Dachel Media Update: 10/23
New Jersey: Take Action to Protect Your Vaccine Exemption Rights

Spotlight On Gardasil

Vaccine Epidemic - cover high resVaccine Epidemic, now available in paperback from Skyhorse Publishing, turns the spotlight onto Gardasil, Merck's HPV vaccine. I saw a Tweet last week that referred to Gardasil as Merck's "Help Pay for Vioxx" Hail Mary pass. Vioxx was a painkiller that resulted in lawsuits that cost Merck almost $4 billion dollars. Most Americans are aware that when a drug harms or kills, the consumer has rights, including the right to sue for wrongful death or injury. Most are unaware that this is not so with vaccines, which are exempt from liability except in a tightly administered Federal court.  Mark Blaxill wrote a 3 part series on Gardasil called, A License to Kill:

Mark and Dan Olmsted also wrote a chapter for The Vaccine Epidemic that you can download. 

The Vaccine Epidemic site has updated info on Gardasil, which has been controversial because of its connection to sexual activity (HPV, or genital warts, are sexually transmitted), its target patient of 11+ year old girls and the shift to offering it to boys after having marketed it as a cervical cancer vaccine for girls. The mere mention of Gardasil and injury may have cost Michelle Bachman her Presidential bid.

Gardasil, the controversial HPV vaccines given to teenage girls and boys. Learn about the money that's being made and the damage being done. See how other countries are banning the vaccine.

We wanted to share some important new and updated information:
  • A new report of infertility following HPV vaccination reported by the British Medical Journal
  • France bans aluminum containing vaccines, including Gardasil
  • Health professionals in Spain seek ban on Gardasil
  • The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine asks if cervical cancer data justifies HPV vaccination in India
  • Class action lawsuit against Gardasil in Australia
  • Ireland offers a Frequently Asked Questions guide for health practitioners that may oversimplify safety concerns
  • Adverse events following HPV vaccination continue to pile up
GARDASIL FACTS Brand New to Must-Have Vaccine, to Billion $ Blockbuster for Merck

Gardasil was licensed for use in 2006 for females aged 9 to 26 years. The CDC recommended it for sixth grade girls in 2007. In 2009, the FDA approved its use in males aged 9 to 26 years.

Twenty-four states introduced bills in 2007 to make Gardasil mandatory for school admission.

Gardasil is currently mandated for sixth graders in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Gardasil sales:
2007 $1.5 billion
2008 $1.4 billion
2009 $1.1 billion
2010 $998 million
2011 $1.2 billion
Second quarter 2012 sales are up 17% over the prior year.

Read more at The Vaccine Epidemic site.


Eugene Nicks

Guarded Girl , who are you , and what are you doing on this site ....really ? Its good news though ...a real compliment , that we have you guys so worried . Just letting you know I dont ever bother with your bogus sites at all (lbrb and sbm ...etc) .

I am so pleased you have such confidence in the vaccines , please make sure you follow Gardasil up with your annual flu jab every year and should you fall pregnant (which is increasingly less likely with each jab) make sure you take the ever so highly effective pertusis jab, and should you holiday in Asia or Africa make sure you ramp up on the yellow fever jab and the rest . We will not have to worry about you for too long , such is my total confidence in the very real dangers of vaccines . Also you should know there are many like me who are in total favour of compulsory vaccines , but only for all people working in Pharma Harma , nearly all doctors , all so called scientists , all politicians and lets not forget the dishonest ones in the media who have censored our opinions so well .


Guarded Girl,
I respectfully disagree with your post,most studies are manipulated,paid by Merck,cause fear and use agressive marketing techniques.You are the representative of big pharma and you are here to fight for this toxic vaccine.For your information it is never been proven that Gardasil prevents cancer.Most likely it causes cancer.

Thanks Twyla, for this very important update,I recommend to parents to print out this IMPORTANT RESEARCH and study it,from Dr.Shaw and Dr.Tomljenovic.I also would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their hard work and for protecting our children,our daughters,our future.

With great sadness I inform you that beautiful three year old Chase Topperwien died in June,2012.This little angel received Gardasil accidentally (at age two)and developed ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA after HPV vaccination.My deep sympathy to his Family. I wish you strength and health.

There are other cases of Leukemia in the VAERS database
vaers id/s:305256,312479;341881;441365;Hodgkin's also
associated with Gardasil,24 cases found.
WARNING:Gardasil has not been evaluated for the potential
to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity!!!
Gardasil,is the greatest lie of medical history!!!
It needs to be taken off the market ASAP!!!

For Guarded Girl

Just to point out that the percentage of women reporting adverse effects in the 2009 paper was not .000539% but .0539% - so only 100 times more common than you state. But this wasn't a clinical trial at all but reports on VAERS.This is a passive reporting system so actual cases could easily be 100 times more numerous than that.


Breaking News: Gardasil Linked to Two Deaths – Full Study Out
October 24, 2012, Posted by: Leslie Manookian

"researchers Dr. Tomljenovic and Dr. Shaw examined the brain tissues of not one but two females (one 14 and one 19 years old), otherwise totally healthy, who died after their Gardasil vaccines. The researchers found that not only did these girls suffer what appears to be a fatal autoimmune reaction, but that this reaction was specifically to one of the strains of HPV found in the vaccines, namely, HPV-16..."

"If vaccine-derived complexes can cross the fully developed blood brain barrier of a 14 and a 19 year old and trigger a fatal autoimmune response and cause inflammation in the brain, can components of other vaccines enter the brain of an infant or young child whose blood brain barrier is not yet fully developed? And if these girls’ developed inflammation of the brain, is that what is happening to so many kids who suffer with speech delays and learning disabilities and those with autism? What other complexes in vaccines are crossing the blood brain barrier and what harm are they causing? And if HPV vaccines can cause autoimmune disease like inflammation of the brain, what other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases could they cause – allergies, Lupus, athsma, MS, arthritis, autism….?"


Breaking News: Gardasil Fingerprints Found in Post-Mortem Samples
OCTOBER 23, 2012
By Norma Erickson, President SaneVax

"For the first time in history, a biologically plausible mechanism of action has been discovered linking a vaccine to a serious adverse event. Gardasil has left behind its genetic fingerprint in post-mortem central nervous system samples of two girls who took this vaccine."


Guarded Girl

Dear Leslie Carol Botha,

I respectfully disagree with your post.

1. A 2009 study shows that .000539% of women involved in the clinical trial reported adverse effects to the vaccine: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19690307?ordinalpos=1&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DefaultReportPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

2. In 2007, Gardasil was found to decrease the likelihood of cervical cancer, even for women infected with HPV. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0140673607608526

3. HPV is not only STRONGLY associated with cervical cancer, it is also associated with other cancers. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1201971207600150

4. I'd like to say, as a young (24-year-old) woman myself, I find this comment extremely demeaning and offensive. Yes, I use oral contraceptives, (and have done so for years), but that certainly doesn't preclude me using condoms as well - I'm well aware that birth control pills provide no protection against STI's. However, condoms do not completely eliminate the risk of contracting HPV (though they do significantly decrease it): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16790697?ordinalpos=1&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DefaultReportPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

5. If you mean that IUD's and implants have recently been approved for teens and are recommended over oral contraceptives, you're correct. The reason they are recommended rather than birth control pills is because they're a more reliable method of contraception for teens - you can forget to take a pill, but you can't accidentally leave your IUD or implant in your gym bag.

Personally, I have had all 3 Gardasil shots and I'm fine. Nothing wrong with my hormones, no sterility, obviously no death. The shots themselves hurt, but I'd much rather go through that than cancer.


IMO the never ending "vaccinations" being foisted upon the trusting and uninformed are acting as a deadly IQ test. I suppose the ultimate "vaccination" will consist of some simple suicide device "approved" by CDC for depression.


Guard Us All, LOL- maybe it won't be worth it for them to keep making it!
I had a letter to the editor publish my concerns on Gardasil and I noticed 2 more made it in lately. Yay!
A friend's kid had it and had Raynaud's shortly after- coincidence? who knows.

Leslie Carol Botha

Other important pieces to the overall equation:

1. In the September 2008 FDA Closing Statement on Gardasil, it was pointed out that 73.3% of girls in the clinical trials developed 'new medical conditions'. The CDC estimates that only 1/3 of girls complete the three vaccine series...

2. In the May 2006 FDA VRBPAC document it was clearly noted that if a woman is previously exposed to HPV and is inoculated with the HPV vaccine, her chances of getting cervical cancer increase 44.6% post Gardasil and 32.5% post Cervarix.

3. The National Cancer Institute has not directly linked HPV to cervical cancer.

4. Oral contraceptive use also contributes to the development of cervical cancer.

5. Young women on oral contraceptives or other synthetic hormone birth control menthods are too emotionally immature to advocate condom use to prevent STD's.

6. Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil is also the manufacturer of Nexplanon a rod inserted into the arm that drips synthetic hormones into a girl's body. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) has just issued new guidelines for birth control use that include synthetic hormone IUD's and implants (Nexplanon) over birth control pill use.

Guard Us All

You missed part of the balance sheet :

Gardasil litigation damage payments 2013 : $ -70 billion

Ok wishful thinking , but I do hope so .

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