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Age of Autism Turns Five As Autism Epidemic Continues to Grow

5 numberWelcome to Age of Autism, the Daily Web Newspaper of the Autism Epidemic.  We are published to give voice to those who believe autism is an environmentally induced illness, that it is treatable, and that children can recover. For the most part, the major media in the United States aren't interested in that point of view, they won't investigate the causes and possible biomedical treatments of autism independently, and they don't listen to the most important people – the parents, many of whom have witnessed autistic regression and medical illness after vaccinations. We do all those things, and more.

We believe that autism is the defining disorder of our age, man-made and therefore preventable, and that it points to the truth about other problems that beset us, from ADD to asthma to Alzheimer's. We address those issues as well, along with exposing the special interests, bureaucratic inertia, and medical malfeasance that perpetuate denial and suffering.

Since beginning in November 2007, we've run hundreds of posts and thousands of reader comments and received millions of hits by people who share our mission. We are here to stay.

We depend on our valued sponsors and advertisers, as well as individual donations.

Thanks for joining us.



You have helped me through the hardest times by providing
valuable information,knowledge,sharing and the gave the ability to connect with others with the same heartache and struggles.God bless you all for your hard work and dedication.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Happy 5th Birthday and thank-you all for your informative articles.

Elizabeth Gillespie-(been logging on since October 2008)


Can't thank you enough for all you do.

Trina Aurin

I am very thankful for this newsletter - as parents with a child with autism your information is very helpful and enlightening and many times frustration - but it helps!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for five years of valuable reporting! May it be less than five more for most to wake up to the risks they have been duped into taking and administering.

The A-Word

One more year. Glad to see you guys are still around. Have you guys check out our web series about a family dealing with autism? Check it out and let us know what you think about it. http://www.youtube.com/theawordautism/

Very Angry Very Hairy Man

Not happy about this AoA .... My child is 7

If only you had been in existence for a decade , you might have just helped me avoid this mess .
The NAS of the UK made sure I landed right in the middle of this unholy mess .

However , nonetheless , God bless all at AoA .
Thanks to everyone for all your hard work , in particular John Stone , another hero .

Stacey Auger

There are no coincidences. Today is my beautiful grandson's 6th birthday too. Happy Birthday to both of you. It was a wonderful day for his whole family - because of you.
He is one of the truly lucky one's whose life was changed because of you - all of you at AoA; including the warrior parents and grandparents who comment with such wisdom and passion.

I remember clearly sitting at my computer 4 years ago - on the usual 2am research run, desperate to make sense of what was happening to my beautiful boy. I came across your site. My heart was pounding as I spent the entire night reading everything AoA had ever written/generated.
You validated every one of my carefully constructed hypothesis about this disease. I knew I wasn't alone, I had the benefit of all of the other minds that were hard at work to vanquish this evil.You were there for me, even on the dark days; when others often were not.
You have made me laugh - made me cry - and most importantly kept me firm in my resolve to never give up.

You are supposed to receive gifts on your birthday - let me give this one to you:

This beautiful 6 year old boy is happy - healthy - has age appropriate language skills and just started kindergarten with no supports, no IEP. He just finished his second season on a typically developing soccer team - he collects trophies!

At his birthday party with peers, (at a sensory overloading children's place), he had hands down the best social skills and manners; and the most fun. He is 90% symptom free.
YOU did that.

This wasn't a case of being misdiagnosed, this child had every ugly symptom and health burden that the spectrum can throw at a young body and mind.

You were pivotal in this child's recovery and my greatest source of resolve.

You did that by staying up late, researching one more study, digging for the truth, writing one more article, taking time from your families, sharing important information with others. What you do does make a difference, does change lives, did change a life.

Thank you,
S Auger


Thank you for all you do!


I would think you have provided a number of "Happy BIrthdays"

for those parents you have reached and prevented another man-made Autism disaster.

First do no harm

Happy Birthday - as happy as it can be under the circumstances. Thank you for the great work in reporting on the autism epidemic. Where would we be without you?


Happy Birthday, and thank you so much for the amazing work and courage, covering this sad period in human history.


Happy fifth! You guys do an amazing job of getting out the news on autism- in a way that no one else dares to do. Pressure! Thanks!


Happy Birthday Age of Autism! Thank you for all you to do for our community!♥

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