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Is Autism an Autoimmune Disease?

  QuestionBy Teresa Conrick

Is Autism an autoimmune disease?  I think for many it evolves into a disease of the immune system so that may swing that answer to a "yes."  I know for my daughter who has an Autism diagnosis, she has tested positive for autoimmunity so the topic of immune functioning is important to me and also many other parents of children with an Autism and/or PANDAS [Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus] diagnosis. Many of us saw both our children's health and behaviors change after vaccination.

Knowing that, it is particularly interesting that in 2010, there was a growing number of vaccine injuries that produced an autoimmune diagnosis, a frightening one -- Narcolepsy and Cataplexy. 
The vaccine implicated was the H1N1 flu shot. Here is a group of related research and letters associated with this phenomenon that seems to be related:

Letter to the Editor—Dauvilliers et al,  Post-H1N1 Narcolepsy-Cataplexy, SLEEP, Vol. 33, No. 11, 2010 

"..The cause of narcolepsy is likely autoimmune based...As for most autoimmune diseases, twin pairs are most often discordant (65% to 80%), and environmental triggers are suspected to play a critical role.1 Most notably, two recent reports have found an association with past streptococcus infections,7,8 leading to the speculation that upper airway infections could be involved in many cases as a cofactor....."

"....In three major centers of reference for narcolepsy—Montpellier, France; Montreal, Canada; and Stanford University, United States—we noticed in the first months of 2010 an unusual increase in abrupt onset narcolepsy-cataplexy diagnosed within a few months of H1N1 onset....Of the 31 cases, 14 post-vaccination cases were identified....The post streptococcal marker ASO was positive in 11 cases

"...Of the 14 post-vaccination cases, 11 cases followed adjuvanated vaccination, while 3 were vaccinated without adjuvant. Delay between vaccination and cataplexy onset in these cases ranged from 2 days (strong local response followed by a generalized reaction following vaccination)to 5 months, although in 9 of the 14 post-vaccination cases the onset occurred 2-8 weeks following vaccination.  As the delay between onset and diagnosis is often long,1,13 more cases are likely to be identified in the future."

"How could H1N1 vaccination or infection trigger narcolepsy?.....a specific immune response to H1N1 (and possibly subsequent molecular mimicry) or generalized stimulation of the immune system.....most cases followed vaccination with ASO3. This vaccine has been reported
to be associated with side effects suggestive of stronger immune stimulation.14 In the United States, where vaccination did not contain the ASO3 adjuvant, only 2 post-vaccination cases were documented......Nevertheless, these correlative findings indicate an urgent need for further examination of a possible link..."

Duty to warn?-the ethics of disclosing information about possible risks associated with H1N1 vaccination. Arthur L. Caplan, PhD, Volume 33, Issue 11  

"The publication of the letter from Dauvilliers et al 1 is likely to raise concerns about the safety of H1N1 vaccines, and in some circles, the safety of vaccines in general.....It is crucial that public policy and public health planning regarding vaccination or any other health measures be grounded on firm evidence rather than anecdote, suspicion, or the hypothesis of an association, as was made very clear from the tragic consequences of allowing initial reports (subsequently unconfirmed) of risk associations with MMR vaccine to receive premature and undeserved credibility.7,8 Scientific proof and consensus, not speculation and suspicion, are the requisite criteria for action when lives hang in the balance.....The public must know what risks may be associated with novel vaccines, as well as the risks of electing not to receive vaccines, so that they can make informed decisions about their use. Truly informed decisions must ultimately involve more than concern over risk—they require evidence that can meet scientific standards of proof."

Association between Narcolepsy and H1N1 Exposure, Carole L. Marcus,   Sleep. 2011 June 1; 34(6): 687.  

"I would caution anyone against making assumptions based on anecdotal data, especially when the denominator is unknown. A large number of people were immunized against H1N1 last year, and by chance some of these people would be likely to develop narcolepsy."  

Letter to the Editor—Mignot, SLEEP, Vol. 34, No. 6, 2011

"We thank Dr. Marcus for her insightful comment.1 There is no doubt that the association reported between H1N1 and narcolepsy could still be chance, although we find it increasingly unlikely.....Since we first reported this observation, the association between Pandemrix and narcolepsy has become even more likely. Of 33 million Europeans vaccinated with Pandemrix, approximately 160 have already developed narcolepsy,....As it takes years before narcolepsy is diagnosed, many more cases are likely to be present in this sample. Reviewing current evidence, the WHO is now suspecting a 9-fold increase in incidence in Finish children and adolescents."

"...Surprisingly, we also found that many post-H1N1 subjects were positive for ASO2 (as in prior samples4) suggesting a role for recent strep throat infections.4,5.....We suggest that two factors are needed for the development of narcolepsy: (1) a specific immune–mimicry component,....and (2) nonspecific factors, such as adjuvants, flu or strep infections, streptococcus superantigens, and other factors. These nonspecific effects may reactivate dormant T cell cones, increase blood brain penetration of peripheral immune responses....."

Increased Incidence and Clinical Picture of Childhood Narcolepsy following the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Vaccination Campaign in Finland,  M Partinen et al , 2012 , PLoS ONE

"We observed a 17-fold increase in the annual incidence of narcolepsy in 2010 as compared to previous years in children aged under 17 years of age. A common feature in the history of our 54 newly diagnosed childhood narcoleptic patients was that 50 children had received an adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccine (Pandemrix) within 8 months before the onset of symptoms. In most cases, the development of symptoms was fast. We consider it likely that Pandemrix vaccination contributed to the increased incidence of narcolepsy in Finland in 2010 in HLA DQB1*0602 positive children. Our observations warrant further studies on the role of different environmental factors as well as pathogenetic studies to understand how a vaccination/adjuvant and other environmental triggers can cause narcolepsy."

Post H1N1 Vaccination narcolepsy-cataplexy with decreased CSF beta-amyloid ,Letters To The Editors - Sleep Medicine 13 (2012) 321-323 Kallweit et al

"We present the first confirmed case of NC [Narcolepsy-Cataplexy]  after vaccination in Germany.....A 17-year-old girl reported the sudden onset of excessive daytime sleepiness and frequent cataplexies (30/day) about four weeks after H1N1 flu vaccination on Nov 17th, 2009 with Pandemrix....beta-amyloid in csf was152 mg/l (normal > 500 mg/l)...anti-Streptococcal antibodies (ASO) were 790 IE/ml  (normal < 200 IE/ml: and anti-DNase B (ADB) antibodies were 1010 IU/ml (normal < 200 IU/ml)....Beta -amyloid is not only of relevance in dementia processes but is also reported to modulate the response to environmental stressors in the brain, and is supposed to have antimicrobrial properties against different classes of microorganism, including some strains of streptococci.  In recent onset NC, elevated ASO are found....Our case is in line with previous findings of rapid and severe development of NC symptoms after H1N1 vaccination"

Could Autoimmunity Be Induced by Vaccination?  

"Molecular mimicry is based on the structural similarity between micro-organisms and host antigens, such as either the epitopes recognized by anti-group A β-haemolytic Streptococcus antibodies cross reacting with heart tissue host antigens in rheumatic fever [5] or the produced monoclonal antibodies to measles and herpes viruses cross reacting with self proteins [6]...."

"Bystander activation is mainly inferred from studies of experimental animal models and it is based on the release of sequestered self
antigens from the infected host tissue, leading to activation of antigen presenting cells, able to stimulate preprimed dormant autoreactive
T-cell clones [3]. Alternatively, virus-specific T-cells may initiate the process by killing the virus-infected cells aftermigrating to the affected
organ, thus releasing self antigen and contributing, with macrophages, to the local high cytokine levels and consequent inflammation [3]."

"New onset of auto-antibodies not accompanied by any clinical disease after different vaccine administration has been described. Already
at the beginning of the 1960s.....a transient rise of rheumatoid factor (RF) after immunization of healthy people or rheumatoid arthritis
(RA) patients with a variety of vaccines, including tetanus toxoid (TT), typhoid-paratyphoid A and B (TAB), diphtheria, polio, smallpox, and
mumps [20, 21].."

"..Recently, Toplak et al. observed an increase or appearance of auto-antibodies in 15 and 13% of 92 apparently healthy medical workers (with a baseline high rate of auto-antibody positivity), 1 and 6 months after flu vaccination, respectively, suggesting de novo induction of auto-antibodies after influenza vaccination in selected individuals...recombinant HB vaccine has been associated with MS onset for the first time in two patients in 1991 [12], then in 35 young women [13]....GBS has also been associated with different vaccines, including rabies, polio (no more confirmed as responsible in later studies [38, 39]), TT, Bacillus Calmette-Gu´erin (BCG), smallpox, mumps, rubella, HB [Hepatitis B], and diphtheria [40]. However, its strongest association, probably as a consequence of a molecular mimicry process, is with swine influenza.....probably due to cross-reacting antibodies against peripheral nerve gangliosides that may develop after vaccination with the influenza virus of swine origin.....SLE cases have been described in a period ranging from days to up to one
year following HB vaccination [19].Arthritis has also been associated with immunizations, mainly HB vaccine [166–170]."

"Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto with OspA  is strictly reminiscent of that of group A β-haemolytic Streptococcus M proteins and tropomyosin  [53] . OspA and M5 protein, in fact, share antigenic similarity [11], such that in the preparation of a rheumatic fever vaccine [54], the crucial point of molecular mimicry should also very carefully be taken into account. More recently, Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B has been recognized having a capsular polysaccharide identical to the capsular polysaccharide of Escherichia coli K1 and Pasteurella haemolytica A2 [55] and to the surface component of many fetal and adult mammalian tissues and of the neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) [56–58], thus creating concern that vaccine-induced specific antibodies may be dangerous by exerting autoimmune pathology [59]."

"The mechanism of bystander activation should probably be invoked when the vaccine composition contains many pro-inflammatory non
specific antigens, including the lipid A fraction of lipopolysaccharides (LPSs) [107], acting as adjuvants, such as the poorly purified vaccines (whole-cell pertussis, TAB), able to strongly stimulate innate immunity through the Toll-like receptors (TLRs).....Bystander activation may also be invoked for the adjuvants, which are substances able to “accelerate, prolong, or enhance antigen-specific immune responses” [107].

"In conclusion, the relationship between vaccinations and autoimmune diseases should be considered in a complex and bidirectional
way; vaccinations, in fact, prevent infections, which may in turn trigger autoimmunity, but, on the other hand, vaccinations themselves, by a
specific mechanism of molecular mimicry, or a non specific mechanism of bystander activation or finally by yet unknown mechanisms, may
trigger autoimmunity [174]."

What we see here is research showing strong connections of vaccine injury leading to an autoimmune disease. We can even see biological mechanisms and a pattern among victims.  Another pattern is the one we see of denial, of attempts to minimize these catastrophic injuries. It is when there is that strong connection of evidence that we then see the attacks on not only the research but the researchers.  MMR vaccine and the research done by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and other researchers  is a pertinent example.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



My 5 year old daughter who has autism also tested positive for auto antibodies. She is also hypothyroid. I put her in the auto immune paleo diet and hoping for the best.


Why or How can it be autoimmune when clinical trials and better tests prove otherwise?

It CANNOT be autoimmune when infectious organisms share their genes in prion synergy the criminals lied about for over 30yrs. They are proven to be multiply infected.

Doreen Carlson

My son has almost completely overcome his autistic symptoms and is a sophomore in college. But we struggle with worry about narcoleptic symptoms as he wants to drive alone and we don't let him. Interesting that we see that persistent symptom after most of the others have disappeared. Thanks for pointing out the immune link which I agree in his case, was a strong factor in his autism.

Raymond Gallup

As a follow-up, any good parent would want to know if vaccines caused the damage and prevent death. No good, clear thinking parent would want to see their child/adult die and therefore would want to prevent this. Autism is bad/horrible but death is worse.

If a child is damaged by the vaccines and gets regressive autism, a further onslaught of vaccines could very well lead to the death of that child. A point to note!!!


Raymond Gallup

Dear Lou,


Clearly the plan is to "vaccinate" until dead.

Lou, you are right. If we don't know what effected our kids and it was the vaccines, then clearly they can be vaccinated until they are dead. Once vaccines do the neurological damage, further vaccinating kids that are susceptable to the damage can eventually kill them.

So yes, it is important we know the cause to prevent death.



Interesting -- and sad -- how "bioethici$t" Arthur Caplan picks and chooses his rhetorical battles... He's willing to consider the external and obvious condition of narcolepsy as a vaccine adverse reaction, but continues to deny the gastrointestinal disorders hidden away in our kids.

As long as Caplan and his ilk divert attention from GI research, children will continue to suffer.


Is ASO3 adjuvant squalene?
If so what is the reasoning behind calling it AS03.

Theresa 66

did anyone see the NY times article about autism
and autoimmunity?? Or am I repeating some previous
post ?
I think it was the last sunday of august.
Wish I had money and freedom to attend the
PANDAS conference in Irvine, But my sweet
kid won't go to sleep with out me, and money
is tight, leftovers go to HBOT,
We need gov. , mainstream to get with it. Test,
treat these kids for their real problems, and quit
giving out behavior medicine like pez.


"MMR therefore may play a role in the pathogenesis of autism. The elevated titers of anti-measles antibodies in autistic children may signify a chronic activation of the immune system against this neurotropic virus."

Doctor Andy Wakefield and MANY others have also found the measles vaccine virus itself in the intestines of autistic kids.

"This is the second independent study to back up Dr Wakefield. In 2001 John O'Leary, Professor of Pathology at St James's Hospital and Trinity College, Dublin, replicated his findings. This new study confirms what we found in British children and again with Professor O'Leary. The only exposure these children have had to measles is through the MMR vaccine. 'They were developing normally until they regressed. They now suffer autism and bowel disease." The Great MMR Deadly Scam

What is going on IMO is that in some immunocompromised children, from previous "vaccines" et al are unable to successfully eliminate the "inactivated measles vaccine" from their bodies. Thus the MMR becomes a source of dysbiosis and an autism trigger.

With all the, previously hidden, information coming out on the KNOWN dangers of the "measles vaccine", if there is any "vaccine" that should be banned it is the KNOWN DANGEROUS MMR.


It says in the letter -- the very first link that Tereasa gave us--- in the very first sentence:

An injury has occurred!
So now what?
A part of the body no bigger than an almond- the hypothalmus ......
In cats if one side is damaged, they become huge and - fat
if damage occurs on the other side they become thin and skinny.

But for the size of an almond it controls a whole lot more.
It controls -- the whole endocrine system that includes the pituitary and the thyroid and the adrenal glands and the pancreas, and the female reproduction organs and the male reproduction organs think breast cancer and prostate cancer.

---- and I would assume the immune system is controlled by the endocrien system too, since the two cross over into each other numerous times.

If you have a damaged endocrine system - you are going to have a damaged immune system and if you have a damaged immune system ----well of course there is going to be problems with strep, and Epsteir Barr virus, and flu and any other pathogen that walks the planet -- that our immune systems would normally kick out in a second.

The lose of a nail caused the lose of a horse shoe and the lose of a horse shoe means the lose of a rider.

That is how we need to start looking at it.

They have hide it for years from us --- it is as simple as looking at what happens when they damage rat's hypothalmus and that they have doing for years.

We need list of what damages hypothalmus
None of this damage enodcrine disruptors crap like plastic
but something that we really are getting into our systems by needles.
Be it the pertusis toxin or mercury or aluminium or sequalene -- hold thier feet to the fire to make them fix it and if not -- prison time???


Is Autism an Autoimmune Disease?

IMO autism, the ASDs, Alzheimer's, autoimmune diseases and MUCH else BAD can result from the practice of "vaccination"

Clearly the precautionary principal FORBIDS the barbaric practice of "vaccination".

In 100 years, if we have an honest world, they will view "vaccination" exactly as we view witch dunking into icy water. If the witch admitted she was a witch the dunking stopped and she was killed for being a witch. If the witch refused to admit she was a witch the dunking continued until she died. Her death proved she was a witch.

There are 200 of so "vaccines" in the development and testing pipeline. No one in their right mind will willingly take this poison so they will be MANDATED.

Clearly the plan is to "vaccinate" until dead.

Angus Files

I think it is all of the comments listed... no silver bullet exists ..all the kids have different shows,of autism not one is the same...I`m no doctor just a parent..looking for help wherever and how ever it comes...




yes, this is exactly what I was saying in my presentation at A-1 in May.

Those H1N1 vaccines triggered a new epidemic of PANS (PANDAS) cases. And they know it. (are you going to the Irvine, CA conference on the 24th?)

Raymond Gallup

Dear Silvermaven,

You say "NO Autism is NOT autoimmune."

In the same breath you mention.......

"It was already known that the Epstein-Barr virus secretes a protein named BARF1 that blocks the protein hCSF-1 in the human body. hCSF-1 (human CSF-1) is a so-called growth factor which plays an essential role in the immune defence by stimulating the growth of white blood cells (leucocytes)."


"Each and every antigen added to the mix is one too many for the 1 in 29 kids being born with the infections and the billions suffering lies of a syndrome."

I would assume you would therefore discount all the research that links autoimmune factors to autism including Andrew Wakefield, Harold Buttram, Vijendra Singh, Sudhir Gupta, Hugh Fudenberg, James Oleske, etc. as bogus science?


Yes or could be both bacteria and autoimmune.

A reminder of Dr Luc Montagnier's working hypothesis that "... immune dysfunction associated with inflammation of the intestinal mucosa leads to the introduction of bacterial components including neurotoxins into the bloodstream."

Jeannette Bishop

Is it possible that persistent auto-immune and allergenic responses are preventing some from mounting effective defenses, or any defense possibly, against latent infections?


NO Autism is NOT autoimmune.

It is actual infections hidden in prion protein from spirochetal disease.
XMRV and HPV do not cause Cancers. Anymore than HIV causes AIDS.

We know that the at least 3 prion like proteins found so far cannot be killed by any means known to man.
We know that at least 1/3 of the pop.s are infected with a (Latent) form of TB,
we know that at least 90% of the pop.s are infected with EBV and Herpes,
we know that HIV did not cause AIDS,
yet they still want to say the syndromes are AUTOIMMUNE.

That is insanity!


With the help of DESY’s X-ray source DORIS III, an international team of scientists decoded an important weapon used by a widespread human herpes virus. The study reveals at the molecular level how the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) deactivates the alert system of the body’s immune defence
by using a molecular decoy. The analysis has implications on the development of new therapies and drug compounds, as the team led by Savvas Savvides from Ghent University (Belgium) and colleagues from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Grenoble (France) and Hamburg (Germany), report in “Nature Structural & Molecular Biology”.

The Epstein-Barr virus is a member of the herpes virus family and can causes a range of diseases including the glandular fever (mononucleosis), also known as “kissing disease”. Moreover, it plays a role in at least one type of cancer. The pathogen also labeled “human herpes virus 4” is extremely widespread, with 90 to 95 per cent of the adult population infected worldwide. Often, the infection is asymptomatic and the virus usually remains latent in the human body.

It was already known that the Epstein-Barr virus secretes a protein named BARF1 that blocks the protein hCSF-1 in the human body. hCSF-1 (human CSF-1) is a so-called growth factor which plays an essential role in the immune defence by stimulating the growth of white blood cells (leucocytes).

The spirochetes are able to share at least 40% of their genes with whatever they need to survive in prion synergy.

Lyme and LYMErix disease generate much IL-10 and TNF - both activators of Epstein-Barr -, but anti-TNF does not reactivate Epstein-Barr, as anticiptaed (but confirming the first mechanism, Lyme and OspA activating Epstein-Barr via TNF):

Just pretend Prion is a morphological form of Borrelia....
PLoS Pathog. 2012 Aug;8(8):e1002867. Epub 2012 Aug 9.
Lymphotoxin, but Not TNF, Is Required for Prion Invasion of Lymph Nodes.
Disordered Lymphoid Purine Metabolism Contributes to the Pathogenesis of Persistent Borrelia garinii
Why? Because they were already sick with prion protein infections before they decided it was ok to use mycoplasma in vaccines. And why the WHO banned the TB test.

They knew what gene sharing stealth was capable of, they had played with Syphilis for 50yrs. before they decided to use HeLa cells from a woman who had it for HepB vaccines.

It is amusing to note that it was the same journalist who also wrote an article on another

end of 2008 Professor, Marc Tardieu, neurologist, which for its part had "NO PRESS CONFERENCE" because its results evidence of a link

between hepatitis B vaccination of children and multiple sclerosis were too disturbing for the establishment.

Each and every antigen added to the mix is one too many for the 1 in 29 kids being born with the infections and the billions suffering lies of a syndrome.
When it gets to be 1 in 1 it will be too late to stop the infections and I am not sure there is enough antibiotics and stem cells to go around. But one thing is for sure--if they do not invest in the people instead of the corp. profits we won't have to worry about Autism much longer.

Jeff C

Thanks for posting this Teresa. Your willingness to dig where the medical community refuses is inspiring.

Another place to poke around is pertussis toxin (used in the DTaP vaccine) as it has been used for decades to trigger autoimmune disease in lab animals. In 2006, two research teams found the pertussis toxin dramatically lowers Regulatory T-cell (Treg) quantities. Tregs are responsible for shutting down the immune system response to autoantigens.

More recently, another team found that pertussis toxin disables "programmed death 1" (PD-1) on Tregs. This signal is what Tregs exchange with antigen presenting cells that display autoantigens. PD-1 is an inhibitory signal that shuts down the immune response.

Pertussis toxin is used in the DTaP and Tdap vaccines, although it is detoxified with formaldehyde first. I've been digging into this and think that the detoxification might not be fully effective regarding the Tregs. Interestingly, there is far more pertussis toxin found in the "safer" acellular vaccine than there was in the whole cell vaccine as it is one of the purified subunits used in the acelluar vaccine.

Raymond Gallup

Is Autism an Autoimmune Disease?


Stories from the Autism Epidemic

Eric's Story and the AUTISM EPIDEMIC
Added: (Sat Jul 09 2005)

Was Dr. Andrew Wakefield Right After All?

What role do vaccines with their numerous antigen-reaction-producing chemicals play in the inflammatory process within the human body, especially in an infant’s or toddler’s body, whose immune system is not fully established until around 2 years of age or a little older, depending upon each child’s personal body chemistry?

Dr. Harold E. Buttram, MD, and I co-authored several papers about the inflammatory process within the brain that probably occurs from vaccines. You can read them at International Medical Council for Vaccinations. One, in particular, that may help you understand what transpires, “Vaccines and Brain Inflammation,” can be read here

Elevated Rubeola Titers in Autistic Children - Press Release

Elevated Rubeola Titers in Autistic Children

T Zecca, D. Graffino, M Lania-Howarth, M Passannante, J Oleske NJ Medical school, Children’s Hospital of NJ, Newark, NJ September 1997 (presented at meeting with Dr. Marie Bristol at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland)

The syndrome of autism is a clinical entity affecting 20 out of 10,000 children. we have evaluated the possible role of MMR in the pathogenesis of autism by comparing rubeola titers in autistic and normal children. Among 16 children diagnosed with autism followed in our clinical practice, we noted these children to have a 3 fold increase in their rubeola titers over expected normal range. A Wilcoxon Kruskal Wallis test comparing 13 rubeola titers from normal children reveals a statistically significant P-value of 0.0050. Subjectively, parents have stated that their children’s developmental milestones deteriorated following MMR vaccination. Neurological sequelae following MMR are widely reported. MMR therefore may play a role in the pathogenesis of autism. The elevated titers of anti-measles antibodies in autistic children may signify a chronic activation of the immune system against this neurotropic virus.


In 1995, we got blood work back from Vijendra Singh, Ph.D. that showed that Eric tested positive for myelin basic protein antibodies indicating an autoimmune disorder. Also, that same year we got in touch with James Oleske, MD of UMDNJ, Newark, NJ who is a world famous pediatric immunologist whose speciality is AIDS.
Dr. Oleske found that Eric had T cell abnormalities and the "highest measles titer he had ever encountered equal to such neurological disorders as sub acute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE)"

Phenotypic expression of autoimmune autistic disorder (AAD): A major subset of autism
Vijendra K. Singh, PhD

Autoimmunity and Neurological Disorders
Vijendra Singh, Ph.D.

and more documented on the Internet............

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