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The Canary Party Demands New York Health Department Investigation: Pesticide Implicated in Tics and Seizures in Three Female Pitchers from Corinth

Canary squareA third softball pitcher in upstate New York has now suddenly been stricken with seizures and tics, bringing the total number of victims in the Leroy and Corinth areas to 20. An investigation this week by Canary Party Chairman, Mark Blaxill, and Age of Autism journalist, Dan Olmsted, revealed that three out of the four Corinth softball pitchers have now developed similar symptoms. The Canary Party calls for New York officials to stop dismissing this disorder as “mass hysteria” and start looking into physical causes such as environmental toxins.

Starting a year ago, 20 teenagers from the areas around LeRoy and Corinth, New York have been suffering a sudden onset of unexplained seizures, blackouts, motor problems and difficulty breathing. According to Olmsted and Blaxill the latest victim, a Corinth 9th grader, collapsed into unconsciousness a week ago. Like the other victims, she and her family were told her disorder is psychological rather than medical. The girl’s mother, Shannon Matuszak, a psychiatric nurse, says her daughter is on antibiotics and staying home, missing the classes and sports she enjoys. The girl is still suffering three to four seizures a day.

In July, Blaxill and Olmsted reported that an agricultural field adjacent to the LeRoy, N.Y. school playing fields had recently been aerially sprayed with the pesticide Bifenthrin, a.k.a. Tundra, which paralyzes the nervous system of insects. The National Pesticide Information Center says clinical studies on rats given high doses of Bifenthrin showed development of “tremors, clonic [rapid muscle contraction/relaxation] convulsions, twitching, incoordination, staggered gait, splayed hind limbs, atypical posture.”

Blaxill and Olmsted stated in their latest article at the Age of Autism website, “We noted the odd fact that Lori and Alycia were both pitchers, who touch the ball -- which touches the ground -- on every play; pitchers sometimes rub their hands in the dirt and lick their fingers to get a better grip on the ball. We investigated the pesticides that the school’s landscaper told us are "spot-sprayed" on the softball infields to control crabgrass (the boys' baseball infield is grass). Safety data sheets for those pesticides describe symptoms similar to those the three pitchers have exhibited.” Blaxill and Olmsted obtained documents under the state Freedom of Information Law showing that the Corinth school district continues to use pesticides, though officially the chemicals are banned except for emergencies.

Because the number of victims with neurological disorders is still increasing in the upstate New York clusters, The Canary Party calls on state and local officials to swiftly move forward with comprehensive medical investigations of the symptoms suffered by the 20 young people there.

Ginger Taylor, Executive Director of the Canary Party, believes that the treatment of the New York tic victims has been a travesty of science and lacks common sense. “For psychologists to write off the neurological disorders of 20 people with tics, seizures and unconsciousness as simply conversion disorder is illogical and irresponsible. Health officials should be testing these victims for environmental toxins like Bifenthrin, and not pretending the problem will just go away.”



Two excellent documentaries that can be viewed for free online right now:

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives
(A documentary about GMOs and their possible connections to many diseases including autism (by way of leaky gut) and see how scientists who speak out against them get Wakefielded.)


Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease

(See how people are treated like these girls (told it's all in their heads) and watch how
doctors who care to treat them get Wakefielded.)



You guys may also want to consider looking into Lyme Disease. It can have devastating neurological symptoms and is extremely difficult to combat. Usually, long-term prescription antibiotics (3 years +) is a common form of treatment for Lyme. It's highly prevalent in the North East US and some estimates figure there are up to 480,000 new infections a year (Aids infects about 39,000 per year) which makes Lyme the largest epidemic in America.


I think one positive preventive action, since our health authorities have gone so far astray, would be for everyone to print out several copies of this story. Then look up your local softball coaches and principals and vice principals, school board members, and even the families of softball players. Most schools and sport teams have yearbooks and we all know what phone books are. Mail them all the articles. What parent of a girl would not want to know about this? Maybe silently, with a window of opportunity BEFORE any incidences occur that could result in legal liabilities, they will stop using those pesticides and take time to consider the implications of the article. We can't expect AofA to be responsible for informing the general public, when all of us could certainly take an hour to do the same. Many hands make light work. Maybe start with LeRoy, and if you can't find individual addresses, send the info to local businesses. Owners of small business probably open the mail themselves. It's a small town, they are ALL surrounded by the same chemicals.
And if you actually do this, I bet AofA would love to know how many people you touched, to know that their wonderful efforts do not stop when the screen times out.


Thanks for reporting this, it is certainly a travesty. Part of the problem is there is hardly any testing or data on the effects of pesticides like Bifenthrin. If you look at the EPA's IRIS database, it was deemed "safe" after they let female dogs eat it for one year! They don't even know what to look for because they have never tested inhalation or dermal contact of this chemical, or its affect on teenage girls, for that matter. The DSM-IV should be banned -- think how much further along we would be if 100 years ago we decided there were no "mental" disorders and started looking for the biological basis from the start...

barbara j

so..time to dial that number LeRoy?

If you have a poisoning emergency in the United States call 1-800-222-1222.
If the victim has collapsed or is unconscious, call 911.
Chlorpyrifos is a Organophosphorus compound.
Report a Poisoning
Symptoms of Poisoning with Organophosphorus Compounds
Find Products Containing this Chemical
- Excessive salivation, sweating, rhinorrhea and tearing.
- Muscle twitching, weakness, tremor, incoordination.
- Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea.
- Respiratory depression, tightness in chest, wheezing, productive cough, fluid in lungs.
- Pin-point pupils, sometimes with blurred or dark vision.
- Severe cases: seizures, incontinence, respiratory depression, loss of consciousness.
- Cholinesterase inhibition.

Source for Group Symptoms: Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisoning, 5th edition, U.S. EPA, Chapter 4.

barbara j


Why didn't they tell that this insecticide had never been studied with combined ingredients? Likely because as with vaccines, it would be unfortunate to "find" the truth, so they stop when it starts to emerge.

barbara j

Tundra supreme= chlorpyrifos aka dursban + biphenthrin

I was the twitching, seizuring child in the early 80's, the culprit was chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate "nerve poison"...hence my family's relationship with Dr.Grace Ziem. I do believe she could, in short time, solve the "mystery" of LeRoy. I had seizured ,as well with dpt vaccine earlier on, and was told I was glutathione deplete ,likely from the vaccines which caused my body to react violently to an otherwise "harmless" dose of insecticide. So, IMO, these girls were already on toxic overload from vaccines, and then exposed to nerve poison via the "tundra" just like I was thirty years ago.


".....Thus, when the press reports that some of these girls were 'unvaccinated' as a few were, that most likely indicates only that they did not receive all 3 doses, not that they did not receive any vaccines....


The press in this country is hardly renowned for its truthfulness, and often just parrots what health departments insist "..couldn't possibly be the cause!".

I think the parents of these girls need to ignore what the press is saying, and just get together to discuss this amongst themselves. They need to look for things that these girls have in common, and then pare down that list to the things that are capable of triggering this disorder.

Im pretty sure that the pared down list of suspects will be pretty small.

Dr Mark Struthers

It'll take brave, intelligent, persistent individuals to independently investigate, unravel, and report this strange illness. However, once these people start getting close to the truth of the matter they'll be 'Wakefielded' by the vested interests. Kudos to Mark Blaxill, Dan Olmsted, Ginger Taylor and the Canary Party, BTW. And Good luck!


Thank you Ginger Taylor.Thank you Canary Party.
Medical doctors and Health officials
need to take their heads out of the sand and get to work,NOW.
Stop covering up the issues and help these victims.It is an insult giving them psychiatric medication when possibly some
chemicals got through the blood brain barrier that is effecting normal movements.Need to find the roots of the problem/s before other/more girls get effected.Check everything,their immunization file,the batch numbers,soil,water,the last time they sprayed area,what did they use,etc.The parents need to get political and demand
real answers and investigations.


One of the things that I have discovered is the tidy little practice that officials make of declaring a person 'unvaccinated' even if they have received one or more of a series of vaccines, as long as they have not completed the series. Thus, when the press reports that some of these girls were 'unvaccinated' as a few were, that most likely indicates only that they did not receive all 3 doses, not that they did not receive any vaccines. In many of the outbreaks of many diseases, most, if not all, of the people involved had had at least one vaccine. This is very helpful for those who do not want the truth to be known about the damages caused by vaccines. The public, meanwhile, has no idea of what is going on - as usual. It would be really helpful if someone could talk to all of the individuals involved and find out the truth about their state of vaccination. It would not surprise me if the pesticides were not also indicated.


I really wonder if Barry isnt on right track... victims all girls...so what might they all have in common???
a)Gardasil Vaccine
b)Birth Control
c)Secret Sister Society, so to speak, where they all did something silly, drank something silly (yes, still happens)
d)I dont recal seeing - dont suppose they attened All Girls Schools?
e)Were they all on sports teams (of some kind)? --- Same hairdress / same Tanning Salon / Sharing Toxic Makeup --- often hear of some child's jewlery recalled for toxic metals...Maybe toxic makeup..etc..

Heidi N

Have we sent any Congressmen news about this, plus some medical studies and MSDS sheets to back up our suspicions? One thing I learned in life, is that it's who you complain to, not what you complain.

Angus Files

If the parents agreed someone needs to test the ones that have been hurt ,contaminated ,and see what comes up in blood ,hair etc..unless the parents go down that road we are all watching the train smash .. more shall follow ...as we all know on here if people /parents don't push the xtra mile the government officials turn a blind eye and have a case of hearing problem,s,dementia and brown envelopeism

God Bless the kids I hope they recover.



My understanding and definition of "conspiracy theory" is :

A blatant & obvious truth that the authorities do not want you coming to the conclusion of . Because it would therefore make them cupable for the whole conspiracy in the first place .

Perhaps one of the clever people on AoA can word this definition better for me ...in the interest of comedy you understand , and of course to be a punchy political reposte .


NeSSum I'm guessing too much rainfall and living too close to a freeway

Bob Moffitt

I think we should determine how "old their fathers are".

Seriously .. WHO ARE those state and local officials being asked "to swiftly move forward with comprehensive medical investigations of the symptoms suffered by the 20 young people there"?

In other words .. it would be helpful to know "who" concerned parents should be deluging with demands for action.


'... documents under the state Freedom of Information Law showing that the Corinth school district continues to use pesticides, though officially the chemicals are banned except for emergencies.'

In other words, there will be major liability if a connection is established.

Thinking about the Cluedo / Clue comment below, perhaps there is room for a modern version:

Mr. Putin in The London Hospital with The Polonium 210
Mr. Milosovic in The UN Safe Haven with The Machine Gun
Mrs. Mandela in The Township with The Necklace
Mr. Zarqawi in The Mosque with The Big Knife
Mrs. Sebelius in The School with The Gardasil


I'm all for running down every possibility, but not at the expense of letting the real culprit slide under the radar

Unless I"m mistaken, these victims are all girls. And unless I'm really missing something, pesticide poisoning does not discriminate on the basis of gender.

The Gardasil vaccine has known neurological side effects, including motor tics and seizures. And there's an increasing number of reports about athletic girls being particularly susceptible to injury from the Gardasil vaccine.

I think someone should really check the vaccine records for these girls, to rule of the possibility of them all having received a Gardasil vaccine from the same contaminated lot.

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Mark, Dan and the Canary Party! There has been absurd and reckless thinking from too many involved in these cases. Pain and suffering are being dismissed and denied. It's as if we are all watching a continual car wreck and nobody is coming to the scene to prevent more injuries or helping those trapped in their cars. The negligence keeps growing.


Are you sure it isnt genetic ?
Acid rain perhaps ? Global warming ?
Lets ask the IACC (they are a bunch of geniuses)
Anyone fancy a game of cluedo ?

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