UConn's Seth Kalichman Funded By Gates Foundation To Surveil So Called Anti-Vaccine Citizens
Brian Deer at UW-Lacrosse "The future for investigative journalism is very bleak"

Dachel Media Update

Online newsToday's headline (my comments follow below.) I’m still waiting for the media to express this kind of concern over why so many of our kids are sick and disabled.

PARADE: Why So Many Parents Are Delaying or Skipping Vaccines

PARADE MAGAZINE, the Sunday supplement added to 650 newspapers in the U.S. with a readership of 69 million Americans had this cover story on Oct. 7, 2012, Why So Many Parents Are Delaying or Skipping Vaccines,  written by Seth Mnookin.

In truth, Mnookin didn’t explain why “so many parents are delaying or skipping vaccines,” Most of the piece is devoted to vilifying non-vaccinating parents. It was so packed with lies that I ended up posting over a dozen comments so that the public would get some inkling of the truth about this issue

I’m still waiting for the media to express this kind of concern over why so many of our kids are sick and disabled.



When I was growing up in the 50s vaccination was a rarity. We didn't have pediatricians back then and kids only went to the doctor when they got sick. There was no such thing as oral antibiotics--just the shot version. I never remember anyone dying from disease but death from accidents shocked the whole community, so I think death from disease would have done the same. Everyone got the so called childhood diseases and no one died that I remember. And people had huge families because it was before birth control. Now it seems like every family has one child that has problems of some kind and the families are small. One child with problems takes about as much work as four children without problems. Back then all mothers had to do was cook dinner, do the wash, and clean the house. They didn't have to be doctors, teachers, researchers, and only friend all rolled into one. I would never have vaccinated my children had I known then what I know now. If I had to advise parents I would say. Feed your children very well--no junk food, little sugar, and plenty of whole foods. Don't vaccinate. You'll probably have very healthy children and your life will be a lot easier than the lives of your friends who vaccinate. Believe me!!


the media will never ADMIT to ANY connection between mercury and autism - or ANYTHING related to vaccines....

I'm on the Spectrum - I'm amazed as to when I start having a discussion about these things with "LEARNED" people, with me telling them what WE NOW KNOW about these things - and the people loook at me like I'm nuts.....


"One of the instigators for our laws was the thought that many parents were exempting for convenience," said Michele Roberts, communications manager for the Washington Department of Public Health. "It was easier to sign the exemption form than to track down records or to get your kid to an appointment."


Ellen Mary

This was my comment. Parade acted funny on my device:
Concerns over vaccine safety predate Wakefield. By 100 years @ least. Read 'Pox: An American History'. Watch 'Shot in the Dark' by PBS. Look up 'Cutter Pharmaceutical Company'. Mothers were testifying in front of Congress with their Vax injured children in the previous *century*. 

Apparently universal vaccine dogma is an effective immunization against troublesome historical facts!



Anything but right?

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