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University College London Pulls out of Holding an Inquiry into the Wakefield Affair

NVIC Reports: Doctors Engaging in Class Warfare RE Vaccine Exemptions

Doc slappingIt is getting uglier and uglier out there, as angry, frustrated doctors Angry doctorinside and outside of government work overtime to foster fear and hatred of parents making conscious vaccine choices for their children. The latest political dirty trick is to brand parents, who send their children to private schools, as selfish and a threat to their communities because some private schools have higher vaccine exemption rates.

Take pediatrician and California Assemblyman, Dr. Richard Pan, for example. He is angry that many parents and health care professionals opposed AB2109, a bill he authored and pushed through the California legislature this year. [1] Dr. Pan misled his colleagues into believing that that forcing parents to pay for a doctor’s appointment to beg a hostile pediatrician [2] or medical worker to sign a personal belief exemption form is all about education.

Educated, Articulate Parents Defending Parental Rights

Medical trade associations that helped Dr. Pan lobby the state legislature included the California Medical Association, Health Officers Association of California, California Immunization Coalition and the American Academy of Pediatrics.[3] In public hearings this year, educated, articulate mothers and fathers stood up to these powerful medical groups and defended their parental and informed consent rights.

In a syndicated Associated Press article, Dr. Pan lashed out at families sending their children to private schools and accused them of becoming too educated about vaccination. Dr. Pan said: “In private schools, these are people who have money, who are upper middle class, and they are going on the internet and seeing information and misinformation.” [4]

Vaccine Information & Vaccine Exemptions Should Be Free

Dr. Pan is correct about parents “going on the internet” to learn, for example, how he refused in his bill to allow local pharmacists to sign a personal belief exemption form because he wanted to force all parents to first pay for a medical office visit. AB2109 clearly discriminates against parents, who cannot afford to pay a doctor to sign the form. [5] Why doesn’t Dr. Pan post information he wants parents to have about vaccination on the Department of Health website so parents can become educated for free? [6]

Instead of admitting his bill is more about coercion than education, Dr. Pan attacked parents, who send their children to private schools. It looks like what doctors and medical trade groups really want to do is bully and punish parents, who hold sincere religious and conscientious beliefs about vaccination, no matter how much money they have or where their children attend school.

Read the full article at HERE.


Michael Breneman

If these medical people really believed that educating people about the value of these "life saving" vaccines was so important...they would not charge for doing so!

John Stone

How much longer?

The evidence is there (although perhaps they don't read the inserts). If you started to take care the cost of the operation would escalate. Jab on...


Lots of old cemetaries in Kentucky too.
And yes there are graves of children. Most died the day they were born or close to it. Not really from a disease.

What I find wonderful -- is they were having around 12 kids or more and they were mostly all living and reproducing. They split out of Kentucky and filled up Arkansas and Ohio and Michigan, and Texas, and well the west.

Pete I watched my daughter react to a vaccine with 104 temp and the docs said it was okay. I watched her suffer from Kawasakis disease. Many die from Kawasakis - through heart failure.

I also witnessed my son's reactions too. Temp of 105, boot shaped heart - from the left venticule swelling and of a couple of more vaccines and reactions lead to a stroke.

Glad you are interested enough to come on here and tell us your opinion???
Can you tell us why you even cared enough to????

How Much Longer?

@John Stone. Are you saying peds knowingly risk damaging children against manufacturer instructions because it is more convenient that way? There is a word for that.

John Stone

How much longer?

But it is the culture. If you only vaccinated well children the whole programme would be under threat. This is a US study:

In it nearly a quarter of children were definably unwell at the point of receiving MMR. And imagine where it would get you in the third world if you could not just herd the children irrespective of their condition. And the industry would get fractious if the medical profession really started to take care.

How Much Longer?

When pediatricians vaccinate children who are sick and on antibiotics, despite inserts that say sick children should not be vaccinated, and those children are never the same again whose fault is that? It's not the vaccine company's fault if doctors misuse their products. It's the doctors' fault. Think about it.

John Stone


You are doing the urban legends routine (and you don't even know the script). What happened in Japan was that autism decreased along with MMR uptake because of concerns about the mumps strain giving rise to meningitis, and then rose again with the introduction of single vaccines given close together.

Infant mortality reduced in the developed world primarily because of improved living conditions. US now lags behind many nations in child mortality despite having the heaviest vaccine schedule in history (as well as mandates). You cannot vaccinate a nation to health.

Child mortality will certainly remain high in countries without access to clean water, poor nutrition etc.

You can over-vaccinate.


Tina, the reason they have to force vaccines on you is because people who don't vaccinate their kids ignorant and stupid and you're putting the rest of us at risk. Anyone who thinks there's a relationship between vaccines is ignorant. If there was a relationship, then countries where vaccine usage has dropped significantly (like Japan), should see lower autism rates, but on the contrary, their autism rates continue to rise. And in addition, they're having epidemics of preventable diseases like whooping cough and measles.

What many of you don't seem to remember is back before vaccines, in the 1800s, roughly 1 in 4 infants died of diseases that are now preventable by vaccine. Today instead of 200-300 infant deaths per thousand, infant mortality is around 5 deaths per thousand. Come down to Arkansas, where I live, and walk around some of the old cemeteries and see all the families that buried kids under 5 years old. Then, maybe you'll get a clue as to why vaccines were created in the first place.

All of the autism vaccine links are based on a fraudulent study by a doctor trying to make a buck on a competing product.


Actually, the article on the "Postmedia", Vancouver newspaper, is still available online, even on their own website.


You only need ask one question about "vaccination".

If "vaccines" are so good why are they FORCING us to take them?

Bob Moffitt

I think we make a great mistake "assuming" the voters will somehow learn about State legislatures acting to deny parents their right to "informed consent" regarding the vaccines their children will be required to receive.

I doubt senior citizens and those voting for the first time have any idea that a parents right to "informed consent" is under attack in just about every State Legislature in the United States.

The issue is far to important to allow politicians from BOTH parties to ignore it when they ask us to vote for them.

Consider the Democratic Party's "platform" statement regarding a "woman's right to choice" ..

"The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right"


Unfortunately .. that statement will NEVER be included in the party platforms .. unless and until WE THE PEOPLE PUT IT THERE.


If anyone is interested in listening, Rob Schneider gave a stellar interview with Curt Linderman on Natural News yesterday about AB2109. I have newfound respect for Schneider for taking on this issue. He is a very smart man.

Please listen here:


You're right, Barry, that and a few researchers coming out with some recent gems like the Vancouver study (results same in 5 other provinces) that found people who got flu shots got sicker with H1N1 and the one that came out and said MMR under 15 months was pretty much a waste of time ( all the risk and no benefit) are sinking them. Interestingly, ''Postmedia" who now owns most Canadian newspapers pulled that Vancouver flu article after only hours online.


It may not seem like it right now, but ass clowns like Dr. Pan are exactly what we need.

If a person is just starting to question vaccines, and they read an article about this knob trying to remove your right to "informed consent".. then your suspicions about vaccines will only deepen even further.

Bob Moffitt

"Take pediatrician and California Assemblyman, Dr. Richard Pan, .." as a prime example of an elected State Legislator abusing his powers of office to deny parent's their right to "informed consent" regarding the vaccines THEIR CHILDREN WILL RECEIVE.

Unfortunately, Dr. Pan's abuse is only the latest of many nation-wide elected representatives who are leading a determined effort to deny parents the right to "exempt" their children from vaccines.

Dr. Pan should become a primary target for voters in the State of California .. to send a clear and convincing message to all other State Legislators who arrogantly believe THEY have the right to decide what vaccines OUR children will receive.

It must stop .. and .. the only way it will stop is at the BALLOT BOX .. where we .. the little people .. DECIDE.

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