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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Here Come the Bugs

We Can't Unfriend our Lives


By LJ Goes

Welcome Friday:

Noah up since about 1:00 a.m. Just tried to give him his morning medicine. Screamed, threw it. Said, "no mom, please!" Which, is an extraordinary statement and a reason to celebrate. He communicated his feelings perfectly. I am shocked he still has a voice when he's been singing and screaming all night long.

Get him dressed, make his lunch, include a note letting his teachers know he will need a nap.

Open email: " LJ, Please pray for my daughter ***. She is having exploratory surgery at 9:00. Have been at hospital since Sunday night with her in terrible pain right where here enterra (gastric stimulator) is. Please pray they see what is wrong and it's an easy fix.

This 19 year old had to have this device implanted after she got the Gardasil shot. Her stomach and intestines quit functioning immediately after it was administered. But of course, her intestines just spontaneously quit working. No correlation because correlation does not equal causation. Nopers. Just like people who get shot in the head spontaneously bleed out and die. Just because they have a bullet in their cranium does not mean a gun was involved. That bullet could have gotten there any number of ways.


NT son wakes up asks me if wasp-esss-ez die when they sting you. Asks me why we die and lets me know he wants to have a picnic today like they do on Jake and the Pirates.

Get a message from a friend. "Please do not take this personally but I really can't follow you on FB anymore. I cannot take what you write. It's too horrible and the daily reminder of what you guys are going through is taking a toll on me. Sorry. Love you guys and hope you are not mad. Kids are so cute though."

I let my friend know that I really don't want to follow me anymore either but I don't have the choice to delete me from my own life, no matter how great the desire might be. Truth be told, glad to see this gal go because I only have room for strong grown ups in my life.

I am asked to participate on a committee to help children get proper behavioral services, to write an article about autism politics, and speak at an autism fair at a local college.

Looking thru schedule to figure if any of these projects is feasible I am told by my daughter that I used to be cool. Why don't I like clothes anymore and why don't I put makeup on like I used it.

It is at this moment I realize I have a 200 dollar mito test to perform on Noah that has been sitting in our drawer for two weeks. When he comes home from school today we will have to restrain him to get 4 cheek swabs worth of DNA that will have to be frozen and sent cross country in a styrofoam pack that must be opened and the contents tested within 24 hours from the time the test was taken. If we fail to get it to the lab in NY in time the test (and the 100 in shipping costs) is useless.

I look at all the tests and medical procedures we have scheduled over the next month.

I will not be able to speak or write, but I will be able to participate on the committee.

Step over 2 piles of folded laundry and 6 to be done. Have not showered since Wednesday.

I am so flipping tired. I miss sleeping. But most of all, I miss the comforting notion that everything is okay. Because it's not. I get why my weak friend has to de-friend. It's not at all okay and my presence in her life is a constant reminder of that. I am a part of the 1% of moms who know what happened to their kids and will not shut up about it. The 1% that is spreading the word to the other 99%. The moms that:

read the research
do the work
contact their congressmen
help their kids GET BETTER (reduce symptoms)
network with doctors, nurses, and naturopaths who know what is happening to our children.
Changed their kid's toxic diet
Rallies against harmful DNA containing foods (G.M.O.)
Reads legislation (understands dems and repubs are both controlled by special interests and NOT the ones you think!)
Understands how the Department of Health and Human Services really works (and how they work with the CDC to keep the lid on the autism epidemic they caused)
and helps other parents understand how they can get real help that matters for their children.

Can you please help us bump that number up to 2%? Be one of the parents who get involved. Figure it out and pay it forward. Because most of us have been up since 1 am and we are tired.

Happy Friday, the rev

Lisa Joyce Goes is Vice President of Public Relations for The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism, and National Executive Board Member of the Canary Party




You're most welcome. I don't know how much you have as background study to relate to the very large amount of connected concepts in all of the posts at the link I posted, but think it may well prove relevant if you follow enough to get the larger picture. I mention the Marshall Protocol and the benefit of high dose Olmesartan. My wife takes 5 tablets daily.

I have refrained from giving my views on the Protocol as a whole as Vitamin D is avoided on the Protocol and that is at odds with most views from the Autism community it seems. I will say my wife may have an unusal system and D worsened her particular problems and in spite of all the positive reports on D there is literature speaking of negatives of supplemental D use in some autoimmune conditions. You will do what you think best, but I believe the Olmesartan does many other things that help in biomedical related Autism that are not connected to Vitamin D anyway so and these very postive effects may be had whether taking D or not.

In the 90's I felt we had dealt with the Mycoplasma with strict diet{no gluten nor most grains, no dairy, low low sugars and carbs}, nutition{vitamins/minerals/supplements/certain aminos}, herbs, Candida/Clostridia control, probiotics, anti-parasitics, and silver, and more.
She was improving greatly, but after a few years she started to get Arthrits and bone spurs. I look back and think that the Mycoplasma had persisted, though reduced, but because her immune system was stronger in some ways her autoimmune feaures in these reguards increased. As they worsened I eventually looked for ways to deal with them and Olmesartan has been the best for us. I had truned my thoughts away a good bit from the Mycoplasma as time passed and had hoped she was just going to continue to improve as her system had reached a point to self correct. I was wrong.
I now belive she has a susceptibility to pathogens like these and is probably gene/epigentetically related as you may have read in the other thread.

I have posted a number of things over time here at AoA but the thread I linked for you and one other thread contain the majority my contributions here. The other thread with more of my posts and posts of a few others is largely a precursor of thoughts I had leading to the thoughts in thread link I already gave. If you find the current thread helpful you might be interested in the precursor thread.

It is found at:


Having grown up with a disabled sibling, we had many friends and family that abandoned us because our lives were not pleasant. It is sad (mostly since they were all so very Christian in appearances, but having a special needs family member really takes its tole) but it is certainly not new. I think what struck me most was her blunt honesty. While shockingly rude, it is amazing that she could admit it. Most just brush you off and make excuses...

Now as a Mom I have 2 boys on the spectrum. I have heard that phrase "that which does not kill you makes you stronger" more than I care to remember. And while that's annoying, we are some of the strongest people out there :)
Hold on and keep fighting like you do! You are not alone!! - Amy K

Valerie Foley

Thank you visitor, who ever you are.
My son had mycoplasma diagnosed two years after the TM.

Thank you for a new trail.

Christine Thompson


Thank you for your heartfelt and heartbreaking piece. My family has endured being "unfriended" & "unfamilied". Truly, I don't know which is worse. It has happened gradually in subtle and not so subtle ways and has felt like death by a thousand cuts. However, I am most grateful to have found a new group of friends through AoA. As for family, I have learned to take the few support crumbs thrown my way. It's the very least I can do for my son and daughter.


If the complex I in the electron transfer system is messed up --- then the Complex III will darn well be messed up too.
Just thinking on it.

And another thing I don't understand;
if not eating carbs helps and it does
or eating few carbs helps and oh - it -- does

Then why in the heck are they telling us that the problem is in the complex I and III of the electron transfer system?

It looks like to me it is up at the very beginning of the whole process where the carbohydrates are first being broken up in that part called Glycolysis.

Sorry - it has been a long day and my mind just doesn't want to stop tonight.
I went to a viewing tonight and saw people I have not seen in 30 years, way back in the mountians.
I noticed five of them had scars on their throats were their thyroids have been cut out.
I do wonder if this is in the future for all of us?


First do no Harm;
Thanks glad I did not miss that one.

Jeannette Bishop

I've never made friends easily. I've stopped connecting with those I'm separated from by distance and time. Locally, I usually regret letting anyone in enough to see some of the good-is-bad, up-is-down, they-are-out-there-hurting-kids-all-of-us-really-and-I'm-not-really-ok that is the non-ending reality for me, and that generally happens when I just intended to venture enough to warn.

My family probably gets the most "warning" from me, and I get in return subtle messages that I'm not believed, though they don't usually don't actually say it.

I hope your unfriend is leaving because she actually believes your story or at least doesn't completely discount it, and she perhaps needs time to cope with the loss of a comfortable world view. I hope that she at least understands that autism and other vaccine injury can match or out-rival some of what we try to prevent with vaccination and that she is able to approach that practice for her own children or grandchildren with more truth.

First do no harm


Garrison Kellor will put a smile on your face with this song.

(thanks to Kapoore for mentioning it)

Lisa, I read every word of every Facebook post you write. I find your writing very empowering.


Wow! your acquaintance(obviously not a friend) sure must live a charmed life if reading about your life is "taking a toll on her"


Thanks Lisa,
I see that Goldenthal is all over the websites of mitochondrial disfunction of research and studies.

I found this at pub med about the test.

This is great, because I think the muscle biospy is too much for a small child. It was almost too much for my grown husband.

Complex III doesn't show up on this you said--- And usually with this disease I believe it is Complex I and III that is most often the problem .

But good gosh - not every one has to be tested for us to make an educated guess from those that have been come before and first as in Hannah Poling, or my husband.

Thank you for this information. I also see that the big names of mitochondrial reseach had a conference up in Chicago this year -- as was the epilepsy conference and they are really talking about things that are important like; diet, and inflammation.

Perhaps things are moving along; and I can't help thinking it will end up being like thyroid pills -- something is not being produced by the pituitary to move things along. Let us pray it will be soon!

As far as friends --- Friends are more acquiantences when you get older --- Friends are a thing of youth as in teenagers. Of course it is nice to have people of good character and that you like to be your acquaintences.

My acquanitences (okay and one friend for I do love her) as their kids grow up to their suprise things begin to happen. And I am still there after all those years to help them see.

As in my bestest friend ever and past neighbor is seeing it in her grandkids now --- their father (her young son-in-law_) was found dead, in his car; he had pulled over on the interstate; from a heart failure. He had recently returned from Afghanstain --he did have bipolar.
She was thinking the youngest was angry about his father. But I explained to her how my daughter had something wrong and the symptoms match. The diet deal was for her very helpful and exciting and had hope!

And when I returned to my roots - I found everyone here touched by drug use.

I put out my water melon dishes last Sunday and that reminded me of my friend/acquintence last year --- she came by to buy a watermelon off of us and she started telling me that she had to send her son down south to drug rehab.
Her son and my son commuted together a bit to a small community college

I look back at him and I suddenly see a pattern that he too had some personality issues/depression/manias, but since he was very smart in school they were ignored. In a way this is much more crueler than what happened to us.
These parents are not only hurt by this, but angry at their kids because they actually think their kids had a choice in thier actions. And they did not see it coming after years of raising their kids.

So acquiantence - keep them in the loop, be honest and open how yours is doing -- try not to smack their face when you see something in their eye that is being judgmental - their time unfortunatally is a coming!

LJ Goes

Benedetta, sorry, no--it is Goldenthal out of Drexel University

LJ Goes

Benedetta, Dr. Goldenthal out of NYU I think...he will test for complex mito 1 and 11. Buccal swab. Doesn't identify III, IV and citrate synthase activity. Still worth it. We hope. xo lj


I don't know if you were given any reason as to the causeof the Transverse Myelitis in your child, but you may want to read this article in total. It illuminates on the relatioship of this condition with Mycoplasma pneumoniae and related neurologic deficits.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae—an emerging extra-pulmonary pathogen

If that peaked your interest you might find post 7 & 8 down from the top of the page at the link below of further interest. If those interest you than reading the most recent 6 posts as well and the rest of the whole thread may prove helpful,...or not.


"[T]he daily reminder of what you guys are going through is taking a toll on me."

What a warped and selfish testimony to the effective writing power of L.J. Goes.

Our family and friends pass or fail the autism litmus test by their words, their actions... or their inaction.


Dear Heart, I have been in heartbreak status because of what has been happening that doesn't need to happen with our adult grandson with autism and our clearly-vaccine-injured 8-year-old grandson. We are old and tired and up to our ears in it all. They tell us to "go on a cruise." We don't give up the struggle, and we want you to know we hear you and carry on the battle you are doing so well and so powerfully. We say, because we remember WWII ourselves, in the words of Winston Churchhill, when England was being bombed, "We shall neva surrenda," You won't and we, "grandparents" to a bunch of kids with autism, are with you. Love your! Granny Blue



You have a friend here and one who will root for you.

The Gabriel song has been a companion as has his original album performance of "Here Comes the Flood".

The message in this song is not proven, but that's ok.

Son in Recovery

We had several friends "unfriend" us when we received our son's diagnosis. I really think they thought my son was contagious or something... uninformed, uneducated people. It use to really bother me, so much that one time while in a crowd of co-workers I burst out in tears out of the blue thinking of my "friends". Next month it will be 5 years since my son's diagnosis and I, like everyone else, have too much on my plate to concern myself with people that lack compassion. I've let my anger and sadness go because they have not been sent here to learn our lessons. To me, this journey that I am taking with my family and my son is the path less traveled. Most will not even look down that path - it is too difficult for them. Their souls have not yet evolved to unconditional love and they are not yet ready to take this step. Does it still hurt, yes for sure. But take heart in knowing that there are others out there who may not have children like ours; however, they do posses that love and are willing to join our struggle. Peace out sister!

Benedetta got me to baseball umpires???
Is that the right one?

I can't believe after all this time they have something not so invasive.

But darn, after it is done there is not much to help.
And you can guess when their L-carnitine levels are low in the blood test.

Valerie Foley

Our autistic child is also coincidentally chronically refluxing and constipated, coincidentally survived Transverse Myelitis four years ago, coincidentally has seizures now...

His teacher reported us to child protection because he missed too many days of school, and she felt 'too intimidated' to ask why.

When we launched a complaint against her and the school in the Human Rights Commission, her defense was that she was just doing her job, and that she shouldn't be expected to understand what we were going through as a family. She thought we just didn't value school like we should.

Needless to say, our complaint was upheld.

But, like your friend, the 'systems' are headed for a giant wake up call, as they are forced to acknoeledge that caring for a growing generation of chronically ill children is not a 'choice'.

The anger we all feel... well that is a choice. And a good one, in my mind. One that should motivate as many as possible to protect each other and slow this crisis down.

Jackie Sebell

<3 you lj

Benedetta - not anymore. Many mito specialists use muscle biopsy as last resort because there are other, less invasive ways to test. And also because theyve found it to have many false negatives. is a great resource.

Jackie Sebell


I feel a shift coming as more people begin to wake up, and say no to vaccines. And you are part of that "waking up" process. Stay with it and know that all of us are with you in your struggle. I can't stand facebook anyway. I think Garrison Keiler (not sure about spelling) wrote a very funny poem about being unfriended. I read it when I got unfriended once and it made me feel a lot better.


I know this is not about details of mitrochondria test - but== but -- but -- I thought the only test was cutting a piece of fresh muscle from the thigh and the shoulder and have the tester to be standing waiting -- has to be "FRESH"????

Alison MacNeil

I hear you LJ, as a comrade in arms and another of the 1% I have over 6,000 unread email. Time management problem? No, Autism catastrophe imploding and I like you want to see it end. Keep truckin' sister and if we get some decent hearings in Wash. on Vaccine Safety we can share the old makeup we find at the bottom of our purses and wash the fish oil stains out of our clothes together in the Ladies room at the Capitol. Onward!


LJ, just sent you a friend request. Proud to be with you in this fight!

- representing the other ~49% with chronic allergies, autoimmune diseases, ADD/ADHD


Dear LJ,

I woke up early this morning also, not from a child, but from a dream. My grandson has autism and I spend my days with him. At night I worry about him. I read and search for any treatments that might help. He is severe, non-verbal sometimes aggressive. I have a pool and yesterday he took his swim vest off and swam unassisted for the first time. When he took his swim vest off he somehow associated his vest with his swim suit so it came off also. This happened repeatedly throughout the day. Finally, I think he understood that the two are not connected. The vest can come off and the swim trunks must stay on.
Anyhow, back to what I was going to say. My dream had a meaning. Tomorrow, I am to go to a memorial. It is being held for my aunt who passed away last week. She was not an ordinary person. She was a nun, my mom's sister. She went into the convent a lovely popular girl after high school and she never turned back.
She spent her life giving to others right up unto the end. She spent ten years in Bolivia working in the slums assisting women. She received a PHD all the while working to help others. She came back from Bolivia to help in the city of LA. She worked there with immigrant women for a number of years. Her Spanish was fluent and she worked tirelessly to help the poor.
In her early eighties she was called back to her convent in the mid-west. She did not want to leave the work she had been doing in LA. She dutifully returned to her convent.
She was needed to help with the sick and dying nuns.
There were no young sisters to replace the old as in the past. So now the old must take care of the old. She was healthy and so she returned to the climate of the Midwest.
She ran the medical care center within the facility. She again proved herself invaluable. She was kind, gracious, and thoughtful to the end.
Last year my aunt developed cancer. She was treated with chemo it did not work. Her cancer took a mighty toll on her, but all the while she continued to help others. Up until the day she died, she worked for others.
Now let me tell you about my dream. I have not felt much with the passing of my aunt. It has been distant. I am preoccupied with my grandson's condition. I am not a practicing Catholic.
In my dream, I was with my family, my husband and my children. We were avoiding something throughout the dream. I did not really know what. We came to came to a road. On this road was a group of weary travelers. They were a group of sick nuns with one priest. They were on their way somewhere and they needed assistance. Some were walking, others were pushing wheelchairs. We saw this as a family and we offered our backs. We carried the sick I did not know to where, we just joined in the procession. I woke up.
This is our lot in life, we did not ask for it but, it is profound and good will come of it.

John Stone


Eloquently put - wonderful the modern jargon that describes ostracisation, the chill of being "unfriended" which we have all experienced: the message 'We're not going with you there' as if we had a choice. And, of course, you become engaged in a struggle which they don't think is relevant to them (how wrong they are).


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