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Researcher Wakefield in LaCrosse Oct. 4 to Detail UK Reporter’s Fraud

Dr. Andrew Wakefield suit headshotST. PAUL, MINN. – Researcher and patient advocate Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath, will hold a press conference with Midwest autism families at a public park in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on Thursday, October 4 from 1-1:45 p.m.

The information session will be at the Myrick Park Gun Shelter, 2020 Myrick Park Drive, just north of the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse off Highway 16/LaCrosse Street.

Wakefield, an academic gastroenterologist and author of more than 140 scientific articles, will correct false reports on the 1998 Lancet MMR vaccine case series he co-authored with 12 other researchers. Freelance writer Brian Deer will talk Oct. 4-5 at UW-LaCrosse; in 2003 Deer was asked by a newspaper editor to come up with “something big” on the MMR.

Examples of Deer’s inaccuracies and unethical behavior are posted on the Internet, including a nine-part “Elaborate Fraud” series at the Age of Autism. Editor and former UPI investigative reporter Dan Olmsted interviewed more Lancet parents than Deer, whose deceptions include:

  • Deer obtaining confidential medical records that patients’ doctors couldn't even access;
  • Deer lying to parents by interviewing them using a fabricated name;
  • Deer lying about what was said in an interview with a parent;
  • Deer falsely claiming that children from the Lancet case series “didn’t have bowel disease” – though doctors’ records prove they do.

In March Wakefield’s colleague Dr. John Walker-Smith was exonerated by the High Court, with testimony under oath stating tests undertaken in the Lancet paper were clinically indicated and not for litigation purposes. Mr Justice Mitting criticized the U.K. General Medical Council, stating its judgment had been "based on inadequate and superficial reasoning."

In the United Kingdom:

  • The pathologists who made the final disease diagnoses and produced the "unremarkable colonic histopathology results" support the Lancet case series findings;
  • University College London has terminated its fraud investigation of Dr. Wakefield, on advice from the UK Research Integrity Office.

Books by Wakefield (Callous Disregard) and U.K. parents (Silenced Witnesses I & II) detail children’s post-vaccine regressions and symptoms – painful lesions, cramping, nutritional insufficiency, chronic diarrhea and constipation – which often defy treatment. Research that could help these sick children is being discouraged by copy-and-paste journalism denying these gastrointestinal problems even exist, despite clinical documentation proving otherwise.

“Government agencies and corporations pour enormous resources into manipulating science to support their policies and practices,” said Dr. David Lewis, Director of the National Whistleblowers Center Research Misconduct Project in Washington, DC. “The scientific community should support scientists who report findings that industry or government find threatening, and encourage research to reduce suffering no matter where the intellectual inquiries take us.”




thanks for being there for our Arizona family Dr. Wakefield! Does anyone know if Andy's appeal to the Texas court went through? Can't find anything about that... although, maybe Andy doesn't want it out? if so, i can respect that, knowing how utterly unobjective the msm has been toward him, and that's putting it nicely ... whatever is happening, i am doing what i can to contribute to helping set the record straight for Andy, all vaccine injured children & their families.

Victor Pavlovic

I wish I knew earlier, I would definitely make time to be there.

Jane V

If I didn't live in Australia I would be there to Support Andrew Wakefield but have done so by donation to justice fund. If AW loses his appeal to have his day in court in Texas, can he shift his libel suit to Wisconsin (where he will definetly be falsely accused of wrong doing again I suspect)? Give Deer enough rope....


I am wondering if anyone from Age of Autism, or other autism support groups will be there? I live not too far from LaCrosse, and am hoping to make it, and am just wondering what the need is for recording of the two presentations, etc.


i believe people should be told the truth and not something manufactured to sell newspapers or articles in health journals. the truth needs to be paramount. then, when the issues that are described in these findings need to be updated they can be so with accuracy. life is about finding the truth not somewhere in between we want to know why our loved one's are sick or have died because of some illness. i have epilepsy ;however, it has to do with the neurological part of the brain like autism as well. however, epilepsy has seizures involved and in some cases children that have epilepsy also have autism as well. so it is good to know we now have autism speaks and different areas so people can address the different issues that are affecting their children's lives and their families as well. god bless you all and know a cure is in the hands of god and the doctors searching daily. sincerely,rosie


I just asked a friend who lives near LaCrosse to attend this, but I wish that I knew about this sooner. Is there going to be a video recording of this that we can all see? HOPE SO.

Dr. Wakefield, GOD BLESS YOU for speaking the truth for so many vaccine injured children, including my grandson, who developed the same exact bowel issues that your research describes, immediately after MMR at age one. He is presently age six, and although he has gradually improved due to Defeat Autism Now protocol and other natural therapies, he still wears a diaper and still gets most of his nutrients from a specialized bottle formula, thanks to all of his severe intestinal damages CAUSED BY VACCINES.


Because of deer and his stupidity important research gets
delayed.Go home mr.deer,you caused lot of damage and lot of pain already.
I wish I could be there at your presentation Dr.Wakefield.
Stay strong and protect the children.Please keep us up-dated. Thank you.

Joan Campbell

You will be an inspiration on the day and hopefully open people's eyes with your truth.

Jill Grant

I wish I' could be there to support Dr. Wakefield. He is a hero for children like mine who have been injured by vaccines.

Heidi N

Wish I was there, but I live near Austin, coincidentally. If you ever need my support in Austin, let me know.

Wayne Rohde

The event is located in Myrick Park inside a community building.


Whoever attends, please keep us updated!

Elizabeth Gillespie


There are no retired nurses;
Only disabled ones.

My daughter came on from her doctor's visit yestereday. Laughing that the doctor was upset to find she had a blood pressure of 158/90.

I told my daugther that I was upset -- I have written her doctor a couple of letters on Kawasakis --- what they are recommending "NOW" and bipolar is linked to Pituitary and my daughter needs more sensitive testing.

I told my daughter that the doctor better get her butt in gear or she was going to lose my daughter (and I don't mean to another doctor). She needs to get my daughter set up with a heart specialists and an endocrinologist.

I am sick of this dog and pony show.

If you think Deer's side is irrationally angry just wait untill they actually are facing parents that "REALLY" have cause to be angry!


Any chance of the event moving indoors? There is a 50% chance of T storms on Thursday



re LaCrosseTribune comments - I agree with your observation. These regular anti Wakefield posters are some of the most unpleasant people I believe I have ever encountered on any blog. They profess to be scientists, medics, retired caring nurses (Ha!) etc etc but the fact is that they are simply agents of destruction who clearly revel in their "work", and that's the disturbing factor. It is evident in their writing. It is visceral. It is not coming from the intellect.
And that's the threat, it is to themselves, to their belief systems. They are beginning to realse that the tide is turning against them and it's not what they planned for or expected. And it is coming from a groundswell support for Andrew.
They will be in some need of a little intensive care quite soon. Do we care? I think not. Karma is at work here.

John Stone

Just to clear up an ambiguity there was no new testimony in the Walker-Smith appeal, only arguments about old testimony, which had indeed been given under oath at the GMC. The point was that the GMC panel had simply disregarded Walker-Smith's testimony and that of defence witnesses without ever giving reasons, preferring to put weight on the unsubstantiated constructions of the GMC prosecution attorney Sally Smith QC. It was the further failure of GMC attorney in the High Court, Joanna Glynn QC, to provide any reasons why the GMC panel had chosen to disregard testimony given under oath. They had neither presented arguments at the original hearing as to why the testimony of John Walker-Smith wasn't true, nor on examination did they have any arguments which Ms Glynn could present (I have seldom had the privilege of seeing anyone seem so embarrassed in public).

Of course, the GMC prosecution case was a response to Deer's hidden complaint (the judge caused further embarrassment by asking whether the prosecution was not "journalist driven") and the case against Wakefield was contingent on drawing Walker-Smith into the frame. It is obviously anomalous that nothing has been done against the related charges against Wakefield (or indeed Murch) since the High Court findings, and it also posed fundamental questions about the GMC process.


Dr. Wakefield was clearly chosen as a sacrificial lamb by the pharma mafia to close all discussions about vaccines causing autism-encephalopathy and to frighten all physicians and scientists , who dare to study this problem and show such link. However, venomous attacks on Dr. Wakefield in corporate media by pharma's agents, called journalists, have exactly opposite effect from that desired by pharma. More and more parents are convinced now that vaccines have injured their children, and these parents are not going to be silenced. They warn other parents, hence the support for mass vaccinations is rapidly dwindling all over the world. Besides, there is autism in nearly all American families now, hence people have personal knowledge of vaccine injuries. The day of justice is coming and the pharma-media-government criminals responsible for this children’s holocaust will soon pay for their crimes.
We support Dr. Wakefield wholeheartedly. He is a true hero.


In the fall of the year when the veil of time seems thin.
St Paul celebrating October- fest will certainly begin.
It calls for booths and Jack-o-lanterns with toothy grins.
The halls of LaCrosse, will hold something spooky within.
A tall order, but this city’s horror will beat out its twin.
For in crawls Brian Deer, LaCrosse should be full of chagrin
A strong wall of deceitful lies holds in so much deadly sin
Much gall, takes strong men to help the truth to win
In a gun mall, gallant Wake uses the truth for a firing pin

No conflict$ to declare

I sure hope security is in place for Dr. Wakefield. After debating some of the Deer groupies in the comment section of "Vaccine-autism debate coming to LaCrosse" it is evident to me that some of them have truly lost the plot. One in particular I found to be so irrational, (they feel dirty even talking to us!........hmm.......maybe they meant that in a pervy way?) it's like watching a caged rabid dog frothing at the mouth.

You would think they would have moved on by now but given their escalating vitriolic and desperate rantings, clearly they find Dr. Wakefield and parents who want help for their children and parents who want choice in vacccination to be a threat. A threat to what exactly, is the million dollar question.


In the BMJ article, Deer reports that the parents of Child 3 were confused and vulnerable. They didn't know if MMR had caused their son's problems, but they wanted to go for the cash anyway. In other words, they were typical Lancet-paper parents.

So I was surprised when I turned to Deer's pop-up chart and found a little "?" indicating that just maybe the boy's problems did start immediately after MMR. (As I recall, only one other Lancet child was so designated.) That made me wonder what Deer knew that he was withholding from his readers.

What he was withholding was that the boy's GP testified that Child 3's problems developed immediately after being vaccinated with a bad batch of MMR. Deer was well aware of this, but nowhere in the text of the article did he even hint at this; there was just that little "?" in a pop-up chart that he hoped nobody would follow up.

That's journalistic fraud.

Raymond Gallup

I wish I could be there too. The next best thing is to write a check out to:


I have and hope to contribute more in the near future.


I think that it is important to get out the initial paper which clearly states that he (Wakefield) is in no way claiming a causation between the MMR and autism symptoms but that parents had mentioned it to him and it needed further investigation. Even the New York Times in a recent inaccurate article stated that he had said the MMR caused autism. Even if that may be the case, Wakefield did not write that and I don't think it should go unchallenged repeatedly. Therefore, if anyone is following this up, say, with letters to the biology professor, etc. I feel it is important to point out that the most basic facts of this case are being ignored.
I was recently talking to a scientist with Phds from an ivy league university. He was clearly, without saying it, siding with Wakefield. He told me, "I'll just say this, thousands of terrible, flawed, inaccurate scientific papers are published each year. Virtually none of them are ever retracted, even when they are found to be bogus. What does that tell you?"
I find it incredible that media outlets, even the New York Times, blithely write that Wakefield claimed the MMR or vaccines in general cause autism. Even if this turns out to be true the fact is he didn't claim it and this FACT should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

Dan E. Burns

Deer & Company have inadvertently created another opportunity for you to tell the truth. Your words will be remembered long after his lies are forgotten. Thank you for being there when I can't be. Speak for me and my son.


Is there any way to get a live feed of this so that we can log on to show our support for Dr. Wakefield from out of state? I would love for him to know that he is well supported, even from far away.


I too wish I could be there. Go for it Dr Wakefield!

Mark Struthers

Bring him in, Andy! Deer belongs in jail.

Angus Files

Great Dr Wakefield..


Jake Crosby

Wish I could be there!

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