Findings Published Today In Pediatrics Show Half Of Children With Autism Wander From Safety
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Dachel Media Update: 10/9

Online newsToday's headlines (my comments follow below.) I am in utter disbelief over this story from the New York Times.  Here the Times gives us bold and responsible reporting.  Columnist Nicholas Kristof went after an industry that is exposing the unsuspecting public to a deadly chemical and they’re accusing the government of siding with the industry.

New York Times The Cancer Lobby

FORBES: ADHD, Fish And Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy -- What's The Connection?

On Oct 6, 2012, The New York Times published the story The Cancer Lobby by Nicholas Kristof.  It was a good piece of investigative journalism about the deadly effects from formaldehyde exposure and how the chemical industry (or “Big Chem” as Kristof refers to them) works to cover up the truth with the backing of government officials.  Kristof writes, “The larger issue is whether the federal government should be a watchdog for public health, or a lap dog for industry.”

This would be a refreshing piece of thorough reporting except for the fact that Nicholas Kristof has a completely different outlook when it comes to the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry.  He doesn’t investigate Big Pharma the way he did Big Chem in this NY Times story from 2010, Do Toxins Cause Autism? 

Kristof was willing to concede that plastics might play a role, but not vaccines---that was just a discredited theory.

“Frankly, these are difficult issues for journalists to write about. Evidence is technical, fragmentary and conflicting, and there’s a danger of sensationalizing risks. Publicity about fears that vaccinations cause autism — a theory that has now been discredited — perhaps had the catastrophic consequence of lowering vaccination rates in America.”


There was also a recent Forbes story by Emily Willingham FORBES: ADHD, Fish And Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy -- What's The Connection? October 8, 2012.

Anyone reading this piece gets a confusing message. There’s a link to a study that claims, “’We also found that higher prenatal fish consumption was protective for these behaviors,’ the authors comment.”

Notice the New Bedford study only looked at ADHD, not autism.  If you start talking about mercury and autism then you naturally bring up the subject of vaccines.  Vaccines aren’t mentioned here and the message is clear, we’re only talking about the fish mercury and only ADHD.

And notice the discussion of mercury in hair levels and children developing ADHD. We’re told that this study was about the bad stuff, methyl-mercury, not the safe stuff, ethyl mercury, described as “a form that’s generally considered low toxicity for the central nervous system.”
And this is all because of this recent study which has a link on the Forbes story, Prenatal mercury exposure may be associated with risk of ADHD-related behaviors.  We were also told, “Fish consumption may be associated with lower risk.”

"In this population-based prospective cohort study, hair mercury levels were consistently associated with ADHD-related behaviors, including inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. We also found that higher prenatal fish consumption was protective for these behaviors," the authors comment.”
"Although a single estimate combining these beneficial vs. detrimental effects vis-à-vis fish intake is not possible with these data, these findings are consistent with a growing literature showing risk of mercury exposure and benefits of maternal consumption of fish on fetal brain development and are important for informing dietary recommendations for pregnant women."

In the end, if Forbes isn’t worried and the scientists aren’t really adamant about mercury and damage to the developing brain of a baby, why should we be?



This meningitis situation is really bringing up interesting points about pharma and lobbyist problems. A guest whose family member was killed by her steroid shot just straightforwardly mentioned this to Anderson Cooper and Sanjay. They seemed to not want to talk about that too much but it was interesting.I hope it comes on again.


Couldn't be the mercury laden flu shots they've been pushing on infants and pregnant women these last few years.
On CNN today -some show called "Unsolicited Advice" one guy was ranting about regulation and FDA re. the contaminated steroid shots. A few others chimed in that pharma bought congress awhile ago and good luck with that. Stated it outright.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Each time the media reports on some negative effect of eating fish, it only takes the fishing industry a week or two to get out their reports of benefits of eating fish. If you listen to them you would think that you are guilty of child abuse for not feeding your child fish.(He'll be nearly mentally retarded if you dont feed him fish.) Oddly enough there is a large Indian community of people who never eat a bite of fish in their lives and nearly every family has a young member working in IT in Silicon Valley.Amazing isnt it?
When the CDC wanted to show the world that autism is really really common- and not just in the U.S., they knew exactly where to go- SOUTH KOREA!!!!!!!! Lots of American vaccines and lots and lots of people eating fish!!!
When a Chinese university did a study showing that women who ate fish even four times a week were more likely to have children with birth defects, - well, you sorta know that you're not going to hear about that study again.
Could that explain why the Philippines has a terrific charitable organisation that goes about doing endless cleft lip/palate repairs ?
Nicholas Kristoff- You seem to be a really nice guy. What did you have to do this? Dont young parents in today's world have a tough enough time without you encouraging them to swallow more mercury?

Jim Thompson

The statement that "The body gets rid of ethylmercury pretty quickly..." is misleading.

Look this study on infant monkeys that shows that ethyl mercury exposure from the vaccine preservative Thimerosal results in higher levels of inorganic mercury in the brain tissue than from methylmercury. See figure seven at

And ethylmercury in flu vaccines preserved with Thimerosal compound has not been shown safe for the fetus. See

Also, Google “Zero Generation Verstraeten” and read David Kirby’s “Evidence of Harm.”

Mercury from fish and mercury from Thimerosal preserved flu vaccines are both toxic to brain cells.

Jim Thompson

"Health experts have known for a long time that mercury causes damage to developing fetuses, with long-term effects on the child.

Methylmercury, found in fish and shellfish, can harm a child's thinking, language, fine motor skills, memory, attention, and visual spatial skills when exposed in the womb."

One study estimates that for each part per million of mercury found in a mother's hair -- a common way of testing for mercury exposure -- her child loses approximately 0.18 IQ points.

Angus Files

And at one time I remember my mother saying you need to eat your fish if you want to be clever..pharma stuffed that one as well PHARMA WOZ ERE!!

Susan Ford Keller

"Perhaps Mr. Kristof feels more confident in exposing formaldehyde toxicity because of the relatively straightforward way that people are contaminated by formaldehyde.

Vaccinations still enjoy "sacred cow" status in many quarters. The idea of vaccinations is certainly noble; trying to prevent disease and save lives is a good thing. Yet, even repeated news stories about the lack of staffing at FDA to properly oversee safe manufacture of drugs, vaccines, and their component ingredients both here and abroad; the conflict of interest by doctors employed by both FDA/CDC/NIH and pharmaceutical companies; pharmaceutical companies employing a deliberately confusing distribution system of vaccines to obscure dangerous "hot lots"; the exponentially increasing amount of vaccine injuries every year; and the governmental immunity from liability for vaccine injury that all pharmaceutical companies enjoy fails to sound the alarm that it ought to in the minds and hearts of decent people everywhere. These factors taken together create a perfect storm of non-accountability for the health and welfare of vaccine recipients, who are overwhelmingly babies and children.

A developing young child is a tabula rasa in the sense that his skills and intelligences are still unknown. Proving that vaccine injuries interrupt development and cause developmental delays is difficult precisely because the child is still developing. The child is being robbed of burgeoning and future skills and intelligences, unlike an adolescent or adult who is vaccine-injured, and loses skills and intelligences already in his possession.

We also know that vaccines provide a guaranteed income stream to pharmaceutical companies. They have every incentive to sell vaccines and no disincentives, because of lack of liability, not to sell vaccines.

Those who persist in system justification regarding the vaccination program cannot bear facing the truth that our nation's health and future are in jeopardy by the very people to whom it is entrusted: our government, our public health system, and U.S. drug manufacturers."

K E Richards

"Although a single estimate combining these beneficial vs. detrimental effects vis-à-vis fish intake is not possible with these data, these findings are consistent with a growing literature showing risk of mercury exposure and benefits of maternal consumption of fish on fetal brain development and are important for informing dietary recommendations for pregnant women."

I do believe they've found another way to get mercury into our children. I bet we start seeing huge benefits to brain functions in children whose mothers ate large quantities of fish during their pregnancies.

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