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Off the Grid

Family StoryBy  Cathy Jameson

We’ve had a tough couple of months.  It’s hard to pinpoint the rough patches on just one thing (not that I’m looking to blame any one thing on life’s difficulties).   It’s worth it to point out that my husband is temporarily working far, far away to support our family.  The kids were used to the one to two-week business trips Steve has had in the past, but when we found out he’d be gone for several months nothing could prepare any of us for that. 

I’m not a good single parent, and Steve doesn’t like to be away from us.  The kids adjusted as best they could, but still ached for their Daddy something fierce.  I did too—marriage is a partnership for a reason.   Phone calls, texts and Skype helped a little bit, but we all really wanted his extended time away to fast forward.  We had an 8-month countdown started to when Steve would be back home, but mid-way through Steve had the opportunity to come home.  He was thrilled with this news.  I was thrilled.  The kids didn’t find out right away because life’s plans are so unpredictable, so we decided to surprise them.  I think you’ll agree that they are thrilled as well. 

Littlest Sis’ biggest surprise:

We’re going off the grid for a few days to catch up, to be a family again and to be thankful to have time, precious, precious time together….I hope you don’t mind.

Cathy Jameson is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


Cat Jameson


I really hope this works. I shared the video of Ronan trying to talk with fellow Contributing Editor LJ Goes. LJ's Well, she figured out how to upload it and wrote some amazing thoughts after viewing my husband's homecoming. Hopefully you can see the link.

Thanks, Cat


Thanks for the taking the time to reply about the headphones, Cat. Love your description of that photo you caught with the big/bigger smile!

Cat Jameson


The headphones are noise cancelling headphones. I bought them here for a steal: Ronan brings them to school but doesn't always need them. They go with us to new places and especially whenever we go to crowded areas.

I did capture a video of Ronan when he spied my husband for the first time in 4.5 months. I couldn't upload it though. Ronan was looking right at me trying so hard to say something, but nothing came out. As he tried to talk instead of getting frustrated, Ronan's smile got bigger and bigger. That was the picture I was able to get and one that we'll treasure.



Always love your posts and your perspective and your spunk.

I love that R is looking at the camera and looking happy. What are those headphones that he is wearing? Noise cancelling? Music? He always seems much like our own son, and I'm wondering if they are something that could help our guy. Thanks!


Paul S

Enjoy every moment!!!
I enjoy all your essays, Thank You for sharing!1
Paul S

Michelle Heath

You go girl! Had my turn while hubby was in the USAF back during the last war. Fortunately, didn't have kids then, but did have a "sponsor family" that took care of anything I needed from rides to the grocery to getting off base. Know how tough it is to have a member gone--even for a little while. Enjoy it while you can. PS. Hubby says have a great time!


Go girl! go girl! go girl! We have a 28-year-old autistic grandson, brilliant, had a life, lost it to "fear of successful biomedical treatment." We have an 8-year-old grandson, adopted yet, can't blame the "bio-line" there, severely vaccine damaged and still an incredible trouper. OMG, he suffers SO much and remains so spirited and loving and lovable. You know. Your husband knows, your kids know, Cathy, the Universe knows! We all go on, some kind of power in the universe that seems to come to us in the form of these magnificent children. Grannyblue

Katie Wright

Dear Cathy,

Thank you so much for sharing your families stories w us. They are inspiring.
Have a wonderful visit and best wishes from all of us.

Lin Wessels awesome!! Enjoy your time together!! God bless you Jamesons!! xo


Precious times, when the family is together.Thanks for sharing Cathy. You have a lovely family.

Getchen Wilson

What a wonderful surprise!!! That was good the way you had your daughter close here eyes & you counted. Priceless video!!

Maria Milik

Ahhhh - I'm so excited for you all!
The look of joy on everyone's faces...PRICELESS!


Great video!


Enjoy your time!!

Jenny Allan

Bless you all!!

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