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Dachel Media Update: 10/22

Online news

Oct 21, 2012, The Wichita Eagle: Number of autistic Wichita students doubles in five years

Oct 21, 2012: The Detroit Free Press: Health Q&A: Study was a hoax; MMR vaccine doesn't cause autism

The Wichita Eagle  This is surreal. No one is worried. No one has any answers. Special ed takes up 16 percent of the school budget. There isn’t anything anyone can do. This piece is proof of how autism is overtaking us—while we meekly surrender. It doubled in five years. Will it quadruple in ten years? What if it doubles again in the two years? What if…..

The Detroit Free Press  It’s been a while since I’ve seen vilification of Andrew Wakefield like we’re seeing in so many stories at the moment. It seems the he is once again the fall guy to trash as vaccine fears mount.


CT teacher

I wish you were right, Barry. Like the perpetrators of the financial mess worldwide, I'm afraid that they will walk away, more or less unscathed. Where is the justice in this world? We have lost the ability to exact retribution. I used to wonder how the French could be so bloodthirsty during their revolution...chopping off people's heads seemed so gorey. Now, I understand it.


I feel terrible that Andrew Wakefield has to endure yet more of this undeserved abuse. But the sheer fact that the campaign if being reignited, can only mean that the other side is getting scared. As well they should.

The tide of truth is gaining momentum, and there is no reversing it now. Feeble attempts like these are just pathetic signs of their mounting desperation.

Maybe its just me, but I think their time would be much better spend finding a good place to hide. Because the way things are going, they're gonna need it pretty soon.

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