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The World of Flu as Manipulated by the CDC

War of the WorldsBy David Burd

Until three years ago and the Swine/H1N1 Summer Panic in 2009,  for over ten years U.S. Government Health officials had designated the first week of December as National Flu Shot Week. The data for Summer 2009 shows blood tests for flu were performed by the millions as compared to “normal” years when such tests were not performed at all until late Fall. Never mind that an edict dictated virtually all blood results to be arbitrarily declared to be H1N1 and all the other flu variants shoved into the H1N1 category.  Never mind that all flu variants have always been omnipresent all year long, just not tested for until late Fall. 

Never mind countries such as Canada, where parents are more skeptical about the shots, pediatric flu- associated mortality is but a small fraction per-capita that of the U.S.  Never mind CDC officials declared there was no risk whatsoever from the multiple batch shot lots preserved with mercury and urged on an unwitting American public.

Never mind in 2009 that  TV doctor personality Nancy Snyderman declared on national TV for all Americans to “just get your damn flu shot.”

Never mind that every year since 2003 when flu shots were sometimes put on fast-track promotion as early as  September that U.S. pediatric flu-associated deaths those years also spiked.  Never mind (see my post in Age of Autism, June 2, 2010) that U.S.  protocols for treating kids hospitalized for flu to be dosed with the chemotherapy antiviral drug Ribavirin, a drug that ALWAYS destroys red blood cells thus causing hemolytic anemia - never mind no other country in the world is insane enough to employ this protocol. 

Never mind the great Flu Shot Shortage in the Winter of 2004-2005, when British factories supplying U.S. flu shots were shut down, and this coincided with the lowest pediatric flu-associated deaths on record, until this last 2011-2012 season when data shows U.S. parents largely avoided flu shots for their children after realizing how dangerous the shots were, and are, especially when they realized CDC says TWO flu shots be given to infants at 6 and 7 months respectively, each one loaded with mercury unless a non-mercury shot be explicitly demanded.

Never mind that all the other vaccine ingredients, called excipients, are all toxic to humans, magnified as least 10-fold in vulnerable undeveloped infants who are but one-twentieth the weight of adults but get shots of 25 milliliters compared to an adult dose of 50 milliliters and who have mature, hardened systems compared to newborn 6-month olds.

Never mind that vaccine batches may have unknown contaminants, or may be improperly stored, or that Australia two years ago in Spring, 2010, a national emergency abruptly stopped all flu shots for kids when massive numbers of convulsing children were rushed to hospitals after getting their flu shots.  Never mind the bought-off U.S. mainstream media suppressed the Australian episode, keeping ignorant the American public, never mind this was kept mum by  “just get your damn flu shot” Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

Never mind that well nourished mothers breast feeding their babies supply all the necessary protection against such as flu, never mind that the vast majority of American babies taken to hospitals with flu had serious chronic health pre-conditions and/or were significantly premature.  Never mind that any serious health condition in U.S. babies is declared by CDC as always a mere coincidence having nothing to do with massive amounts of recently injected toxic vaccine ingredients as from the flu vaccine.

Which brings me back to the present: Here in late July, 2012, my local Rite Aid drugstore in Alexandria, Virginia has plastered its interior  aisles with countless flu-shot promotion posters to go along with gigantic outdoor posters.  Whatever happened to the December National Flu Shot promotion week?

David M. Burd        Alexandria, Virginia      August 12, 2012



Media Scholar;
It is a serious subject, but the way you described it had me is stitches.

My husband worked for a large chemcial company- said today when I asked him about it --- that all the medical people-- from the medical branch that year must have not had anything to do so they called a big meeting and had everyone come in and listen about the "BIRD FLU"!

My husband's division made foam for installation of houses and basements
They had the phot-op that occured in Europe with the geese farm and that pitful sick cat.

So not knowing what in the heck was going on - after all his division was making foam for installation in houses??-- came home one weekend - since he was then working away from home and informed me that we apparently were 100 percent prime rib to get it.

See --- I keep a flock of geese -- they eat grass and they lay dark orange yolked eggs - another something I use for heath. And guessssss whatttt - we have a cat!!!

We where doomed as far as my husband thought at the time.
After all what are the television news saying and sneezing into the inside of the elbow and making them take time away from making foam to listen to the other division about geese and cats and heee, heee, heeee - chase chickens through the mud.

"Fear the Sweater" Too Funny --says that the H1N1 flu bug has everything including the kitchen sink of flu viruses - that could only come together not by nature but by human design . I agree.

Media Scholar

You don't know the half of it.

As so called health authorities were telling America they removed Thimerosal from American infant and toddler vaccines in 1999, and, while most vaccines with Thimerosal in them were still on the market, in 2002 they formulated a plan to increase and replace mercury exposures by recommending Thimerosal-laced flu shots for the same under-age group and pregnant women for the first time anywhere on earth.

By panel decision, they actually and deliberately reversed a previous recommendation to remove mercury exposures via infant and toddler vaccines and included pregnant women despite the fact this is contraindicated in package inserts.

Putting mercury into babies is stupid, stupid, stupid, dumb. So why are they still doing it and telling America they aren't?

The 2003 flu shot is remembered as "the Big Whiff" as the US Centers for Disease Control and Invention suppressed bombastic increases in flu cases related to shedding. Everybody who knew somebody that got the flu vaccine got sick from *something* that year, and the CDC, who had no interest in investigating, instead claimed horrible efficacy related to so called flu experts, who each year select which three strains to put into the shot, guessed wrong. (As anyone can plainly see they guess wrong EVERY year)

The CDC still recommended the stupid, useless Thimerosal-containing shot even though it knew it was trending to ZERO percent protection against Influenza. They defiantly did it not to protect human lives, but because they knew ethyl-mercury exposures in American infants and toddlers via Thimerosal-laced vaccines were being phased out.

Less mercury means less risk of negative neurological mayhem.

The 2004 Influenza vaccine produced for the US CDC in Liverpool, England by California-based Chiron Corporation was tainted with of all things, Serratia, a serious lung bacteria which causes pneumonia.

US government officials grinding away at re-inventing infant and toddler mercury exposures were angry with the UK Medicines and Health care Products Regulatory Agency for halting the entire mercury-laced US flu shot supply. The US media lambasted officials for being overly cautious and heavily reported that acting Food and Drug Administration commissioner Lester Crawford would personally visit the UK in order to urge British officials to stand down. They didn't.

Cases of Influenza in the US were literally non-existant that fall and spring.

Driven by panic that while Thimerosal-containing infant and toddler vaccines were still employed heavily in the US the stockpiles of mercury-laced vaccines in warehouses would eventually run out, the CDC, knowing they could still achieve targeted mercury exposure excess leading to negative neurological outcomes via flu vaccine, turned to disease-mongering tactics, specifically proliferating so called urgent requirements for additional flu vaccination.

As the World Health Organization attempted to scare all humanity into believing that a killer bird flu was boiling over in the Far East Americans finally began to smell a rat.

The World Health Organization, a fake international authority designed to drum up vaccine sales packaged bird flu PR for all the networks complete with the passing out of lab coats, booties, and masks to hid the identities of those syringe-wielding clowns assigned to chase chickens around in the mud for World Health Organization photo ops.

They also turned to Congress, who in turn fabricated a so called Combating Autism Act of 2006, an Omnibus, money-laundering anti-litigationist entitlement bill directly assigned to stymie vaccine-manufacturing drug company liability relating to Autism. In it Congress decided to no longer require the US CDC inventory Autism, a ridiculously stupid thing to do in the middle of an Autism epidemic. The federal government laundered millions of tax dollars to specific charity, which then paid the research tab due to expert witnesses testifying against families with vaccine-induced Autistic children in vaccine court.

By the time the US CDC and their World Health Organization collaborators hatched the part Bird Flu, Part Swine Flu novel A-strain Influenza Scamdemic Americans were keen to at least the deception of so called health authorities.

As the battle cry sez....FEAR THE SWEATER!


Sorry David Burd
I was talking to CML's information that seven states have mercury free flu vaccines for the children and the rest do not.
And all that it implies.
Like :
How the CDC people's faces looked " at the Congressional hearings of Dan Burton, when they added up total of all the the combination of vaccines and mercury was way over the limit that EPA said was safe. And it still is in children's flu shots.

Like :
You have seven states that has bothered to ban the mercury and you have the rest of the states that still has not bothered to do a thing.

when they say all the mercury is out of vaccines for children and the rate of autism is still going up and again you have only seven states that has bothered to take mercury out of flu shot.

How children needs to get flu shot - now - on top of all the other vaccines.

Carolyn M

Wal-mart is starting its flu shot "clinics". They have signs up promoting not just the flu shot, but also shots for:

tetanus/diptheria/pertussis (whooping cough)
measles/mumps/rubella (MMR)
hepatitus A/B
human papillomavirus (HPV)
chicken pox"

They also have the same information on their website.

I also overheard part of an interesting conversation while I was in a Wal-mart recently. There was a nurse in there setting up the flu shot "booth" (her word) and she was making a call on her cell phone. She was informing someone that she was making the "tech run" part of setting up the "booth" and that there was a problem with the refrigerator for the vaccines - it had been set at the wrong temperature (not cold enough for the vaccines). She was trying to get guidance on what to do, and apparently had been trying to do so for some time; she told the party on the other end that she was at the end of her shift and had not yet received an answer. Unfortunately, I did not hear anything else.

One refrigerator for all of those vaccines, that refrigerator set at an insufficiently cold temperature and the nurse needing either information on what to do or approval before taking action - which was not being quickly provided. And they think we should just automatically line up and get whatever shot they want to give us?

As a side note - the flu shot area used to be easier to avoid at that Wal-mart (it was in the area inside the building but before you entered the store itself, and out of the main traffic pattern). Now it is going to be a short distance inside the store, near the grocery section.


Here in NY, CVS has temporarily eased up on it's push of the flu vaccine which it was promoting all summer long. It is now promoting itself as the "vaccination station" for back to school shots. Before long they will resume the flu shot push. It is impossible to go in there without hearing an audio advertisement for vaccines, in addition to all the visual ones.

CT teacher

David Burd- They do indeed manipulate the SIDS data. We have a new grandson. The latest info that comes from the APA is the Back to Sleep Campaign, which they claim has cut SIDS deaths in half. They give new mothers lots on info about how the sleeping position of the baby is the most common cause of SIDS and allowing a baby to sleep on his stomach is DANGEROUS. Our little guy LIKES to sleep on his tummy and sleeps better and longer that way, but my daughter is all nervous about it. I have to admit though that their misinformation is unnerving. Even though on a cognizant level I know that vaccines, not the sleeping position of the baby is the probable cause of SIDS, and even though I know it is natural for babies to prefer tummy sleeping ( my kids slept that way, so did my older grandson, so did my sister and I), I worry when I tell her to let him be. The propaganda has gotten to me and I feel anxious about telling her to override the advice of doctors. I think the APA tries to manipulate the numbers in every way possible so that vaccines are given a pass as a causative factor in SIDS. Now that you have explained SUIDS, I know how they have cut the number of SIDS in half, and it has little to do with the babies' sleeping position.

david burd

Maurine Meleck, The pesticides they spray for mosquitoes/West Nile are extremely dangerous, they kill insects and birds, and affect humans also.

Here's the truth, and you can go to "CDC west nile" and see the last 10 years of all the U.S. States data.

Bottom line: About 40 deaths per year in the whole U.S. are ascribed to West Nile, but in actual truth the small print says ALL U.S. mosquito encephalitis deaths including Saint Louis Encephalitis, etc., are now put in the West Nile category.

Crucial to mention that antiviral drugs actually cause deaths, not the supposed affliction itself.

Also, just one case in 10 years. in the entire U.S., was to a child, and a single case in 10 years to others under age 50.

The average age of claimed fatal "West Nile Virus" cases are over the age of 80, with most always having serious other pre-conditions.

Simply put, there is zero danger to children, and virtually zero to even the very elderly from the West Nile virus. The hoopla in Texas is just more manufactured (criminal) fear-mongering.

And, millions of gallons of toxic pesticides will poison everybody and everything.

david burd

Benedetta, what do you allude to by "that information alone" in you brief comment>

thanks!, David Burd


I keep thinking there is nothing else that will amaze me - but then I keep being amazed!

It looks like that information alone - if known would have ever parent in pitch fork and tar mode.



Seven states have banned the use of Thimerosal in toddler vaccines, Iowa, Missouri, New York, California, Washington, Delaware and Illinois.

One would think there would be a national standard, as with the now highly regulated "cantalope industry"

I would suppose the other 43 they can use the typical adult dose of mercury flu vaccine, or whatever is on the shelf.

david burd

After 15 doses of toxic vaccine chemicals injected into infants over the preceding 4 months, the flu shot at 6 months brings another additional 9 injected doses.

It is no coincidence the total of sudden infants deaths, SIDS and SUID, peaks at 6 months, with a yearly U.S. toll of about 4,700, close to 2,300 each.

SUID is the acronym for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and is a shamelessly politically manufactured category to deflect the shocking total that used to be only SIDS. The usual so-called ascribed cause of SUID deaths is accidental suffocation by sleeping in their parents' bed.

There's no end to the manipulations of Big Medicine in excusing the truly deadly dangers of vaccines. Here's the Chart of Horror for those not remembering it:

barbara j

Thanks for all of your comments, I called my friend and she said she has already contacted the health dept , who will willingly offer her baby a thimerosal free shot. This woman can not stop vaccinating, she has a kind of thinking that I DO understand, "if she vaccinates and something happens it's not her fault, if she doesn't and they get a preventable disease it is her fault". I think she is in the majority, they intimidate us.

kathy blanco

Medical schools are funded by drug companies that are profit-making businesses. Why do we expect to get unbiased information from their students and promoters? Would you go to a butcher to find out about vegetarianism? Even caring doctors who have not thought out this issue for themselves continue to mislead people to believe that the medical theories are facts.

The medical mainstream influences us with fear that can overshadow our logic, intelligence and protective instinct. Vaccine proponents insinuate that without them and their "miracles" we will perish. It takes emotional support to withstand the indoctrination. But more parents are making informed choices even under the tremendous pressure from authorities and well-meaning friends and families. It is sad that most parents are bullied, strong-armed, sweet-talked, intimidated, or coerced into giving uninformed consent and getting it done in a hurry. Vaccination is not emergency medicine.

Responsible informed choice requires taking time to find out the facts and acknowledging our feelings. Meeting other responsible adults and their unvaccinated children can offer a real life picture of what good health looks like and how we can use our natural abilities (the dis-ease process) to maintain and regain best health.


What are the seven states?


"... My neighbor took her baby in last week, set up her appointment for sept. for flu vaccines, asked for a thimerosal free one, as she did last year. Her pediatrician said that link to autism has proven false, and the small amount of preservative would match two swallows of breast milk. She called me and asked, "what's up with this", I have no answer, I thought they stopped putting thimerosal in the infant vaccine....."

Thimerosal has been banned in only 7 states in toddler vaccines. In the other 43 it is still "open season" on children.

Per the CDC... infants who have never had a flu shot need TWO DOSES 30 days apart.

I do not know how a ped nurse could shoot up children all day and still sleep at night... they must know their is a major problem.

I suppose that is why they now give vaccines at pharmacies and car washes.

Jenny Allan

"We soldier on"
Yes Angus. Vaccine damaged children and their parents/carers are the equivalent of the PBI -the Poor Bloody Infantry!! Nonetheless, wars are won and lost on the abilities of these soldiers.

So my admiration and very best wishes to all you 'soldiers' young and old. The 'war' is not over and we are slowly 'winning' the battles.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for an update on the flu vax absurdity.

I frequently read the Cochrane Review summaries when I want to remember what a non-sales-pitch looks like:

I noticed that the nasal vax seems to work better in children, but I wonder if that discounts the non flu illness--the CDC says this is not the flu, so no worries--that some experience...

"Unlike the flu shot, the nasal spray flu vaccine does contain live viruses. However, the viruses are attenuated (weakened) and cannot cause flu illness. The weakened viruses are cold-adapted, which means they are designed to only cause infection at the cooler temperatures found within the nose. The viruses cannot infect the lungs or other areas where warmer temperatures exist. Some children and young adults 2-17 years of age have reported experiencing mild reactions after receiving nasal spray flu vaccine, including runny nose, nasal congestion or cough, chills, tiredness/weakness, sore throat and headache. Some adults 18-49 years of age have reported runny nose or nasal congestion, cough, chills, tiredness/weakness, sore throat and headache. These side effects are mild and short-lasting, especially when compared to symptoms of influenza infection."


Ha, it is soft, frozen yogurt she is into.
I think the customer serves himself.

When my kids were very young toddlers they use to have them at Winn Dixie - they loved it. That is when I thought we could eat sugar and those carbohydrates like everybody else.

But then cream seems to be the main ingredient in the Ketogenic diet - "ice cream with no sugar added"
is something that she might could add to her health snack franchise.


No wonder Bonnie Offit is quiting her day job as a pediatrician and selling ice cream instead....she knows better than to "just get the damn shot."


Our local Walgreens Drug store is advertising 4 different shots with brightly colored signs, "meningitis", "shingles", "pneumonia", and "flu" shots available here! Also if you purchase $100 worth of merchandise you get a free flu shot at Kmart! It's like Christmas in pharma world.

david burd

John Stone and everybody

To elaborate my Post: As there's always infinite varieties of flu strains constantly circulating there will be no lack of exposure - the flu virus is very unusual in that it has a segmented genome, so it is always changing. Nothing new here, always since the dawn of time

So any risk in spreading flu around is pointless. WHAT IS important is to keep infants, adults, etc., up to adequate amounts of Vitamin D, and on nutrient-rich diets such as mother's milk for their infants.

ALL stats of flu-associated mortality by Establishment Authorities the last 20 years have been a complete sham, with the truthful figures extremely low, as almost all claimed deaths were actually attributable to iatrogenic lethal drugs such as antivirals such as Ribavirin.

Or just pure bullcrap - cited as ILI aka "influenza like illness" by the CDC.

Bottom line: Just as scurvy was abolished by diets rich in Vitamin C, so is flu made insignificant by proper diets, particularly Vitamin D - from sunshine or supplements.

David Burd


david burd,

There is still an ongoing investigation when a young girl died soon after the "flu shot."


Elizabeth Gillespie


You may be heading into "Winter" and the flu season is approaching fast.

We (Australians) are heading into "Spring" and "Summer" is approaching fast.

However, instead of being swamped with recommendations of receiving the flu shots, we are being swamped with recommendations of getting the "Measles" vaccine. Apparently there is an "outbreak" - is this deja-vu?

"Mad as March hares" totally agree with you Angus!

Elizabeth Gillespie


"... My neighbor took her baby in last week, set up her appointment for sept. for flu vaccines, asked for a thimerosal free one, as she did last year. Her pediatrician said that link to autism has proven false, and the small amount of preservative would match two swallows of breast milk. She called me and asked, "what's up with this", I have no answer, I thought they stopped putting thimerosal in the infant vaccine....."


I've heard of pediatricians saying off the wall things, but that's about he weirdest thing I've ever heard.

There is no safe level of injected mercury, especially for children who's systems are still developing. Pediatricians everywhere are entitled to disagree, but any who do should kindly answer the following 2 questions:

1. What's the maximum amount of mercury that can safely be injected into the body of a 25 pound toddler?

2. Explain the science that you used to calculate that number


Loved it.
Age of Autism tee shirt, 1 out 100.
Father of four - one damaged by vaccines!

My imagination got the best of me - and I superimposed kilts and Claymores with the outdoor's background. A typcal highland, warrior chieftian protecting his clan and his tall handsome son sitting beside him!

Barbara J; The ped that gives these vaccines purchase them from the pharma and he don't have a clue what is in them - unlike the snake oil salesman from years ago
that made their own and did. Two sips of breast milk - that statement alone liets you know he was blowing it out of his arse.

John Stone


Yes, I recall Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer, predicting that we wouldn't able to bury the dead fast enough over avian flu while the "Chief Government Scientist" Sir David King was ridiculing the story. While both these things were reported in the British media at different times no one ever printed a story that there was a major row going on in government. Far be it from the British media to actually inform the public about the fallibility of its masters. It seems very clear that the DH were deliberately inflating the risks, benefitting their pharmaceutical cronies.




Safeminds has info on various flu vaccines. Try here:

And there's a flu brochure downloadable from the home page:

Angus Files

Thanks John on the goverment figures we would be stepping over bodies on the way for daily shopping.. a sight in the UK which would have been witnessed a century ago or more ago....

Dream on the UK DOH of ill health..


Maurine Meleck

Now add to this-today's big news about the West Nile Virus that has affected 700 people in the US. Texas has declared a state of emergency and they've got planes ready to dust with pesticides tonight besdies the ground truck spraying. The FDA says the pesticides are very safe. Yes, and my great grandmother had a body full of tatoos.
Never mind that autism isn't an emergency--altho it's affected 2 percent of the male population in this country.

Angus Files

Thanks Jenny, Hindsight is great.. Saying that I managed to put a mother and baby of her MMR in the surgery queue last week ..rock on !! We were in for a stitch removal for G…

We soldier on


John Stone

Regarding bogus government claims about flu mortality I penned this last year:

It seems for some people in government lying is an active enthusiasm.

John Stone

Yes, the idiocy is now coming to British shores. From 2014 all schoolchildren are to be offered a nasal spray vaccine, ignoring the fact that it sheds and is infectious, so millions of schoolchildren will be taking a vaccine strain home which would probably never otherwise have proliferated, and might expose immune compromised people (as contra-indicated on the information sheet).

Fluenz manufactured by Astra Zenica is the same as FluMist in the US.

david burd

Teresa, thanks, and there's a plethora of propaganda citing "flu mortality" by various vested interests.

In reality, Canada's "Flu Watch" (google it) takes us to real facts, and reveals, for many years, but an average of ONE flu-associated pediatric (paediatric as said in Canada) death per year whose health is not already severely compromised.

Bottom line: Computer models by fear-motivating interests such as the self-serving CDC are worthless, and actually criminal as far as I'm concerned.

barbara j

My neighbor took her baby in last week, set up her appointment for sept. for flu vaccines, asked for a thimerosal free one, as she did last year. Her pediatrician said that link to autism has proven false, and the small amount of preservative would match two swallows of breast milk. She called me and asked, "what's up with this", I have no answer, I thought they stopped putting thimerosal in the infant vaccine.

Teresa Conrick

Flu season, it appears, has been shifted to coincide with "back to school." Like clothes, shoes and school supplies, the school season seems to herald the fear of flu, the re-gathering of kids together in a public building, the forms that "must be" filled out and the pre-winter anticipation of "36,000 people dying", which has turned out to be a completely inflated number.

Why is it vaccines get a pass on black boxes and the warning-side effects we see on TV commercials about other pharmaceuticals? The fact that fetuses, infants, the elderly and everyone in between is pushed into getting a product with little choice on type or brand or consumer safety ratings is insane. It is the hype, the media and a well-orchestrated campaign but who is the beneficiary?

Here is a hyped up report from 2004- when the flu shot was just beginning to makes it impact on fetuses, and this paragraph is telling:

It has been reported that more than 20,000 influenza associated deaths occurred during each of nine different epidemics between 1972 and 1992 (2), although this figure has been adjusted to an average of approximately 36,000 deaths/year due to influenza in the United States during 1990- 1999 based on different modelling (3). In the past, Health Canada has reported that, on average, 500 to 1500 deaths per year are due to influenza or pneumonia occurring as a complication of influenza. It is acknowledged that many more deaths may occur in people with underlying medical conditions complicated by influenza. After using new modelling, however, Health Canada estimates that the figure may actually be from 700 to 2500 per annum (4).

And here is the study, the immersion of numbers and stats that were jumbled to inflate the number in the states to 36,000 -

Then, here is a letter questioning the method that those authors used --

"We are concerned that their model was inappropriate."

Jenny Allan

Well done Angus Files
People DO pay attention to newspaper articles and your 'tuppence worth' will at least have registered with many people.

Well done also the Scottish Daily Record for printing BOTH sides of this vaccine story, although the gorgeous mother and beautiful healthy baby Harry are powerful pro vaccine advocates. I pray little Harry does not 'fall foul' of any of the future vaccines in store for him. Vaccine damage is mostly unreported in our newspapers and denied by our uncaring medical and political establishments.

Angus Files

Mad as March hares the lot of them are but its only still August...The UK Dept of ill-Health has just recently announced ..."New child nasal spray to beat flu turns spotlight on childhood vaccination safety"..I managed to get my tuppence worth in..but who listens?


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