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AofA Science Summary: Autism prevalence following prenatal exposure to hurricanes and tropical storms in Louisiana.

Science post imageJ Autism Dev Disord. 2008 Mar;38(3):481-8. Epub 2007 Jul 6.
Autism prevalence following prenatal exposure to hurricanes and tropical storms in Louisiana.

Genetics Laboratory, McLean Hospital, 115 Mill St., Belmont, MA 02478, USA. [email protected]


Hurricanes and tropical storms served as natural experiments for investigating whether autism is associated with exposure to stressful events during sensitive periods of gestation. Weather service data identified severe storms in Louisiana from 1980 to 1995 and parishes hit by storm centers during this period. Autism prevalences in different cohorts were calculated using anonymous data on birth dates and parishes of children diagnosed with autism in the state mental health system, together with corresponding census data on all live births in Louisiana. Prevalence increased in dose-response fashion with severity of prenatal storm exposure, especially for cohorts exposed near the middle or end of gestation (p < 0.001). Results complement other evidence that factors disrupting development during sensitive gestational periods may contribute to autism.

Comment in Autism and prenatal exposure to storms. [Evid Based Ment Health. 2008]



Same thing with shell shock.

There was literally zero shell shock among the civilian population of London during the Blitz.


Can you imagine the toxins from every house and yard and business and manufacturing plant, conventional farm with every form of pesticide, and hazardous waste storage, all the broken mercury containing bulbs, swirling around in the water (and air and soil) from such a storm and fetuses NOT being affected? Not even counting the shots from the health authorities? Is it the stress from the storm itself, or the environmental exposures from the destruction caused from the storm and health authorities? And the news shows people walking through the water with no protection as if they are taking a walk on the beach ...

moon batchelder

wow...this wasn't an article from 'the onion'?


DC said it all best on this matter.
Stress has always happened in life and we don't see the rise of autism.
A large out break of Tornados, blizzards, these too have kicked up winds and stirs things around.

We do want to think of the new word synergy.

Really they are just old words, but the medical people have tried to keep us confuse.

Words like collective:
As in how many generations in your family have been vaccinated.

Another old word is cumalative:
In how many times were each of the generations before us vaccinated.

Every time I listen to Dr. Wakefield -- I always learn something new, and come away with yet another perspective on all this.

He said in his La Crosse speech -- we may very well have to choose between vaccinating for the most deadly of diseases and those that are not -- Of course he said it so much better.

I would like a direct quote on the way he worded it.

For his direct quote will go right up there along with
Ben Franklin's quote about giving up a freedom to be safe, and in the end they will find themselves neither free nor safe.


My point is that IF maternal stress is a risk factor for autism, it does NOT automatically exclude adverse reaction to vaccines. On the contrary. Anything that can negatively affect mother's (and baby's) immune system during pregnancy, and it can be speculated that stress is one of the possible factors (but not the only one by a long shot), could skew child's immune system and 'pre-program' it to react in abnormal ways to later immune stressors. Vaccines are immune stressors. Latest research indicates this could well be the case https://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/news/2012/newborn-blood-may-reveal-early-immune-signs-of-autism/news_view#1350926668077825 (see comments section)


Quoting an old joke:

" A scientist is conducting an experiment to determine whether frogs can follow simple commands. He begins with a healthy, four-legged frog, and says, “Jump, frog, jump!”

Right on command, the frog jumps.

He then cuts off one of the frog’s legs and repeats his command. Although somewhat hobbled, the frog complies and jumps.

The scientist cuts off another leg and instructs the frog to jump again. The frog does as well as it can, but only budges a few inches after belly flopping onto his two remaining legs. After the frog loses its third leg and is instructed to hop yet again, the poor amphibian struggles, but heroically moves a few centimeters forward.

Finally, the scientist cuts off the frog’s final leg. Again, he issues his command: “Jump, frog, jump!”

The frog doesn’t move. The scientist barks his command again: “Jump, frog, jump!” The frog remains motionless.

The scientist finally opens his notebook to record the results of his experiment: “When frog loses fourth leg, frog goes deaf.”

The study shows more kids born with autism after a hurricane and their conclusion:
Results complement other evidence that factors disrupting development during sensitive gestational periods may contribute to autism.

Totally ignoring that many parents are nice enough to report vaccine reaction and regression into autism -- and the Red Cross sets up shop right after the storm with lots of DTaP shots.


If you want to study effects of maternal stress on autism rates why not comb post-war birth cohorts. Are there increased rates of autism in children born to mums who survived Rwandan genocide for example?

Even if stress is a factor, it would be much more interesting to pin down its indirect effects on maternal and fetal immune systems (lowering defenses and triggering pro-inflammatory pathways) than its direct effects on brain development.


I think it is possible, with the state of the environment being so crappy these days. You have chemtrails dumping tonnes of aluminum and barium into the sky, the particles which fall collect bacteria on them, in fact when there have been storms with hail, the hail has tested for many strains of bacteria. People get very sick after major hurricanes and tornadoes nowadays. Its not that crazy, when you throw in pesticides, GMO pollen and bugs, nuclear radiation and oil spill polluted waters into the mix and god knows what else blowing around, then I would not be surprised if its true. I think they got the prognosis wrong, and totally missed the point...its not caused by stress, its pollution.


LOL more tetanus shots due to the hurricane- once again, "if they weren't so fucking greedy they'd a been tougher to spot."


Um, weren't a lot of pregnant women given tetanus shots in the aftermath of the hurricanes? And isn't Sanofi Pasteur's DT still sold in the multi-use vial, with 25 micrograms of Thimerosal per 5 ml dose, and given to adults--including pregnant women?

No matter how hard they try to turn the focus away from vaccines, the link just refuses to remain hidden, doesn't it?

Stress. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I don't suppose they checked how many of the pregnant mothers were "vaccinated" against tetanus or flu (both mercury laden shots) by emergency response "health" workers. Nah. All they had was "anonymous" data. Wouldn't want to muddy the picture they are trying to paint.

Unfortunately, there will be another push to vaccinate everyone on the east coast after Sandy. Look for a future spike in already rising incidence of autism there.

What shall we blame that on....

Paula Chaiken

I thought this study was a joke.

barbara j

HA! Yesterday , while following my local news guys as they swayed in the winds of Sandy, one said, with all of this debris there will be a run on tetanus shots. There's the "mystery".


The "anything but vaccines study" mill strikes again. I live in New Orleans and went through Katrina. I know of no children that were born with regressive autism simply because their mothers experienced stress (but I know a whole bunch whose children regressed after being vaccinated).
If hurricane stress was truly a factor, we would have seen a huge increase of autism cases after Hurricane Betsy, Camille, etc. We didn't.
This is yet another sham study to distract people from the real problem- toxic poisoning of our children.

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