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Fisher Price BullyTime Magazine ran an article on why autistic students are targets for bullies. Our kids lives are tough enough - whether they have full blown preverbal autism or Asperger's and an IQ of 150. A friend of  mine with an adult family member is in classes at a local state college. She told me that there is a student  who announced at the beginning of the semester that he has autism - in a rather long descriptive manner. She has watched him enter and leave class alone. His perseveration is the middle ages - and kids in college care more about Saturday nights than jousting knights. My friend has watched the other students turn away from him, snicker and avoid him.  How do we help our kids fit into the world while educating the world that our kids have a right to the pursuit of happiness as much as any bully - or commenter like the one below?  Click into Time to read more comments. Especially a rebuttal by a certain media editor we all know and love... KS.

Did anyone stop to consider that autistic kids get bullied more because they are annoying as hell? 

My girlfriend is a High School teacher and she has many, many autistic kids in her classes and they are almost without exception the most belligerent and disruptive students in the class.

The fact that they don't fully understand their actions is little comfort to the other kids whose education is disrupted due to their outbursts and constant inappropriate behavior.

These kids should be in special education classes away from the general student population where their special needs can be met without degrading the learning environment of others.


 Not all autistic students are loud and annoying.  Don't assume that every autistic student is annoying.   You are being dreadfully insensitive with your first sentence.  Please stop offending other people just because they are different.



Insensitive?  Please.  What planet to you live on?  Here on Earth you perform or you starve.  Nobody cares how difficult it is for you. 

Autistic people aren't just "different", they are inherently defective.  That's not my opinion, that's a medical fact. 

I'm not trying to be mean or insulting, I'm just shining the bright light of reality onto the fantasy-land you've created in your mind. 

We aren't judged as people on a sliding scale.  We are judged by what we can do.  Weakness is just that.....weakness. It's not an attribute to be celebrated.


William T

Ignorant attorney blames abuse against autistic man on autism itself. Wow. Just amazing. So now it’s the autistic person’s fault for being autistic. And any caregiver that abuses the severely autistic person must be under so much stress that these poor abusive caregivers need counseling and support.

Here’s response one person had to this disgusting attorney’s ignorance about autism.

“It's interesting that in the video clips shown of these abusive caregivers, in no clip is the autistic young man exhibiting behaviors that would give a caregiver an excuse to abuse the young man. In fact, upon careful analysis, which apparently you haven't done, you see these caregivers are bothered by the autistic young man's getting up and needing to be walked, comforted or cared for. Instead of comforting or caring for the young man, viewers see in these clips that the caregivers are busy texting on their phones, sitting and closing their eyes as if trying to sleep or watching a movie on their lap top. Good try Mr. Spital, in attempting to downplay and minimize the horrific abuse against severely autistic people in our community. But we aren't buying it.”

L Land

I stopped reading when I read kids in self contained classes get bullied NN% less than mainstreamed kids. Really? They calculated this? How stupid. I think these clowns should study why manatees are NN% less likely to be attacked by polars bears then seals are.
I get why they refuse to look at the environment when it comes to vaccines but this?? Really?? Come on
Did they calculate how much more likely the self contained class kids are to be abused? I doubt they could figure out why that happens either. ok I'll stop now


I said it before and I say it again - who we are is determined by how we treat others,how we treat the weakest members of society.The bullies are the problem,they need to be stopped,controlled and punished.Our children has suffered enough,they have lost their quality of life.Their future is stolen from them.
Good for you Sherry, you made some positive changes in the
dysfunctional education system.I had to move my son to another high school in grade 10,as he was getting no support whatsoever.The verbal and physical abuse was on-going.The system is broken.Keep fighting and protect your kids and our kids. Be careful and check on things regularly.
We live in a dark,violent and abusive world.I say this with the greatest heartache.


I live in RI where my child with ASD was being bullied for a year at middle school. I went through the right channels and the bullying continued. The superintendent didn't like it when I finally had to go over his head and talk to his boss. Now bullying policies have changed for the better at his school. BUT I recently found out the graduation policy will change for the worse. My son will not receive a diploma when he finishes the 12th grade but a measly "Attendance certificate" because of stricter requirements. Most of these special needs students have been in public school since they were 3 years old. They have to work twice as hard and face far more hurdles than most (like being bullied). So he will still have to get a GED after "graduating" high school. He now wants to quit when he's 16. He says "What's the point?!" I have to agree with him on that one.

Amanda Blinn

There is also going to be the type of bullying in the Sesame Street video where all the kids and the educator use moral force to try to get the scared kid to get the vaccine.

Robin Rowlands


You mischievous minx . . .

Robin Rowlands

Guildord, UK.


Like comment by ranger99: "You obviously don't understand the difference between the world you'd like to live in and the world we actually live in."

Lin Wessels

Thanks for always choosing to fight the worthy fights for/with us AoA!!!

Lin Wessels

Reading some of the comments on the Time piece, it seems to me that parents who bully may very well raise children who bully.


It's not going to change. Bullying is an age-old problem and it isn't going away. Neither legislation nor education will diminish the human capacity for, or tendency toward, the cruelty some exact on those considered by the larger population to be inferior. That's just another reason we need a cure now.

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