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Tell Legislators that Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee is Massive Waste of Tax Dollars

Money down the drainPlease take a few moments today to tell your legislators in Washington, DC Action alertthe ugly truth about the massive waste of taxpayer dollars by the federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) that’s more interested in covering up the causes of autism than in finding them.

We saw for ourselves, firsthand what a farce the IACC has become. But unless we get messages to legislators IN LARGE NUMBERS, nothing will change in Washington.

Please click on the Take Action Link to the letter below from our friends at the Canary Party to your two US Senators and your member of the House of Representatives.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to Facebook and other social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please consider making a donation at www.autismactionnetwork.org.


On July 10, HHS Secretary Sebelius effectively turned the Combating Autism Act into the “Accepting Autism Act.” In her speech to the autism community, she made no mention of prevention, recovery, cure or in any way ending autism.

The Congressional Budget Office states the bill (S.1094) authorizes the spending of $693 million in taxpayer dollars on “programs that support activities to prevent, diagnose and treat autism.” One of the three stated purposes for S.1094 is entirely missing from Sebelius’ plan: prevention. In fact, she highlighted three newly appointed members of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) who actually oppose curing, preventing or aggressively treating autism. A fourth new member shares these views, making 20% of the new IACC public members opposed to combating autism.

With the annual cost of autism having tripled in six years to $126 billion (according to Goldman Sachs) we can’t afford this kind of incompetence and complacency. Beyond the financial costs, the emotional toll of autism is incalculable. The mortality rate among the autism population is twice that of the general population. Sebelius even went so far as to question the reality of the explosive increase in autism rates since 1990, claiming scientists “thought” autism was rare in the 1990’s, but now “know” autism affects 1 in 88. Our CDC and NIH directors also downplay the autism crisis, calling autism “common” and merely “a health challenge.” The administration refuses to declare autism a national health emergency or an epidemic.

In her selection of IACC members, Secretary Sebelius made a mockery of CARA (Combating Autism Reauthorization Act) and sent a strong rebuke to the mainstream autism community by rejecting the nomination of a renowned Harvard pediatric neurologist who specializes in autistic regression and treatment among other highly qulaified candiates. She also rejected the president of the National Autism Association that serves 20,000 families, funds treatment research, provides grants and hosts a national conference.

Instead, Sebelius chose public members who defend and protect vaccine industry interests – vaccines being strongly implicated in the autism epidemic. IACC chair Tom Insel, whose brother developed a vaccine on the current CDC schedule, has blocked all research into the vaccine-autism link. More than fifty studies show solid evidence of this link, but IACC helped waste $1 billion chasing a non-existent “autism gene.” We’ve seen decades of cover-up of the autism-vaccine connection – a cover-up exemplified by a leaked memo from the former IOM Immunization Safety Review chair Marie McCormick who said, “…we will never come down that it [autism] is a true side effect…”

No issue more profoundly affects our children’s and our nation’s health than the autism epidemic. I hereby join the Autism Action Network and the Canary Party and its supporters in calling for a long overdue congressional investigation. The current IACC must be dismantled and CARA overhauled to reflect its originally intended goals.



Eileen Nicole Simon

Thank you for the link to capwiz.com! I sent the "grassroots" letter with a brief prefix:

I attended the IACC meeting on July 10, and presented my views in a 3-minute “public comment.” I will send these (somewhat different) views in another letter. Meanwhile, I definitely support the grassroots movement to rid control of the IACC by pay-offs from promotors of universal vaccination.

This morning I sent the second of several responses I plan to submit:

I attended the IACC meeting on July 10, and presented my views in a 3-minute “public comment.” I sent you the grassroots statement on September 19, noting that I would send additional views on the IACC, which appears to have been taken over by promoters of universal vaccination.

At the IACC meeting, I held up a “banner” to summarize my key points. The first of these was: LANGUAGE.

Developmental language disorder is the most serious handicap of children with autism. The IACC “strategic plan” made at most only passing mention of the problems of non-verbal children.

The past and current members of the IACC are not knowledgeable about autism, or they would not have totally overlooked language as the most debilitating problem, and the most difficult problem for parents, special educators, and eventually for society and funding of life-span care.

I will communicate more later on: (1) Blood-flow and metabolism in the brain. (2) Vulnerability of the brain to anoxia at birth and toxic injury, (3) Genetic disorders and the brain, and (4) Obstetric and neonatal procedures that require scrutiny.

I hope for more than a form-letter response from you. If possible I would like to setup an in-person meeting for further discussion of how corruption in the IACC might be addressed.

Heidi N

I totally agree that when agencies don't get results, they not only waste money that we need, such as we could save our tax money to pay for medical treatments that do work, but also these failing agencies steer others down the road of failure. Remove the bad steering, and let those with results get the limelight. My kids are recovered because I knew to only follow those before me who had results.


I signed this. One senator replied with a standard form letter, responded to nothing in the petition. Whoever did the letter didn't get the stats right, cited 1 in 150 children have autism as per their information from Autism Speaks. The senator is proud to have co-sponsored the combatting autism act and robustly supports the funding for NIH to continue research. It ignores the issue of misallocation of funds to genetic rather than environmental research, despite the findings that a large number of cases can be attributed to environmental factors.

Kim No-Vac

message to Tom Insel , please make sure you keep your entire families vaccine schedule entirely up to date please . No ducking out of anything now . What would be really good is if you can provide irrefutable evidence that the vaccines are happening for your kids and grandchildren .

Because at this point , I do not believe one single word that you have ever uttered . And my contempt ..you have it .

come and see my child - I dare you ? I'd love to hear your explanation I really would .

Katie Wright

so well said! Thank you!

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