IMO Mercury may well be a necessary if not sufficient condition for the ASDs. There is MORE than enough evidence for us to ASSUME that in avoiding mercury not only are we avoiding the ASDs but a whole boat load of other problems.

If we assumed wrong we lost nothing.

Win, win, preventive medicine at its best.

Maurine Meleck

It never ceases to amaze me how many people still have no clue about the vaccine/autism controversy. Just yesterday, in a conversation with a stranger about Josh, the person said, "You mean you think vaccines can cause illnesses like autism? I never heard that."
Then just ask anyone about Honey Boo Boo and their faces light up with recognition.

John Stone

Toxic when released into the environment, but safe when injected into babies!

Birgit Calhoun

My interest in mercury started with the ability to use Google. I needed to know why my oldest son had all these symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, falling into a sudden rage without any reason. I Googled those words. What Google came up with was mercury. All of the websites Google came up with indicated that mercury caused all those symptoms. At that point I became convinces that mercury caused my oldest son's symptoms, and it started my interest in all mercury-related illnesses. I read all the books I could find, and I started a webpage on dental amalgam and mercury. That was in the year 2000. I learned how to write html and I got a lot of information. At some point later curzone kind of usurped my website. But I didn't care because I want all the information to get out.


Cmo, LMAO regarding your last post - of course it's not so funny that it's so darned true.

Jeannette Bishop

The average 2 month old girl (10.5 lbs, less than 5 kg) who received three TCVs, 62.5 micrograms, in the 1990s, I guess received over three and 1/2 times the dosage considered above.

Of course that is assuming all this poison is distributed equally. The 1990s average dosing, or even greater, could still be occurring from unequally distributed thimerosal containing flu vaccine today.


As before and always, the "vaccine safety evidence" from the other side is far beyond pathetic.

Basically an endless number of similar population studies that state that Autism rates are about the same for those with 27 vaccines compared to 23, or 31 compared to 28.... therefore whatever the hell vaccine they provide is "safe." Even 9 or 10 on the same day...

The "A team" for the other side is somewhere between corrupt and prison.

Dr. Offit - vaccines pulled off the CDC schedule.

Dr. Thorsen - on his way to prison sooner or later

Dr. Nancy clueless/ arrogant vaccine witch

Dr. Gerberding Works for those she was supposed to regulate.

the Vaccine Court - seals/hides all facts and evidence in the Hannah Poling case

the CDC - cannot figure something out which is 100 times more common than polio.

barbara j

In the State of Maryland, children on State insurance programs are not allowed to receive thimerosal free flu vaccines at any pediatric practice if over the age of three. You may not request self pay, you have no options other than to leave and go to Target at which time you lie and claim your children have no insurance.

Doug Troutman

The government & industry knew years ago thimerosal was very distructive to the human body. I don't think they miss a trick on how to poison people and treat them for the rest of their lives.


Research says those that have Kawasakis disease goes on to have problems with lipid metabolism.

The heart muscles from that disease will slowly weaken.

They also say there are those with atypical Kawasakis - they don't have all the symptoms. So it could be easily missed.

Those that have the full blown syptoms though -- it looks just like the mercury known "Pinks Disease".

In the 1980s medical researchers did a survey of recent activities the family did before their child came down with Kawasakis.

A lot of them had cleaned their carpets.
I recently found that antimony is put on syntheic fibers.
Mold releases antimony in the air while growing on wet carpet. On the Kawasakis website there was one person that claimed he became with with Kawasakis the day after he played a a wet abandon carpet down by a creek.

Antimony acts on the body the same way a arsenic.
All the metals seem to act on the most basic level - affecting our ability to make energy.

The vaccine manufactures could start putting antimony in the vaccines.
When is the next massive deployment??? Never let a good crises go to waste.


If they stop the mercury and the aluminium in the vaccines does that mean that they will replace it with squalene?

Squalene I am pretty sure was tested on our troops in the first Gulf War - and it caused the most dreaded disease of all -- ALS.

Squalene - used in Europed H1N1 flu shot and it caused narcolepsy

Squalene - probably tested out again on children in Africa and they fell asleep every time they tried to eat.

Squalene is probably the very thing in the Mediterrean Diet that is helping fight inflammation and they are using it in vaccines - causing our immune system to fight againest it.

Squalene is that a lipid? Perhaps the very lipid that makes up the walls of the mitochondria - that is suppose to be tight enough to keep the electons in and the proton out.

Hmmm could mercury combine with the lipids in our bodies?


Even if they get rid of the mercury which they say is a perservative - but we all have guessed correctly that it is an adjuvant -- there is still the aluminum.
Aluminium toxicity acts upon the same areas of the brain as Alzheimer's disease, and apparently children with autism.
Will they up the amount of aluminium to make up for the missing mercury?


Is it true that even the now mercury free vaccines still contain a trace of mercury?
Wasn't it considered a trace already way back when --- the Government geniuses was just counting one individual vaccine and not the collective childhood shots?

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Dan. I agree wholeheartedly. It is also becoming more known that small amounts of mercury [ALL forms] are causing damage to the immune system. Scientifically, morally and ethically - thimerosal should not be used in any medical products. The irony:

AAP 2012
"You’re going to have some people who feel that any amount of mercury in the environment is not a good thing,” said Michael Brady, M.D., FAAP, chair of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases."

AAP 2001
"Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children, and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population."

I do think AAP will be haunted by this. Meanwhile, mercury continues to damage bodies worldwide.

Tony Bateson

Dan Olmsted is right to single out mercury as potentially the cause of most autism, I'm tempted to believe all autism in one way or another, because it is simply an inescapable conclusion. Having been active in the ban Thiomersal (UK spelling) vaccine argument in the early 2000s I was astonished when without warning the government dropped it in September 2004, at a few weeks notice and without explanation unless 'making a safe vaccine safer' is an explantion. However, extraordinarily, I knew they were going to do it. Boyd Haley alerted people to the curious UK lack of unvaccinated autistics at the February 2004 US conference on Vaccine Safety (the general tenor of which may have frightened UK attenders) because one of them told my daughter in April 2004 that Thiomersal was to be dropped. She like the UK Government vaccine advisor are both linked to an Oxford Hospital where the advisor works but unknown to him my daughter was very much aware of the mercury/vaccine issues becaue her sister is autistic whilst she is Vice-Chairman of an autism care centre where her sister lives.

Tony Bateson, Birmingham UK


Thimerosal is 49.6% mercury.

In solution, Thimerosal rapidly breaks down to ethyl-mercury, a organic form of mercury, and sodium thiosalicylate.

One half milliliter dose of a Thimerosal-containing vaccine hypothetically carries a concentration of mercury at a level of 55 parts per million into the bodies of infants and toddlers, as well as the unborn children still inside their mommy's tummy.

Organic mercury itself is not what causes neurological problems. Neurotoxicity problems arise when the organic form of mercury compound decomposes into to the inorganic mercuric mercury form.

Ethyl-mercury, the organic form of vaccine mercury, crosses the blood-brain barrier where it decomposes into inorganic, mercuric mercury. In terms of ranking mercury compounds by neuro-toxicity, ethyl-mercury is at the top of the list.

It is noted in the literature that as ethyl-mercury was found to be decomposing to inorganic in the brains of children this was not part of the detoxification process.

Methyl-mercury, the organic form of tuna mercury, also crosses the blood-brain barrier, but it does not appear to decompose into the neurologically damaging inorganic, mercuric mercury as much as the organic form of vaccine mercury does.

This wide difference in organic mercury compound volatility suggests that the criminal decision of twelve plus years ago to not establish a FDA safe exposure level for internal injection of Thimerosal was a criminal decision to not establish a FDA safe exposure level for internal injection of Thimerosal twelve plus years ago.

American infants and toddlers do not come with full chem suits as the US Environmental Protection Agency suggests lab workers don prior to laboratory Thimerosal exposure, and they do not typically munch tuna sandwiches prior to an age of having teeth to munch them with.

Also as Dan Olmsted indirectly points out, doctors do not use syringes to directly inject tuna salad into the bodies of America's infants and toddlers, but they do inject ethyl-mercury laced vaccines into them still.

Incidentally, the 2005 study mentioned was seized upon by both sides of the Autism-Mercury debate. One side saw the greater levels of inorganic mercury in the vaccine mercury brain tissue specimens. The other side took the blood results to their mass media outlets prior to the meeting, and then flapped them around in the air at the 2004 Institutes of Medicine Autism-Mercury meeting as if they were Neville Chamberlain waving his "peace in our time" contract with Adolf Hitler claiming "it all gets pooped out". This was very careless to do since either fecal mercury samples of monkey dropping were not taken at all as part of the 2005 study, or they were taken and the authors of the study decided to not publish them.

So whether or not the 2005 study adds up to a hill of beans at all relates to accuracy and relevant methodology.

Demonstrating Autism as a result of micro-mecurialism or macro-mecurialism in very small subjects can be affected by whether or not the actual specimens are representative of portions of brains associated with cognitive skills, or tissue results came by scrambling lots and lots of monkey brains in a blender and separating the liquid mercury results from the solid mercury results and calling them organic or inorganic.

cia parker

Great summary of the mercury issue, Dan! It's amazing the mercurial array of mercury-derived symptoms, from paralysis, dementia, dizziness, poor balance, and extreme fatigue, to language difficulties, social difficulties (i.e., autism), chronic constipation or diarrhea - why in the world did it ever occur to "scientists" to inject it in large quantities into every living human, dog, and cat? I think the nonchalance in admitting the error (which permanently damaged my daughter, who reacted to the mercury-containing hep-B shot at birth during the "phase-out" period in May 2000) is largely due to the fear of the consequences. What's going to happen to all those pharma and medical executives when the numbers of those damaged is realized? Are they going to go down without a fight when the revelation of the truth is going to mean life in prison for many of them, and billions of dollars from the taxpayers in damages for the children (and adults) injured? My mother has had Alzheimer's (from flu vaccines) for fifteen years: how much is fifteen years of a life worth? Or all the years of life of a child, like mine, autistic thanks to vaccines? It boggles everybody's mind, it is absolutely unprecedented, and so we see those responsible for this debacle digging their feet into the ground to try to put off the day of reckoning.

Tim Kasemodel

If you need a great way to explain why the FDA rational for thimerosol is insane you can use this from my 2008 AoA post:


"The FDA’s justification for safety of thimerosal exposure for infants under current recommendations is that the total possible exposure of 28 micrograms by 7 months of age is “significantly below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculated exposure guideline for methyl mercury of 65 micrograms during the first 6 months of life for a child in the fifth percentile body weight.” The word “during” indicates the calculation was made based on the daily weight of this baby multiplied by the daily exposure limit, calculated each day, then totaled after 6 months. However, the EPA exposure guidelines are 0.1 mcg per kilogram body weight per day. For a 20 pound infant, the 65 micrograms calculated to be safe by the FDA would be 72 times more than allowed that day. The 12.5 micrograms of mercury in each of the mandatory two flu shots is actually 14 times more than the EPA guidelines for the average 6 month old.

This is the same as the FDA accepting that giving 8400 mgs of Tylenol (three 1 oz. bottles) all at one time at 6 months and another 8400 mgs at 7 months of age is “SAFE” because the baby could have received 43,200 mgs now that he is 180 days old.

Toxicologists emphasize that any poison’s harm will differ markedly depending on how the exposure is delivered, i.e. inhalation, oral ingestion, or injection.

Ironically, material safety data sheets for thimerosal make no mention of exposure through injection.

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