Philadelphia: We Can only Guess about Autism

Dan Olmsted at Autism One on The Wakefield Inquisition

VideoWe invite you to watch Dan Olmsted discuss and dissect the GMC and mainstream media's battle against Dr. Andrew Wakefield in his presentation from last May at Autism One.

Abstract: The unprecedented journalistic attack on Dr. Wakefield and colleagues after their 1998 paper on autism and bowel disease has begun coming apart at the seams. Now that Wakefield has filed a defamation suit, and a judge in England cleared the paper's other senior author of all wrongdoing, it's time to ask: How did Murdoch's London Sunday Times and the British Medical Journal get away for so long with getting the story so wrong? How long will it take the mainstream media to do its job and report the real facts? (If the embedded video does not appear click HERE.)


Dr.Howard Davis

Dr.Wakefield the genius is right on to a cause for autism and vaccines are the chief culprit. I would like to include that many vaccines have MSG compounds in them to keep the virus alive as per a former executive that worked with vaccines. Mercury and other chemicals may interact with MSG in the vaccine and cause even greater harm in the gut thus enhancing and symptomatically inducing greater autistic symptoms. MSG is responsible for a myriad of negative symptoms,and people are unaware it's from hidden MSG. Much of this chemical is hidden under other names.See internet under MSG hidden names and vaccines and MSG,etc. Also,on the internet a biochemist cured her daughter from autism by eliminating MSG from her diet!


Heeee, heee, heee
That is right
Nobody expects it!
Then it happens!
And we are amazed.


Mikey - I was HOPING your video was what it is - a fav here, thanks for the laugh. :) KS


The Spanish Inquisition????

Jenny Allan

An excellent and concise overview of the Wakefield MMR 'witch hunt' and metaphorical burning at the stake. This DOES have horrible similarities with the Spanish Inquisition and Salen witch 'trials', but this is supposed to be the 'civilised' 21st century.

Angus Files

As they say around these parts..Deers "arse out the window and flapping" ...not a stitch of truth in Deer`s government propaganda..



Good talk, Dan.

I didn't know that about Child 7. Very interesting.

And the case of Child 3 also shines a bright light into the crevices of Deer's duplicity. According to him, the parents weren't sure their son's problems were triggered by MMR; they were really just looking to get some cash.

But the child's own GP testified at the GMC that the boy developed bowel problems and regressed soon after getting an MMR dose from a batch which caused adverse reactions and had to be discontinued. And it was the parents themselves who tracked down that information! Deer doesn't mention any of that.

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