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Republican Party Convention Outrage on Delegate Election Process

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Anti-Vaccine Surveillance Alert

SpywareThe Bill & Melinda Gates foundation launched the Grand Challenges in Global Health (GCGH) in partnership with the National Institutes of Health in 2003 which, according to the GCGH website, is aimed at "creating new tools that can radically improve health in the developing world." So far, 45 grants totaling $458 million were awarded for research projects involving scientists in over 30 countries.1

But where has all the money actually gone? Towards developing and implementing water purification and sanitation systems? Or basic nutritional support aimed at optimizing immune function? How about providing shelter and medical facilities for the homeless? Not even close.

For example, a $100K grant was recently disbursed to Seth C. Kalichman, professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, for "Establishing an Anti-Vaccine Surveillance and Alert System," which intends to "establish an internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting misinformation communication campaigns regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts." [emphasis added] 

Read the full article by Sayer Ji at GreenMedInfo.com.


Justin Young

We must be getting somewhere if they are this worried about us . Bill if you are reading this , makes no difference what you do , we are in this fight for the long haul , we know the science , we have the people , we have the numbers . And you need to know there will be a VaccineSpring coming soon . You have broken the cardinal rule - You don't damage peoples children and get away with it . I see GAVI killed 4 children with the measles vaccine in Nepal . Did you sleep ok last night Bill ?



Son inRecovery

Bill Gates sure likes to play god... He's also backing Geogengineering since he's so vested in Monsanto. So now we can also thank Bill for the heavy metal nano particles that bombard us on a daily basis. My part of the country sees spraying on a daily basis....

"A small group of leading climate scientists, financially supported by billionaires including Bill Gates, are lobbying governments and international bodies to back experiments into manipulating the climate on a global scale to avoid catastrophic climate change.". http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/feb/06/bill-gates-climate-scientists-geoengineering

So wake up America - because it's no just what they are injecting into us!! Tell you friends and family - we all need to take a stand against the toxic chemicals that are bombarding our children and ourselves on a daily basis!


They want to eliminate all communication that does not fit their agenda. Information will be controlled or blocked to
keep people in the darkness. The link to "Anti-vaccine Surveillance and Alert System funded by Gates Foundation
link is NOT working.They are getting very agressive and controlling the information available on the net.We are going to loose our freedom to communicate.
Latest news on Gardasil:aluminum chloride fed rats suffered testicle damage(degenerative changes in the seminiferous tubules,necrosed spermatogenic cells noted,with increased testicular DNA fragmentation and prostate gland calcification/abnormalities were noted)after aluminum treatment.ALCL-had destructive effect on all studied reproductive parameters.(Aluminum adjuvant and salt water present in Gardasil with polysorbates and borax.)We will not know the damage for 20 or 30 years.Infertility rates are already on the increase.The Gates have placed their money to all the wrong places.Their will be damage everywhere they go.


Can we stop using ANY of Bill Gates products, there are plenty
of PC's to choose from today. Spread the word!!


Sheer Insanity!


That whole internet monitoring system makes no sense to me, seems like the money could be used on better things.


".. Ya, the paper was stupid enough to actually print the letter and show a picture of oral polio vaccine being given. Complete ignorance as to vaccine- induced polio (and the fact that OPV has been banned from use in North America) and NPAFP...."


I don't believe its ignorance at all. Main stream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine, which completely serves the industry that is poisoning us all for money.

That's not ignorance, that's complicity


First of ALL: WE need Donald Trump Bill Boards all over the US to Point Finger and say Barack Omama YOU ARE FIRED!!!!


Can't stand the Gates. Our local paper featured a letter to the editor that mentioned the polio outbreaks in India. Ya, the paper was stupid enough to actually print the letter and show a picture of oral polio vaccine being given. Complete ignorance as to vaccine- induced polio (and the fact that OPV has been banned from use in North America) and NPAFP. Recently, a friend who is doing a public health masters and has contributed a chapter to a book on nutrition also said she can't stand the Gates' and heir twisted partnerships. She also know about "Science" blogs ( that they're a piece of crap) so hopefully things will change now that more people are aware.


Shouldn't we lobby Donald Trump to take the opposite view and also fund another University to monitor the Internet and give out anti vaccine information? Isn't that playing with a level field? Isn't that encouraging debate rather than discouragig it?

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