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Hurricane Autism Has Made Landfall in America


Living the Dream

This year we asked our daughter with autism if she wanted to go out to Trick or Treat and she didn't seem interested so we let her stay and hang out with Mom to hand out candy (that she can't have - a little tricky but I'm sure many of us are in that situation). It was sad for me and typically I have pushed her to go out with us but as she gets older, we are trying to give her choices and let her decide. You know what - she had a fun night and really enjoyed dressing up in her costume at home. Maybe she's beginning to know what she wants! A good night - I'll take it!


Halloween was great. My son, age 8, was a Grim Reaper this year. Trick or treating went well but he needed alot of reminding to say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you". One poor lady kept prodding my son to say "Trick or Treat" (she had no idea my son had autism). I had to tell her he has autism - she was so embarrased and kept apologizing. I felt bad but otherwise it was a fun night and all went well!!

no vac

An autistic child (I think) about 8 years old came today to my door steps with a bunch of other kids. The other noisy children proudly presented their costumes and candy buckets, but he just stood silently. Did not say a word, did not respond to questions, did not have a candy bucket. Just stood patiently in silence. I put candies into his hand and gently closed his palm, sending him to his mom waiting in darkness. He was most precious child who came to my house today. I hope he really enjoys Halloween, but truly I don't know because he seemed absent.

Christine Thompson

I thought I'd try something different this year and let my kids dress up as children with Autism. Unfortunately, 1 in 88 kids were autistic for Halloween this year. Will anyone else be washing down the leftover candy with a huge glass of wine?

Cat Jameson

My kids will go trick or treating, but come tonight after they get tucked in bed the Goodie Ghost comes to trade out the sugary sweets for little treats (toys or movies).


Happy Halloween! Kids costume is so good!!

Google also celebrating Halloween with special doodle.

Diane W Farr

My kids put their candy at the front door and the "Great Pumpkin" comes in the night and exchanges for a present.

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