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Is Autism an Autoimmune Disease?

Age of Autism Contest: OurKidsASD Autism Supplements

Enter to win Congrats Trina and Carly, our winners. Contest is Closed.

Our good friends from Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD are offering you a chance to try two popular and useful products for back to school for free in this latest contest.

Trina and Carly won a bottle of Kensho Nutritional Support (powder) for the hyperactive child and a jar of  GabaMag cream with NO formaldehyde releasing preservatives. 

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Jessica K

My son is very erratic and over stimulated all the time. I am just starting to try to figure out things to try out with him and would love to give this a shot.


We have one adult grandson with autism and one-aged 8, who has ADHD, asthma (leading to a 911 call from school last spring), severe learning delays, severe immune dysfunction that allowed him to have strep infections five time in 15 months, chronic skin rashes and several lethal allergies including glutton (leading to a diagnosis of Celiac Disease) and egg allergy (leading to a 911 for breathing problems last year) and yet brilliant handsome, charming and spirited. (He never got that second MMR on the advice of one Dr. Cave when he was hovering near autism and his parents got a waiver, perhaps dodging the autism bullet. We are told we should "take a cruise" but all our time and resources go to the affected children of exhausted parents. We'd like to offer these supplements. Thank you. Granny Blue

Eileen Casey

I have two ASD boys that would hopefully benefit from this :)

katie kelley

please pick me!

Trina Aurin

Hopefully I am not to late and would like to try these products for my son.


I would love to try these. My boys are both very "busy".

Karen G

I would to try these products with my son who has autism.

Barbara Bucknam

We would love to try these!

Rae Dawn Hadinger

GabaMag Cream sounds awesome!

Lisa B

OurASD Kids is a great company. We order from them all the time and I would love to try the GABA-Mag Cream.

Stacy Ezor

I would love to try these products as I have a son with ADHD and Anxiety and a son with ASD!

Carter's Daddy

This is my comment.


never heard of kensho but would love to try it on my daughter.....she's very emotional and impulsive.

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