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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Which Candidate Will Cause Less Autism (Than the Other)?

Obama pointBy Dan Olmsted

There is a problem with both President Obama and Governor Romney Romney when it comes to autism. They're all for research and treatment and acceptance, but they also want to vaccinate the bejesus out of America's kids -- and that's the main driver of the autism epidemic. Talk about a messed up situation!

One can argue which candidate would cause slightly less autism than the other one over the next four years -- Obama's Big Brother approach to vaccine mandates, or Romney's Big Business push for vaccine development -- but that hardly seems like the basis for much optimism or enthusiasm in either case. (See article below on their response to questions about vaccination.) You can't push policies that cause an autism epidemic, and then expect credit for how you plan to prevent or treat it.

Is this -- the truth about autism, the reality that so many parents and even doctors know, yet so many "experts" and regulators deny -- too down-in-the-weeds, too delicate, too darn complicated to expect the candidates to face? Are pabulum and platitudes OK? I vote no. It's the core issue for American competitiveness, for the health of our children, for the proper relationship between private enterprise and the public good, for competence and accountability. These guys need to "get it" if they want to get our votes. They can't just fall back on nostrums about public health and private enterprise in the absence of informed and sound policy.

For heaven's sake, Obama has had the entire apparatus of the federal government at his disposal for four years to find the cause of autism. Michael Strautmanis, the father of a teenage son with severe autism, is at his side, yet the feds are putting just 5 percent of the research budget toward environmental causes. Speak up, Michael! (As Katie Wright wrote on AOA after listening to him at an Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee meeting: "Finally Michael Strautmanis spoke. Mr. Strautmanis is a special counselor to the President. Strautmanis spoke movingly about his own experience with his ASD teenage son and the struggle to maintain safety in the home. It was a poignant speech from a loving father and compassionate man. However, it was a speech we had heard before. Mr. Strautmanis is not interested in autism research. We desperately need someone in the White House or the HHS who closely follows the autism research and can hold the NIH accountable for progress. We cannot continue from this place of research stagnation, with the same people in charge, doing the same things the same way, investing in the same lackluster research and failing our families.")

The irony, of course, is that in the past four years it has become more and more obvious, and scientifically convincing, that autism is an environmental illness -- that there are susceptibilities, to be sure, and those susceptibilities include genes, but that we've been pulling the trigger on a virtual AK-47 full of toxins, from elemental mercury spewing out of Texas power plants, to multiple vaccinations of kids with mito disorders, to loading up pregnant women and infants with ethyl mercury and live viruses at ages (like in utero and by 12 months) when they were never intended to get them, to pesticide-spraying that comes very close, in the case of West Nile, to shooting a gnat with a bazooka. The damage is vast, not limited to autism (ADHD, asthma, etc.), not limited to infants (Alzheimer's, Gardasil, etc.), not limited to the MMR or to thimerosal or vaccines, and not likely to stop anytime soon.

The further irony is that in the last few elections the issue has been at least on the table, but as the evidence for both the epidemic and its origins has increased, the concern evinced by the candidates has diminished. Bush Junior said he'd take thimerosal (mercury) out of vaccines, but he didn't. McCain made all kinds of noise but, back in the Senate, where he might actually have done something useful, he hasn't. Obama told Sam Wessels last week (see below) that he has "a plan," but he manifestly doesn't.

You can thank words like "discredited," "disproven," "much-debunked," "junk science" applied by self-interested parties to the honest and first-hand observations of family members and of a few brave souls like Andy Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy. You can thank the lazy and credulous press. And you can thank the people who run the government, or want to, of both parties and all political persuasions.

Obama, of course, presides in an ultimate sense over the catastrophic Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, whose historic failures defy concise recitation, and the National Institutes of Health, which just poured another $100 million down a gene-centric rabbit hole. Romney's view that we should onshore our vaccine innovation and keep cooking up more moneymaking vaccine remedies to public health failures sounds like a piece in The Economist or a press release from the Chamber of Commerce.

Clearly, there's a crying need for a new way forward. The Canary Party. A third-party candidacy that puts vaccine choice, and the environmental roots of autism, into the public debate. A disruptive candidate to stand up and continue the conversation Michele Bachman began (and good for her).

It's too bad Dave Weldon's quixotic bid for the Senate didn't go anywhere. Remember, he wanted to study the Amish; he described the vaccine damage ratio as "1 in 1." He called the CDC on its continuing coverup. And he's a doctor! With Dan Burton retiring and with a key staffer for Rep. Carolyn Maloney stepping back for family reasons, we need people to step up. 

And they will. But as for this election, fuggedaboudit.


  Pesticide Spraying

Pesticides are in the news again, as a study suggested organic foods aren't any more nutritious than the regular -- one is tempted to say inorganic -- kind. As I pointed out, that's not really the point, and those of us who've taken a close look at pesticides appreciate the fact that there is 30% less bug spray and dust on organic food. These days, though, it's not just food that's a risk -- as Dallas found out when the place was thoroughly dusted by plane to try to kill off the West Nile virus via the mosquitos that carry it. 

A reader forwarded us the poster above, about spraying in New York City right before the Labor Day weekend. It gives me the creeps. We've written recently about the crop-duster that sprayed pesticide over a cornfield right next to the school in LeRoy, N.Y., right about the time that an outbreak of tic disorders occurred. (Health officials blamed "conversion disorder.")

All this is said to be "safe," of course. The amount of pesticide on regular inorganic food is safe, so very safe. Why then do serious studies keep finding links between exposure to pesticides and autism, ADHD, and Parkinson's? And when was pesticide ever not safe, in the view of those who approved and applied it? Lead arsenate -- yes, a potent blend of lead and arsenic -- was said to be safe when it was in wide use until World War II. Ethyl mercury in vaccines was said to be safe, until it was banned (just not from infant vaccines!) Then DDT was safe, until it was banned. Some people still say it's safe. (We say DDT and lead arsenate triggered poliomyelitis epidemics, among other problems. And we say ethyl mercury causes autism.)

As my co-editor Mark Blaxill points out, it's not as if these toxins have changed in their basic purpose. They were designed to kill. It's not as if they went from being designed to kill, to being designed to cause temporary paralysis, to being designed to cause insects to rethink their intention to eat fruits and vegetables and feast on dirt instead. No, they still kill, they still disrupt the nervous systems of living things.

When you look at all the spraying that's gone on recently from Manhattan to Dallas to LeRoy, you have to wonder when the next cluster of "hysterical" students is going to emerge. 

The school year is young. I predict it will be soon.









barbara j

Gerald R. Molen
Born Gerald Robert Molen
January 6, 1935 (age 77)
Great Falls, Montana
Nationality American
Occupation Film producer
Notable work(s) Schindler's List
Religion LDS (Mormon)
Parents Gerald Richard Molen
Edith Lorraine
Awards Academy Award

A 77 year old Mormon , an artist in his trade, inspired by hate? This is the producer of Obama 2016...I've always followed the money, now have to follow the religious extremists..both highly motivating factors...sometimes ya' can't find the dividing line between the two..

barbara j

While Reagan was inaugurated at 69, making him our oldest president, they did have to hide his alzheimers from the public. Romney is 65, and while he and Ann sport some pretty good face lifts, hair extensions, and liposuction, it doesn't mean their thinking is on par. I see them as a typical aging couple , that can't remember what they said from one day to the next,worrisome.I have some pretty great men in my family that same age, one's that can be called to solve a physics problem for a college student, replace a cat converter on a car, but don't ask them at 3 am, they may have trouble orienting. I can see this with Clinton, he's great, but not as sharp as he was, and George Bush Sr, amazingly is as sharp, yet his much younger son , never was and still isn't. Does the Mormon church worry me, not so much until I found it was a Mormon that produced Obama 2016 and a coptic Christian who just lit up the Arab world , hate is a pretty powerful thing when pushed forward by religious extremists. This set me off to read the background of another Mormon who tried to run for president, the details of the "plan" to tear the world apart and rebuild as a kingdom under a Mormon and Jesus, side by side. Ya can't make this stuff up, and it's pretty spooky. So yes, his position as a leader in a church with a political agenda, should be under study and consideration before making that voting decision. I'm still scratching my head over "why" the religious right is accepting of this? Maybe they do "wanta' kick start" the end days? However the rich will still have their kids cycling France while ours will die protecting them and their freedom and right to do so.


Thanks for telling me why Romney was a missionary. Thank goodness I thought he was some Mormom Reglious Nut!
Sorry to Mormons - perhaps I lack social graces like my son - is it considers ill manners to not agree to certian religeous beliefs? But the president's religion - I was less happy with too.
Yes, what a man believes spiritually is very much a part of who he is and affect the decisions he might make.

Clinton did the same thing -- he got a deferment too.

Romney was born 47- That makes him 63.
Age?? I don't think that is a problem.
Well; I am not to sure

Ahhhh Got to go Hubby wants me to come watch some circling helicopter.
I guess he is back to see me in my nightgown :)

barbara j

True, Romney was a missionary, however, he had "used" up his deferment , it was the Vietnam war, so his family sent him to France. It was just another act of a very unpatriotic family of many generations. Obama wasn't in the age of the draft, however, he chose to go to Illinois and build up a depressed area instead of going for the big paycheck, it was a "give back to the community ideal". Each of us has a responsibility to address the vaccine issue with our local representatives and with those in Washington as well. They DO NOT know the truth, they do not understand how deep the corruption is or how much real harm is being done. Romney's an old man, which one of our fathers really gets this? They come from an era when you could kick the wheels and know everything was alright.


When they look back on the economic crisis -- does anyone have a clue of how it could have been stopped years ago?

We had some members of Congress that could have helped but did the opposite-- Barney Franks was one of them.
But Barney Franks was not stopped by other member of Congress -- and surely with our government acting as it should there should have been Congressmen that if they stood up and did the right thing - it would not have happened.
Is this also going on now with Vaccines.
Is there a few Congressment that are leading the way and the rest just goes along with it .

Who oversees Francis Collins?
Or who looked over the shoulders of all those leaders that were at CDC as they went from CDC into Pharma's high paying positions. Was anyone looking at James Cherry when he was at CDC and then started receiving money from Pharma to witness againest vaccine injuried kids in court -- all the way to recieving 100s of 1000 of dollars for research at his University?


But then Barbara tells us that Romney's religeous Affiliation goes door to door encouraging vaccination and Utah has 1 out of 24 boys with autism.

I know we are not suppose to critize other religions but --- it is not like Kennedy being a Catholic - Romney was a missionary!

Still it was not Bush's fault about the mess - this had been coming from decades of crazy policy - and if you think about it -- it is parallel with the the vaccine mess --

Unlke the economic crisis it won't be money we run out of but -- well it will all come to a head when we run out of boys because we are losing boys faster than girls in all this.


What insight!
It gives me something to think about.

I watched you on the tube at the IACC meeting. You did a good job representing what needs research.

Eileen Nicole Simon

How autism’s many known causes affect the brain must be understood before vaccine components and other pollutants will be acknowledged as affecting the brain in the same way. All causes of autism disrupt normal language development. Brain systems involved in normal language development should therefore be the focus of research.

Consider two papers published in 2011: Kulesza et al. (2011) reported malformation of a brainstem auditory nucleus in nine individuals with autism. They then examined the same brain site in laboratory rats exposed to valproic acid (Depakote) during gestation, and found a comparable malformation. Prenatal exposure to valproic acid (VPA) is one of the many known causes of autism. Thus it was used as a “probe” in looking for brain impairment in laboratory rats. Mercury was found long ago to affect the auditory system, as have other poisonous substances. A mercury “probe” could be used again to verify the older evidence.

Note: The auditory system should also be considered essential for environmental (and social) awareness. The auditory system never sleeps. This is why we use alarm clocks. The auditory system can be viewed as the “vigilance center” of the brain. Beyond vigilance, the auditory system has been described as the “information seeking” system of the brain. For the human species, language can be viewed as the pinnacle of the “information seeking” instinct, and locus of the conscious state.

I hope my comments are not too obscure.

[1] Kulesza RJ Jr, et al. Malformation of the human superior olive in autistic spectrum disorders.Brain Res. 2011 Jan 7;1367:360-71.
[2] Lukose R et al. Malformation of the superior olivary complex in an animal model of autism. Brain Res. 2011 Jun 29;1398:102-12.
[3] Oyanagi K et al. The auditory system in methyl mercurial intoxication: a neuropathological investigation on 14 autopsy cases in Niigata, Japan. Acta Neuropathol. 1989;77(6):561-8.
[4] More on other brain-damaging “probes” can be found in PubMed: alpha-chlorohydrin, Carboplatin, carbonyl sulfide, methyl bromide, pyrithiamine.
[5] More on attention, awareness, and the conscious state can be provided.

Jake Crosby

Actually, I have nothing against vaccine innovation. It could mean the development of more vaccines or safer vaccines. I support a competitive vaccine market. I support vaccine developers having the ecomonic OPPORTUNITY to succeed, but they should not have their economic success predetermined by a 15-member federal panel of people mostly tied to vaccine manufacturers anyway.

This is why what Obama said is actually far more specific and troubling than what Romney said. Obama's saying he will eliminate co-pays and deductibles on all federally recommended vaccinations. In other words, he's essentially going to force us to pay for the CDC's bloated vaccine schedule by making us buy health insurance that will cover the costs of all vaccinations on the recommended schedule for every infant born. That's a lot of money down the drain to pay for a lot of vaccines people won't want.

This is not a vaccine mandate in the classic sense of actually forcing people to get vaccinated. However, if there is anything that will bring us one step closer to such a policy at the federal level, it will be Obamacare.

Sandra Lopriore

Josh & Shannon I hear what you are saying....these opinions are far as I go I wouldn't put anything past any politician to try to pass anything...but I do not believe it is a certainty but it wouldn't surprise me if they did try to make it manditory under Affordable Care Act. What is definately under this act that could effect our community...this comes from a list of 21 tax hikes under Affordable Care Act:

9. Obamacare Flexible Spending Account Cap – aka“Special Needs Kids Tax” (Tax hike of $13 bil/takes effect Jan. 2013): Imposes cap on FSAs of $2500 (now unlimited). Indexed to inflation after 2013. There is one group of FSA owners for whom this new cap will be particularly cruel and onerous: parents of special needs children. There are thousands of families with special needs children in the United States, and many of them use FSAs to pay for special needs education. Tuition rates at one leading school that teaches special needs children in Washington, D.C. (National Child Research Center) can easily exceed $14,000 per year. Under tax rules, FSA dollars can be used to pay for this type of special needs education. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,388-2,389

10. Obamacare Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers (Tax hike of $20 bil/takes effect Jan. 2013): Medical device manufacturers employ 360,000 people in 6000 plants across the country. This law imposes a new 2.3% excise tax. Exempts items retailing for <$100. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,980-1,986

11. Obamacare "Haircut" for Medical Itemized Deduction from 7.5% to 10% of AGI (Tax hike of $15.2 bil/takes effect Jan. 2013): Currently, those facing high medical expenses are allowed a deduction for medical expenses to the extent that those expenses exceed 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income (AGI). The new provision imposes a threshold of 10 percent of AGI. Waived for 65+ taxpayers in 2013-2016 only. Bill: PPACA; Page: 1,994-1,995


The thought occurred to me that the point behind the odd Stanford announcement that organic is really no different than conventional, might be that it is an attempt to influence the upcoming vote in California on whether or not to label GMOs. The timing is interesting.

no vac

Is Virgil Goode a viable presidential candidate, an alternative to Ron Paul (if he is not on the ballot)? What do we know about Mr. Goode? I like his name very much.

no vac

IMO, the worst offenders in the ongoing for decades vaccine genocide of American children are the psychopathic, corrupted bureaucrats from CDC, who design and impose on the whole nation their murderous vaccine programs. They are also the “experts” who advise the politicians that killing and maiming millions with vaccines is good for protection of public health. Drug companies of course inspire and bribe them to do so, but they at least have to write openly on vaccine leaflets that their vaccines may kill and permanently cripple. Hence, the medical criminals from the CDC (some of them now work for vaccine manufacturers) are primarily responsible for murdering or maiming millions of children. May be the parents of children killed or seriously injured by vaccines should go with class action suit against these CDC bureaucrats. If nobody goes to prison for life for his/her crimes against humanity, the vaccine genocide will go on, because it is a multibillion business.

shannon wasserman

If you're worried about a slippery slope then I think you should say "I'm worried that the healthcare reform act will lead to forced vaccinations." And I'd still love to hear specifics on how that would happen, says me, sincerely, with a smile:-)

Josh Day

"The Natural News article is based on speculation and imagination. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not mandate vaccines."

Twyla, thank you for clearing up the rampant misinformation on Obamacare. I am no fan of it simply because I see it as a rampant assault on the constitution and opens up all kinds of cans of worms, but opponents really need to stop with the hysteria an flat-out BS (death panels, forced medical treatment, etc).

I will be sitting this election out, or voting Ron Paul if goes independent. It's a choice between Obamacare (Romneycare) and Romneycare.

Amy Rhodes

I recently tried to get my child in a (state run) facility to get her some serious evalutions & treatments that she needs. We have fought very hard to get my child into this place. The waiting list is 3 years. When our name finally came up last week, the informed me that she would need 3 more vaccines before she would be admitted.Three years ago, they did not tell me she needed any vaccinations. I informed them about her vaccination exemption waiver for the schools & they said that it wasn't valid at their facility. I decided to NOT put anymore toxins into her body & now I have to start at square one again. I feel like they try to bully parents into vaccinating their kids. Well,NOT this parent!
Thanks, government!!!!

barbara j

I caught "meet the press" yesterday..Romney who said at the convention that his first order of business as president will be to wipe out Obamacare..clearly stated he will keep some aspects of Obamacare ..casually he said.."like pre-existing coverage" , he spoke out against Ryan's position on military spending..the guy is flip flopping to soften the divide between his harsh patriarchal stand and the public service stand of Obama.He ,however, continued to refuse to explain any conceived method of getting us out of the mess Bush put us in, except to say it will take 8 to 10 years of working across the aisle. No apology for these last four years when a literal berlin wall was created by the reps along that aisle.

John Stone

According to a new study reported in BMJ 'The US lags behind other countries in cutting numbers of preventable deaths'.

Of course, where the US does not lag behind other counties is in vaccination - it must certainly be the most vaccinated country in history of the world already - yet both candidates see more vaccination as an at least partial answer to the nation's health problems. One thing to contemplate is that this is perhaps a push button mentality: just as Gates slips over from IT (where the products may be flawed but on the whole work) to vaccines where a whole different level of failure and catastophe might be involved but just like the IT the whole world has to have them. Maybe the thing to say about these guys is that they are not actually engaged in reality, and both have their political machines and a whole government bureacracy to prevent them from ever having to be. It would not be surprising if this failure of political culture spills over into every of area of policy. And, no doubt, we have the same problems configured slightly differently in the UK.

Robin Rowlands


The disgusting attitude towards vaccine induced autism is symptomatic of the crushing amorality of the political class in the US and elsewhere .

Regrettably politics is awash with politicians whose - ideological / class - bigotry prevent them from seeing or caring about society at large or sincerely acknowledging their wider obligations .

Robin Rowlands - ( Mothbitten )

Guildford , UK .


Here is some further information on "Obamacare":

Obamacare Myths Debunked -

Health Reform Source - the Basics - Kaiser Family Foundation

10 Myths about Obamacare - Thanks Obamacare

Currently, many people have reliable health insurance through employers, but millions are without insurance. Those who have insurance through a job will most likely lose it if they lose their job (although it can be continued for about 18 months under COBRA by paying a higher premium.)

People who look for individual policies could be turned down due to pre-existing conditions.
People who were enrolled in individual policies could lose coverage in the midst of treatment for a serious health condition.

People without health insurance who become ill or have an accident either forgo treatment, pay huge costs, and/or get treatment at emergency rooms - sometimes resulting in bankruptcy, and often in unpaid bills which must be absorbed by hospitals and increase costs for everyone.

These are some of the serious problems that this bill attempts to address. It is a compromise between many different competing interests and opinions, and I'm sure it's not perfect. Surely there will be bugs to work out. But it is not a malevolent devious plot. It is a genuine attempt to address some real problems.

Currently there is a lot of talk of forced vaccination. Some states are trying to do away with vaccine exemptions or make them harder to get. This appears to be a reaction to the many people who are questioning our vaccine program. Rather than addressing problems and concerns, there is a trend towards suppression of dissent and of individual choice. It is scary.

I don't believe this trend is motivated by Obamacare. The Natural News article is based on speculation and imagination. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not mandate vaccines.


Shannon and Allie90, we have inversely healthcare in Canada and in no way are we forced to get vaccinated. In fact my doc (just a family practitioner) never brings it up.


So wish Ron Paul was still in the race--

Concern is rising about opt-outs

Sandra Lopriore

Responding to shannon wasserman-

I do not believe it is in Obamacare currently....what I believe she and many others are afraid of is the slippery slope....Obamacare is a power grab.

Some are arguing that eventually business will pay the penalty instead of covering their employees because it will be cheaper and so everyone will end up on govt run health care. As the national debt continues to run up (it just hit the 16 Trillion) the govt will have to start "rationing" care. For example, people who are overweight, smoke, refuse vaccines, etc cost the system more.

This Affordable Care Act is so large that Nancy Pelosi said "We have to pass it to find out what is in it." From what I have heard the legal ease is written very will be able to be interpreted in any way they want it to be. I don't think anyone really knows what it all entails yet.


"....Doctors are never alarmed about one more child labeled with ASD. They aren’t embarrassed about being totally clueless when a child regresses. No one is red faced as they tell parents these things happen for no apparent reason. Sure, your child was fine just last week and now they have seizures, and continuous diarrhea and they’re no longer making eye contact, but it has nothing to with the battery of shots they received in this office recently...."


Most of these doctors grew up during a time when the there was virtually no autism. And they know damned well that it wasn't there. Yet when they speak to parents of vaccine injured children, they outright lie and insist that it was. It must be easier I guess, than admitting that those injuries are the direct result of the vaccines THEY administered.

The thing about vaccine injury though, is that it extends well beyond just autism. The chronic illnesses that are plaguing today’s children, almost always involves an autoimmune mechanism where their immune system is either attacking its own bodily tissue, or over-reacting to a mistakenly perceived external invader.

I realize this is off topic, but one such example that the medical community can't claim was "always there", are the life threatening peanut allergies that been cropping up all over the US and Canada. While they claim that the cause is unknown (... wow, bet no-one saw that coming), I don't believe they’re being entirely truthful.

It’s my understanding that a peanut allergy occurs when the immune system develops allergy-type antibodies to peanut proteins. It for some reason identifies these proteins as being harmful, and subsequent peanut contacts are recognized by these antibodies as being a problem. They respond by signaling the immune system to release chemicals such as histamine into the bloodstream, which then leads to the signs and symptoms of an allergic response.

What I find odd about all of this, is that the medical community is fully aware that peanut oils are used in the production of childhood vaccines. And when these vaccines are injected into the bloodstream of a child, so too are any residual peanut proteins that remain in that vaccine. Shouldn’t bolus injected peanut proteins be at the top of the list of probable causes when children mysteriously develop antibodies to.. peanut proteins???

I maybe all wrong about this, but an interesting foot note is there is at least one place in the world where peanut allergies are practically unheard of. That place is Israel, and although the Israeli population eats lots of peanuts, they also produce lots of sesame oil.... which they use instead of peanut oil in the manufacture of their vaccines.

And as you’ve probably guessed, in Israel it's SESAME that's a major cause of IgE-mediated food allergy, second only to cow's milk as a cause of anaphylaxis

barbara j

What if we back away from the vaccine issue for a minute and consider it an environmental health hazard. I know this morning I heard Romney say, "I'm not going to lower the level of the oceans..or..something else and save the planet"..almost as jesting that it's all nonsense. Is this the guy who will lift the already pitiful measures in place designed to stop the big polluters from spewing poisons into our air and waters, is he the guy that will back the corporate concerns and put us all at greater risk .It's cheaper to do business without restrictions, it would just follow that this mind set would not be interested in our children if he isn't interested in our planet.


This is the irony of the Big Choice in American so called Democracy: TWO candidates. And no one like Ron Paul who defends our freedom of choice in health care will ever get an opportunity because Big Pharma has all that money and power so they run the show. That is why Obama and Romney will never say anything publicly even if they KNOW the TRUTH about the vaccines.

Regardless, whomever gets elected, has to work with a congress that is totally influenced by lobbyists for Big Business, with Big Pharma just one of many. I am not a constitutional law attorney but it appears that industry paid lobbyists was never part of the original plan of the founding fathers. But today Corporate Money runs the show….

“Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.” [Psalms 146:3]

Regarding Mitt Romney’s Mormon belief system, here is a scary article from the official Mormon religion newsletter about the Mormon religion's support and promotion of VACCINES:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Church Makes Immunizations an Official Initiative, Provides Social Mobilization

13 JUNE 2012

Recently saw an enlightening program on the history of our founding fathers on Inspiration channel: “Monumental”

I AM [Documentary]

You have to watch this hour long documentary to find out the meaning of “I AM”. Excellent, entertaining and thought provoking Documentary by Hollywood Director, Tom Shadyak, asks life’s biggest questions. Watch online for free.

shannon wasserman

@Allie90. Can you back up that statement that the Affordable healthcare Act will require vaccination to participate. I don't mean that in a snarky way. I mean do you have any back up for that statement?

Sandra Lopriore

This is what Allie90 and others are discussing. This article from Natural News is an example:

How Obamacare will lead to mandatory vaccinations for everyone
Forced vaccinations -- for adults! -- are on the way, friends. And here's why: Once everybody is "in the system" of mandatory health care, we will begin to hear arguments like this:

"Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated against influenza is thereby at risk of being an influenza carrier and infecting other people, thus increasing health care costs for us all. To save money, government must force everyone to get vaccinated!"

It's a false argument, of course, but it will be used to literally line people up at courthouses (with the threat of arrest and jail time) and force them all to be vaccinated against their will.

The same false logic can be used to force people to undergo chemotherapy, take AIDS drugs, undergo coronary bypass surgery or be subjected to almost any medical procedure deemed "necessary" by the government. In the realm of mental health and psychiatry, this opens up a Pandora's Box of exploitation of patients for the purpose of raking in record profits for the criminally-operated psychiatric drug industry.

Such is the inevitable abuse of monopolistic market practices enforced by a corrupt government that serves the interests of its corporate masters: Once the sick care industry has this monopoly and can force everyone to participate, they will exploit that advantage to its fullest profiteering capacity.

Remember: It is the dream of every corporation to dominate the world. Obamacare just gave Big Pharma and the other sick care giants huge monopolistic cheats to pursue precisely that goal.

Learn more:

CT teacher

The problem is very complex and everyone needs to be careful of being a single issue voter. Neither party will address the vaccine debate. Vaccine propaganda has permeated our entire society. The autism support groups are the only vocal people trying to get the message of vaccine damage out into the public domain. Everyone else, unless he has a damaged child, believes in the sanctity of vaccines. Any president, no matter the party, is going to rely on the advice of top doctors and experts from NIH, CDC, etc. for advice as it pertains to medicine. Look at Obama...he has a child with asthma, which they treat medically. The asthma is probably caused by vaccines. Do Barack and Michelle think so? Probably not. The Romneys will never go there either. It is too counter-culture. No one wants to be the one responsible for bringing back all of the feared diseases of the past, which is the threat that is repeated over and over again,via the herd immunity concept. Remember that there is no PROOF that vaccines cause autism or any other illness because the studies haven't been done, but politicians don't know that. They listen to the medical authorities spout the repeated message about the studies proving the safety of vaccines. Whom will the president believe? Several thousand parents demonized by doctors, or the EXPERTS?
I keep thinking that the answer to waking society up to vaccine safety issues is to get more concerned groups involved...not just autism support groups, but all of the other groups that support childhood afflictions. If support groups for childhood asthma, diabetes, allergies, leukemia, Chrohn's disease, epilepsy , ADD and ADHD, Tourette's syndrome, PDD, depression, schizophrenia,etc. were to insist on a study that compared vaccinated to unvaccinated children, we might get somewhere. That is the message that must be repeated ad nauseum. Show us the studies. Prove the safety of vaccines by doing this one study. I don't know if any other support groups are able to embrace this kind of thinking, because the damage from vaccines is not so immediately visible as it for autism. If enough childhood advocacy groups pounded away at this message, the leaders of both parties would have to listen. That many voices cannot be drowned out.

Jeannette Bishop

I guess I don't see either candidate as likely to make a positive impact.

As long as what we view as "healthcare" is defined by and large by the Medical Industrial Complex which profits greatly managing our "genetic" failures to handle the chemical and pharmaceutical exposures that the whole corporatocracy loves to shower on us...

As long as they are free from true liability, just an occasional $lap on the hand from captive agencies that at best facilitate the assault through the creation of moral hazard (we trust that we are being looked after and make less effort to do that for ourselves) and at worst, outright complicit participation (they work for the corporations, not the average U.S. citizen) ...

As long as people do not want to know that things are as bad as they are, even though nearly everyone is connected to someone suffering with an environmentally induced immune misprogramming ...

The President has an affected daughter. Governor Romney's wife is affected as well. Maybe only about 2 percent of U.S. families have a child on the autism spectrum, but the vast majority do have someone suffering from an immune system gone awry.

Maybe what we need to ask our governmental candidates:

"Is someone you love suffering in some form from an over driven immune response?"

"Is it environmentally, maybe even vaccine induced?"

I'm beginning to feel the federal government should not be involved in healthcare, except to punish actions that violate right to life and liberty. I would like to see an honest discussion of the involvement of the immune system in autism and that as some children are obviously worse off for the aggressive early vaccine schedule, a respect for vaccine choice and a true retrenching of the "recommended" schedule with an honest effort to evaluate whether or not all children are better off with less, but right now the discussion is about how to, impossibly I think, provide management of effects of the assault on our health all while guaranteeing/requiring access to more, not about providing true health care.


The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) does NOT require anyone to get vaccinated.

It does require that health insurance policies fully cover the ACIP recommended vaccines without charging copayments or deductibles.

no vac

This barbaric crippling and killing of American children with toxic vaccines has been going on for so long with participation of so many US governments and politicians, that I came to the conclusion that it must be done on purpose by the US enemies to destroy American people. It follows, that most American federal and state governments have been eagerly collaborating with these enemies. How do we call the collaborators of Nation’s enemies?


Obamacare plan will require all Adults/Children to be vaccinated to receive health care services. Unless states repeal his plan. So some of us voted "For Change", but did we really ask enough questions, and can we walk blindly? Or offer up our right arm for a dose of
Garsil for our daughters or DPT that sent a child into seizures?
Looking back, a lesson --- be careful with whom you associate from the day of your birth if you aspire toward public service which requires a majority vote by an electorate,
Well, not so much birth, but maybe after the age of reason.
Especially, your college formative years, where your ideas and beliefs take shape, your identity is understood. We still haven't seen his college papers. Good reason why not? Maybe your professional years where your influence and reputation are formed. In all of these adult phases he has "sought" out the influential radicals, the professors, Socialists, communists, the black liberation theology pastor (in-road to mainstream black america..not that I think that is mainstream)(anti capitalist, anti-american) the influential radicals, 60's domestic terrorists, who introduced him to the political arena..yes-- maybe you should avoid these types if you want to aspire to public office. Obviously, the media understood this and has protected him from any scrutiny. The young gullibles, government dependants and habitual Democrats haven't questioned him either. That was me too, it has been the real shame. Not caring. Blindly trusting.


Neither candidate will address autism and vaccines. 1 in 88 children with autism means there are 87 children that don't have autism and those parents vote too.

Sandra Lopriore

Not that I have much confidence in any politician addressing Autism with any seriousness.....Conservatives are suppose to believe in the rights of the individual while liberals believe in the greater good for society as a whole which I believe means you have a better shot with a Conservative as far as vaccination choice.


American medicine is simply a "deal cut" between the government, pharma, insurance companies, doctors, research facilities and medical schools. Those that are not in this "circle of money & power" are certainly not welcome and must be silenced, crushed or destroyed.

Either candidate could pick up a few million votes and reform medicine in the way they want... by simply exposing the Vaccine / Autism fraud in the campaign speeches they give every day.

barbara j

You were expecting to get substance from that movie? It was chock full of subliminal messaging and imagery, beautifully created to manipulate while pretending to factually approach their agenda. MRI'S for all, if we believe this crap we maybe should see what the vaccines have done to our brains. "shrinkage?" The Mormon's aren't being outdone by Gates, the investment in worldwide vaccinations is large. Meanwhile they are damaging their own sons at a rate 100 times worse than any other state in the USA. Why can they damage their own? Does it seem similar to the Muslim martyr ? Their afterlife as Gods, their new spirit children that evolve as well, please I'm not coming from hate, we need to understand what they are doing in the name of their God. Just because it starts with a G.ends with a d..does not mean their flesh and blood God is the same one we pray to , they believe they too will be GOD.


Vaccines were not mentioned in the movie 2016, I went to see it tonight. I took notes too,
I think its important that you do, and then go do your home work to read more details about the key individuals names mentioned.
It should bring to light things you may have not known before, and help you see how things shape our lifes and what we decide to do as parents for our next generation.

Carolyn Coughlin

Romney is clearly motivated by money and has been his whole life--what has he reaped? Millions and millions and millions. Obama is clearly motivated by a sense of public service and has been his whole life. What has he reaped? Job after job with a focus on trying to make life better for others.

So, because I think Obama can therefore be educated (and because he has worked to get rid of mercury emissions and at least gets that its poisonous), I vote for Obama, while praying that Sebeillius sells out and takes whatever job has obviously been promised to her by pharma, and he appoints RFK Jr to her post. I can dream, can't I?

barbara j

Mormon missionaries taught them that "those born with physical disabilities were once valiant spirits in the pre-[mortal] existence" and that the Mormon priesthood "has the sole authority on Earth to heal in the name of Jesus Christ."

We need to educate ourselves , if the issues will NOT be discussed we need to know the "why not" behind that..


You can debate who wil do the most towards preventing autism or helping kids recover but it is as plain as Paul Ryan's budget that the Romney Ryan team will devestate services for those of us whose kids are now out of school and relying on Medicad services and services from the state that get federal reimbursement!. I'm al for tring to stop this crazy epidemic but I am also terrified for my son's future without the absolutely VITAL services my son receives.

barbara j

Such evil hatred is spewed and truth skewed in Obama's 2016, I can't believe that anyone would allow themselves to be manipulated into believing any of it, it's simply a "hate piece" nothing more, authored by Dinesh D'Souza,and produced by a Mormon . If you have fears put them there, do your own fact checking, including the Mormon plan for the world.
I could never understand why Utah has the highest rate of autism, until ,while researching I found this..ONE in TWENTY FOUR White boys in UTAH have autism..this was one woman's experience.from Vaccine Awareness
"I was recently visited by some Mormons who told me they don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol because these are drugs that are bad for you and according to God’s law, you shouldn’t put anything into your body which is bad for you. They then handed me a leaflet, stating ‘We have little concern that our grandchildren will get measles. They have been immunized and can move freely without fear…parents now are concerned about moral and spiritual diseases…. accept in your mind a testimony of Jesus Christ can spiritually immunize your children.’ – (Elder Boyd K Packer, 2004). They came to her door to promote vaccines.

no vac

Present day political capitalism (run by mafia-corporations) has created barbarian civilization, which murders and mutilates its children, sacrificing them to the god named MONEY. Such civilization is doomed. We should compare the US do India, which has stopped vaccinations with Gates’ polio vaccines, when they crippled and killed a few dozen children. But the US governments continue to kill and damage American children with poisonous vaccines, even when they killed tens of thousands and crippled millions. This is the main reason, why India’s civilization in on a rise and the US is descending to hell. The bases of each great civilization are the healthy people, and the US has allowed criminal corporations to destroy this base. Are American politicians so ignorant that they don’t see it, or so corrupted and evil that they don’t care?


Despite the fact that this article pin points BOTH candidates as pro-vaccine... I love how we still got comments on this feed about how awful Obama is. Wow. This is the health of our children. Neither candidate is willing to pinpoint vaccines as a problem. This is an outcry that has to come overwhelmingly from the people. Most politicians are not going to be able to help us with this one. It's too risky for their careers.


Big Government is worse. Soon parents will be thrown in jail and kids removed from thier home because the parents refuse to vaccinate the kids. I'd say that's worse than Big Business. They can only bombard you with marketing. You'll still have freedom of choice. JMHO

Janet Levatin

Dan, Thanks for this analysis. I know I can always get a dose of the (unpleasant) truth here on AoA. It sickens me that our government is in the pocket of Big Pharma-Agra-Insurance-Banking who don't care whom they sicken, maim, and kill while filling their coffers with our money. As a pediatrician I feel betrayed by a profession that seems to comprise nothing more than pharma-promoting drones. (Thank god there are plenty of "alternatives" to use since conventional medicine is untenable these days.) Both candidate are unacceptable to me, and I will be unable to vote for either of them. I'm not sure if I'll have other choices in my state, Ohio, or if I will be able to write in someone.

Future grandparents unite!

Former President Bill Clinton may become an influential ally to the autism community beyond warning that Romney's proposed cuts to medicaid will harm individuals with autism by reducing essential services - if he already isn't.

Maurine Meleck

As far as autism goes, a write in vote for Lassie or Stuart Little would accomplish the same thing. again, it's not who is running for president, but who runs the president. The lies to
the American public are larger than all of us. If you think I'm depressed, you'd be right.

Not an MD

@ Bob Moffit - I couldn't agree with you more. That is a splendid idea. These people who run for office and do not believe we have rights to vaccinate or not vaccinate our children should be outed to everyone in our community, before nary a vote is cast at the polls. Let those running for office see the sheer power of our numbers, which are growing by the day.

A cousin of mine just emailed me about a friend of hers whose 18 month old son was just diagnosed with moderate, regressive autism. That was the same week that Jacqueline Laurita of Housewives of New Jersey announced to all that her son was diagnosed with autism at age 3. If we stand united, I don't see how any candidate can win without our vote.

david burd

Anne Dachel and All: The other terribly chronic and disabling and/or crippling conditions such as Crohn's, celiac disease, asthma, autoimmune, various meningitis(es), on and on, are gigantic expenses clearly brought by the U.S. Age 0 to 6 Immunization Schedule; and yes, SIDS & SUID U.S. deaths of about 4,700 each year.

It seems to me that the expense for the autism spectrum, so catastrophic to individuals and family, is but relatively small and UNNECESSARY tragedy in the gigantic Spectrum of Vaccine Damage.

May either President be somehow made aware, but it seems they are both coached by only disciples of NIH and CDC and their Allies.


"They can't just fall back on nostrums about public health and private enterprise in the absence of informed and sound policy."

Well stated, and nostrums indeed! Vaccines are NOT a cure all, and pharmaceutical companies DO NOT exist to save lives. They exist to create double digit growth for stockholders. News outlets do not exist to share thoroughly investigated, impartial information any longer. They are bullhorns for their corporate sponsors. And that independent "scientific" research - bought and paid for with results predefined.

And those bully commenters on web news articles, guess what, they're likely paid to put someone else's transcribed words into the blogosphere too. How many times have you seen "vaccines save lives, damnit! go crawl in a hole and die of small pox". It's amazing what $5 will buy anybody with an agenda at

Wake up people! Fortunately many have.

no vac

I think, one explanation for this obvious disregard for autism catastrophe manifested by most politicians is, that they don’t really want autistic children to be cured or made better. One Japanese politician said it openly: "Autism should NOT be treated or cured”! Why? It is because the more sick children, the bigger profits of pharma mafia. And only this counts for corpoRATocracy.

Angus Files

Pharma and Offit rule continuation of policy despite who gets in..... you need a civil war to sort out America my great,great uncle was there I still have his a bayonet...with his initials on it...



@billie - 1 in 88 kids with autism = 1 in 44 voters with at least one child with autism. Sad thing is that less than half of parents probably see the truth about the cause of autism in their child. Does anyone know the stats here? There are also a few voting parents like me with no kids on the spectrum but who understand & join you. (I'm a vaccine-injured adult; Hep B 1996; MTHFR+.)

Anne McElroy Dachel

Dan, this is brilliant. These men may sound concerned about autism, but if they blindly allow the unsafe, unchecked vaccine program to continue, we’ll keep right on having more crippled children.

Someone needs to ask both the vote seekers if they think autism is much of a problem.

It’s that simple. Health officials don’t really care about autism. No one at the CDC (NIH) has ever called autism a crisis. I’m sure somewhere there’s a directive to talk about the genetics involved, point to all the ongoing studies, and sound concerned, but never worried.

Doctors are never alarmed about one more child labeled with ASD. They aren’t embarrassed about being totally clueless when a child regresses. No one is red faced as they tell parents these things happen for no apparent reason. Sure, your child was fine just last week and now they have seizures, and continuous diarrhea and they’re no longer making eye contact, but it has nothing to with the battery of shots they received in this office recently.

I like the question, “Which candidate will cause less autism?”

I’d also like to ask, “Which candidate will care less about autism?”

I’d like to say, Which candidate will care MORE about autism—but I don’t think either one gives a damn about what’s happening to our children. There will continue to be more cuts in spending and services. More kids will be aging out of school with nowhere to go. There will be more worthless pretend research into things that couldn’t possibly explain an epidemic happening right before our eyes. Neither candidate will demand answers or talk to the groups like SafeMinds, NAA, Generation Rescue, and NVIC to understand the concerns of parents across this country.

Nope. They’ll call for awareness and acceptance for autism at the same time they’ll be urging Americans to keep on vaccinating. They’ll trust that the agencies set up to run health care are doing honest and thorough work addressing autism. No one wants to rock the boat and even hint at the possibility that the mandated vaccine schedule is hurting kids.

I would also ask if either Obama or Romney has a pocket calculator. Start doing the math on what each child is going to cost this country. Then ask them if this mess is going to be dumped on the state welfare systems. Ask them how America is going to react when they understand that if one in every 54 boys has autism---the other 53 guys are going to have to foot the bill for the one who’s disabled.

I have lots more questions for the candidates, too numerous to go into here. I would like to know of either of them can remember a world without autism everywhere. How do they think we got to where we are today and what is the future going to be like? Today, everyone knows someone with an autistic child. At this rate, in 50 years, everyone will have an autistic child.

Anne Dachel, Media

Kathy P

It is a scary thought, after watching '2016 Obama's America', to think that if he is re-elected America as we know it will not exist anymore.
As much as I would like a third party candidate, a vote for them would be a vote for Obama.
We all need to ban together and write, fax or email Mitt and Ann Romney to publicly state that parents have the right to chose what is best for their children. He needs to know how many families would be voting with him.
We can make a difference. I have 2 vaccine-damaged grandchildren and 1 healthy happy unvaccinated granddaughter.


Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, has stated in the past that he is against mandatory vaccines

I don't agree with everything Gary Johnson stands for, but my ideological twin, Ron Paul, will not be on the ballot and in my state, write-ins don't count. So I'll probably be voting Johnson in November.

Bob Moffitt

@ Not an MD .. to modify your comments slightly:

I would respectully suggest the Canary Party urge ALL politicians presently seeking "elected office" in our country .. to publicly sign a pledge to guarantee that "parents" .. not their "elected representatives" .. have the right to decide what vaccines their children will receive.

After all, it is State and Federal "legislatures" .. not "industries" .. that ultimately determine what parental choices are available in each individual state.

We can agree that "industries" exercise undue financial power and influence over State and Federal legislatures .. but .. we have no one but ourselves to blame when our elected representatives feel free to betray their oath of office to protect us and our children .. in favor of protecting the profits of the industries who provide legislators will millions of dollars in campaign funds.


When physicians stand up en masse and advocate for patients against the current tyrannical system, politicians will listen.

no vac

I concur,
If Ron Paul is on the ballot as an independent candidate, I and my family will certainly vote for him. Nonetheless, in order to eliminate the corporate terror in the US, one thing needs to happen, IMO. All big pharma corporations need to be nationalized. Only then they will produce medicines for real diseases, and not poisons to kill and mutilate the healthy, such as vaccines. And then pharmaceutical industry will serve the people, and not terrorize and abuse them.


President Obama has disappointed because he is surrounded by well credentialed experts who bombard him with Pharma friendly messages to keep his policies in line. Since he doesn't have a medical background and because he is having to manage a ridiculously huge load of other problems (wars, failing economy, rising unemployment, etc), he's buying the Offit camp's slick, expertly packaged propaganda. This is not to excuse him. I just think this is the reason. President Obama is a smart man and his heart is in the right place, but he's surrounded by wolves in doctor's lab coats. Policy will never change as long as those influences dominate, regardless of who is president, unless we have a president like Ron Paul, who has a medical background and more importantly, doesn't have a price (not saying that President Obama does, but many doctors do). That's why Ron Paul is such a threat and why, at the Republican convention, they wouldn't announce his name. Mr. Paul has professional insight that President Obama and Romney lack. As for Romney, I think this country's biggest problem is a corporate reign of terror. Since Romney is a corporate executive motivated first by profits, I expect that instead of reigning them in, that he will allow huge corporations to grab even more power. Comparing the two men though, won't the Affordable Care Act (ACA) improve access to care for individuals with autism? If Romney becomes president, he has vowed to repeal the ACA, but what would he replace it with? Wouldn't families struggling to afford care be better off with the ACA that guarantees insurance coverage for all?


1 in 88 is a huge voting block. The Autism/safe vaccine Community needs to stand up and say they won't vote for either of these corperate puppets. A statement must be made. Start a campaign to vote for a third party candidate like Ron Paul even if he won't win, it will be a huge statement to the person who loses the race,,, or the person who barely wins it.
You people here at AoA have a unique platform. Choose the third party candidate who is best for the kids, and tell everyone to vote for them. Go long and think outside the voting box... Do we need a win or a statement.
I say we all vote for Ron Paul.... There are plenty of people outside of the safe vaccine community who will be doing the same for other reasons.


Dan if the US loses that sacred right to Parental Choice re vaccines then it doesn't matter what the hell "they" put into our children or the environment. Parental Choice is the real ball game here. Where are the charismatic political voices in this Arena? You cannot fight the environment pollutioners until parents have more say enshrined in all the US states vaccine laws and until the practice of bullying parents into having their children immunised is made a criminal act.
And until the law is changed re Pharmaceutical Companies being beholden to their shareholders first and foremost, then nothing can happen. This is the rub as Shakespeare might have said. It needs a groundswell movement from parents themselves.


Hep B; one of the reactions is -------- Multiple sclerosis.

Romney wife - is college sweet heart has it.

If we could just get a whisper into her ear - to not accept it as just her genetic fate - and the possibility that if one vaccine is a know cause - perhaps other vaccines could be too.

He would be our candidate???

Not an MD

The sad truth is that all Mitt Romney needs to publicly say (with lots of live cameras rolling) in order to win this election is something like this," While I believe in the safety, effectiveness, and need for vaccines to protect the public health, and I fully support the industry that creates them, I also believe that parental rights trump industry rights. As we have a government dedicated to the people, and not to industry, parents must have the absolute, God given right to act in the best interest of their children. This right extends to the use of any medical product. Parents, not industry, must have the final say in what pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, are given to their children. I am beholden to the people who put me into office, and to no one else."

Considering the huge numbers of children and young adults on the autistic spectrum, and the large number of us who believe vaccines were the cause, those words would create such a unified clamor that Romney would secure an easy, overwhelming win. What these candidates don't grasp is that we (parents of children with autism, and young adults with autism, too) are a huge voting block. Huge.

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