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Free Download - Gardasil: A License to Kill

Jessica's GravestoneEditor's note: With permission from Skyhorse Publishing, we are Jessie_angel[1]pleased to offer you a free download of chapter 19, A License to Kill? by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted. The article is included the just-relased paperback version of "Vaccine Epidemic," edited by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland.

According to the publishers: "Gardasil is the newest childhood vaccine to be licensed by the FDA and recommended for universal use by the CDC. Judge for yourself whether this 'public-private partnership' prioritizes the best interests of our children. Or is it a perfect example of corporate greed, biased science, and coercive government? Please let us know what you think."  (That's Jessica Ericzon who died following Gardasil vaccination in the photo. And her head stone.)

This article identifies a pattern of conflicts of interest at the Department of Health and Human Services – and ultimately throughout the federal government -- involving Merck’s controversial Gardasil vaccine against HPV, or human papilloma virus.

  • Researchers at the National Cancer Institute invented critical technology for the vaccine.
  • Another National Institutes of Health office filed for patents on the technology, licensed those patent rights to vaccine manufacturers and eventually received royalties from Merck, Gardasil’s manufacturer.
  • The Food and Drug Administration supervised the clinical trials and granted Merck a license application for the first HPV vaccine.
  • Just three weeks later, an advisory committee at the Centers for Disease Control recommended universal HPV vaccination for women from nine to twenty-six years of age, guaranteeing Gardasil would reach blockbuster status for Merck: annual revenues of well over $1 billion.
  • Subsequently, agencies within FDA and CDC have been responsible for monitoring Gardasil’s safety in the field,
  • As officials within the Health Resources Services Administration brace themselves to sit in judgment over a new wave of vaccine injury claims.

Meanwhile, key officials involved in the decisions rotate through a revolving door into private industry. These conflicts are both extraordinary in scope and poorly understood by the general public. But they are central to understanding why unsafe and unnecessary vaccines are approved and recommended – why we have a vaccine epidemic.

Download Gardasil: A License to Kill Here



From Reuters yesterday:

"Merck experimental vaccine shows promise in cancer trial: WSJ"

Once approved, Merck expects that providers will switch from Gardasil to the new and approved V503 (doesn't that name sound like something out of a horror movie?). "Some analysts expect its annual sales could exceed $1 billion, the paper said."


Jeannette Bishop

This chapter is thoroughly informative and illuminating of the way the vaccine program now operates. There are elements here that I suspect would be obscured without this report, particularly the carrier solution. Thank you for making this available.

Guard Us All

Does the phrase "Tested against Placebo" mean nothing to these fraudster criminals ?

Its just a complete sham from start to finish .

They have no conscience , they cant have , for what they have done .
Funny word that conscience !
maybe they do have a "Con-Science" after all ....
They have worked how to cheat science . Con science .
damn fraudsters --- doctors , politicians are no better .

Guard Us All

I have just read through the absolutely shocking revelations of how Gardasil was tested against placebo .

This vaccine is nothing less than a weapon of mass destruction .

Can Muck or the NIH not be challenged in court of law ?
This has to be against the law to grant it a safety certificate with this kind of Bernard Madoff tomfoolery ?
This has to be a crime . Its very much criminal to me .

And as it turns out Gardasil is a crime !

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Biological terrorism says it perfectly. Thanks for all the comments.
What happened on this to our political reformers like Obama.

Here in the UK all public figures are silent on this biological terrorism, as we know to our cost.

Jennifer and Keith, parents of MMR-injured Harry Horne-Roberts,our beautiful, gifted son who died aged 20 as the result of dangerous anti-psychotic drugs given without our knowledge or consent. His most tragic story featured on AofA.Thank God for AofA and the truth in this cruel world of corporate greed.Let's all keep fighting for the truth to out,and for our children to live healthy lives, free from corporate slaughter.


Thanks Dan & Mark,

This year I have kept my daughter home from school on the day's the HPV has been administered, the final "jab" is next week.

Even though I ticked the box that says "NO" to the vaccine, I am being extra cautious in the event some ignorant individual lines her up and "jabs" her. I don't want 2 children "vaccine injured."

Elizabeth Gillespie

Rosemary Mathis

Thank you for this article. My daughter was disabled by Gardasil and I appreciate you publishing the truth. There are many young girls stories on www.sanevax.org who have either died or have been severely injured by Gardasil. Parents need to research before they vaccinate. I wish I had.


Gardasil is also known as the HPV
or the "help pay for Vioxx" vaccine,

a recent, 4.8 billion dollar Merck problem.

Sadly, the Merck testing and research for Gardasil was done in much the same pathetic manner as was performed for Vioxx.


licence to kill ....I like that .Gardasil - what a sick joke .

Vaccines huh , biological terrorism I call it ,by our own governments , very sad indeed !

Jenny Allan

Thank you for this download. I will attempt to use it to inform those responsible for public health in my own country, and maybe....just MAYBE influence some political thinking about immunisation protocols.


Thank you to Mr. Blaxill and Mr. Olmsted for this information.
Appreciation as well to everyone involved in this project.


thank you for this article 2 days after the 7 year anniversary of the flu shot that almost killed me.

Carter's Daddy

It's infuriating, but as old as the invention of the corporation. The same conflicts of interests got flouride in our water and Aspertame in our beverages and desserts, to name only two of many examples. Good, honest doctors who dared question the safety lost their carreers then too. It goes unchecked because the fox is watching the henhouse. Yet in our camp we're careful to avoid that because we know they'd be all over it.

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