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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: What Causes Autism

Keep Calm Write OnBy Dan Olmsted

We've had a fascinating back-and-forth during the past couple of weeks over how to apportion the causes of the autism epidemic. It started with a comment by Tony Bateson of Birmingham, England, that I posted in the From the Editor column: 

"We are still banging on around the thousands of complexities facing both sides of the argument as to whether vaccines are linked to autism. And yet I still await an answer to my question posed at the Vaccine conference of November 2002 'where are the unvaccinated autistic kids?'. Please someone tell me, I haven't been able to find them in the UK and no organisation seeks to disabuse me of the notion that they don't exist. What goes on here? It is as though there is an extra dimension where people can endless argue the issue whilst no link exists to the reality."

I followed up with a narrower question: "Is there any evidence that anything but mercury causes anything but an insignificant fraction of the autism epidemic? In other words, but for mercury poisoning, would 'autism' really exist? Anyone?"

Autism Venn

What followed was the kind of crowd-sourced -- i.e., reader-led -- comment thread that to me is the glory of Age of Autism. People with all kinds of experiences and observations weighed in and provided the broad overview and specific detail that makes it possible to refine some answers. (My friend and now Northern Virginia neighbor Josie Nelson, who first expressed keen insights related to all this when we met in Minneapolis in 2010, has added some comments, noted in parentheses. Thanks, Josie!)

First of all, vaccination cannot account for every single case of autism, bar none. We all already know this, I think, because there are enough credible reports of never-vaccinated children with clearly documented diagnoses to show "autism" -- neurological  damage during infancy (or in utero)  that results in a characteristic syndrome of behavior and, often, physical ailments -- is not exclusive to vaccination. But there aren't many such cases, and it can be very hard in a finite group and time period to find any, as Tony Bateson's comment shows. (The Amish and Mayer Eisenstein's Homefirst practice in Chicago are two more cohorts in which there are tens of thousands of never-vaccinated children and little evidence of autism in those children -- certainly nothing on the magnitude of 1 in 88.)

Second, mercury alone is not the sole cause, as many of you who witnessed regression so quickly after the MMR vaccine, in particular, can testify.

But both Tony's question, and mine, point to what I believe is the truth: the autism epidemic is the result of vaccination; mercury both within and without vaccination can be identified as a likely suspect, providing us a key insight into the toxic nature of the disorder. The fact that it falls in the middle of my sketch above, and connects both kinds of exposure, vaccine and environmental, is apt.

(Josie Nelson adds: We also need to pay attention to the way that aluminum (over)stimulates the immune system and can instigate an auto-immune cascade … and the way that that auto-immune cascade can be exacerbated in the presence of a live virus (i.e. multiple vaccinations at once, particularly a live virus vaccine and a killed cell virus vaccine with aluminum adjuvant at once).  We all know that the so-called safety studies have never looked at what happens when you give two vaccines together … let alone two different TYPES of vaccines.  This is a huge piece in my mind … the aluminum is an immune stimulant.  That’s its stated purpose.  When you are purposefully stimulating an immune response without any regard to the state of the individual immune system you are stimulating and you introduce a live virus into that scenario at the very same time, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to imagine what possible (or even likely) results can ensue.  I also think ASD tends to look different depending on what hits occurred.  The mito kids look different from the mercury kids in part because there are (by and large -- oversimplifying here to make my point) different toxins at play.

(Deisher’s research on human DNA contamination and her excellent change point analysis data is a political landmine I know (whatever side of the legalized abortion issue one happens to be on).  But leaving politics aside for the moment, and speaking of auto-immune potential, inserting residual human DNA into a person while stimulating that person’s immune system by other means (aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG) seems like such an obvious area of concern.  According to Deisher there is more residual human DNA in varicella vaccine than there is varicella.  Deisher’s research points to the residual DNA hitting the known ‘hot spots’ on the DNA the areas more susceptible to breakage.)

Someone is surely going to say, but what about genes? Well, what about them? To say there may be a genetic vulnerability to autism is basically to say that it is a disorder acquired by individual human beings. Most of the genetic variability noted in autism (see Jill James) has to do with how effectively toxins are excreted. In a few cases where autism is said to be due to "known" genetic causes -- Down syndrome, say, or tuberous sclerosis -- not every child with those conditions develops autism, suggesting a decisive (and I suspect toxic) co-factor. Add to that the virtual absence of autism before the 1930s -- a time when many genetic disorders were already well-characterized -- and you have a non-starter of a hypothesis, though one that still attracts the lion's share of autism research money.

Plus there's the fact that toxins can cause epigenetic changes. So toxins damage genes that may contribute to autism? That's not a genetic cause.

Forget genes. But for toxic exposures, there would be no autism epidemic.

Bernie Rimland put it to me this way not long before he died: Vaccines do not cause every case of autism, but they have indeed caused the autism epidemic. Exactly what portion is uncertain, but it is fair to say that the strongest case for the rise of autism can be made for overvaccination, period. I certainly believe it's the big majority. A doctor who worked closely with Bernie told me not long ago they believe vaccination probably accounts for 30 percent of all autism cases -- in other words, a substantial minority, with the largest effect due to other medical interventions, including antibiotics, and environmental toxins from food to pollution. So, in my little sketch above, you could draw the ENV circle bigger and the VAX circle smaller. (Or vice versa.) It's not meant to be proportional, just to indicate the circles of causation and the fact they connect, with mercury a clear instance.

(From Josie: Such a low number (vaccines causing 30 percent of autism) does not account for some of the more nuanced (difficult to isolate) ways that vaccines impact.  This is a vast global experiment unlike any we’ve ever conducted.  The generation of women giving birth today is the first generation of women to be fully vaccinated.  And by the way we know that epigenetic changes persist across multiple generations.  Let’s say you have a child with autism and everyone agrees that vaccines were not  a primary cause -- or perhaps the child was even unvaccinated.  While you were looking at environmental triggers and amalgam load and light-bulb exposures, you would still (in my view) have to take a long hard look at the parents before you could conclude that vaccines were not a cause of that child’s autism.  Not just the flu shot mom was encouraged to get while pregnant, but the fact that women who are giving birth today simply cannot confer the kind of natural immunity onto their children that previous generations could have conferred.  The generation of women giving birth today is the first generation of fully vaccinated mothers.  No one has studied that.  No one.  If I were a guessing woman I’d guess more than 30%.)

Some people think we're vaccine-centric, but the strongest argument in our book, The Age of Autism -- Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic, is for autism as an environmental illness, broadly defined. Mark Blaxill and I found evidence of background exposure, in the first 11 families described in Leo Kanner's landmark 1943 paper, to newly commercialized ethyl mercury compounds.

How strong is this evidence? The smoking gun is case 2: Frederick L. Wellman, a plant pathologist for the U.S. government who was experimenting with organic mercury fungicides at the very same time his son Frederick III, known as Creighton, was born in 1936.

Here, from the archives of North Carolina State University, where he taught in later years, is the father's own typewritten resume showing him "dusting" organic mercury on seeds. [the handwritten marks are ours].

WR 2

A pamphlet in his archive showed the dust was Ceresan, the new ethyl mercury fungicide. The research could not have been before the 1930s, because Ceresan did not exist before then, so the evidence is inescapable: The father of Case 2 was "dusted" with a new ethyl mercury compound as his son was conceived, born, and in infancy. A son who would be diagnosed with a new disorder that differed "markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far," as Kanner, the dean of child psychiatry, wrote.

Oh, and the father of Case 3 was a forestry professor whom we connected with proximity to an ethyl mercury wood preservative before his son was born in 1937.

This, friends, is a big friggin' deal -- enough, in my opinion, to justify yanking every mercury-containing vaccine right now, worldwide -- and it has nothing to do with vaccination!  (That's what agricultural regulators did, banning mercury outright from pesticides by the 1970s. Go figure.)

The implications of mercury as a cause of autism go well beyond Hg itself -- mercury is a major clue, as well as a major cause. Logic would dictate, for example, that if the toxic metal mercury in and out of vaccines can cause autism, the use of another toxic metal in vaccines -- namely, aluminum -- should provoke immediate concern. 

In other words, it can be mercury, but it doesn't have to be.

In our book, we quoted Mark Noble of the University of Rochester, "It is impossible to overstate the implications for epidemiology of the idea that a toxicant may be sufficient but not necessary for disease pathogenesis, for what this hypothesis [that different exposures can cause the same effect] means is that a study that fails to demonstrate association with a particular substance cannot be taken as evidence that the substance does not contribute. It just means that such a contribution cannot be isolated sufficiently from other influences to be recognized among the other substances to whicn individuals in the study are exposed."

So does the MMR cause autism? Yes, and the child's background level of mercury, aluminum or another toxicant, from earlier vaccines or other sources altogether, may be a decisive co-factor in many cases. And that may mean that a study of the MMR alone, and autism, may not kick up the signal that the same study would if it looked for the elevated presence of other known neurotoxicants.

The child in that 1943 study whose father was a forestry professor also got a smallpox shot at age 1, after which he got ill and about the time that, in his mother's recollection, he seemed to regress. His background level of exposure to organic mercury and other new toxicants through his father's profession may well have set him up for the first documented live-virus vaccine regression.

Vaccination. Mercury. The Environment. 

The point is that from the beginning of the natural history of autism, these were obvious overlapping vectors, interacting with each other in all kinds of ways we simply don't understand and have never bothered, at this late date, to study. This is a far cry from the NIH/Autism Speaks nonsense about genes, and the epidemic denial we get from so many sources these days.

There is an epidemic. Vaccines, mercury and toxicologically relevant compounds, and the environment are the causes. The truth is evident, and it needs to break through into the general public sooner rather than later to prevent more cases and more subtle damage like ADHD, diabetes and all the rest, and to help sick kids.

It's not really that complicated. You can just about spell it out on the back of an envelope.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of AgeOfAutism.com.




Y'all seem to forget that correlation does not mean (or even imply) causation. At this time, the evidence that has been gathered cannot definitively say vaccines or mercury have caused autism. If y'all truly believe that, pool your resources, get some fruit flies and nematodes, and do the exeriments that will definitively demonstrate there is a causal link. Until then, quit saying that vaccines cause mercury. (I'm not saying they don't; I'm only saying you can't say they do with the evidence at hand.)


"99-99.5 % of patients are not harmed by vaccines."

Well Sir there is absolutely NO good evidence of this.

We do know unvaccinated children are MUCH healthier than are those who often suffer vaccine damage.


But your statement can be turned into a powerful argument for NOT "vaccinating"

"99-99.5 % of kids are not harmed by the wild measles virus."

Why is it that the VAST MAJORITY of kids encounter the wild measles virus, defeat it and acquire life long immunity from measles? Why is it that a TINY MINORITY of kids encounter the wild measles virus, have trouble defeating it and can become seriously sick. It is the EXACT same virus in both cases.


Perhaps this set of charts may give us a clue. If you look at figure 3 on measles you will see the scurvy rate, a marker for low vitamin C levels, tracks the rate of measles like a well fit glove. Could it be that those kids who had trouble with measles were low on vitamin C? IMO YES it could. Could the CDC who is supposed to be protecting our health run some tests to find out? IMO yes it could if it were not acting as a front man for the toxic Vaccine Industry and wanting to Ignore any evidence that might harm the "vaccine market", like lack of NEED.

This same set of charts will show the same relationship between pertussis and vitamin C. We literally have TONS of evidence on the prevention and treatment of pertussis by vitamin C.


The case that the "seasonal flu" and more importantly all viral flu is nothing but a seasonal lack of vitamin D is as close to iron clad as it can be IMO.


There are MANY other examples where the evidence that vitamins are perhaps hundreds if not thousands of more times more efficacious than "vaccines", is STRONG.

I would bet Doctor Offit's life that the mere lack of the three prime anti-infective vitamins (those vitamins used in increasing quantity until the infection is conquered); vitamins A,C and D are a PRIME cause of most childhood sicknesses which become diseases. Other elements of a healthy human body may be involved.

Thus "vaccines" are NEVER required and "vaccination" is probably the largest, deadliest FRAUD ever perpetrated on the helpless babies of the American people.

cia parker

It is not true that 99.5% of people are unharmed by vaccines. Learning disabilities now affect one in six, ADHD one in ten, allergies (whether respiratory, food, or skin) one in ten, asthma one in ten, autism one in fifty now. Even the people who appear completely unaffected may very well have been affected in some way by vaccines, but it is mild enough or separated from the time of the vaccine enough that the causal relationship is not obvious. Some people have a genetic makeup that makes them react much more obviously, but does that mean that the poison is safe for everyone else? Especially since no one tries to screen out the vulnerable at this time?

It is true that we should not forget that the diseases themselves can kill or disable. But we should not forget that the vast majority of people either would never get the diseases in question or would make a complete recovery if they got them. And their immune systems would have become more competent as a result.

I loved Wendy Lydall's Raising a Vaccine-Free Child. The first half tells how to care for children with formerly common diseases, and the second has fascinating historical information on the history of the diseases and the reasons that the vaccines are too dangerous to contemplate anyone getting. Also lots of information about how homeopathy is extremely effective in treating and curing all the vaccine-preventable diseases. Historic information on how in epidemics of cholera and yellow fever those treated homeopathically recovered at extremely high rates, unlike those treated allopathically. She provides extremely complete documentation for all of her information, including facts like the high rate of success in treating tetanus in India if patients were given intravenous vitamin C. Extremely high rates of cure, which make one wonder why it is not part of the standard treatment of tetanus in First World countries. Vitamin A greatly reduces mortality in cases of measles in the Third World (it doesn't have high rates of mortality in the First World). Vitamin C greatly reduces mortality in cases of pertussis in newborns (older people don't have high rates of mortality from pertussis, and even in newborns it's one in two hundred). Tylenol, on the other hand, greatly INCREASES rates of mortality in all cases of febrile illness. Hilary Butler has a lot of fascinating evidence on all these questions as well.
R, I agree that we anti-vaccine people often get so upset about the damage caused by vaccines that we minimize the damage caused by disease. But I think that we should try to condition people as strongly as they have been conditioned by the stories of Jenner and smallpox, or iron lungs and polio, Salk and Sabin. They must understand that vaccines are more dangerous than they are helpful. Fatal disease can usually be prevented by breastfeeding infants until they self-wean (which might be five yearsJ!), excellent nutrition, and modern sewage and water systems. Pharmaceutical drugs are usually more dangerous than helpful, and antibiotics should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Chronic disease can usually be avoided by avoidance of vaccines. When disease occurs, it is much better to treat it with rest, fluids, and appropriate naturopathic and homeopathic remedies. I have had personal experience of how powerful and almost magical homeopathic remedies can be!

cia parker

You're right about the weight, my daughter weighs 105 now, twelve years old, so is of adult weight. I calculated the dose per pound over a month ago, but came up with the 12.5 mg for her, and then saw 12.5 mg recommended as the adult starting dose. You're right, though, parents of younger children should calculate the doses by the pound. Information is available in several places (regardingcaroline, recoveringnick, several yahoo forums) that adults of normal weight should start at 12.5 mg and slowly and gradually work up, not increasing both DMSA and ALA at the same time, so as to be clear what caused increased side effects, if they occur. Young children should take it based on weight and work up to the recommended maximum very slowly, or just stay at a low-dose. Slow but surely wins the race. I read in several places that it's probably enough to take the DMSA and/or ALA for 2.6 days per round, either starting Friday as soon as they come home from school until Monday morning, or starting Friday morning and finishing the round Sunday evening, to avoid the difficult middle of the night dose.
Thanks for your feedback, I have high hopes that removing hte mercury might cure both me and my daughter, both mercury toxic from vaccines. Your testimony that it cured you son makes me feel confident that I"m doing the right thing!
Could you tell me how quickly you can expect to see results? A friend asked me how long I was going to do it, and it made me feel depressed to think I might go to a lot of trouble for years and not see any results at all. I told her at least a year. Would that be long enough to decide whether it was working or not?


You're right. ASD is "not that complicated".

"Autism" recovery isn't either!

If mercury is thought to cause ASD, then wouldn't it's removal *cure* it?

Like a commenter here, Cia Parker, I wholly endorse Dr Andrew Cutler's low dose, frequent chelation protocol. Though she IS mistaken about dosage (dosing amounts are based on weight, not sure where she came up with the universal 12.5 mg. figure) she is right that the protocol works.

My son is now recovered from ASD after more than 100 rounds ( a 'round' is dosing every three hours for 72 hours minimum) and has a normal life, as we in his family now enjoy.

This easily accessible, inexpensive, highly effective protocol needs to be highlighted on this blog.


"... Do not take it as the enviromental factors are 100 % responsible, consider also the neuro-diversity, and the enviromentals are the just the triggers in the genetically compromised. it is rather 50:50. The step forward would be to acknowledge this fact, and not sweep it under carpet on the one hand, nor to be irrationally anti-vaccine, as vaccines are needed, but safe vaccines....."

No, vaccines are NOT necessary!! That's just the lie that we've been told for decades, and its a lie that has been used to convince generations of parents that lining up to have their children poisoned is somehow a good idea!!

The biggest thing we all share here, is that our children have been horribly assaulted by toxic concoctions which have zero medical value. If you think about, anything that's even capable of inflicting that much damage, CAN NEVER be made safely. Vaccines make us sick on purpose, because the people who make piles of money off the sale of vaccines, are making MOUNTAINS of money selling medications that treat the disorders which vaccines create.

The only safe vaccines, are the ones we chose to avoid. And for your information, being anti-vaccine is actually the opposite of being irrational.

John Stone


No not 50:50. Even supposing your primary observation were true there would be nothing wrong with the genes without the triggers. It is an entirely perverse and useless way of attacking the problem. We go on year after year with wider and more diffuse searches for genetic markers, when we should simply stop playing roulette with our children now.


Do not take it as the enviromental factors are 100 % responsible, consider also the neuro-diversity, and the enviromentals are the just the triggers in the genetically compromised. it is rather 50:50. The step forward would be to acknowledge this fact, and not sweep it under carpet on the one hand, nor to be irrationally anti-vaccine, as vaccines are needed, but safe vaccines.

Everybody should consider this rationale and be constructive, not extremist, on both sides. Then we can get safer vaccination.

99-99.5 % of patients are not harmed by vaccines. That means that the vaccine risk to damage health is only 1:100-1:200, and otherwise vaccines are epidemiologically critical.


Hi Tony; just some more thoughts.Why do you think people who don't vaccinate their children would announce this to other people? whether they have autism or not,
there are likely social consequences to such a statement.

From what you have said, if the numbers quoted still apply today, then there should be about 1 in 10 of your British childrens playmates who don't vaccinate. Do you know who they are?
Probably not.

You might want to look at any random blog where this discussion comes up and see what the general attitudes are to those who announce, even on a blog, that they don't vaccinate.

Having said that,I also believe that most cases of autism are vaccine related.There are just too many ways that vaccines can cause damage, and too many people who saw their vaccinated child regress following the shot.

By the way, anyone interested in studying the Christian Scientists to see what their rate of autism is?
Might be a great column for Dan Olmstead ( Hint!)
and this group has the added advantage of living in the same environment as everyone else, and not being able to be considered genetically different.

(By the way, does anyone else find it interesting that while there is so much focus on genetics, no one wants to see if they can identify the postulated "protective gene" the Amish are theorized to have; probably because it would be super embarassing when they can't find it.)


"I just don't think there is any representation for unvaccinated autistics because there isn't anyone in the pool."

Looking at the vast body of autism evidence this clearly appears to be the case.

"Vaccination" may not be required to produce autism but as a practical matter, practical is where our kids get autism. if we avoid "vaccination" IMO we will avoid 99.99% of autism risk.


Maybe someone's already said this but-
"If he wasn't so fucking greedy, he'd a been tougher to spot."
That's the perfect quote for pharma and their ever-expanding vaccine market, I mean schedule.

Tony Bateson

I am grateful to Dan Olmsted for publishing my note. Like Dan's inability to understand the massive absence of autism in the Amish Community and the Home First constituency I am unable to grasp why in a UK national population of over five hundred thousands autistic people there is no convincing evidence of any of them being unvaccinated. Furthermore, why does the parent group involved in the UK not enter into debate about this. Is there a natural reticence on the part of parents to reveal their autistic child was unvaccinated? I don't think so. I have worked with autistic parents since the 1980s,they are gregarious and outspoken. I just don't think there is any representation for unvaccinated autistics because there isn't anyone in the pool.
Your correspondents explore various of the thousands of complexities facing a clear cut argument, but I do not claim that mercury, necessarily, is the sole, or main cause of autism. Though most of the facts about mercury would suggest it causes huge harm (that is why the last mercury mine in the world was closed a few years ago at the request of the WHO). There are other ways too that mother and child may be exposed to mercury and other vaccine materials.
One claimed unvaccinated child's mother had dental amalgam treatment early in her pregnancy(unlawful in some countries).
Anti-D rhesus negative treament, contained mercury and was sometimes given without the mother's knowledge. But these are possibly minor matters. The big question remains, where are the autistic members of the 10/12% unvaccinated numbers from Britain's annual 600/700,000 annual birth rate. One in 88 would produce around one thousand a year. They not only do not accoount for such numbers (say 10,000 in ten years) I believe they do not account for any numbers at all.

Tony Bateson, Birmingham UK.


Okay, I probably should give up asking for this movement to acknowledge that anything other than vaccines are important in the investigation of what causes autism, but I'll try to answer the questions asked of me. I didn't have my daughter vaccinated because I, in fact, did listen to your testimonies (the as you say I should do) and I believed you. As I have repeatedly stated, I still do believe that vaccines can cause autism in some cases. But here's what’s happening: I listened to your cases, I heeded your advice and my daughter got autism anyway. I point out that components other than vaccines are part of the autism epidemic and I get called a 'troll'. I'm told that I should "listen". I read that only vaccines cause the 'epidemic.' It is not a label for my daughter that bothers me but the idea that vaccine-induced autism is the more important problem. This suggests that whatever caused my daughter's condition isn't really as worthy of investigation or research. Yes, I feel that marginalizes her and others like her. Is there legitimate autism vs. vaccine induced autism? Suggesting there is only one true cause to the epidemic indicates that there is. I suggest that there isn't. Stating that there is a percentage of people with vaccine-induced autism with absolutely no statistical evidence to back it up is at best completely unconvincing. You are so wound up with your vaccine-obsession that you can't look around you and see that there may be something else to this puzzle and attack someone whose experience doesn't match your own.


Nice try Nancy, but I still aint buying what you're selling.

If you have an un-vaccinated child who regressed into autism at 11 months, then there's only only 2 possible explanations:


1. Your child was vaccinated without your knowledge


2. You're lying through your teeth


Have you had your child checked for fragile x or tuberous sclerosis?
You can read about both on the web;tuberous sclerosis is linked with seizures,and per one of the websites, 90-95 % of the kids have some skin issues; sometimes just a couple of white/non pigmented spots,not always easily seen depending on surrounding skin color.
Fragile X, no real signs that would stand out, just need to test for it.
If your son has either of these two conditions, you have probably already hit the autism funding jackpot.

What do you think caused your childs autism?
what happened before he regressed?
Do you feel it is possible he might have got encephalitis or brain damage from some infection?

There is almost no funding spent on the vaccine autism connection, so it is not like anyone here is taking anything away from your son.

Most money is going to genetic links and of course those ridiculous "eye gazing" type studies; not helpful to anyone.
From what you have said, research on vaccine caused autism won't directly help your son ( and it won't help mine either).
But from a moral point of view, if even only 1/3 of the people who develop autism ,develop it because of vaccine reactions,isn't that still crucially important to study?
How many people could be saved by simply not getting a shot?
I think at the moment autism investigations have gone so slowly because everyone is terribly concerned that if they do real studies, the results may implicate vaccines ( which of course is a career buster).
By actually identifying who will react badly to vaccines and why, that also leaves room to find out about other causes of autism.

When scientists get to the point where every possible cause is allowed to be on the table, then it is most likely that we will actually get real answers, some of which may indeed end up helping your son.

cia parker

There is a lot of statistical evidence to back us up, and it's easy to find. This is a no-brainer, it's damaging millions of people every day, and so it is what is getting the most attention at this time, and deservedly so. That being said, researchers who wanted to study your child to try to figure out what might have caused her autism would be engaging in worthy research that had the potential of saving others from a damaged life, I would approve of and commend their research, even though it did not directly affect me or my daughter. Unfortunately, there are very few researchers willing to buck the current and really look for the causes of autism. They get their dog biscuits from Big Pharma, which only approves of research into direct genetic factors, which, since they don't exist, lend themselves to an endless succession of studies designed to explore minute differences from the previous ones.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Nancy, Please forgive us for our doubts- Please know that this is part of science- When we hear of stories such as yours, we dont get to know any details such as - any dental work done during pregnancy; any injections containing mercury during pregnancy ; How you are certain that your child received no vaccines, including the one given at birth in the hospital. Hospitals may give this vaccine and not write it in the record; are you living near to a coal fired power plant or a crematorium, or could your water be contaminated with mercury. How much fish have you eaten during your life; pregnancy; post partum days? Were you consuming a lot of foods with high fructose corn syrup (often contains mercury). Could you possibly be living in a home contaminated at some point by spilled mercury ? The link between vaccines and autism is very obvious, but there may be cases in which some other mercury exposure is the culprit. And , of course, if some other toxin is the cause, we would like to know about it. and by the way, how absurd is it that we have to talk about this situation in this way. Studies should have been done long ago, detailing all the possible exposures that individual autistic kids have had. We dont wish to dismiss or ignore any child who has suffered, but as far as possible, we have to stay with a scientific method and accurate information


Nancy, with all due respect I see people here mentioning other factors (such as you mentioned in our post-and even some you did not like Tylenol) all the time; like the science of nutrition, most see that the factors probably work synergistically. Also see Cherry Sperlin Misra's post. I don't know if we can truly separate what is going on now if mutagenic changes have occurred in previous (vaccinated ) generations. I also wonder if many who thought their child was not vaccinated with hep b since the early /90's, in fact, were (at least that hospital birth dose, from what I am hearing!).


Okay, I probably should give up asking for this movement to acknowledge that anything other than vaccines are important in the investigation of what causes autism, but I'll try to answer the questions asked of me. I didn't have my daughter vaccinated because I, in fact, did listen to your testimonies (the as you say I should do) and I believed you. As I have repeatedly stated, I still do believe that vaccines can cause autism in some cases. But here's what’s happening: I listened to your cases, I heeded your advice and my daughter got autism anyway. I point out that components other than vaccines are part of the autism epidemic and I get called a 'troll'. I'm told that I should "listen". I read that only vaccines cause the 'epidemic.' It is not a label for my daughter that bothers me but the idea that vaccine-induced autism is the more important problem. This suggests that whatever caused my daughter's condition isn't really as worthy of investigation or research. Yes, I feel that marginalizes her and others like her. Is there legitimate autism vs. vaccine induced autism? Suggesting there is only one true cause to the epidemic indicates that there is. I suggest that there isn't. Stating that there is a percentage of people with vaccine-induced autism with absolutely no statistical evidence to back it up is at best completely unconvincing. You are so wound up with your vaccine-obsession that you can't look around you and see that there may be something else to this puzzle and attack someone whose experience doesn't match your own.

cia parker

I agree, the criminal hep-B vax at birth has allowed the vaccine proponents to talk about autism being present from birth. It was never present at birth before this vaccine program started in 1991. And it's worse than being prepared for a good talking-to if you don't want it for your baby. I said I didn't want it, but they gave it to my baby at midnight her first day of life, she reacted with encephalitis and autism. Judy Converse's baby got it without having even informed the parents or asking permission, and he reacted with encephalitis and severe bowel disease that nearly killed him, and later autism. A friend in Salt Lake City says he and his wife put it on both their daughters' birth plans that they didn't want it, but their hospital records show that they got it anyway. They didn't obviously react to it, but one of them reacted three years ago at the age of almost three to the H1N1 vaccine required by her preschool, and regressed into autism. Barbara Loe Fisher has said that when you check into the hospital they make you sign a form that gives them permission to do whatever the hell they want to to you or your baby, and that's supposed to pass for "informed consent."


the REAL epidemic is people out there who don't even KNOW about this stuff - or people that when you try and tell them that this stuff, they look at us like we're funny (I'm on the Spectrum, and this has actually happened to me....)

cia parker

In what countries do they not vaccinate as a matter of course? Can you cite evidence of unvaccinated children there or anywhere developing autism? In rare cases children may develop autism from exposure in the air (or water?) to heavy metals used in industry or coal-burning electrical plants. But autism did not exist before the 1930s. Your seventy-year old father may have just been diagnosed with autism, but he must be on the high-functioning Asperger's spectrum, or he could not have married and had you. Or gone undiagnosed until now. If he's seventy now, he would have been born in 1942, and if he has autism, that would mean that he got the smallpox, pertussis, and/or diphtheria vaccines, which caused brain damage, mercury toxicity, and Asperger's in him. This story about autism having always been with us, it's just better-diagnosed now, is a fairy tale written by Big Pharma. The bad thing is that those of us who grew up in a world without autism, who got measles and chickenpox as a matter of course, are being overtaken by younger people who just accept the propaganda that measles is a "killer" disease, and autism has always been with us. Again, thank you Dan and Mark, thank you T.J. Handley (I post links to your 98.5% impossible article everywhere), for making permanent records of the reality for those who care to look for it.

cia parker

Why would you feel that children whose autism is not believed to have been caused by vaccines are marginalized? You'd get a lot of support on many websites with advice on dealing with the problems of autistic families. My daughter's autism, my Asperger's and MS, were definitely caused by vaccines. It is of paramount importance to warn other parents to avoid the vaccines that permanently damage both adults and children. It is extremely important that everyone read the accounts of some of the tens of thousands of published accounts of people reacting severely to vaccines. We have to give our testimony. You should read it. In what way have we marginalized your child, whether or not you are correct in thinking that her autism was not caused by vaccines?

cia parker


I'm sorry that your unvaccinated daughter regressed into autism at eleven months. A woman at Clover's, the health food store here, said she has a friend with a Chinese husband didn't vaccinate their child with anything, but he was autistic. She wondered if it might have been from the vaccines the husband had previously gotten. I'm not going to deny that it can happen. It might be from exposure to toxins in the environment or from prenatal influences. It might be that vaccines the parents got might alter their DNA to the point of causing autism in their children. I will deny that it's just one of those things that has always occurred in some people: it did not exist at all before the industrial age of heavy metals in the environment. That means that it is NOT genetic, though it IS often from a genetic predisposition to store heavy metals or not detox vaccine ingredients like measles virus.

I do not think it is true that only one-third of cases of autism are caused by vaccines. I think it is much more along the lines of 98 or 99% being caused by vaccines, the hep-B, MMR, and DTP (or DTaP), maybe Hib and Prevnar, et al, maybe combinations. Since totally unvaccinated groups like the Amish or the Homefirst cohort have autism only in cases of environmental mercury exposure, you cannot say that only one-third is caused by vaccines. Again, only a long-term vax/unvax study with hundreds of thousands of children in each group could give us the exact information we need. But, since it is SO clear that vaccines are much more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to prevent (with varying success and need), it is really just a question of parents quarantining newborns and getting over their religious indoctrination on the safety and necessity of vaccines.

cia parker

Thanks, Cherry, I'm optimistic about the protocol, but it is discouraging to think of getting up in the middle of the night the take a dose of chelators three nights a week for years. 50 rounds (one year), 100 rounds (two years), at this point just all seem overwhelming, especially because of my mercury-induced severe insomnia, but if that's what it takes to achieve recovery for both of us, it will be worth it.

cia parker


You said your parents, in their 80s, had been vaccinated plenty as children. What vaccines did they get? My mother is 84 now, has had Alzheimer's for fifteen years (yearly flu vaccine since 1980), but, in retrospect, certainly had Asperger's. I have wondered for a long time if she had received vaccines as a child. When she was four, she developed severe, permanent constipation, to the point of having to use enemas every day. (I'm sure you remember about my autistic daughter and nephew having the severe constipation which I now think is an aspect of mercury poisoning from vaccines.) It is my understanding, from having read The Age of Autism (thanks, Dan and Mark, you have no idea how spell-binding I found it, and it helped me put a lot of the puzzle pieces in place about my own health), that the diphtheria vaccine started to be used in the 1930s, but it was usually only well-to-do children of educated parents who got it, and were among the first to develop autism. Prototypes of the pertussis vaccine were used in some places from the beginning of the century, a standard one started to be used in 1938, but didn't become common until the 1950s (both my brother and I, now with Asperger's, reacted to it with screaming for days and head-banging), and didn't become universal until the public health programs of the 1960s. The smallpox vaccine had been used with often dire or fatal results since Jenner's time, and AoA says that one of the first autistic children reacted to that. It never had mercury, would that be more in the realm of the MMR causing autism, live smallpox microbes screwing up the system? The polio vaccine started in 1955, and caused deaths, paralysis, etc., but as far as I know, not autism.

My mother grew up in Taylor, Texas, and a neighbor boy died of diphtheria, even though his parents called in every doctor in Taylor. Her parents may well have gotten her the diphtheria vaccine as a result, but I don't know. She was born in 1928, so I think probably she didn't get the pertussis vaccine as a child. What do you think your parents got as children?

Harris Coulter wrote about violent, criminal behavior often being caused by vaccine-induced encephalitis. Did anyone besides me think that the murderers of those two little girls in recent weeks were likely victims themselves of this brain damage?

I think there are a lot of adults with autism, but in most cases probably mild enough to be on the Asperger's spectrum, functioning better than most of the autistic children now. I can think of five adult friends over fifty who are so socially awkward, and several of them find it so hard to find ordinary words, so hard to put them together in coherent sentences, that I'm sure they reacted to the DPT as children with encephalitis and brain damage. Harris Coulter thinks everyone in the post-WWII generation who was vaccinated (so essentially everyone) has some degree of brain damage from vaccines. So I think it's inaccurate to say that autism was vanishingly rare in the generations born before the 1980s. Probably everyone can think of acquaintances so challenged verbally or socially that it may be that it was from vaccine damage, even though no one took note of the correlation. The hand-flapping, echolalic, mute or almost mute autists of today were vanishingly rare, probably because fewer vaccines were given. But the pertussis and diphtheria vaccines have been devastatingly damaging from their inception in the 1930s.


".... This bothers me so much because I feel like kids that do not have vaccine induced autism are marginalized by this movement as they are labelled as not part of the 'epidemic'. That's just wrong both morally and statistically!......"


So, you somehow managed to avoid vaccinations for your child, that child regressed into autism at 11 months anyway.... yet what bothers you, is the notion that your child might be"labelled" as not being part of the autism epidemic???

People around here can smell trolls Nancy. You might want to consider putting a little more effort into your deceptions

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To cia parker, Your Andrew Cutler protocol may be a good idea. There was once a comment by a parent, on AOA, stating that her child had lost the diagnosis of autism after 50 or 100 uses of this protocol. (sorry, I dont recall which number it was).

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Brent Rooney, Thankyou for commenting here. I think I can speak for most AOA followers to say that people here are highly interested in any and everything that negatively affects children and babies.
I assume that you also know that flu shots with mercury and other sources of mercury such as dental work, Rho gamma injections, eating fish while pregnant or breast feeding are very harmful to babies.
Injections with mercury will certainly lead to premature births and doctors seem to be throwing caution to the winds, and injecting pregnant women mindlessly. the pharmaceutical industry, having an opening with the flu vaccine, is looking for new products to inject into pregnant women. I remember the Thalidomide disaster, after which the medical profession wisely said "Dont give ANY drug to pregnant women" -as far as possible.That seems to have been forgotten.


Nancy; Your child regressed at 11 months and was never vaccinated????
Okay explain why you did not vaccinate your child?

Lord knows I did -- both of them as they reacted again and again.

You made some statements???? Your father at 70 had autism - do you mean alziheimers?
How do you know your father has never been vaccinated?
Where you with your father 24/7
because that would be the only way you would know for sure your father was "Never" vaccinated with all the vaccine shacks at ever corner. Plus why would your father "NOT" be vaccinated. My parents 83 and 88 and was rasied way back in the mountians of the Cumberland Mountians were vaccinated plenty as children.

And why where your kids not vaccinated?

Were you vaccinated?

What countries don't vaccinate?
Do you know these kids that have autism in other countries that have not been vaccinated?

You see - I have vaccinated my kids; one was slow to react and took some time - seven weeks to develop Kawasakis.
The other reacted three different times a few hours after each vaccine.


"Vaccination. Mercury. The Environment."

This covers a lot of territory. I would propose one other key major factorial. "The Gut-Brain Connection"

We know many autistic children have severe gut problems.

Doctor Natasha Campbell-McBride has gotten very good results in treating autistic children using her gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Theory of Autism.

My guess is the following factors in MANY combinations can result in autism and that a parent making sure all these bases are covered can greatly reduce the odds his children will become autistic by a VAST amount.

A Possible Etiology of Autism

IMO autism is a multifactor condition with the MMR vaccine often being the last straw. IMO autism is entirely man made and can be stopped by man or most likely women, in particular MOTHERS.

Note this chain of events may be thwarted or ameliorated at each and all steps leading to Autism. IMO this can be done at NO risk to either the mother-fetus or the infant and should prove salubrious even if this theory is incorrect or incomplete. I feel it is incomplete as each month or so new information is made available to me. Are you telling me HHS with their THOUSANDS of PhDs does not know all this and more? That is not possible.


Brent Rooney

Open Letter to Dan Olmsted,

1. Let's premise that vaccination of newborns
& infants much raises Autism risk.

2. Let's also premise that 'preemies' (born under
37.0 weeks' gestation) and LBW (Low Birth Weight;
under 2,500 grams) newborns, will have a higher
Autism risk via vaccinations than full-term babies
OVER 2,500 grams). It makes sense that Hg (mercury)
inflicts more damage to small and underweight babies
compared to their full-term friends.

3. Is there any elective medical treatment that elevates
women's risk of a 'preemie' delivery and/or Low-Birth-
Weight baby? Glad you asked.

4. In 2009 via two (2) SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS (SRs)
it became SETTLED SCIENCE that women with
prior IAs (Induced Abortions) have elevated premature
delivery risk compared to women with zero prior
IAs. In fact, the Feb. 2009 Dr. Hanes Swingle SR
reported that women with prior IAs have 64% higher
odds of a delivery under 32 weeks' gestation (i.e.
VERY premature) compared to women with zero prior IAs.

5. For more about about the 'Abortion-Autism-Axis' visit:
http://justiceforkids.webs.com/7abortionautismaxis.htm .

6. Brent Rooney (MSc) is a medical researcher with a special
focus on preterm birth risk factors.


Brent Rooney (MSc)
Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition
3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146)
Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2
email. fullterm40@gmail.com
web: http://justiceforkids.webs.com/7abortionautismaxis.htm


The 1/3 number was referred to in this article and it is also from Generations Rescue's own research. (GR is hardly a pro-pharma group!) There is no evidence that 70%-80% of cases of autism are caused by vaccines (and you did acknowledge it was a guess). If someone on the other side of this argument said that 99.9% of autism is NOT caused by vaccines you would ask "Where do you get that number from?" We should use the same criteria across the board. This bothers me so much because I feel like kids that do not have vaccine induced autism are marginalized by this movement as they are labelled as not part of the 'epidemic'. That's just wrong both morally and statistically!
I think that BPA, GMOs, High fructose corn syrup, trans fats, radio frequency exposure, fire retardants, food preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, food processing, arsenic in our rice, air pollution, radiation, cattle feed, over-sterilizing, lyme disease and endocrine disruptors, just begin to address some other possible causes. The EPA and the FDA have no idea exactly how many chemicals are used in consumer products, nor what products they are used in. Shouldn’t we require that their standards change? Don’t these things warrant some research? Couldn’t they be a huge piece of the autism puzzle too?

Joy B

Nothing to add to this valuable article, just wanted to commend the title. We need more titles like this, here and elsewhere. We need to think what the curious but naive person would Google to learn about what causes autism. It's a great article title.

Zemanski, HepB shots are administered sometimes within hours of birth. And it's not like they sit you down and give you a choice. If you specify that you DON'T want them, prepare for a good talkin' to. During the most stressful hours of your life.

The HepB thing seems more and more like part of the coverup. I see a lot of comments on messageboards; "my child had autistic traits from early infancy".

My best friend's son was thriving and strong but had repetitive behaviors and clumsiness before any of his "well baby" vaccines; he had HepB at birth. I'll never forget his sallow face crinkled in pain, in such contrast to his plump and pink twin sister. Then the well baby visits brought on his food aversions, drooling, head banging, vocal stimming, broad range of sensory and proprioceptive issues, rashes, constipation, obsessions and toe walking.

Neonatal vaccination obscures the entire issue. It's sort of like US foreign policy; create problems in the service of capitalism and then try to resolve or cover them up by creating more problems that will need more "solutions". A trail of destruction is all that's left, usually.


The IACC / Dr. Insel wants America to think that "Autism is so damn complicated" that it can never be figured out... and will be another "50 year disease" that will simply require endless research funding for decades.

But please. please, continue to provide funding...

About 15-20% of Americans have caught on to the endless fraud of the CDC vaccine program, another 30% may have some questions & concerns.

In many vaccine outlets, they have now posted charts of the Solar System... and simply tell the public that mercury is a planet close to the sun.... and is "too far away and too big" to be used in vaccines. This seems convincing to the remaining 50%.


Hi Nancy,
I am not sure of the 1/3 number; while I certainly agree that some children can develop autism without being vaccinated, most kids with autism are vaccinated,and anecdotally often second or third siblings in a family who aren't vaccinated don't develop autism.
Purely guessing here, but I'm thinking more like 70 or 80% of autism is vaccine related.
What other environmental causes do you worry about ? BPA, round up ready crops,pesticides in food are probably all not good for us, tylenol use is perhaps another one( using tylenol after vaccination apparently increases the chance of autism, and has also been linked to developing asthma) but I still suspect that the most common environmental causes of autism are vaccines.


Hi Zemanski,
Have you had your family checked for fragile X? It can be carried in families,but no one routinely checks for it.And a fragile X baby is not going to look any different from a child without the disorder;it is normally only when the child shows signs of autism that they are checked,if they are checked at all.

May I ask ,why, if you don't believe vaccines caused either of your childrens' or your grandfathers autism, you did not /have not vaccinated them?
Do you believe vaccines can cause autism in some cases?
With regard to your neighbor, her kid would normally have started vaccines at birth (Hep B) , and had the next set at two months.There aren't many babies out there who are unvaccinated at three months.
Which are the countries that you believe don't vaccinate but still have high levels of autism?
I don't know of any.


Zemanski. This is knowledge that we all have already. It does not disprove the fact that some children (some) for reasons which are currently not understood, are susceptible to the MMR vaccine and develop autism and colitis and others do not. And apparently the powers that be are unwilling to discover more about that tragedy, simply because they are fearful of what they may find, and that is criminal and utterly immoral.


My daughter has autism and she has never been vaccinated. She regressed at about 11 months. I still agree with much of this article. Mainly I agree that "But for toxic exposures, there would be no autism epidemic."
Here is what I disagree with "Vaccines do not cause every case of autism, but they have indeed caused the autism epidemic."
If we agree that one third of the cases of autism are caused by vaccines, are you saying that the the other 2/3rds of autism are not causing the autism epidemic?
In short according to the 1/3 rule, if no one was vaccinated instead of the rates being 1:88 with autism they would be 1:132 with autism. Yes, those numbers would be better, but still not good. Autism would still be in epidemic numbers. Environmental factors other than autism need recognition and action!


My father was diagnosed with autism at 70, he never had vaccinations, my 2 children are on the spectrum and one never had MMR, the other never had any vaccinations.
My children both showed specific traits related to autism before they were 3 months old, both were "unusual" babies in different ways. My neighbours son too, he clearly had developmental problems before he was vaccinated and there was no regression when he was.

There are families out there with autism that has not been influenced by vaccination. And autism exists in countries where children are not vaccinated as a matter of course.

Angus Files

Great Dan ..One thing we do know is that vaccines don't cause Autism because..our doctors told us sooooo.....Aye right...

Moon light shadow..caused Autism as we all know..

Loads on this link by all

[2011 Jan] Why Don’t Children Regress Before They Turn One? by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP Worried about vaccination being blamed for Regressive Autism, the health authorities and vaccine promoters quickly circulated the idea that autism, supposedly a purely “genetic disorder”, manifested itself between 18 and 24 months of age. In time, that somewhat preposterous idea became an accepted scientific fact, even though the syndrome was originally called “Infantile Autism” or “Kanner’s Infantile Autism” and an infant is, by definition, a child under the age of 12 months......So why don’t any of those little ones ever regress - really, really regress - at 11 months of age and why do they all wait and regress all together, just after their first birthday and their “one-year” check-up whether they are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt or Australia? Why don’t we ever, ever hear of babies regressing into autism during the vaccine break period, between 6 and 12 months of age or more specifically between age 9 and 12 months, when they are doing all those wonderful exciting things we need to call the neighbors, friends and family to witness or quickly find the movie camera to record? WHY, WHY, WHY DON’T BABIES REGRESS BEFORE THEIR ONE-YEAR CHECK-UP?



It is abundantly clear that the causes of chronic illness are not as simple as a single exposure leading to a single diagnosis, yet epidemiological studies based on doing just that continue to be used to claim particular exposures are 'safe'. What is coming from the health authorities is a blatant cover up.

E. Russell

"It's not really that complicated. You can just about spell it out on the back of an envelope." Love this!!!

Bravo Mr. Olmsted! Thank you and Mark Blaxill for always pursuing the truth no matter what! This piece is so well written and the explanation is clearly there. I hope everyone really does realize this (the cause) is not "That Complicated!" It's truly time to get the big old elephant the hell out of the room!

cia parker

I'm excited about this possible treatment for autism, and I'd like to post it so that families affected by autism might look into it. It's the Andy Cutler protocol for at-home, over-the-counter mercury chelation, I read about it on regardingcaroline.com. I'm trying it on myself first, and if I'm comfortable with it, I"ll see if it helps my daughter. You take low-dose DMSA, 12.5 mg to start with, every four hours for three days. It chelates mercury from the blood and organs, but can't cross the blood-brain barrier. After several weeks to several months, you add the amino acid ALA, also 12.5 mg per dose to start with, every three hours (can be stretched to four hours at night, and you can take the DMSA at the same times). The ALA can cross the blood-brain barrier to chelate mercury from the brain. After my first round, I felt fine until fifteen hours after I had finished the round, when I suddenly felt extremely nauseated, dizzy, and weak, sort of MS symptoms times ten, for fifteen or twenty minutes. That was probably the mercury that had been dropped by the DMSA having run out of steam (its half-life is four hours), and dropped the mercury, which was redeposited until the next round. The mercury picked up during those three days is excreted in the urine.
This protocol is thought by many to be safer than intravenous chelation by a biomedical doctor, it's lower-dose, over a long period of time.
I can't vouch for it, not having done it for very long yet, but it has given me hope that both my daughter and I may recover our health by this means. It makes sense, and I think it's the only way to get the damaging mercury out.


Great summary. Like you said, it's not that complicated. And it's staring us in the face.

cia parker

And not only can a live virus in a vaccine trigger autism, but a live virus later contracted can interact with stored heavy metals from vaccines to start a cascade of devastating symptoms of various sorts. In the book The Age of Autism, you detailed how mercury-containing medications interacted with the syphilis pathogens to cause dementia and paralysis, while the syphilis alone, as in Sweden and among the men in the infamous Tuskegee study, did not do so. I had neurological symptoms immediately after a ninth tetanus booster at nineteen, brachial plexus neuropathy, but the paralysis of both my arms only lasted a few days after the shot, and it did not cause MS until I contracted oral herpes years later. It is well-known that herpes, as well as other viruses, can trigger MS, but since it so rarely does so, I think it depends on the presence of stored heavy metals from previous vaccinations. Some people excrete the heavy metals adequately soon after vaccination, others, probably because of genetic factors, tend to store it indefinitely instead. I think the fatigue of MS is due to the mercury binding so tightly to the electron-transporting system, as Boyd Haley detailed in his article in Vaccine Epidemic, that it causes the mitochondrial disorder so common in autism as well. If the mitochondria cannot release energy from nutrients efficiently, the person has very little energy as a result. My autistic nephew and daughter did not have the severe and permanent constipation they now do until they contracted a virus, my nephew bronchitis over three years ago, and my daughter stomach flu seven years ago. Mercury can cause severe constipation, as in the case of Freud's Wolf Man described in The Age of Autism. But its permanent nature might depend on the presence of certain heavy metals, acquired either before or after the mercury is administered. There are countless avenues which would lend themselves to further studies if only more scientists overcame their conditioning and their fear of reprisal to investigate the myriad ways vaccines often, or even usually (always?), damage the neurological, immune, and digestive systems.

deborah harless

Well said Dan.

Donna L.


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