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Keep Calm Write OnBy Dan Olmsted

I try not to comment on the choices and difficulties faced by families dealing with autism -- mainly, because mine is not one. But after nearly a decade (yes, I first edited an investigation of the CDC and vaccine conflicts in 2003), I will venture to say this: The holidays are not always "the most wonderful time of the year" promised in song, advertisements and cultural come-on of all kinds.

There are multiple reasons for this, I think, including the simple inability to gather the way many would wish, due to logistics and occasionally resistance, implied or fully expressed, from other family members. And it can be a bit hard to identify exactly what it is one ought -- ought, never a good word -- to be thankful for. But there's more to it than that, as witnessed in this e-mail exchange I was part of earlier this week, about a child who "ages out" this year right between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

"I'm rather a wreck over it -- haven't brought her paperwork from probate court to town hall.  I just haven't had the heart or courage. It has cast a pall over the entire holiday season. -- so I'm just looking to January to start the year and do the same stuff all over again -- I'm pretty tired right now, and you know how that goes."

Well, I don't know how that goes, personally. Cheap, teary empathy is already too much in vogue. To the extent that I have any insight at all, it mostly comes from talking to, visiting, staying with many families over the years and reading their accounts right here, on AOA. But the other person on this e-mail had plenty of experience.

"We are at a bumpy road and really have been for a while," said this mom, whose daughter is about the same age. "It is so hard, all of it, and I wonder how we do it."

Thanksgiving, especially, is all about family. And one thing I do know for sure is that the autism epidemic reflects a fundamental betrayal of American families. Doctors and journalists and judges and scientists, among many others, have failed in their duty to listen to the real stories of real people, real families, and instead have thrown in their lot with the Bigs -- big medicine, big pharma, big media, big government, big money -- and left families to fend for themselves.

I could do without hearing the phrase "family values" ever again, or at least until those afflicted by autism and other disorders of our Age are heard, understood and compensated, the epidemic ends, and those who let this calamity arise and drag on face some sort of accountability, truth and justice.

Meanwhile, I suppose, we all (or most of us) will slog on, but I don't expect a lot of the folks I know to be particularly festive about it.

"'Happy Thanksgiving' can be an oxymoron for so many of us," wrote one the e-mailers above. "But I do give thanks for all of us being together in this. I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. Though we are all scattered around the country, just knowing you are all out there fighting with me gives me courage."

As for me, I'm thankful for this, which Anne Dachel quoted in an e-mail lately: "I take comfort in the knowledge that my job is to wake up every day and do the next right thing." -- Paul Arthur.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of






Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Autism Grandma, Thankyou for your beautiful comment. I want to ask you if you are doing any kind of chelation of mercury for your grandson. The nightmares which you describe are likely to be "night terrors", which are specifically caused by mercury. In night terrors the child wakes up but is paralyzed for quite a few minutes.


We presently live in a "corporatocracy" in the US of A.

They provided most of the 5-6 billion dollars worth of campaign commercials we had to watch to elect the same basic people again. Corporations own both sides of the aisle, and provide endless funds to both sides to help them keep their jobs. They will do anything to protect their sources of money and power.

Someone in Congress going up against the "corporatocracy" would never be able to match the funding for their opponent in the next election cycle.

Back in the old days, pediatric nurses were crying at congressional hearings because they did not want to be forced to give ONE VACCINE, the "badly flawed whole cell DPT shot" to children. The present group of pediatricians and ped nurses CANNOT possibly be vaccinating their OWN children according to the present 40 dose to age five CDC schedule.

About a million Autistic children are at the bottom of the fiscal cliff, those above... still want vaccine money mandated from their brothers and sisters

barbara j

Our children are not protected under the laws in this country. We could more easily sue for a bad haircut for our dog, than the loss of a future for our kids.Fighting for our children to be treated fairly and equally under the laws in this land should be our first step. Vaccine court is a place to make us "go away", it hides the true damage from the public and VAERS is a nice "binder" to hide the real harm. Basic rights of human beings are being trampled and we need to change the LAW.

Teresa Conrick

Yes -- thank you, Dan, for being like Columbo, and like family, all rolled into one.

Benedetta - 1943 is the date of Kanner's famous paper on the very first children who were ever identified with the new disorder, coined "autism", those "Kanner 11"....

"Since 1938, there have come to our attention a number of children whose condition differs so markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far, that each case merits - and, I hope, will eventually receive - a detailed consideration of its fascinating peculiarities........."


Thank you Dan. I admire your work all these years. Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude - you have mine.


1943 Leo Kranner wrote his paper.

Liz P

Thank you, Dan, you are the voice heard 'round the world. This Thanksgiving, we are among the more fortunate of the Autism families, thanks to amazing therapists, available allergen-, chemical-, artificial-free food, our tenuous freedom to procure myriad nutritional supplements, and incredible specialists who spend the time with our daughter to understand our concerns and evaluate (REALLY EVALUATE) her needs. Our ability to continue her "recovery" is on the rails, but we will continue until we have no credit-line left (hopefully mommy will find more work soon - it's been a year and a half). Each day I awaken with a sick feeling of dread, knowing ever more children are queued to fall into Autism's abyss; and I resolve to do all in my power to awaken their parents from their PhRMA-induced stupor and help them forever tether their children to good Health.


Truly I do not know how everyone in the autism community is surviving, especially the majority who are hanging on by a thread because they do not realize that there are safe natural therapies for treating their children. We are barely hanging on ourselves, but we are blessed with a life saving rope that has saved my grandson from drowning in the sea of autism. He still has intestinal problems, behavioral problems and has severe reactions to chemical exposures, but since some of the most important problems are being resolved, we are very grateful. When I think of his previous "zombie" days being lost in space with no recognition of us, and loosing his ability to walk and talk, I am so grateful for the progress he has made, even though it has been a long exhausting road over the past five years to make it to this point.

When I look back to last year at Thanksgiving we were celebrating my grandson's regaining his ability to talk. After trying a dozen different probiotics we finally hit the jackpot with Klaire Labs "TherBiotic Complete". As we all know, "Keep Trying" and "Good Things Take Time" are words to live by with autism.

One Sunday my grandson came home from church and told me that "Jesus can touch a dead person and they will come back to life"...then a few minutes later, he said, "Grandma, I was dead but Jesus helped me and I came back to life." I just get tears in my eyes whenever I think of this, in realizing that he actually felt "dead". He could never tell us how he felt until he regained his speech, but we knew how he felt by all of his screaming and crying. He was miserable and suffering and it was all caused by vaccine damages, which according to my grandson's words, "Jesus is really mad at those people who made me get the "ouchy pokey".

He still has nightmares, but that has greatly improved over the past 5 years. Still, the nightmares are very telling. He tells us that "the monsters are hurting him" and that he dreams that his "throat is stuck again". To think of what all these children have gone through and are still going through makes me feel very depressed.

He tells us things like his "brain is making him crazy" when he gets around perfume or fabric softener and other toxic chemicals in other places. That includes Thanksgiving dinner at the relatives house last year. We ask everyone not to wear perfume, but they do anyway, and then when he acts hyper and wacko, they "can't understand why" even though we have explained it over and over. So this year they asked my daughter to come later after dinner, presumably so they could "eat dinner in peace" which is understandable, but my daughter said "No Thank You", and we instead ate dinner here. Eating dinner with the "family" who have not supported us in any way whatsoever, is something we can live without.

There are many things we can't afford because our primary goal is maintaining my grandson's recovery program. Things just keep breaking down, but we can live without the dishwasher, and the air purifier, and the computer printer, etc. although I am just praying that the refrigerator and washer and dryer can keep going. Our 27 year old stove is down to 2 burners but we can make it on one burner if we have to. Last summer the 20 year old hot water heater went out, but we heated up water on the stove for dishes, did the laundry in cold water (no big deal), and took baths in my grandson's little pool. Thankfully we got it fixed in the nick of time before it was too cold for the pool. Whatever we have to live without is OK as long as we can keep my grandson on his nutritional and recovery program, because NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT.

Last year the tires on my daughter's 1996 car were so old that finally one blew out, but thankfully that didn't happen on the highway, but on a side road right next to the fire department. [Thank You God] The nice firemen did a temporary fix and gave my grandson the grand tour of a firetruck. He was so excited when they let him turn on the flashing lights, but then he found the SIREN switch. Uh Oh...They laughed about it!!! There are still many good people in this world, in spite of the evil ones who are destroying our children.


Was it because Kennedy mentioned that year in his interview by "The Rolling Stone Mag"

“More than 500,000 kids currently suffer from autism, and pediatricians diagnose more than 40,000 new cases every year,” says Kennedy. “The disease was unknown until 1943, when it was identified and diagnosed among 11 children born in the months after thimerosal was first added to baby vaccines"


Dan, all these years I've always assumed you were parent to an Autistic child, until now. You have reported on this epidemic tirelessly. Thank you.


Is it from this Disney little short made in 1943 explaining to the public what vaccinations do -- this was made for the government agency called "Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs."

I never heard of it?

barbara j

interesting..and mentions Kawasaki in the mix of vaccine caused illness


"... The only real thing I could come up with is how grateful I am for all those out there like you, Dan, who fight this battle for us and our kids when you don't have to at all, when you could so easily walk away from this whole disaster and ignore it like the rest of the country, the rest of the world...."


I couldn't agree more.

The medical community is entirely responsible for this vaccine-based assault on our children. And there will come a day when they will all be held responsible for what they did to, and then refused to do for them. For me, they come to represent everything that is wrong with our society.

People like Dan however, give me hope. Because he represents everything that is still right.

KFuller Yuba City

Thank you Dan for staying with us. So many of us at the front of the pack with children born in the early 90's have children aging out of everything they know. We go to court to conserve our children, get the special needs trust in place, apply for SSI and hope for the best. Authorities invade our homes before they allow the conservation, it's very much like adopting your own child. But, I still have hope. Hope that this insanity will stop. Imagine if you had not done all that you have done how many more children would be affected by Autism. Again...Thank you.

barbara j

The pediatrician on TV just said, two of fifty, is that softer than saying one in twenty five? This is her reality, and she added, "the flu has been around forever, it CAN NOT explain the autism epidemic".
Why can't they do the study, because they like children to have similar factors. Take 20 autistic children , then among the 480 left pick 20, and compare, they all had their shots and these 20 have autism and these 20 don't , therefore autism isn't caused by vaccine. That's the way I've been reading studies for the last 10yrs., before that, they were a bit more honest. Now it's absurd science example gardasil, give twenty a gardasil shot take another twenty and give them a shot of aluminum adjuvant, similar effects, call the adjuvant the placebo and send the vaccine to market based on this safety study.
Just a simple questionaire, we allowed them in for so many of these crazy studies, do it with vaccinated vs unvaccinated.
The pediatricians for the most part do not know their unvacc'd kids, no reason for their services, ours knows only because of his sick sibs and honestly finds him a bit "too much"..telling him once at age three to let his brothers speak for themselves, while the little guy was trying to explain how much his brothers' throats or ears must hurt. A three year old unvacc'd kid, has a filter, he did not call the doc an "ass", that was what I was thinking.


But - at the end of the war -- they did have trails for crimes against humanity.


Are there any reason for the date 1943?

I always think the 1930s as the time they changed the treatment of epilepsy from diets to just drugs.

As quoted below from a Wiki
"Phenytoin (diphenylhydantoin) was first synthesized by German chemist Heinrich Biltz in 1908. Biltz sold his discovery to Parke-Davis, which did not find an immediate use for it. In 1938, outside scientists including H. Houston Merritt and Tracy Putnam discovered phenytoin's usefulness for controlling seizures, without the sedative effects associated with phenobarbital"

And phenobarbital:
"The first barbiturate drug, barbital, was synthesized in 1902 by German chemists Emil Fischer and Joseph von Mering and was first marketed as Veronal by Friedr. Bayer et comp. By 1904, several related drugs, including phenobarbital, had been synthesized by Fischer. Phenobarbital was brought to market in 1912 by the drug company Bayer as the brand Luminal. It remained a commonly prescribed sedative and hypnotic until the introduction of benzodiazepines in the 1960s.[6]

Phenobarbital's soporific, sedative and hypnotic properties were well known in 1912, but nobody knew it was also an effective anticonvulsant. The young doctor Alfred Hauptmann[7] gave it to his epilepsy patients as a tranquilizer and discovered their seizures were susceptible to the drug. Hauptmann performed a careful study of his patients over an extended period. Most of these patients were using the only effective drug then available, bromide, which had terrible side effects and limited efficacy. On phenobarbital, their epilepsy was much improved: The worst patients suffered fewer and lighter seizures and some patients became seizure-free. In addition, they improved physically and mentally as bromides were removed from their regimen.

In 1940, at a clinic in Ansbach, Germany, around 50 intellectually disabled children were injected with the drug Luminal and killed that way. A plaque was erected in their memory in 1988 in the local hospital at Feuchtwanger Strasse 38.[9]"

Well a plaque is not as cheap as a card of sympathy to the families. I suppose but less time comsuming - like trying to find all the addresses and mailing out 50 cards with all the stamps and writing. Beside is was 40 years later - and who needs compensating after all that time.

Wendy Frye

Thank you, Dan. Acting Atlas, holding up the family with Autism, day in and day out....minute by minute, until BOOM! It's the 18th birthday. Knowing that we still have a long road ahead making sure a secure future is at can be paralyzing. This situation cannot be considered a new normal! The upcoming wave of children, the reality is a travesty. The moral liability is incomprehensible.

Angus Files

Thanks Dan I gave up expecting people to understand or even try to understand,but never do I shut up about not telling people whether the horse goes to water and drinks is another story..not mine ..we woke up many years ago but most are still sleeping and belief in pharma stands..


Donna L.

As my son and I sat home alone on Thanksgiving while the rest of my family and relatives were celebrating and pigging out elsewhere, I tried my damnedest to think of something to be thankful for. The only real thing I could come up with is how grateful I am for all those out there like you, Dan, who fight this battle for us and our kids when you don't have to at all, when you could so easily walk away from this whole disaster and ignore it like the rest of the country, the rest of the world. Thank you for doing "the next right thing" day after day after day. It matters more than you will ever know.

First do no harm

Very well said. Thank you. And BTW, I would take "cheap teary empathy" any day over NDs telling us we don't love and accept our children because we strive to recover them from the neurological damage they've suffered.

Bob Moffitt

Dan .. you wrote: "I could do without hearing the phrase "family values" ever again, or at least until those afflicted by autism and other disorders of our Age are heard, understood and compensated, the epidemic ends, and those who let this calamity arise and drag on face some sort of accountability, truth and justice."

I don't equate the failure of those responsible for this "calamity" as representives of a failure of "family values".

What they do represent is failure of scientists .. which is precisely why President Obama has formed a committee that seeks to restore "scientific integrity" within the United States.

There is no better evidence of the lack of "scientific intergity" than those who are desperate to avoid having serious questions asked and answered at the pending Congressional hearing on autism.

After all, science should welcome the opportunity to answer questions explaining the lack of progress they have made with the BILLION dollars they have spent .. and .. most importantly .. why the critical questions .. such as the "vac v. unvac" study .. or those raised by Dr. Bernadine Healy remain unanswered?

SOMEONE HAS TO ASK WHY THE VAC V. UNVAC STUDY IS SO COMPLEX IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE DONE!!!!!! Let's hear the answer so we can evaluate the "scientific integrity" behind it.

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