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Republican Party Convention Outrage on Delegate Election Process

In this election year, we will showcase the happenings on "both sides of the aisle." Neither party has been much help to the autism community - each from their own perspective. Labor Day is an often overlooked holiday, seen more as the end of summer and BBQs than a tribute to working Americans and the pursuit American dream.

Timothy P.Carney, The Examiner's senior political columnist, can be contacted at<>. His column appears Monday and Thursday, and his stories and blog posts appear
TAMPA, Fla. -- The Republican establishment still doesn't get it.

At the Republican National Convention, party officials flouted the rules and railroaded longtime conservative activists, Tea Party newcomers and Ron Paul delegates.

You might think a party whose power in Washington is due to bottom-up, decentralized grassroots passion would not resort to top-down, centralized control.

Establishment arrogance first flared up in two of the convention's standing committees.

In the Rules Committee, D.C. delegate Ben Ginsburg, an attorney working with the Romney campaign, passed two rule changes that conservatives immediately blasted as "power grabs." First, Ginsburg stripped power from delegates by giving the Republican National Committee -- that is, the 50 state committeemen and 50 committeewomen -- the power to amend party rules between conventions. (This was a change to Rule 12, which governs amendments to the platform.)

Second, he stripped power from state parties by giving candidates the ability to replace any of their own delegates. Conservative delegates and activists reacted so negatively to this one that party leaders backtracked. They crafted a compromise on Monday night that leaves state parties with the power to elect delegates, but imposes new rules on delegate selection.

Meanwhile, the Credentials Committee voted to unseat half of Ron Paul's delegates from Maine. Party officials contended -- on flimsy evidence -- that Paul backers had broken the rules in the state party's convention, where they won 21 of Maine's 24 delegate seats.

These power grabs, while unseemly and directed at consolidating power, at least passed according to party rules. That is, a majority of delegates in each committee voted for them. But on Tuesday afternoon, in order to prevent any fight over the power grabs, party leaders simply flouted the rules.

RNC rules allow for amending committee reports on the floor of the convention if 25 percent of the relevant committee signs onto an amendment. South Carolina delegate Drew McKissick wrangled the requisite signatures to propose an amendment killing the new delegate-selection rule, and Maine Committeewoman Ashley Ryan got enough signatures for an amendment to kill the Rule 12 change.

Meanwhile, members of the Credentials Committee had secured enough signatures to propose an amendment to the committee's report that had unseated the 10 Paul delegates from Maine.

Plenty of delegates on the floor Tuesday were ready for a floor fight -- or at least a vote on the amendments.

California delegate Mike Spence, president of Conservative Republicans of California, told me he planned to vote for one of the amendments on the floor. "Allowing the RNC to change the rules" between conventions "is allowing elites to control things," he objected.

But there would be no debate and no vote.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus gaveled the convention back into order about 4:10 Tuesday and called up the report from the Credentials Committee. Multiple Ron Paul delegates -- including uncontested delegates like Ashley Ryan -- loudly objected to proceeding to a vote, but Priebus said "without objection," he would call up the vote.

Shouts of "Point of order!" and "Objection" rung out from the delegates, but Priebus rolled ahead, calling for a voice vote on the Credentials Committee's report. Dozens of delegates yelled "Aye" loudly, but the "Nay" shouts a few seconds later were clearly louder. "In the opinion of the chair, the Ayes have it," Priebus nonetheless declared, banging the gavel.

Ryan tried using her delegation's microphone and the phone used to communicate with convention officials backstage, but neither was turned on. Paul backers began chanting "Point of order! Point of order!" but they were ignored.

House Speaker John Boehner soon took up the gavel, and also ignored objections to the Rules Committee reports and never entertained the amendments, which, by the rules, should have been voted on.

It was a railroading, and it sent a few clear messages.

The party leadership effectively told the Ron Paul backers -- the youngest, most dynamic part of the party -- that they are not welcome. They told the longtime activists that their voices are no longer needed. And they told the Tea Partiers, many of whom are new to political involvement, to calm down and just do as they're told.

"It shows you just how much the pooh-bahs don't quite get what's going on yet," Matt Kibbe, of FreedomWorks, told The Washington Examiner on Tuesday. "They are trying to disenfranchise all the new people that have created the energy in the party."

One Texas Republican saw the Romney campaign's behavior in these delegate battles as ominous. "If they're operating this way now, they'll be operating this way when they win."

Trampling on your own grass roots is an odd way to try to build a party.

Timothy P.Carney, The Examiner's senior political columnist, can be contacted at<>. His column appears Monday and Thursday, and his stories and blog posts appear



Raymond Gallup

Questions people should ask about Obamacare are if it is so good, then...........

1. Why is it be enacted in 2014, if it is so great why wasn't it enacted when it was approved by President Obama and Congress in 2010?

2. Why are there waivers given out in Congresswoman Pelosi's district and Senator Reid's state of Nevada? If Obamacare is so golden shouldn't everyone be required to enjoy the new health insurance?
See ..........

Almost 20 Percent of New Obamacare Waivers Went to Pelosi’s District – Update: Harry Reid’s Entire State Gets a Waiver


3. Why is President Obama and the Congress exempt from Obamacare since they have their own health care plans that are superior than any US citizen has. If Obamacare is better why aren't the President and Congress covered as well?

4. Why was Obamacare initially over a 2,000 page document that I'm sure even lawyers would have a hard time figuring out?

See links to the actual documents in pdf..........

Why are there 1,147,271 Words of Obamacare Regulations Published So Far—270% as Long as the Text of the Statute?


Raymond Gallup

Dear barbara j,

You vote for Obama/Biden and for Obamacare. I will vote against Obamacare and for Romney/Ryan.

On November 6, 2012 after all the votes are counted nationwide, we will see if Obama is re-elected and Obamacare takes effect in 2014 or if we get a new President, Romney who will rid of us Obamacare.

barbara j

Most believe vaccines are mandated already, talk to anyone who doesn't have a child disabled by vaccine. Clearly ,they don't know there are options. As families experiencing damage we know we are up against huge money pumping out bogus ghost written scientific studies that are in place to influence our doctors our cdc and our fda. We need to get militant, and believe me I've considered it.If I thought for a minute that my vote for president would ensure that not one more child would have to suffer autism, I would put all of my other concerns aside and cast that ballot. for what it's worth..this is what I've gotten so far from Paul Ryans healthcare proposal.
Require CDC to undertake a national campaign highlighting science-based health promotion strategies;
- Invest $50 million annually for increased vaccine availability and bonus grants to states that achieve 90 percent or greater coverage of CDC‐recommended vaccines;
Our politicians are ignorant on this issue.

barbara j

What within that "list" is different from today, except TODAY we have a "mandate approved and in place" in the homeland security bill. Please paste what you find different, I may have missed something. I see the normal crap, provide community efforts..make available interventions ( I'm guessing dump some mmr in communities experiencing measles or similar) ..what is bothering you, it may bother me too..just tell.

barbara j

this was before his nomination to vp..
Ryan Budget Dangerous for People with Disabilities: CCD urges Congress to Reject the Ryan Budget
Washington, DC March 21, 2012 – The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), a national coalition of 113 organizations representing the needs of people with disabilities, believes that the budget resolution proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) is dangerous for people with disabilities as it calls for deep cuts to Medicaid, deeply cuts spending for non-defense discretionary programs that support the health and well being of people with disabilities, and would lead to tens of millions of Americans losing their health insurance or become underinsured.

The Budget introduced this week would block grant Medicaid and cut Medicaid spending by $810 billion over the next 10 years. A cut this deep would leave many without health care, cost-effective screenings and treatment. With half of Medicaid’s recipients being children, many of whom have disabilities, this means that millions of children will be denied care and preventative treatment. This change as well as the structural changes to Medicare, will result in shifting costs to states and to individual consumers. This will put a huge burden on already strained state budgets and will lead to further cuts to human service programs.

Raymond Gallup

From the horse's mouth, what Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) intends to do in 2014 with the populace and vaccines...........

Immunizations and the Affordable Care Act

The federal government has long promoted and funded immunizations as a key public health tool. The federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), passed in March 2010, contains several new immunization-related provisions that emphasize prevention and public health efforts to increase immunization rates for both children and adults.


U.S. Vaccine Policy and Practice

Page IV
Federal Funding for Vaccine Programs: The Act authorizes state immunization
programs to use state funds to purchase vaccines for adults using the Federal purchase price
negotiated by the CDC.
Demonstration Program: The Act authorizes the Secretary and the Director of the CDC
to award grants to states to improve the provision of recommended immunizations for children,
adolescents, and adults through the use of evidence-based and population-based interventions.
Community Health Centers: Between FY 2011 and FY 2015 the Federal government
will invest $11 billion in the expansion of community health centers, a major source of
immunization coverage for medically underserved populations.
School-Based Health Centers: The law appropriates funding to establish, staff, and equip
school-based health centers (SBHCs), that will provide comprehensive primary health services
during school hours.

Page 1

The health reform law consists of two statutes: The Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act (PPACA), (March 23, 2010), The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act
(March 30, 2010), and implementing regulations.3 These two laws will be referred to as the
Affordable Care Act.
This report is intended to: 1) examine how the laws address vaccine and immunization
policy and practice; 2) assess the implications of the Act for vaccine and immunization policy;
and 3) assess the extent to which the Act addresses the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s
(NVAC) Vaccine Finance Working Group (VFWG) 2008 recommendations.4 The report
concludes with recommendations for further NVAC consideration.

Page 3

The report also includes four appendices as follows: Appendix I: Excerpts from the
Affordable Care Act and existing Federal laws; Appendix II: Interim Final and Proposed
Regulations; Appendix III: Implementation Timeline, and Appendix IV: Interaction between
Health Reform and NVAC Vaccine Financing Recommendations.
Within each section of this report, analysts provide an overview of the pre-health reform
environment, highlight changes required by the Affordable Care Act, discuss implications for
immunization policy and practice, and assess how the NVAC recommendations are addressed.
The analysis concludes with recommendations for implementing vaccine-related changes under
health reform.
In several instances, the Act references immunizations explicitly. However, vaccination
services may be implied through provisions discussing preventive, primary care, and pediatric
services and “well-child care”. Because these areas reflect potential opportunities for advancing
vaccine policy, they have been included in this report.
(Note:"potential opportunities for advancing
vaccine policy, they have been included in this report.")

Page 9

Interaction with NVAC-VFWG Recommendations
NVAC recommendations related to changes under health reform and private insurance interact as follows:
Recommendation 11
Health insurers and all private healthcare purchasers should adopt contract benefit language that is flexible enough
to permit coverage and reimbursement for new or recently altered ACIP recommendations as well as vaccine price
changes that occur in the middle of a contract period.
The Affordable Care Act requires group health plans and health insurance sold in the individual and group
markets to extend coverage for ACIP-recommended vaccines. (Exemption for grandfathered plans)
The Affordable Care Act mandates coverage of “essential health benefits” including preventive benefits by
insurers operating in the individual and small group markets (under 100 employees)
Recommendation 12
All public and private health insurance plans should voluntarily provide first-dollar coverage (i.e., no deductibles or
co-pays) for all ACIP-recommended vaccines and their administration for children and adolescents.
The Affordable Care Act specifies first-dollar coverage for all ACIP-recommended vaccines and their
Recommendation 18
CDC should substantially decrease the time from creation to official publication of ACIP recommendations in order
to expedite coverage decisions by payers to cover new vaccines and new indications for vaccines currently
ACA implementing regulations permit a delay in coverage of ACIP-recommended vaccines.42 HHS has
outlined how plans can determine whether a recommendation has been adopted.

Page 11

Preventive services must include ACIP-recommended immunizations
without cost sharing.51
Once a preventive service is recommended by the U.S. government, exchange plans must
cover the service in plan years beginning one year after the issuance of the recommendation.52
With regard to effective dates of ACIP recommendations, “a recommendation or guideline of the
Advisory Committee is considered to be issued on the date on which it is adopted by the Director
of the CDC.”53

State regulated insurance products sold in the individual and group markets and not
subject to grandfathering will be required to cover ACIP recommended immunizations
regardless of whether sold inside or outside exchanges.

Page 12

Recommendation 12
All public and private health insurance plans should voluntarily provide first-dollar coverage (i.e., no deductibles or
co-pays) for all ACIP-recommended vaccines and their administration for children and adolescents.
The Affordable Care Act requires state regulated health insurance products, whether sold through
exchanges as certified health plans or on the open market, to cover ACIP recommended immunizations.
Recommendation 18
CDC should substantially decrease the time from creation to official publication of ACIP recommendations in order
to expedite coverage decisions by payers to cover new vaccines and new indications for vaccines currently
Interim final regulations issued in 2010 require coverage of ACIP-recommended vaccines54 and specify a
grandfathering test.55 HHS has outlined how plans can determine whether a recommendation has been adopted.

Page 23-24

Immunization Grant Program (Section 317): Authorized under section 317 of the Public
Health Service Act, the Immunization Grant Program is a discretionary program that provides
funds for states (and U.S. territories) seeking to provide vaccines to children and adults who do
not qualify for VFC.109 The program currently supports 64 immunization programs including:
all 50 states, the District of Columbia, five urban areas,110 the U.S. Territories, and selected
Pacific Island nations.111 States may also receive funding to improve vaccination operations and
infrastructure.112 Funding for the Section 317 program is contingent on annual appropriations.113
Vaccines for Children (VFC): The VFC is a Federal entitlement program that finances
immunizations for eligible children who would otherwise be unable to afford them. Eligible
children, under age 19, include: those who are Medicaid-eligible, American Indian, Alaska
Native, uninsured, or underinsured children who receive immunizations at Federally Qualified
Health Centers (FQHC) or Rural Health Clinics (RHCs). 114,115
Under the Program, the CDC purchases vaccines at discounted rates and distributes them
to registered VFC providers.116 Eligible children include those who are Medicaid-eligible,
uninsured, American Indian, Alaska Native, and underinsured who are served at FQHCs or
RHCs are entitled to participate.
Changes under Health Reform
The law provides additional Federal funding to increase coverage for all age groups.
Section 317 Program: The Immunization Program in Section 317 of the Public Health
Service Act was reauthorized.117 The U.S. House of Representatives has allocated
approximately $662 million for the 317 program for FY2011.118 This amount reflects an increase of over $100 million from FY2010 to be provided from the Act’s Prevention and Public
Health Fund (PPHF). However, this appropriation for FY2011 amount has not been approved.119
Increasing State Purchasing Power: Effective March 23, 2010, states are permitted to
purchase adult vaccines with state funds at CDC-negotiated rates.120
Demonstration Program: Effective March 23, 2010, the Secretary and the Director of the
CDC may award grants to states to improve the provision of recommended immunizations for
children, adolescents and adults through the use of evidence-based and population-based
interventions. Funds, if appropriated, may be used to implement interventions recommended by
the Community Preventive Services Task Force such as recalls, reminders for patients or
providers, or home visits.121
Vaccines for Children Program: The Act does not alter the VFC program.

Page 25

Implications for Immunization Practice under Reforms of Federal Funding of Vaccine
The demonstration programs provide opportunities for states to implement a broad range
of innovative initiatives relating to immunizations. Programs may incorporate assistance and
education for consumers and providers. States could use the funds to develop comprehensive,
sustainable immunization information systems or establish other projects to increase coverage
among all populations.
It is unclear whether exchange plans will be able to benefit from CDC-negotiated rates.
Exchange plans may be considered public/private partnerships. States have been authorized to
develop and administer the plans, which may present an opportunity for exchanges to obtain
discounted vaccines.
Interaction with NVAC-VFWG Recommendations
NVAC recommendations related to changes under health reform and Federal funding for vaccine programs interact
as follows:
Immunization Grant Program
Recommendation 14
Congress should request an annual report on the CDC's professional judgment of the size and scope of the Section
317 program appropriation needed for vaccine purchase, vaccination infrastructure, and vaccine administration.
Congress should ensure that Section 317 funding is provided at levels specified in CDC's annual report to Congress.
Recommendation 19
Congress should expand Section 317 funding to support the additional national, state and local public health
infrastructure (e.g., widespread and effective education and promotion for healthcare providers, adolescents, and
their parents; coordination of complementary and alternative venues for adolescent vaccinations; record keeping
and immunization information systems; vaccine safety surveillance; disease surveillance) needed for adolescent
vaccination programs as well as childhood vaccination programs for new recommendations such as universal
influenza vaccination.
Health reform established the Prevention and Public Health Fund to invest in prevention programs. The
317 program has been authorized to receive an increase of over $100 million from FY2010; however, this amount
has not been approved.
Demonstration Projects
Recommendation 9
Medical providers, particularly in smaller practices, should participate in pools of vaccine purchasers to obtain
volume ordering discounts. This may be done by individual providers joining or forming purchasing collaboratives,
or through a regional vaccine purchasing contract held by professional medical organizations on behalf of
The Secretary and the Director of the CDC may award grants to states to improve the provision of
recommended immunizations for all age groups through the use of evidence-based and population-based interventions.


Impact of the Affordable
Care Act on

Medicaid and CHIP

Effective 2014, all non-elderly persons with incomes up to 133% FPL, based on “modified adjusted gross income,” are Medicaid eligible

States required to benchmark coverage to newly eligible enrollees, including immunization services to children and adults

Makes a considerable number of Americans eligible for Medicaid benefits by increasing not only the income but the gender and family position eligibility criteria

Increased coverage for immunizations for newly eligible enrollees
Medicaid payment increase for primary physician services to 100% of Medicare payment rates; 100% FMAP for state payment increment for 1st 2 years

Increases immunization administration fee to Medicare levels for two years 2013 and 2014

Opportunity to show importance of adequate payment on coverage

States that cover ACIP-recommended vaccines and administration costs with no cost-sharing will receive a 1% increased FMAP, beginning in 2013
Medicare, effective from 2011

All Medicare beneficiaries receive a personalized prevention plan that incorporates ACIP-recommended vaccines

All cost-sharing eliminated for services under said personalized prevention plan

Any preventive service received in outpatient setting in hospital paid for at 100%

Improves access to immunizations provided under Part B of Medicare

GAO study on impact of Medicare Part D payment on access to immunizations
Due June 2011
Federal funding for immunization programs

Section 317 program was reauthorized

A $100 M increase for the Section 317 program out of this fund for 2011 – subject to appropriation

States are permitted to purchase adult vaccines with state funds at CDC-negotiated rates

Impact unclear as to whether exchange plans will benefit; may be considered private/public partnership?

Demonstration programs to improve immunization coverage through the use of evidence-based and population-based interventions

Provides opportunity to implement broad range of innovative initiatives
Prevention Initiatives

Prevention and Public Health Fund

Appropriation of $15 billion over 10 years ($2 billion a year beginning in FY 2015), $500 million in FY 10; $750 million in FY 11

Use determined by Secretary, reviewed by Congressional appropriations committees

Opportunities for improvements in vaccine funding, eg Section 317 program

Community Preventive Services Task Force

Created to improve coordination between USPSTF and ACIP particularly on the interaction of recommendations as they are implemented in clinics and communities

Prevention outreach and education campaigns, one of which is to describe the preventive measures supported by ACIP
Community Health Centers (CHC)

Community Health Center Fund established, $11 billion over 5 years to expand CHC operations

CHCs eligible to participate in pilot and demonstration projects from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Number of patients served expected to double to 35 million by 2019

Increases access to immunizations for millions of children and adults in medically underserved communities

Underinsurance still an issue until full implementation of the ACA
School-based Health Centers

>1,100 centers serving >2 million children

$50 million/year, from 2010 through 2013, appropriated

Must provide comprehensive primary health services to be eligible

While immunizations are not specifically included, increased funding provides opportunities to administer vaccines during school hours

School-based health centers can also become VFC-registered providers
Quality and Innovation

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation established with four models directly impacting immunizations

Permit providers to receive increased payment for immunization services;

Permit providers to receive payment for patient education on immunizations;

Permit community vaccination programs;

Permit new categories of professionals to assess and administer immunizations
Quality and Innovation

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute established

Develops the national agenda for clinical effectiveness research

Opportunity to highlight the impact and value of community immunization

Explore opportunities to reduce disparities in immunizations and identification of tools to educate patients on immunizations
Quality and Innovation

National Strategy to Improve Health Care Quality to be developed

Opportunity to prioritize immunizations as an intervention with potential to improve the health status of patients and communities

Community immunization initiatives can support efforts to reduce disparities and improve quality of care

Medical homes and Accountable Care Organizations to promote quality and efficiency
Community Transformation Grants (pending as of 04/11)

New grant authority for community prevention: state, local, and NGOs eligible grantees; funding from Prevention and Public Health Fund

Requires detailed plan for policy, environmental, programmatic and infrastructure changes to promote healthy living and reduce disparities

While immunizations are not specified, innovative programs will be considered…

CDC Director to oversee program and develop state and local capacity to engage in community transformation activities

Requires evidence base; room for developing new models; potential set aside for rural areas
Implications & Priorities

Near-universal coverage but ~24 million will remain uninsured

Access for newly insured

Disproportionately lower income and residents of medically underserved communities

Potential for lag time in health plan implementation of updated ACIP recommendations

How do health plans implement new coverage once added?

Provider payment for vaccines and administration

Continuing Medicare B/D challenge

Medicaid preventive coverage for traditionally eligible persons
Implications & Priorities

Changing nature of community efforts in light of near-universal coverage

Building immunization into pilots and demonstrations

Health plan quality performance measures

The changing nature of community prevention and public health organization, financing, and operations with near-universal coverage

Third party billing

Promoting public confidence in vaccine safety remains a central challenge;

Coverage reforms along with health care system reforms to promote prevention should be part of an overall strategy to promote immunization


barbara j

I don't think there is any soul selling on the part of Obama. (this is just my opinion) However, I do think ,while they expect us to be on top of all information surrounding the government ,the constitution and all things political they in turn should do their homework on "any" issue presented to them that involves the well being of the people. We NEED to educate them, first by getting their attention. Wouldn't we all like to know their children's and grandchildren's vaccine history. Let's ask! I will write Paul Ryan, ask if his second son is as immunized as his first, "bettin' it's a secret".

no vac


you are correct. Both parties have sold their souls to the big pharma Evil. Hence, I do not expect any human behavior from either democratic or republican candidate on the matters related to drugs, vaccines etc. They will push them on innocent babies and older Americans, till they cripple or kill most. We have only one choice - a revolt. I won’t vote for any of them. Don’t trust them.

barbara j

Myths vs Truths ...It is currently mandated that our children receive vaccines to attend school, States have made available certain exemptions, philosophical,religions and medical, this will not change under the plan. We can not rely on partisan talking heads to provide our information, to really understand this suggests we read it for ourselves . At this time there is no information suggesting mandated vaccines under Obamacare. Perhaps someone else can find it, I can't. Under the Homeland Security act "a sneaky Bush measure imo I found this.

General Vaccine Provisions of the Homeland Security Act

These provisions deal with attempts to circumvent the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) by lawsuits claiming that the preservatives in vaccines cause injuries such as autism. (See Statement on National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.) The Homeland Security Act amends the NCVIA to include all components on the label of the vaccine under the provisions of the Act. This will reduce the ability of anti-vaccine litigation to undermine the provisions of the NCVIA and imperil the U.S. vaccine supplies.


Section 2133(3) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300aa-33(3)) is amended--

(1) in the first sentence, by striking `under its label any vaccine set forth in the Vaccine Injury Table' and inserting `any vaccine set forth in the Vaccine Injury table, including any component or ingredient of any such vaccine'; and

(2) in the second sentence, by inserting `including any component or ingredient of any such vaccine' before the period.


Section 2133(5) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300aa-33(5)) is amended by adding at the end the following: `For purposes of the preceding sentence, an adulterant or contaminant shall not include any component or ingredient listed in a vaccine's product license application or product label.'.


Section 2133 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300aa-33) is amended by adding at the end the following:

`(7) The term `vaccine' means any preparation or suspension, including but not limited to a preparation or suspension containing an attenuated or inactive microorganism or subunit thereof or toxin, developed or administered to produce or enhance the body's immune response to a disease or diseases and includes all components and ingredients listed in the vaccines's product license application and product label.'.

Raymond Gallup

Here was what you get with Obamacare if Obama is re-elected and Obamacare takes effect.

OBAMACARE. Truth Versus Myth. Exemption. Cost.

How Obamacare will lead to mandatory vaccinations for everyone
Forced vaccinations -- for adults! -- are on the way, friends. And here's why: Once everybody is "in the system" of mandatory health care, we will begin to hear arguments like this:

"Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated against influenza is thereby at risk of being an influenza carrier and infecting other people, thus increasing health care costs for us all. To save money, government must force everyone to get vaccinated!"

It's a false argument, of course, but it will be used to literally line people up at courthouses (with the threat of arrest and jail time) and force them all to be vaccinated against their will.

Remember, Obamacare provisions doesn't kick in until after this election, in 2014. I will be retired in either Belize, Panama or Costa Rica when that happens. Those who will be here will see what happens up close with Obamacare and how it provides mandatory vaccines for everybody, children and adults alike. So what happens in this election won't affect me but it will affect those who will be living in the US in 2014. Pardon me if I don't want to be here when that "affordable health care" bill kicks in.

barbara j

A background on Romney, He helped develop, and signed into law, the Massachusetts health care reform legislation ("Romneycare"). The first of its kind in the nation, it provided near-universal health insurance access via state-level subsidies and individual mandates to purchase insurance. from Wiki..he doesn't seem to bring this history to the table.
Overview of Current Law and Proposed Mandate
Senate Bill 2195 has significant policy and financial implications for the state, health insurers,
the Group Insurance Commission (GIC), MassHealth, health-care providers, and residents.
The intent of the proposed legislation is to ensure that children receive universal access to
immunization coverage, in accordance with the most recent schedules recommended by the
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services, and that adults receive improved access.
Senate 2195 proposes the following provisions. These provisions are described in more detail below:
• A childhood immunization fee, otherwise known as an assessment
• A vaccine mandate requiring health plans to reimburse for immunizations in accordance
with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
• An immunization registry

Raymond Gallup

Panama and Costa Rica in Central America also have low cost of living (rent, food, health insurance, etc.) besides Belize and since I know Spanish those two countries are options as well for retirement.

Raymond Gallup

Note health insurance costs that already are high and will go up under Obamacare.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Living Or Retiring In Belize

Spending needs are different for most anyone but here is a sample monthly budget in U.S. dollars for a couple living in comfort as expatriates in Belize:

* Rent or mortgage payment: $300. * Car expenses: $250. * Electricity, water, telephone, and Internet: $500.

* Groceries: $300. * Health insurance: $50. * Entertainment: $100

Jeannette Bishop

Raymond Gallop,

Thanks for highlighting the vaccine issue under Obamacare, though my main point was that, whatever reason we vote the way we do, we do not know our votes are actually being counted as we voted, so "elected" officials are actually more beholden to those controlling the count to get re-elected, or perhaps more like those that go along with the elitist corporate agenda running the country are more likely to gain office.

I'm not clear on what Romney will do per vaccines, or really what Congress under a Romney presidency will do, but it seems he intends to leave some kind of federal program in place, with more state "flexibility?"

I would be more hopeful if he had not joined with or let Bush insiders run his campaign. We got the NVICP under Reagan, and some believe George H. W. Bush had more control of the White House than Reagan did. Then we had the "we defeated small pox and this is only the beginning" push under H. W. and Hib and HepB went on to the schedule. Clinton continued that and we added the only part of Hilary Care to pass, ECBT (if I understand that part of history correctly). Under George W. we got legislation allowing forced vaccination under a declared health emergency (we also had some push for mental health screenings in school that would increase "care" and pharma was pushing for an NVICP like no liability for any FDA approved drug). Obama told us he did not support individual choice in vaccination and here we are with that. Do Republicans and Democrats (the ones that actually get on the ballot) seem the same to anyone else besides me on the vaccine issue?

cia parker

Obama has had his initiatives blocked at every turn by the Republicans who swore to make him a one-term president, cost what it might in human suffering. Enough said.

Every other First World country provides health care for all its citizens and legal residents. Obamacare would finally put us among the ranks of the civilized. I have vaccine-induced multiple sclerosis and cannot work full-time. I have too much in assets to qualify for Medicaid. Hence, I have no access to health care. I hope I never need it, I take no prescription drugs and have no desire to ever do so. But if I were run over by a truck or, God forbid, developed cancer, then I would wish to have access to modern medical care. Obamacare would be my only chance at such access, and I think that imperfection is better than nothing.

Obama staved off a more severe depression with his spending program his first year, and I am grateful for that. He killed Osama bin Laden, and I"m grateful for that. He ended the war in Iraq. He proposed a great jobs bill, shot down by the criminal Republicans. He has negotiated international situations with great skill, because he is intelligent, well-educated, and deeply moral. We have Bush to thank for the deficit. Maybe Obama could appoint Clinton head of a special commission to propose a plan to lower the deficit.

I wish Obama would wake up to the reality of the autism epidemic and the vaccines which have caused it, but, again, imperfection is better than nothing. Time said that in his second term he'd be a post-partisan president and not even try to fool with the Republicans. Maybe that would give him more time to inform himself on this issue, and we should be prepared to offer him the information that he needs.


Woaa..there's a boatload of fear. I remember Bush inserting freedom from liability for vaccine manufacturers into the homeland security bill . I remember, as well, a vaccine mandate if ever considered a "national health issue". When we speak of mandates, interference it's not often we connect that to a democratic president. Is it Obama spreading death all over the world giving USA rejected vaccines, or is it the wealthy "I know better than you " types. I don't think inserting fear as to who will harm our kids the most based on nothing is fair. Obamacare has put more children back on track for health care,MANY ARE OUR CHILDREN! I have one little asthmatic that is insured for the first time at age 8 under the new "mandate" that they have to cover children with pre existing conditions. I have seen children with brain tumors , leukemia, and autism, getting health care for the first time, and happy families like mine that don't budget 500 dollars a month for life saving medications anymore. I understand the issue, but when I see a man saying "NO HANDOUTS", I see that as we will build your roads and support our wars, and love your fetus, BUT we will not love your children , we will not educate them, we will not offer them health , these are not liberties within the Constitution.

Raymond Gallup

Dear Jeannette Bishop


"I used to put a lot of hope in increasing the awareness of the general public on the issue of vaccine injury to influence public policy, our "elected" officials and their appointees, but I'm not so certain anymore that that would be a motivating factor in and of itself."

You are right that this issue by itself will not why people vote in the elections. If you consider Obamacare and a health care system that will now be about some faceless bureaucrat in Washington DC deciding what medical treatment you get rather than a patient/doctor relationship, that will be a major issue on November 6th. Be aware that Obamacare mandates vaccines, there will be no choice in the matter!!! So if you want Obamacare, re-elect Obama. If you don't want Obamacare and the vaccine mandate, vote for Romney. A clear choice regarding Federal vaccine mandate and either a historic doctor/patient relationship or a change with Obamacare to a Federal bureaucrat/patient relationship.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for posting this compilation. I think there has been much that is newsworthy in this race that has been unreported or misreported. From all sides, it seemed to me, to be about minimizing the impact of Congressman Paul's campaign more than anything else, and I'm not sure most of those controlling the GOP/RNC seriously want to win this year.

The DNC race this year is not so much a race--though there could be grassroot efforts that we may not hear about. This video is about violations under the election process in the DNC in 2008:

There may be a push to eliminate the caucus process, as it allowed a campaign with energized and invested participants, Ron Paul's, to gain more delegates than the "official" popular vote might suggest, this time all within the rules, though many rules were violated to favor other candidates. Some watching the vote are trying to warn people of the ease with which the machine counted popular races are or may be manipulated (google "Hacking Democracy"), and with what I've seen out in the open with the more "chaotic" caucus states, I'm sure the black-boxes are even more useful for these tactics.

Note: in Ron Paul's district where he has been elected to congress something like 11 times, for some reason, Romney got essentially the same percentage of support as the rest of the state of Texas. The machines said so.

Another note: here in California, where Paul was campaigning to crowds of 4,000-9,000 a stop, he received no more votes than in 2008, at least the machines said so.

I used to put a lot of hope in increasing the awareness of the general public on the issue of vaccine injury to influence public policy, our "elected" officials and their appointees, but I'm not so certain anymore that that would be a motivating factor in and of itself. Maybe there is more hope at local levels of government, but if it seems like we are petitioning the willfully deaf or at best insincerely attentive in our government agencies, the above may partially explain what we are up against.

Raymond Gallup

Personally, if Obama is re-elected, I will move to and retire in Belize. Medical costs are $75/month, renting a place is $200/month and food costs in the range of $300-$400/month. I'm close to retirement and 2014 is when I plan on retiring.

I know of others who say if he is re-elected they will take their small businesses outside the country to such places as Costa Rica, etc. The unemployment will double down to 46 million people in Obama's second term. I feel bad for those that will lose they jobs but this administration/regime is doing nothing to help the private free enterprise economy, it feels government creates jobs.

People will begin to see how bad Obamacare is because it will kick in 2014 and there will be no way to get rid of it by then. That too will force American businessmen to go overseas and create/expand businesses outside the US. Energy costs will skyrocket in the country and people living in the northern areas of the country will feel it the most especially in tough winters.

As Clinton's advisor Mr. Carville said in the 1992 when President George H. Bush was defeated in that election, "It's the economy, stupid!" The unemployment rate was a lot less than it is now at over 8 percent.

barbara j

LaPlaya..there is no conversation, think about our kids and the millions that are "okay??" as voters. "go home, call 211", that sorta' sums it up. Do your kids see anything wrong with that, do mine? I had to take the literal out of "mormon missionaries" for them, and explain how badly I want them to go to college, but if push comes to shove they will suddenly be LDS and ride ten speeds through the streets of France. I told them something very anti-American ,as well. My great grandparents came to this country to grow in democracy and they truly cared about America, if greed disrupts the plan, leave.If all of the hard work started by Truman that evolved over the century can be stomped on, and the new deals designed to end poverty among the elderly and ill can be disturbed in the face of nebulous promises of wealth, it's time to re-think our allegience . As Roosevelt said, "you call me a socialist, have any of you lost your liberties" . If we choose on low information, promises and lies, if we can't see, if we have no memory, we learn no lessons, then it's over. I don't fault anyone,certainly not the millions who think differently than I do, it's just not the America I'd want for my children. I do seriously want them to leave.


Ya they both engage in crony capitalism and that is WRONG.

Raymond Gallup

If the Republican Party becomes extinct, Pat Buchanan said it best in this article of his, per..........

Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP?

If President Obama is re-elected, America as we know it from 1776 to 2008 will be no more. It also means the American people accept 23 million fellow Americans unemployed as something we as a nation approve of.

La Playa

"You might think a party whose power in Washington is due to bottom-up, decentralized grassroots passion would not resort to top-down, centralized control."

Now, since when has either party, but especially the Republicans, been about bottom-up, grassroots, anything?! The Corporatocracy, comprised of Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, etc., own the media, the Supreme Court and Congress, regulatory agencies, and are quickly rewriting the laws of the land, just as they rewrite the rules on the Convention Floors.

Pray for our country, our democracy is under assault. Continue to tell the truth about what happened to your children. Then get involved in politics, and VOTE.

barbara j

It's a fill in the blanks..If not for the tea party and their tremendous energy____________________.
I remember when ,as voting day approached,, people chatted about the good and the bad of each candidate, what one would bring, the other could bring. Today, it's more like a football team event,pick your team and you're blinded by "team spirit" , backslapping, yelling, team spirit.
I wasn't personally impressed by "team tea", however I saw a couple in the mix that I thought were honest and good people. No one cares about honesty anymore, and that's a fact . Most will vote on issues that mean nothing to the people. I will be included in that group and likely everyone I know will be, however on opposite teams. I have a house full of boys that "may" soon become Mormon missionaries or college students, it just depends on the outcome. We will bend in the wind.


Was the "AU word" ever even used at the GOP convention ???

Governor Chris Christy of New Jersey seemed to think we have the "finest health care in the world" even as his state leads the nation with Autism rates and vaccine mandates.

I would guess there might be a swing vote of 10-20 million parents, grandparents & their friends who would vote for anyone who takes a simple stand to say the vaccine industry is corrupt, and they have trashed nearly a million children.


This will cost Romney the Presidency and the GOP will become Woolly Mammoths instead of Elephants. Extinct!

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