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Autism and Bullying in Time Yields Harsh Comments

Actor Rob Schneider Protests California's AB2109

By Sylvia Pimentel

Rob Schneider and JP

Above  is a photo of Joseph Pimentel, my 17 year old son with autism, with actor Rob Schnieder at the California Capitol Building during the AB 2109 (requires a signed doctor's note to use non-medical vaccine exemption) protest. This bill has passed both the Assembly and the Senate, and now sits on the Governor's desk. We hope to convince Governor Jerry Brown to VETO it.
I, his mother, have been fighting this bill since it was first introduced in late February with my fellow Canary Party members, as well as other concerned groups.
Here is a sumation of AB 2109:
Rob Schneider w Sarah

Rob Schneider with Sarah Gutierrez, daughter of Michelle, Canary Party member.


Katie Wright

I love this guy!


Thank God for people like Rob Schneider who are willing to stand up to the craziness that this health care system is propagating and inflicting on innocent children and their families.


We don't know how much $$$$ and propaganda from the vaccine industry has been influencing California legislators all along that resulted in this bill passing, which is totally contrary to our constitutional right to freedom of health care and informed consent for medical treatments.

If Governor Brown signs this into law, all of the parents who have refused to vaccinate their children or who are selectively vaccinating, will either have to move to another state, enroll their children in private schools, or home school their children, in order to PROTECT them. We are home schooling my grandson, even though we have a medical exemption. The school system is a negative experience for many "typical" children, and especially the so called "Special Education" can be a horrific experience for disabled children.

I met a teacher a few months ago who told me that she would NEVER enroll her children in the public school system, but she home schools them herself. My daughter met a teacher last night who told her the same thing. If anyone knows, it's the teachers, and some of them won't put their own children in the same school that they work at.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thankyou Rob Schnieder for simply doing what is right, despite the uninformed opinions of many citizens who have no idea that they are about to lose one of the most precious rights of a parent to care for his child. Imagine the absurdity- having to take the permission to avoid dangerous vaccines from the people who benefit the most from their use. Even doctors who understand that some vaccines are dangerous may be coerced into selling their souls, to avoid being blacklisted by their colleagues. Turning sincere pediatricians into white coated policemen. And all so that some guy with with money in pharmaceuticals can laugh all the way to the bank and then go to purchase a new and grander yacht than his old one.

Dr. Febbraro

Thank you Rob for your courage and compassion!!...We need more health-conscious citizens like you!

-And citizens that actually know the difference between freedom in this country and outright corporate/government tyranny. Neither candidate this coming election is aware that they are and have been conditioned to defend and support one of the leading causes of death in this country--the practice of medicine.


It is so great when we can have a bit of help from a future Senator...

One could win an election with just taking the proper stance on one issue.

Thank you Rob.


Is Rob Schneider amazing or what?


Thank you SO much, Rob Schneider and Sylvia Pimentel!!!!!!


Thanks for everyone's efforts to oppose this bill. One of our doctors had an interesting perspective on this. He pointed out that one "side benefit" of the law, if it's passed, is the doctors who are willing to sign off on exemptions can be identified and targeted. Scary thought.


Good luck to all of you!
Debi, Texas


OK, you got me getting teary-eyed Michelle! Your friendship has been priceless to me!

Maurine, Teresa and Sue; ditto, what wonderful friends you are, thank you!

And great job adding to the crowd yesterday Sue, VERY resourceful thinking! Thanks for all your work on fighting this bill, you have been there every step of the way.

Teresa Conrick


This is such a great picture! Rob Schneider is such a wonderful person for speaking up on parental rights and medical choice, and Joe is a gorgeous teen, an example of how beautiful our kids are!

Thank you for all of your hard work and advocacy! Never give up!

Sue Morgan

Sylvia! Great job!

Michelle Gutierrez

Notice the County of AMADOR glass display in the background; TONY AMADOR is running AGAINST Richard Pan in the 9th District. Richard Pan is the AUTHOR of AB2109. Coincidence? I think not...

Michelle Gutierrez

Thanks for the write up Sylvia! Rob kissing Sarah was so sweet. This happened after I explained her violent reaction to her 18 month vaccinations and her complete loss of all skills acquired prior to that event. He was very emotional listening to my words. He also told Sarah after the kiss, “Your hair smells GREAT!”

On a side note, I told Rob, “I want to you know, my son wanted to come today to meet you. But I told him he had to go to school.” Rob said sincerely, “You tell James that I will see him again, probably very soon.” I hope we do see Rob VERY SOON!

I must also add that if it were not for a good friend introducing me to you, and your help through this maze of biomedical treatment, I might have lost my mind. With your help, caring and understanding, you got me through one of the most trying times, and made me strive to help Sarah have a better life. Your dedication empowered me, which in turn lead me to be active in this battle for our rights. I owe you so much! Thank you is not enough!


“Free choice contingent on another’s choice, IS NOT FREE CHOICE!” ~ Dr. Bob Sears, April 27, 2012; California Assembly Health Hearing, State Capitol

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Michelle Gutierrez,
CA State Co-Director, NVIC
Canary Party Member

Angus Files

Looking good from the Uk if you can do it it



Rob Schneider has been incredible, I can't express my gratitude enough! He and his wife are expecting a baby soon, so he is concerned with preserving their rights to choose which vaccines, if any, they will allow. We were so thrilled to have his help and support to fight this unfair bill. But his compassion for our kids is what really melted our hearts. He was SO sweet and caring with all the kids at the Rally. He is an absolute class act in every way!


Thanks Maurine, the Governer has untill September 30th. Every single day counts, we need to keep calling so his office knows how hugely important this is to the citizens. He has somewhere around 700 bills to look at. We want his mind on THIS ONE.


Rob Schnieder;
Thank You for listening to what happened to so many parents.
Thank You for speaking out and not just letting it go.
Thank You for being able to put medical dogma to the side an see the real truth.
Thank You for making it an issue and protecting your own children. The last thing I want is any child to join the 1 out of 88; or the 1 out of 6 with a learning disabilty, or what every the stats are now for young Americans to have diabeties.
John Travolta; I love your movies and you as an actor -- but you are in a place and time that you could make a differnce.
I will be fair though John -- there are a lot of parents out there that just never fiugured it out. Sometimes the time periods between the vaccine and the reaction is very fast --- and other times just too very slow.

Not an MD

I just want to say a big thank you to Rob Schneider for getting out there and putting his famous face on this important issue- medical freedom for us and for our children. Only with his star power will there be any media publicity regarding this atrocious bill. The people of California simply have to wake up before it is too late and all their children are forcefully vaccinated by public health goons who are so indoctrinated they don't have a clue about the lifelong disabilities they are inflicting on our children.


This is where it all lies. Parental choice. They can't fight it! What a great guy Schnieder is!

Maurine Meleck

Thanks, Sylvia. I so appreciate all your work for the cause.
Just wondering the time frame for this possible veto. Thanks, Maurine

Kim No-Vac

I have an alternative bill I'd like to table :

the cumpulsory vaccination of all politicians and their entire extended families .
Similarly the cumpulsory vaccination of all doctors and their entire extended families .
Likewise cumpulsory vaccination of all immunologists and their entire extended families .
Also the cumpulsory vaccination of all pharmaHarma merchants and their entire extended families .
Lastly the cumpulsory vaccination of all supremacists and their entire extended families .

Kim No-Vac

Thankyou Rob Schnieder ..... your support is greatly appreciated .

If they pass the bill has to be civil disobedience time. Before its too late .

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