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Support the Doctors Who Help Children With Autism

AnjuOn September 8th in Chicago, we parents of children with numerous health Support anju issues, will be honoring Dr. Anju Usman, to recognize the outstanding medical care she has provided to thousands of children with complex medical issues and support her ability to continue to provide appropriate medical care for children, including those with autism.

While emerging scientific evidence has determined that children with autism have a higher incidence of immune dysregulation, gastrointestinal disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, and other complex health issues, many physicians are unaware of these underlying medical conditions and they can remain untreated.

There are dedicated physicians, such as Dr. Usman, who have come under criticism for their willingness to look beyond the autism label to provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment for the various medical conditions.  Their ability to treat children individually while incorporating findings from emerging science may be threatened.  Our children deserve to have access to physicians who are willing to properly identify and treat all their medical conditions.

Please join us to celebrate Dr. Usman's work and dedication to our children. The future of our children's medical care depends on all of us participating.  If you are local, please attend or make a financial gift.  For our long distance families and friends, we would be honored by your donations and your support. Donate HERE.


Angus Files

Superb work done by Dr Usman.

I have read and heard through parent reports and other great reports of Dr Usman`s fine work in helping Autistic kids/adults leading a calmer life compared to un treated Autistic Kids.

We all live with the Vaccinepharmababyshambles that OFFIT et-al via- vaccines have blighted us with .We love alland everyone of our kids every one of them .Shame on OFFIT for the VaccinePharmababyshambles he and his ilk have caused VIA INJECTIONS OF UN-TESTED VACCINES....



Minnesota may be home to the Mayo Clinic, but many of our state's autism families instead drive hundreds of miles to see Dr. Anju Usman. And those kids are the ones who get better. Shame on anyone who prevents Dr. Usman from healing our sick children.

Sandy MacInnis

I would love to support Dr. Usman.
However, it's not clear what the donations are for.

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