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Dachel Media Update: 10/12

Online newsToday's headline(s) with my commentary.

The subject of law enforcement and autism came up in two stories on Oct 11, 2012 with very different messages.   

Medina (OH) Gazette: Police departments unite in support of families with autistic children

MLive (MI): Autistic teen accused of assaulting deputies to face trial in Jackson County Circuit Court

Many autism parents have to deal with severely disabled children whose behavior makes them a danger to themselves and to others.  As children and parents age, the chances will increase that the police may become involved.  Should parents have to be afraid to call the police in an emergency situation with their autistic child?

Police officers, like teachers, aides, fire fighters, librarians, etc., need to be trained to deal with individuals with autism.  What better proof could there be that autism is a true epidemic the likes of we’ve never seen before?  

The story, 'Tsunami' of Autistic Adults Will Challenge Police; More Training Needed Say Experts, from June 13, 2012, made it clear that the police will have to learn about autism. .

One autism parent was quoted saying, ‘The tsunami of autistic adults is beginning to arrive. We'd better be ready or we will continue to have tragic outcomes...’

I posted the same comments describing the epidemic increase and the overwhelming percentage of autistic individuals who are under 18 on both of these stories.

Oct 11, 2012, Police departments unite in support of families with autistic children Medina County OH

“Police officers from all over the area gathered Wednesday night at the Medina County Sheriff’s Office to assemble about 100 baskets of toys, school supplies and holiday items for autistic children.

“Officers will deliver the baskets to families of children with autism in Medina, Summit, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Portage and Huron counties before Halloween….

“The group’s aim is to raise awareness among law enforcement officers about autism.”

Oct 11, 2012 ): Autistic teen accused of assaulting deputies to face trial in Jackson County Circuit Court

“A Jackson County Sheriff's deputy testified Thursday that he drew his gun intending to shoot a 17-year-old attacking him and another deputy with a knife blade attached to a set of nail clippers.

“Deputy Cory Caroffino, who had already tried to use his Taser on the teen, did not shoot Zachary Maxson because Deputy Amy Bretes was in the line of fire, he told the court Thursday morning during a preliminary examination.

“After hearing testimony from Caroffino, two other deputies and Zachary Maxson's father, Jackson County District Judge R. Darryl Mazur decided there was enough evidence to send the case to Circuit Court.” …

“Susan Maxson has also asked that police officers undergo training for situations involving autism. Caroffino said Michigan State Police Trooper Dan Bowman did give a 25- to 30-minute presentation to sheriff's deputies on the subject. He said the training was not given as a result of the February attack. “



I like every post in this blog. Really a nice work has done.

angus files

Why is it being passed onto the cops to deal with... the kids surely if they are spotted at school level appropriate measures should be in place for adult hood..soooo sorrry dreaming again

shame on them


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